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7 Reasons to Homeschool Through High School

Why would you want to homeschool through high school? Do the advantages really make it worth while? My husband and I homeschooled all four of our boys from kindergarten into early college, and we’d do it all over again in a minute. It was a joyous journey! Here are seven reasons you may want to consider homeschooling through high school.

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Home educated teens have time to:

Build Strong Relationships

As my boys have grown through their teen years and into adulthood, it’s been a joy watch our relationship develop and change. Without negative peer influences teaching them that they shouldn’t like or respect their parents, the boys have remained a delightful part of the family. It’s fun to have real conversations with your young people, and to see them bring their own insights, knowledge, and understanding to the discussion.

Get a Jump Start on College

Why spend four years just doing high school, when you could exert a little extra effort and earn college credit at the same time? By taking advantage of college-level exams, community college and online classes, and other opportunities, it’s possible to graduate from college when most teens are graduating from high school.

Serve Others Through Volunteering

I’ve heard it said that teenagers are old enough to be useful, but young enough to be dangerous. One thing that can help a teen through this awkward stage of life is serving others. There are countless volunteer opportunities, formal and informal, within the church and community. Homeschooled teens have the opportunity to learn while meeting real needs for real people.

Start a Microbusiness

What could be better than a summer job flipping burgers? Entrepreneurship, for one thing. Just think-instead of spending time in a mindless entry-level job, teens can start and run small businesses, and not only earn money for the future, but also learn about planning, budgeting, organization, marketing, and customer service, and perhaps even gain experience for a future career.

Do Career Sampling or an Apprenticeship

In traditional school, you’re lucky to get one day off each year to shadow a worker at his or her job. Homeschooled teens can try different careers through informal mentoring relationships, formal apprenticeships, or volunteering opportunities.

Develop Special Talents

Have you noticed who is winning spelling and geography bees, music competitions and chess tournaments, debates and robotics competitions? Homeschooled students are often at the very top of these contests. Why? It’s because they have time to pursue special interests. If they want to spend three hours a day practicing violin, there are no deadlines. They don’t have to put down their instrument after 45 minutes and go rushing off to algebra or soccer. A homeschooler’s world lacks arbitrary deadlines, which means they can spend time on things that really matter.

Learn Through Travel

Just over a century ago, well-educated students were expected to complete their schooling with a Grand Tour of the world. While you may not have the resources for a Grand Tour, you can probably travel to nearby historic sites, visit other states, or yes, even travel around the world. By preparing wisely and choosing to travel when rates are low, you can experience different cultures and make unique memories without breaking your budget. Travel can be an education all by itself!

Janice Campbell, author of Get a Jump Start on College! A Practical Guide for Teens; Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler’s Guide to High School Paperwork; and the forthcoming Excellence in Literature series, has been writing and speaking in central Virginia since the late 1980’s. She homeschooled her four sons from kindergarten into college, using the principles she now shares in her books, blog workshops, and her free e-newsletter. Sign up for it today at

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  1. Jack Stephan

    Starting a micro business are travelling are the most interesting points.

  2. Paul Milas

    Home schooling has been totally amazing and has proven the best way to get my kids ready for the college life. There is a lot of things which need to be taught to our children in order to deal with the real life problems and understand the situations well enough. There can be varied areas of learning as well as the student will have a clear vision of what to pursue in future as well. Home school has proved great for my 2 kids, looking forward to home school my 3rd baby which I am expecting soon, cheers!

  3. HomeschoolMom

    Home school high school was so much better for my son than public school high school was for my daughter. I wish I had known earlier how beneficial home school is, and she would not have gone through the public system, either. Students who home school through high school have such a different view of life and learning. They know that if they need to learn something, they have options. They don’t have to take a class. They can get a book and teach themselves!

  4. Suzanne Broadhurst

    I’m heading in for my last year of homeschooling two children – birth through high school graduation – and it’s been SO worth it! I can’t imagine what it would be like had I put them in school for the final four years. I’m certain I would have lost out on much, for I have gained much by putting the pedal to the metal for the last stretch.

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