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Time4Learning is an online education program that teaches preschool through twelfth grade curriculum in an interactive, student-centered environment.

Time4Learning combines 1000+ animated lessons, printable worksheets and graded activities to teach math and language arts lessons correlated to state standards. Science, social studies and art are also provided as a bonus for most grades.

Key features of the program:

  • Students get individual logins and work on their own schedule and pace
  • Parents can set the grade level independently for each subject
  • The grade above and below are available for review and additional study
  • There is nothing to download, no CDs, and nothing additional to purchase
  • An online playground rewards and motivates
  • Detailed lesson plans available for parents who wish to preview lessons
  • An automated system grades the lessons and keeps printable reports

Time4Learning can be used with a broad array of student types, learning styles and homeschooling methods. It is entirely web based, so your kids will be able to access the program 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.
It has a low monthly price, requires no contracts and offers a 14 day money-back guarantee.

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  1. Time4Learning Review by Andrea K Elzey
    Grades Used: 2

    We love it… So easy to navigate and very entertaining to a 2 ND grader… The parent portal, customer service and Facebook page is helpful… I love how all parents work together and share ideas

  2. Time4Learning Review by LAR
    Pros: Intuitive program, tests, quizzes, online assignments are provided and graded, visual, affordable, good record keeping, reports, and lesson planners, flexible hours and grade levels
    Cons: Not all assignments are online, no teachers to help with questions or grade written assignments, cartoons can be patronizing, not accredited,

    Grades Used: 7th

    We have just finished our first year of homeschool with 7th grade T4L program. Overall I think it helped us to make the leap to homeschooling so it was very valuable. It provided organized content and lesson planners for easy scheduling. According to what I have read it meets state standards but I do not know how well or if it exceeds them. The English, Social Studies and Science courses are easy to understand. Oddly there isn’t a separate 8th grade SS class so I simply cut the 7th grade U.S. History in half and we are picking up at the Civil War for 8th and then looking for a Civics program for the 2nd semester.

    That said, there were issues. The system went down fairly frequently and it times students out if they walk away from lessons too long or take too long to complete them. That does not really meet the “go at your own pace” philosophy. The animation and relentlessly cheerful voices were off-putting for a 13-year-old who found them patronizing as well as creepy at times. However, animation may have kept him more engaged and hate does provide adrenaline so…

    There are no teachers when you run into problems with the content. Math was a particular challenge with this issue as word problems were deliberately confusing and many explanations fell flat without attempts to show how the answers were derived. I would find myself pulling up Khan Academy, asking friends, and watching outside videos just in an attempt to understand the subject before trying to explain problems to my son. I am looking for another source for Math this year as we ended up spending an extra two months trying to complete all the lessons in that class. I find that I am perfectly happy with a role as a facilitator, coach, and tutor, but I do not want the primary teaching role. T4L does not quite bridge that gap. If you do worksheets or written English assignments then you are the teacher and have to do all the grading. The Odyssey Writer assignments slowed us down a lot. Worksheets did too. I’m unsure how many people actually do all of these assignments when they brag about only having to work 4 hours a day. We found it was more like 8-10 if we did every worksheet and included weekends.

    Given that my son has ADHD, being able to work on the computer and then step away and run on a treadmill or do something else and come back is important. T4L does fill that requirement for us. As a way to get our feet wet with the homeschool concept it was a good choice. For 8th we are looking at programs with teachers for both writing and Math. We did not like Time4Writing, we gave it a shot but the website was horribly designed and the instructions were frustrating. The T4L website as a whole is fairly easy to use and the user interfaces are fine but you may have to go through the site clicking every button at first to find everything. The site does not work with many browsers-Chrome and Firefox are the only ones they really support. We did try Rosetta Stone for German and my son liked it, we just found we did not have time for it.

    My son also complained about retention. He felt like he understood well enough for the quizzes and tests but he was not sure how much he would retain in the future. He took the CAT when we started this and is going to take the CAT before we start 8th grade so we will see.

  3. Time4Learning Review by HM
    Pros: Easy to use, students can work somewhat independently
    Cons: Social Studies is dry, dry, dry. Errors don’t get fixed in a timely manner even when reported to tech support.

    Grades Used: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    Time 4 Learning is a great program to get you started quickly in homeschooling. I feel the material (when used correctly) is a complete curriculum with very little supplementation needed.

    After a couple of year of using this program and feeling more confident in homeschooling, it’s easier to branch out and use what works within the program and leave out what doesn’t. Social studies is very boring. Neither of my children found it interesting.

    All in all, I’ve been very happy with the program and will continue to use it for as long as it works for our family.

