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Alpha Omega Academy Reviews

Alpha Omega Academy ReviewsAlpha Omega Academy is an accredited online school with one-on-one teacher interaction. Lessons can be completed at the student’s own pace, making it a flexible option. The parent sets the student’s schedule, including beginning and ending dates for the year. Want to learn all year long or take a break every semester? There are over 100 core subjects and electives for K-12 in several formats, including online lessons, CD-ROM lessons, or print-based workbooks.

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  1. Alpha Omega Academy Review by a Senior, Spencer Crow
    Pros: Great curriculum, amazing teachers
    Grades Used: 10-12

    I really loved AOA! I graduated this year and the format worked great for me. I was involved in several outside activities. It allowed me to work my studies around my schedule. The Bible based curriculum is set up so you can do lessons at your own pace, any time of the day. Plus you see your grades right away. I was able to get my Private Pilot’s license simultaneously with high school. Next fall my plans are to attend an aeronautical college. My AOA classes were challenging, but I was always able to complete my assignments. It helped to be self-motivated, but great teachers are available for support when needed. My Education Coordinator, Laci Meinerts, was always kind and helpful. (My Mom loves her!) She was ALWAYS encouraging and gave great advise. We are going to miss her very much. I highly recommend AOA for their academics and staff. It is fully accredited and it was nice getting a diploma. I can’t say enough about it being an excellent choice for me.

  2. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Connie Thomas
    Pros: yes
    Cons: yes

    Grades Used: 8-12

    I love AOA! My middle son, developed health issues the were impairing his ability to attend the private Christian school he was previously enrolled in and then we found AOA> That was five years ago and I am happy to say that he attended AOA 8th-12th grade and just graduated this past May. It was a great experience that allowed him to still learn, grow and achieve despite dealing with health related problems. We were very pleased with the coursework, the available electives, the teachers and the technology. We especially grew close with our academic advisor, Laci, who really walked this journey with us, gave us the advice we needed and really cared about my son and his future. If you are looking for a flexible, online, quality program for your child then I highly recommend AOA. The only con with all online learning is the lack in person social interaction and he did a few fun electives at a local homeschool group on Fridays. I don’t think you need a lot of extra curricular activies- just find something they like and sign them up so they meet other kids with similar interests.

  3. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Senior
    Pros: Great curriculum/teachers
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 11-12

    My experience with Alpha Omega was great. The curriculum was great my teachers were amazing, and my coordinator Laci encouraged and pushed me the entire way. I am officially done with school.

  4. Alpha Omega Academy Review by T E Wilson
    Pros: College Prep, Flexibility
    Grades Used: 7-12

    AOA like any other school will have some issues, however, the way you chose to navigate those challenges will determine your families success. When looking into distance learning in 2012 accreditation was most important to our family as this would be vital during the College Admission process.
    Our son began 10th grade in 2012 and has since received his Bachelor’s from University of Central Florida, Masters from Duke Unversity and he will attend Flordia State University in the Fall of 2019 to begin work on his Ph.D. He accomplished this all by the ripe age of 21, which would not have been possible without AOA. My daughter started in 7th grade and finished her last assignment tonight and will graduate in a few weeks. Much like my son AOA afforded her the flexibility to take both high school and college classes at the same time (dual enrollment) and she will start Troy University this summer as a Junior. The school is not perfect but I have never found one that was.
    We received weekly calls from teachers with words of encouragement and to make sure we knew they were there if needed. My kids were pretty self-sufficient and did not rely much on teacher support. However, when assistance was needed, we always managed to get our questions answered. I will say that I found my education coordinator Laci Meinerts to be a very valuable resource and an integral part of our success. Because my kids were older, I did not set aside designated school time. They were aware of their due dates and understood my expectations for getting work completed in a timely manner. If you are a family that requires a hands-on approach, my review may not be of much help to you. However, if your kids are self-motivated and you are looking for flexibility. AOA is the way to go!

  5. Alpha Omega Academy Review by SHERRY KOONTZ
    Pros: Great Graduation Ceremony
    Grades Used: 12

    I am here only to post about the graduation experience. My son attended the physical graduation ceremony in Allen, TX on May 5, 2019. The experience was amazing! Jessie Eben worked very hard to acquire photos, future plans statements, and cap and gown sizes to have everything ready by graduation day. My son left public school at grade 7. Since then he has attended a very small school, and for his last year we opted to finish with Alpha Omega. Even still, he definitely wanted to have the graduation experience. We were fortunate to live close enough to attend without much travel. He was so very happy with the experience, and from a parent’s viewpoint, it was an amazing experience. Not to large, not too crowded, not too long. The kids rehearsed before the ceremony and it went off without any problems at all. The photographer was amazing, and was able to take many quality photos that were made available online at no extra charge. They even had an iron set up to press the gowns if you wanted. Refreshments followed in the church’s social hall. I’ve been to several graduation ceremonies, and this one by far was the BEST!

  6. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Christ loving homeschooling mama
    Pros: solid christian curriculum
    Cons: cumbersome time consuming projects & Lack of holidays

    Grades Used: 3-11

    We’ve been using AOA for a few years now. They offer a solid Christian curriculum and have great coordinators that are there to help you. I agree with other reviewers that the projects are very cumbersome. If they were limited to at least only one every other month in the upper grades maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but as our children got older, there were 3-4 projects in a month a lot of the time. If you child’s project isn’t done when it’s due they can fall behind very quickly because they won’t have access to work on their other lessons until it’s handed it. We didn’t care for their foreign language or their math, but were happy with everything else. One of our biggest gripes is that they don’t give the holidays off that a traditional school, or other online school’s offer and they add up, making your child fall behind if they take off.Yes, you can work ahead or make it up, but it’s a hassle. Why would our children want to give up part of their summer so they can have the holidays off that every other child already has? Three of our children always needed assistance with the projects that took a lot of time out of my day, especially considering the amount of projects and the amount of children we have. So between the lack of holidays and not being able to always assist my children when they need it so they can complete the projects, they fall behind for two reasons. I pay for an online school because I can’t afford to put the time needed into homeschooling, but 3 out of the four of our children that used AOA needed some kind of assistance with projects. We were happy with the curriculum for English, History and Science and overall found the curriculum to be solid, but have considered switching to a different online school due to the lack of holidays and exorbitant amount of projects or writing essays.

  7. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Denise O'Toole
    Pros: Great curriculum, staff, & advisers. They are readily available by phone whenever you need help. Full time students are given FREE standardized tests at the end of each year. Very affordable for the quality of school. Extremely flexible scheduling.
    Cons: Not many courses offered in computer science and modern technology at the middle school level. Would love to see more of that.

    Grades Used: 6

    We are not necessarily Christians, but we do live by Judeo-Christian values. We left public school due to the far left, amoral, and degenerate turn they all seem to be taking and wanted our daughter to attend a private online school that was not only affordable, but also offered both a classical education and Christian values. AOA was just that. Taking a risk on AOA was the best thing I’ve done in my daughter’s lifetime. Excellent curriculum, excellent support, excellent communication, excellent tuition fees, warm and caring teachers and advisers. As I mentioned earlier, we are not Christians. While I do want my daughter to both know and understand the Bible, I want her to learn a second language even more. AOA offers that option to families like ours and she is taking middle school Spanish in lieu of Bible studies. This school has FAR exceeded our expectations and we recommend them to absolutely everyone with an interest in online home schools. You will not be disappointed with this amazing school!

  8. Alpha Omega Academy Review by kimberly reuter
    Pros: Wonderful Teachers, the entire staff is wonderful
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 10-12

    We have been so blessed with this school!!! I thank God everyday for finding this school! My son would not be the person he is today without Alpha Omega Academy.

  9. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Laura Etherton
    Grades Used: 4,5,6

    We love Alpha Omega Academy. They have provided a curriculum that is challenging enough for my son as well as the support necessary to succeed. The staff and teachers are wonderful. They are available to answer his questions and regularly communicate with me about my sons progress. The curriculum is great and I am confident that he learning everything necessary to prepare him for college in the future.

  10. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Tia
    Grades Used: 7th-12th

    AOA is one of the absolute best things I have ever done for my children’s education. The teachers are fantastic, the curriculum is challenging, and the staff (especially our education coordinator Lacy Meinerts) is top notch. I wish I had used AOA from the very beginning of schooling my children…they make it so easy!! I’m forever grateful for the freedom they have given me as a mother while providing my children with an excellent education. All I do now is oversee that they are working and communicating with their teachers when they need to. My kids love it because it allows them the freedom to work at their own pace. Now we foster, we have already decided that if we adopt any children then they will be using AOA for their education. AOA is the way to go for homeschooling!!

  11. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Nancy szymczak
    Pros: Christian based, teachers helpful
    Cons: Cost

    Grades Used: 7,8,9

    Alpha Omega is an amazing school for kids looking to get an online education with a Christian focus. The teachers actually care about your children and help them in any way that they can to make sure your children actually grasp the material. The staff is also very responsive to any questions and follow up with you often.

  12. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Amy McCann
    Pros: Great communication
    Grades Used: 8th grade

    We chose Alpha Omega Academy for our 12 yr old daughter after much research. I needed her to have someone to be accountable to while I focused on our LD 7 yr old. With our older girls we had put them in other online academy’s but the cost was exorbitant and couldn’t sustain the cost. AOA exceeded my expectations right off with kind and encouraging conversations. After she started we received monthly calls checking on us and encouraging us to use their resources. I am very thankful for everything they have done to make this a great 8th grade year.