  4. Time4Learning Review by Donald J Haase

    Once they have your credit card number they will continue to charge long after you have stopped using their product. I would not recommend giving them access to your credit card.

  5. Time4Learning Review by ZeekHM
    Pros: Nothing.
    Cons: Absolutely Everything.

    Grades Used: 8th

    I am a student for 8th grade and it is legit the worst thing I have ever seen.
    I have read many college-level books in science and language arts and I find the lessons to be extremely slow, the fact that its hard to fast forward just makes itn that bad.
    Oh, not to mention VERYTHING about the animations is just… off, uncanny valley and also for anyone under the age of 8 to enjoy. Everything is childish and stupid, answers that ARE correct are marked as incorrect, etc.

  6. Time4Learning Review by Mia Bandini
    Pros: It's cheap
    Cons: It's childish and stupid

    Grades Used: 8th

    I’m not a parent i’m a student and let me tell you, do not use this program it is EXTREMELY outdated, like early 2000’s type. The animation they use is on the verge of terrifying. The curriculum sucks. You can’t save your writing assignments, so if you don’t finish writing something one day, you can’t pick up where you left off, you have to restart. it’s just overall really irritating and not worth even 20 dollars a month. Do not use this curriculum, your children will hate you and the dumb animation characters.

  7. Time4Learning Review by Michael Close
    Pros: Look nice, good material content
    Cons: Video presentations can not be paused

    Grades Used: middle and senior

    Time4learning has a nice presentation, reporting, parent reports, etc, and looks like it will be a great program for learning. The fatal flaw is that the video pesentations CAN NOT BE PAUSED, or REWOUND 10 SECONDS to allow notetaking.

    My student ends up playing the videos over and over, trying to take notes, which ends taking so much time that the courses take forever.

    According to our support resource, this is just the way that it is, and can’t be addressed.

    We are cancelling our subscription, and looking for a delivery that utilizes the technology.

  8. Time4Learning Review by Cosmia
    Pros: Easily and quickly finished I guess?
    Cons: Practically everything

    Grades Used: 3, 5, 6, 8

    This site is entirely awful. My mother and I chose it in between grades for mental health problems but it hardly helped due to the fact that it is horribly downgrading and ridiculous. An eighth grader shouldn’t be trying to get an education by going to a site where in literature you have talking cartoony characters that make bad jokes about antonyms and word definitions.

    I haven’t learned a single thing new inside this program since we began. Let’s go over what each subject has been teaching me lately…

    Language arts: In this we have two absolutely ridiculous cartoons talking about things that I learned in second grade. The “Word Herd” and “The Old Time Word Show”. It has been attempting to teach me about idioms, synonyms, antonyms and suffixes. What kind of eighth grader doesn’t know what these are?

    Science: There is always just one stupid video you have to watch. It’s called “The Mind Keepers” and it has a sci-fi kind of theme I guess? But it’s extremely cheesy just as all the other lessons are and again, never teaches me ANTHING. So far it has tried to teach me that wow who would’ve guessed? Rocks aren’t living things. Wow. So teaching me basics on what are living creatures + it’s just now teaching me about the theory of evolution.
    Note: In this you have a character who goes on missions to see teachers in a world that society has broken down and collapsed and education no longer exists. It usually brings you to one specific man (who I forgot the name of) and he tells stories about random things he went through in the past that are totally unrelated. And of course, he’s kind of really creepy soo. Yeah.

    Okay so now we have math: It’s just one woman or one man talking about math that I will never use in my entire life. They explain it in very confusing ways that are really hard to grasp and every time that I enter in a question wrong it doesn’t try to help me, it says something along the lines of “You need to get this number first and then make the equation!” which makes zero sense for the problems that I’ve been working on and how they’re being asked. It’s been attempting to teach me about basic fractions, exponents, roman numerals and basic algebra.

    Social Studies: God, I don’t even know how to explain this to the extent that it needs to be. It gives false information on cultures and religions, calls Native Americans indians, and it’s just… In really awful quality? They teach lessons in a square box with really sloppy vector “animations” that make horrible jokes in awful quality. I’m not even going to say anything more, just ask another kid past fourth grade what they think of it and they will most likely say the same thing or give you more information on it.

    Please do not school your kid here whatsoever. Being treated like this for months has been bad on my mental state and a big waste of my time.