  13. Alpha Omega Academy Review by LMarangelli
    Pros: Self Paced, very caring staff, Christ-Centered curriculum, Flexible, amazing coordinator and an overall great experience.
    Grades Used: 2-6

    We have been homeschooling our son since 2nd grade. Our son struggles with attention issues and having the flexibility to work at his own pace and take breaks as he needs them has been a true blessing. The teachers throughout the last five years have been very accessible, caring and supportive. Laci Meinerts constantly reaches out to us to make sure my son is doing well and that we have everything we need. She is always sweet and welcoming and makes us feel at home. Our son is doing very well, and he is very happy. We love everything about AOA and look forward to continuing our work with them.

  14. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Spears Family
    Pros: Great education and teachers
    Cons: There are not any kids in my area that go to AOA

    Grades Used: 8th and 9th

    Our daughter has been attending AOA for two years (8th and 9th grades) and we have seen her grow soo much! Her organizational skills and level of personal accountability has soared!!

    Through AOA our daughter is totally positioned for success. She has full access to state of the art education, fully certified teachers, online tools, and rock solid support through her amazing student advisor, Laci Mienerts. We couldn’t be happier!

    If you are looking for a Christ-centered, challenging, fully accredited (NCAA recognized) online school, AOA is the place to be! What an honor and privilege to have an education of this caliber available to all students, with online pacing tailored to each student and personalized student advising and academic support.

    We thank God for AOA and the highly qualified and sincerely caring staff.

    Thanks AOA!

    The Spears family.

  15. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Cindy Raft
    Pros: Online,Caring,Organized,Wonderful Support,Great Teachers,Great Educational Coordinator,Bible Based,Flexible Hours,
    Cons: NONE

    Grades Used: 9th

    I can not say enough Great things about Alpha Omega Academy !
    My daughter loves the flexible hours, all the teachers are there when you need them! She has joined so many clubs and gets to meet friends from all over the world at the same time while getting a great education! This school is always on top of everything, continually checking on us if we need anything or do not understand something, they are right there to help. We feel so Blessed that God lead us to this solid Christian Online school !
    I would recommend this school to Everyone !! I want to personally thank Keith Holland for being so amazing at helping us enroll and thank our Education Coordinator Laci Meinerts for checking on us and Always being there for us when we need her. Thank you Lord for such amazing people and such an amazing school !

  16. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Rosalie Miller
    Pros: Great education, Academic support, caring teachers and staff, Christian based, flexibility
    Grades Used: 8, 9

    My daughter is currently in her second year with Alpha Omega Academy. We could not say enough about how happy we are with the curriculum, teachers and support we have received through the years.
    The teachers call monthly to check in, are always available for any questions and happy to help in anyway. Her French teacher , Mrs. Klimes, is amazing and is in contact every three weeks for an oral project, and available for online classes. This is her favorite class and she is currently enrolled in French 3 next semester.
    The curriculum is set up in a way that students can work independently while staying on pace. Alpha Omega is in constant contact if my daughter falls behind with pacing. Laci Meinerts is always helpful and encouraging. I always look forward to our talks.
    My favorite part about the Academy is my daughter is getting a great education, loving to learn and the people that have become like family. They really do care.

  17. Alpha Omega Academy Review by AnnMarie Rhyne

    We have now successfully educated 2 high school daughters through AOA and are very pleased with our decision. Through AOA those daughters got a Bible-based education from an accredited academy, and each had no problem applying to and being readily accepted at the #1 Christian college of their choices! Over the years, we had the assurance of Christian studies supported by professional teachers and when difficult times hit our family, the whole team at AOA was behind them encouraging their success. I am very grateful for their personal attention and caring attitudes when we needed it most. Cheers for AOA!

  18. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Sandra
    Pros: Accountability, great online system, very manageable
    Cons: More expensive than just using Monarch

    Grades Used: High School

    I just wanted to point out, that the Monarch Curriculum that the AOA online is based off, allows for a two week Christmas break, a one week Spring Break, and a few days off per year. Therefore, if the Academy is scheduling every day, your workload is much lighter. That means, that all you need to do, in order to get a Christmas and Spring break is, a few weeks ahead of time start working ahead. Another option is to start the work earlier in the summer (we usually start mid-August) so that you are automatically ahead. 🙂 There is no need to feel that you can’t get a break, as long as you have this info ahead of time just work ahead and earn a break. As to the projects and essays – they are extremely important in an online learning platform. They provide the hands on work that is missing. Your student absolutely needs these, and AOA should be commended for having them included! Additionally, students need the extra projects and essays and reports in order to learn the time management skills they will need for life and college. Colleges do not pre-package all the learning in neat little online programs. Profs are constantly assigning new things, so it’s important that homeschool high school students learn to manage all of these things, and learn a system that works for themselves.