  9. Time4Learning Review by Carly

    Grades Used: 10th

    I don’t even know where to start with this. I’m a sophomore who’s been homeschooled my entire life and switched to Time4Learning a year ago. I am so very, very less than thrilled. And by less than thrilled, I mean that if I rubbed a magic lamp and a genie appeared, I would wish this program out of existence. Nothing, repeat, nothing, was challenging for me. As a very gifted student used to an amazing homeschool program, this feels like a Lego hut in comparison to the Taj Mahal.
    The lessons were long, boring, and positively degrading. During one science lesson, a pink unicorn suddenly blasted onto the screen for no reason. Two minutes later a badly-animated Cyclops showed up, and I checked out. This is high school, not kindergarten. I am thoroughly disgusted with the cheesy, kiddish, stupid, moronic, idiotic nonsense being shoved down my throat with this program. It is absolutely sickening. At one point, when discussing my religious beliefs, the program offered false and extremely offensive information.
    The companion program, Time4Writing, is only marginally better. While it feels more like a high school program (with the exception of comparing paragraphs to cheeseburgers) students who do not struggle chronically with writing will learn NOTHING. I myself am an avid reader and aspiring novelist, and this program was basic. Any writing curriculum could give the same information- in 6th or 7th grade. Not 10th. Run from this entire program.

  10. Time4Learning Review by Emily "Emi" Davis
    Pros: It's over quickly (two to three hours of work at the most, for me.)
    Cons: Cheesy, insulting material, extremely difficult courses, hard-to-understand format, general stupidness

    Grades Used: 10th

    I am a high school sophomore doing this program for the first time, and I do NOT recommend it!
    Math was WAY too challenging- my mom, who is a Director of Education and in an honor society, couldn’t understand it. Everything else was just plain stupid. Animation and cheesy characters may be great for kindergarteners and maybe up to fourth grade, but for high schoolers, it actually feels insulting. I learned nothing except how to zone out during boring, too-long lessons.
    The type of math that they use is stuff you will never need to use again, unless you become a math teacher for extremely gifted clones of Albert Einstein. Yes, that is how hard it is. Also, I have lost count of the times when the teacher tells you that you need to do something with a problem and then skips right to the answer, without showing you how to DO the problem. Questions asked on quizzes didn’t match up with information learned (read “pounded into my head with the sledgehammer of repetitive facts and the gigantic mallet of boredom”.)
    The English program was lame at the very best. It taught me absolutely nothing that I had not learned four or five grades ago, and most of the stories and books they had us read was material I had already gone through. The corny animations (especially the “After Class”, “Class Notes”, and “What the Class Thinks” segments) did nothing to hold my attention and were actually demeaning in a sense. There is no worse feeling than to know you’re better than something and yet be forced to sit through it anyway because an online program doesn’t think you’re smart enough to be taught in another way.
    The Earth/Space Science course was a little better, but not much. They focused more on Earth than space, when space was what I wanted to learn about. The characters in this course were actually worse than the ones in the English course (such as a lesson involving “space monkeys”.) This is too dumb even for first-graders, and they pass it off as a high school program.
    The World Geography section was by far the worst. During one lesson, the program claimed that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all worship the same God, which is NOT true. More brain-numbingly boring characters added themselves to the list: the Duke of Duck, Gee-Oh Tours (let us take you around the world!), and Glurg, a vomiting camel. Yes, you read that right. A. Vomiting. Camel. In high school!
    I cannot recommend this program to anyone. It is a waste of time, money, and brain cells. The only thing I learned was that some homsechool programs should be outlawed for stupidity- and this is the one that needs to be run out of town on a rail.

  11. Time4Learning Review by familyfarmwith7
    Pros: No prep time, able to track child's progress, keeps all attendance/quizes/test info
    Cons: A bit spendy for 3 kids, needs to supplement

    Grades Used: K,1,3,4,5,6

    This is our second year using this homeschooling program. I really enjoy how easy it is, no prep on my part. I can log in under the parent’s account and see exactly what my child did that day. It may not be a full curriculum, but its pretty close. The only subjects missing from this program, that our state requires, is art and music appreciation.
    I recommend to any parent looking into this program, is to first see what your state requires. Yes, this program is not accredited, because it is a homeschool program, not a private school. If accreditation is what you are after, this program is not for you. The only downside is my kids don’t get enough time actually writing, so I have them use a writing journal.
    I had my older children tested last year, and they scored over a grade level ahead. If it works for us, it can for your family as well.

  12. Time4Learning Review by nty

    awful. maybe you can use it to supplement but this absolutely cannot be a student’s main source of education

  13. Time4Learning Review by Tyler
    Pros: Work at your own pace, affordable, uses CompassLearning which the schools here also use, can work in different grade level per subject, engaging animations, aligned with core standards for my state
    Cons: social studies and science are read only, math lessons need more explanation so you do have to supplement.

    Grades Used: 3,4,5

    While you do need to supplement some lessons, the program uses Compass Learning which is also used by the school system in my area.
    The lessons are engaging and are aligned with common core requirements.

  14. Time4Learning Review by Carter
    Pros: none
    Cons: everything

    Grades Used: 2-3

    lessons were way to kiddish and long teaches me nothing makes me answer questions before knowing anything

  15. Time4Learning Review by Traci Dillard
    Pros: NONE
    Cons: Unauthorized charges, mediocre lessons

    Grades Used: 1

    I am not happy with this program at all; I don’t think the lessons are very effective and I was overcharged for an add-on that I didn’t order. After some research, I am not the only person this has happened to.

  16. Time4Learning Review by Linda
    Pros: none
    Cons: doesn't work with Mac opt in parental controls

    Grades Used: 4,7

    I am canceling before the 14 day grace period. I could not get the program to work with Mac opt in parental controls. I spent hours working myself and with tech support from both time4 and mac. With opt in controls you add the sites you allow the user to go to. The trouble lies in the fact that there are either hundreds of redirects that you have to add in, or for some reason the websites will not stay added to the list.
    Also when my kids used the site on my user, they complained of many of the same things mentioned in other reviews.

  17. Time4Learning Review by Maya
    Pros: It's a homeschooling program
    Cons: Doesn't qualify as a full homeschooling program, lacks engagement, is ruthlessly irritating and barely learned anything.

    Grades Used: 4th, 6th and 7th

    I am a student using this program and am deeply unsatisfied with what I’ve received. I was a pretty smart kid in public elementary school, I had straight A’s and didn’t cause any trouble. I thoroughly enjoyed school.

    However, I had to be removed due to health issues among other things, and my first year was with Time4Learning. I remember not liking it very much, so my parents switched me to something else, which also wasn’t doing well, so we switched back a year later as my parents had read that it was better in the middle to high school grades.

    I immediately disliked it. I assumed it was going to lack in challenge a little bit as I experienced that in school, but after two more years, I can confidently say I learned less then 10 major things in my entire time schooling with this program. I also was unaware that it didn’t actually qualify as a full school, so I guess my hope of going back to public school in the right grade is crushed. Anyway, I often could browse the internet or various social media while doing school’work’ and could still get every answer right. Most of the time any questions I got wrong were me not quite understanding the question or feeling so unengaged that I just wanted to get it over with so I guessed. I know a small part of this is my problem as I’ve been suffering with a lack of motivation, but this is just ridiculous. I’m most unsatisfied with the science, as I used to adore it and now I just feel the lessons are unbearably long and the characters are WAY too animated.

  18. Time4Learning Review by Lana
    Pros: Animated Lessons, Engaging Content, Good Education
    Cons: No teacher help, not accredited

    Grades Used: 6th through 10th

    I am a Time4Learning student of 4 years and now entering my 5th year of homeschooling with this program. I cannot imagine how my homeschooling years would have gone by without this program. I will go over the pros and cons of this program, and while there were definitely some complications, I’m overall pleased with my experience.

    The best way I can describe Time4Learning is calling it a “tool.” Time4Learning is NOT a school; therefore it’s not accredited. However, to dismiss the quality of education due to lack of accreditation would be a mistake. Time4Learning gets their curriculum through a large company called CompassLearning. According to the Time4Learning website, the curriculum was designed for over a decade by CompassLearning and then offered to schools across the nation. Time4Learning offers the same content to homeschooling families; therefore it is accurate to say that accredited schools use “Time4Learning’s curriculum.” If used appropriately and responsibly, Time4Learning can become a great fit. Here’s how Time4Learning worked with me.

    My case was what many would call an “accidental homeschooler.” Everything was fine in elementary school, but when I went to middle school, complications arose from day 1. Suddenly, my parents and I found ourselves in a fix where we were obliged to homeschool but incredibly unwilling to do so. I am one of those students who do just fine in a brick-and-mortar school. By the time I was enrolled in Time4Learning, I missed my school and its structured environment. My parents, while having a good education themselves, weren’t that great as teachers. That prospected intimidated the 6th-grader me. How can one possibly get good grades without dreading school if your “teachers” weren’t good at teaching?

    Luckily, my mom found Time4Learning. She told me that it had all the subjects, and the content was taught in an engaging, interesting manner — the only major drawback was that it wasn’t accredited. The prospect of being in an “unaccredited” method of schooling unnerved me, but at the same time, Time4Learning solved my biggest issue. Time4Learning lessons did the teaching for my parents, for which I was very grateful. I can confirm Time4Learning’s claim that it teaches in a way “kids will love.” The engaging and interactive content will teach for parents, keep students busy, and enable kids to become independent learners.

    The issues I had with this program stemmed from the fact that I was an independent learner and didn’t have professional teacher support. I struggled writing essays and felt as if grammar lessons required more reinforcement. This highlights the importance that parents do need to take an active part of their children’s education, even when the grading and teaching are done for them. For example, it is the parent’s responsibility to grade written projects, adhere to state homeschooling laws, and determine whether their child will be accepted into an accredited school/college after Time4Learning.

    Here are some of the pros:

    1) Animated lessons. I cannot stress enough how useful this is when homeschooling. It keeps students’ interest peaked, especially with younger learners, and makes learning enjoyable.

    2) Engaging and interactive content. This goes side-by-side with animated lessons; engaging and interactive content includes immediate feedback and problems.

    3) Good education. When I finally returned to public school in ninth grade, I was able to tackle Honors courses after Time4Learning. Time4Learning provides a detailed scope-and-sequence of each subject available, so you, as a parent and educator, can decide on the quality of the curriculum.

    4) Affordable. The cost is $19.95 per month for elementary and middle school students, $14.95 per month for each additional elementary or middle school student, and $30 per month for high school students (covers 4 courses; each additional course costs an extra $5 per month).


    1) Lack of accreditation. Time4Learning is an unaccredited curriculum provider rather than a school and, therefore, cannot issue a diploma or formal transcripts to students.

  19. Time4Learning Review by Joy Martin
    Pros: Easy for parents
    Cons: Not accredited, English papers cannot be corrected electronically and send back to child to correct

    This is NOT an accredited school. If you think you will transfer your child to a PUBLIC school at ANY point in their middle or high school courses, this is NOT the curriculum for you. Public schools in some states are now requiring ACCREDITED courses to be counted towards graduation. If they are not accredited, they are NOT counted. Be careful! It’s just another way to get rid of the choice to home-school and if you are not committed through the end of their 12th grade year, your child will not graduate.

  20. Time4Learning Review by B Baker
    Pros: Easy to use. Nice structure, especially for high school levels
    Cons: Beware when contacting the staff for assistance. In the couple times I've needed to contact their staff, they have been fairly rude. T4L is not comprehensive. It does NOT include explanations, such as how to work out practice math problems, meaning that my student and I have to spend lots of time searching online for other explanations or demonstrations...why pay for their service when I still have to do so much work on my own? I might as well not use them and just teach the course myself.

    Grades Used: 4, 10, 11

    Unforunately, I cannot recommend Time4Learning as an overall source for supplementing homeschool. It’s a mediocre resource.

  21. Time4Learning Review by Kid Wisdom
    Pros: Affordable. Has multiple subjects. Curriculum can be tailored to fit child. I liked how I could adjust each grade individually. Each lesson has a quiz and each unit has a test. I liked that I could see how much my child was understanding and that subject "mastery" was being achieved before moving on to a new subject.
    Cons: It doesn't work well on a tablet even when you use the Puffin app. The Kindergarten lessons are too long and not engaging.

    Grades Used: K & 1st

    I have tried this curriculum twice. It is well rated, includes multiple subjects that can be tailored to fit the child’s needs and it’s affordable. I really liked that it is self-paced and I could adjust each subject by grade level and skills. Several programs I looked at can’t do this including ABCmouse. So I could choose Math at a 1st-grade level and Language at a K level. We have been using ABCmouse (which I love for under 1st grade), but I decided to try Time-4-Learning because my son has learned to guess through the ABC mouse lessons. I wanted something that graded and checked his knowledge and understanding at the end of the lesson. The first time we tried Time4learning was at the beginning of Kindergarten. His tablet skills were still new and the program was not friendly to selecting incorrect items on the screen, so he would easily get kicked out of the program and I would have to monitor what he was doing. My goal is to facilitate learning and not have to do every lesson with him. When I tried it again this year at the beginning of 1st grade, he did much better with the app and understanding what it wanted him to do, but not all the activities worked on the tablet. He would lose momentum and interest when an activity didn’t work. I would have to stop my work to set up the computer and log him back in. And he could no longer complete learning on the couch, in his room, or on the go. Flexibility is key for us and I believe it facilitates learning. Most children aren’t meant to sit still in a chair all day. Next time we try Time-4-Learning, we will have to make sure he has his own computer (with a touch screen), which is not financially feasible right now. Yes, we will try Time-4-learning again becuause it is self-paced, flexible, can be tailer to the student, an all-in-one curriculum, and affordable. Did I say affordable! All-in-all I will try Time-4-learning again when he gets older. I could see the 1st grade curriculum was much more engaging and age-appropriate than the Kindergarten curriculum. But with only using a tablet, Time-4-Learning is not feasible for us.

  22. Time4Learning Review by Liv Fresh
    Pros: visually Interactive lessons, progress reports and tracking, and engaging for kids
    Cons: Not complete, must be supplemented

    Grades Used: 2-5

    We first started using Time4Learning when I began our family journey in nonpublic education. The lessons are succinct and engaging for my young girls. I love the report features and the fact that the curriculum matches my state standards. We do supplement the curriculum with creative spirit and art classes as well as my own writing modules for the girls. In addition, for supplementing science and history we visit many museums, complete local homeschool STEM events and watch more formal documentaries online.

    As a faith filled family, I love how this program can be used in conjunction with our biblical, Greek and Hebrew studies. I wanted to explore secular modules to introduce my kids to a balanced world view and allow them to learn about other ideologies. It is important to teach them to be critical thinkers who are open minded and not isolated from more traditional thought.

    Overall, I would recommend the program for affordability to most families who are able to develop their own program of study and need a strong framework for the classical subjects. The reporting also makes me confident for record keeping purposes on site.

  23. Time4Learning Review by Lisa
    Pros: engaging
    Cons: not recognized, waste of money and time

    Grades Used: 11th

    My state does not accept this program’s credits. My daughter is a year behind now and unable to graduate as a senior should.She must attend adult high school to retake courses and finish. Wasted my money. The curriculum was engaging.

  24. Time4Learning Review by Jamie
    Pros: Very simple to implement - parent can print weekly assignments
    Grades Used: K-10th

    We are a homeschool family with 6 children, and we’ve used Time4Learning in various ways since 2009. Sometimes we use it as a supplement, sometimes we use certain subjects; this year it was our primary curriculum. I know that others have commented on the testing… I have to disagree. I felt that the quizzes and tests were frequent and gave me a good idea of whether or not my children were mastering the concepts. In our homeschool, if the child doesn’t receive an 80 or higher we have them retake the test. I believe this also helps assure mastery. I feel that the high school levels were especially comprehensive.

  25. Time4Learning Review by Shanty
    Pros: Summary at end, Sometimes Fun
    Cons: Doesn't always explain everything

    Grades Used: 7th

    I am a homeschooled student, and I think that the lesson doesn’t have much practice and almost never really explain things which causes me to search all over youtube and Khan Acadamy just so I can answer the question which could have taken 3 minutes, takes 15 instead.

  26. Time4Learning Review by Michelle Johnson
    Pros: affordable, easy for children to use, keeps track of grades and attendence
    Cons: not much practice to master the lesson, no over all testing

    Grades Used: K, 1, 2

    I have worked with time4learning for 3 years and the only complaint I have is that I feel like my daughter is not retaining the information she is learning because it lacks mastery testing. I have no idea if she is getting all the information she needs to succeed in each subject. The program does have some testing but it is not extensive.

  27. Time4Learning Review by Tracy Wieczorek
    Pros: Cost effective
    Cons: sometimes a little difficult to get them to do their work.

    Grades Used: 7 and 9

    My kids overall like the curriculum. We have had it a couple of weeks now and they definitely have their favorite subjects and instructors. Sometimes its a little difficult to get them engaged but then they seem to “get into it.” I like how easy it is to keep up with the record keeping. Its not the only source we use but it is the primary one.

  28. Time4Learning Review by Keri
    Pros: Affordable, Online, Grades, Record keeps, very interactive and fun for kids, & easy to use!
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: Pre-K, Kinder., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

    We have been using T4L since 2007. As you can see in my “pros” section, there are so many reasons why we like & continue to use this program, as our kid’s core curriculum.
    I really like how their program is not only educational, but also fun for my kids. Plus, it does all the grading and record keeping for you, which is so nice 😉
    For some, the price may be to much, but for us I think it is a bargain compared to other curriculums. $20 a month, is a fraction of what other curriculums cost, and they do not allow me the freedom to only have to pay for just what I need. Never again, will I have to deal with wasted curriculum, that I didn’t need or use.
    Another thing, if you school year-round like I do, then you will enjoy the flexibility that using T4L gives you. My children do so much better being able to school at their own pace.
    Another perk, that I love bout this curriculum, is that it allows you to be able to access 3 grade levels at once! This is one of the main reasons why I still use T4L. My kids are able to easily move up or down, in any one subject as needed, without it interfering with their other subjects.
    For our family, this is why we like this program 😉

  29. Time4Learning Review by Erin
    Pros: Affordable, easy on parents
    Cons: lack of retention and understanding concepts

    Grades Used: 1,4,7&9

    At first this was the best thing that could have happened to my homeschooling. There was practically no planning on my part, it was a great format and record keeping was done for me. The kids liked it so much we purchased another computer so they could all have fair time. Then…..the newness wore off. The kids dreaded going to the computer and sitting there for for their lessons. My youngest (a beginner reader) was not retaining any of the information. He was playing the “games”, but when I would ask him to repeat some of the sight words he just learned he was struggling. I remember particularly the “oo” sound. We did that lesson several times. It did not help. He would go to the next level and not understand what he just did.

    My 4th grader struggled with new math concepts, again would move on to the next lesson, but not understanding what she had learned. We did this for 4 months and the kids voted unanimously to switch to text and workbooks. All four children have different learning styles or combinations of different learning styles and not one of them was happy with Time4learning. Of course I was disappointed, I really wanted it work. But I think we all have to do what is best for our kids.

  30. Time4Learning Review by Melanie Hooks
    Pros: Interactive, easy to use, fun, worksheets
    Cons: Some worksheets are not printing

    Grades Used: 1,2,3

    Great resource for children with sensory issues and visual learners. Work at your own pace, grades available, rewards etc. One of my children is supposed to be in 1st grade but she is doing 3rd and 4th grade work.

  31. Time4Learning Review by Virginia
    Pros: Easy and Fun
    Cons: Expensive for Large Families

    Grades Used: K-7

    I love it a lot and feel it’s easy for my kids to use and learn from. However, I have 7 kids and the cost is almost $100 a month. That’s a killer! Please bring these costs down so I can keep using it for my family. My computer sometimes has trouble with loading the lessons but I’m thinking it’s just a computer problem which I’m currently trying to work out. Other than that, I think it keeps my children’s attention and they have so much fun with it.

  32. Time4Learning Review by derrick
    Pros: it being home schooled
    Cons: its for little kids not for my 12 year old son

    Grades Used: 4 6

    Time for learning is cool and all but they need to adress the problems that they have some times my son couldent get on his school work for 6 MONTHS SHRIGHT and finally they fixed it and now he needs to do like 12 hours a day just to make up that 6 months that he couldent get it

  33. Time4Learning Review by tifany
    Pros: has it all laid out
    Grades Used: 8th

    Its a great resourse and incredibly affordable. My oldest loved learning on the computer and each subject is broken down to multipe sections which is nice:)

  34. Time4Learning Review by Jennifer
    Pros: Wonderful for dyslexic kids!
    Cons: Cost

    Grades Used: K-7

    My oldest is 12 and we use Time4Learning. She’s really enjoying it! She’s very verbal and enjoys reading and writing. She enjoys the independence of it, and working at her own pace. Her favorite subject is langauge arts, so of course she’s flown right throught the 7th grade lessons and is now doing 8th grade. I had to start limiting her to only one langauge arts lesson per day!

    I also have a 10 yr old son with severe dyslexia and he uses Time4Learning too. I highly recommend this program for dyslexic kids. They have a little parrot icon that you can drag and drop to whatever you want him to read for you, and you can also use the more sophisticated Natural Reader software in conjunction with the lessons too. (free!) You don’t have to enable those functions if you don’t want your kids using them, but for a dyslexic child this is wonderful!

    The only downside I see is the cost. The value for your money is great, but I have 5 kids and this really adds up. They do have a plan where you save a bit when you add more than one child to your account, and I’m going to give that a try.

  35. Time4Learning Review by Noe Silva
    Pros: meets state's standards
    Cons: price

    I wish this system was cheaper. During the trial my kids did well and they loved it. I definitely could not keep up with all 5 of my kids. I would go back if it were cheaper

  36. Time4Learning Review by Tawnee
    Pros: easy, child can work at own pace through subjects reports visible to parents
    Cons: not complete, expensive for multiple kids

    Grades Used: K-2nd

    I signed up for Time 4 Learning my first year homeschooling as I wanted something to back up on days when I was carrying for my infant and 2 other children. I thought it would be a great way to supplement and it was. On days that I couldn’t get to “school” or was sick or the weekends when I wanted extra, we have used it. Even after I no longer had an infant and we had more time for formal school, there were still days when we used it for a supplement.
    I liked that you can be in one grade for Science, another for Math, and another for Language Arts. Parents can set the amount of time that a child works on subjects before the “playground” opens up and there is a limit to how much “playground” time they can use too. It’s nice because you don’t have to make sure they don’t skip lessons and play if you walk away. However, it would be nice if there was an “unlimited” playground time available because we monitor it pretty heavily and there were times when the game would switch off in the middle and she was crushed.
    Otherwise, it was good. The math was a little jumpy in my opinion, in that it moved away at an odd pace but otherwise, I thought it was good.
    We began using it less and less so we had to discontinue our subscription because we weren’t using it enough for the price. If there was a discount for using it just so many hours a week or something we would still have it. We will likely pick it up for the summer. That part is great because you can turn it on and off as often as you want. However, you have to pay a monthly charge if you want the program to remember where you were and retain your records but you can easily print them out so it isn’t a problem.
    My daughter loves it and the playground is nice because its all kid friends and education sites in one place so you don’t have to worry about the sites they are going to.
    Overall good program as a supplement.

  37. Time4Learning Review by chris allred
    Pros: kids enjoy-
    Cons: not sure what really retaining

    Grades Used: 12-2

    I liked it at 1st-but, when the kids kept needing my help and even though they took the test etc at the end-I could see the rating but, I was not happy w/their actual retention. I feel like I lost a yr.
    could have been a good supplement-I just should not have relied so much on it.

  38. Time4Learning Review by Brose
    Pros: affordable, record keeping of progress was easy
    Cons: not a complete curriculum

    Grades Used: 5th

    Easy to set up and keep records of child’s progress.
    The History was incomplete and the Math was hard to follow.
    I didn’t like some of the views that were expressed in the Language Arts and Reading sections. Also some of the stories were troubling to my child. Even though the price was right, the record keeping was great,
    and there was much work to put into their portfolio I left it. Mainly due to the tolerance message that was in some of the L.A. and Reading lessons. It was just as well for it bored my child. My child likes the workbook approach.

  39. Time4Learning Review by Sasha Brown
    Pros: Fun! Affordable
    Cons: Not a complete curriculum

    Grades Used: 7th

    I was very leary of this program when I first came across it because I thought my 7th grader wouldn’t like the animation. I signed up for the trial period just to review and surprisingly my daughter LOVES it!

    I don’t think it is good to use as a complete curriculum however, I do believe it is a great supplemental program for Language Arts and Math. I use it on our light days…or to reinforce a new skill learned. THere is a learn2write program also and I plan to sign up for that as well.

    One drawback…the science and social studies program. I keep wanting more. My daughter does too.

    I have been recommending this site for’s great for homeschoolers and afterschoolers.

  40. Time4Learning Review by Maree
    Pros: fun, educational, well presented
    Cons: price for more than one child,

    Grades Used: K-3

    We used this succesfully for two years but we had to pull out because it became expensive to have three children using it. I’m hoping we can sign up again for at least one child. We live in New Zealand and loved it.

  41. Time4Learning Review by L.A.
    Pros: Value
    Cons: none so far

    Grades Used: K - 2nd

    My son loves this program, he gets to do school on his own. the graphics are simple but engaging. The math concepts are great and broken out into small chunks so you can get them. And they score each section so you can check on assignments and repeat topics as much as necessary. I also found out that its a little less expensive if you pay annually rather than monthly. We use this program in conjunction with My Father’s World.

  42. Time4Learning Review by Andi
    Pros: ease of use, flexible and affordable
    Cons: may not work with some web browsers

    Grades Used: 6th & 7th

    My son who is in 7th grade really enjoys the Math on Time4learning. The ease of usage is a plus as is the visual format it is presented in. That feature really helps to hold his attention and keeps things fresh. The concepts are explained in several ways to ensure that all types of learners can grasp the concepts. The review work and the many different examples are explored very well prior to the quizes and test. I really enjoy the lesson plans being very detailed and the assessment reports available to track and monitor his progress or struggles. The flexibility is a big help, If I feel he needs to review a specific area, we can, he is not pressured to perform. The ease of use allows me time to work with my younger child. This is our first year using the program and I’m sure I will continue to do so.
    Thank You

  43. Time4Learning Review by Deana (The Frugal Homeschooling Mom)
    Pros: visual learning, engaging, fairly affordable
    Cons: basic, general

    Grades Used: prek - 12

    My daughter enjoyed Time4Learning, and learned a lot with it. She loved playing the educational games, and begged me to play often. I liked the parent reports, too – they were very convenient. The games are fun and rewarding for the child. I have a M.Ed. degree and the program definitely receives my approval for educational value. The visual learning experiences provide helpful reinforcement for certain reading and math concepts, especially in the early elementary grades. I wouldn’t use it as a whole curriculum, as it’s really too basic, but it’s excellent for supplementation.

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