  19. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Kerri Brown
    Pros: Christ-centered, easy-to-use, accredited, customer care
    Grades Used: 12

    After we moved to a new area, the local public school couldn’t offer the variety and quality of classes our Senior needed, so after researching all the options, we were happy to choose AOA to meet his needs. We love that it is a Christ-centered, quality, and accredited online option. While his calendar is different than the rest of our kids’, he is getting a great opportunity to self-motivate, self-pace, and still be supported in the process. I homeschool a younger child so wanted something he could independently do, and I have been rarely needed!

    Proud and thankful that AOA is helping get him ready for college. Thankful, too, that he has an opportunity to go to D.C., and will have a graduation ceremony to participate in!

  20. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Princess to the King of Kings
    Pros: Nice teachers and coordinators. Seems to be a solid, Christian based curriculum. Having a scheduled work and accountability helps keep us on track.
    Cons: I agree with all the other reviewers.... I can't stand that there is no Christmas or winter break and no break in the spring. So unless you do the work ahead of time, or opt to fall behind and try to catch up, this is a big hassle. We start our school year right around the time a traditional school would start and right before the Christmas break there are all these projects and reports due. So not only are we behind, but until the reports and projects are completed you can't do your other lessons. As a mom, right before the holidays is probably our busiest time of year and hardest time to sit down and devote a few hours to the various projects and reports do at that time. If they gave a traditional winter and spring break and made the projects or report extra credit instead of mandatory I would love their curriculum. This way if you want extra credit or if you have a low grade level you can use them to raise your grade and in the meantime, they don't cause you to fall behind I'm not super in love with their math. We switched back to teaching textbooks. I liked having a teacher and the accountability of their scheduled work gave us a push, but not worth the aggravation. All of my children learned more from Teaching Textbooks who may introduce some concepts later, but it all gets covered in the end and does a much better job of explaining.

    Grades Used: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10th

    They need to add holidays where work is not scheduled, for at the very least, Christmas and a couple of days during the Spring or Easter. Projects and reports are cumbersome and given right around the same time for all the subjects and scheduled right before the holidays. Really? Students won’t have access to other lessons until reports and projects are done. Overall, even though I find these issues very annoying, I still like the curriculum and continue to use it, because the good outweighs the bad, but if they made a couple of small changes, their curriculum could be the best or one of the best around. Liberty Online is very similar, but slightly more expensive every time I have compared them in the past, but I liked their online academy better when we used it because they gave the holidays off. They had some website issues with the being able to quickly access if your student was on track when we used it, but I’ve heard they now have a “snapshot” similar to AOA where you can see all the subjects, grades and if a student is on track, all on one page. Overall Alpha Omega Academy is a solid, Christian Curriculum and I appreciate how they keep us on track and usually allows my children to work independently. In previous years, prior to using an online academy and working independently, we would be so much more behind, but I do wish they would add the holidays and make the projects and reports extra credit for students who need, or want to do them, and not prevent students from being able to access their other work until the projects are completed.

  21. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Robin Liberatore
    Pros: Biblical World View, Caring Teachers, Guidance Support
    Cons: No Spring Break, Very Short Christmas Break

    Grades Used: 9 and 10

    We chose Alpha Omega Academy after taking my daughter out of public school. She worked at a faster pace than her classmates and bullying was a huge problem. AOA offers the Christian based curriculum that we were looking for and my daughter is able to work ahead if she wants. She is very shy and her teachers have worked with her to help overcome her debilitating shyness. We have been very happy with her progress.

    I am not certain why there isn’t a break in the spring. While all other schools private and online are getting a much needed break, AOA students are required to work ahead if they need to travel. It has been hard for us this year because of an illness in the family that required travel often. While your friends are off school for a week, she is unable to participate in some activities due to her school work.

    All in all, we have been pleased with AOA and I would recommend to anyone with a self motivated child.

  22. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Kyle
    Pros: Self-Paced
    Cons: Math and English are nighmares, projects require a lot of time and material, no scheduled breaks, is down a lot.

    Grades Used: Ninth

    The math part is very vague and the teacher does not explain well. The english part is very vague as well. There are too many projects happening at a time and they require a lot of time and you have to buy a lot for them. There are no breaks so when you want to have fall or spring break you either do extra work before or be behind after. I’ve been doing this for 3 monthes and the website has been down 3 times. For this price, I recommend you go somewhere else. The website looks extremely outdated anyways.

  23. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Tiffany
    Pros: They offer amazing support.
    Cons: There aren't any cons.

    Grades Used: 9th

    My husband and I are very pleased with Alpha Omega Academy. Their team has a heart for serving and is very supportive. My son’s counselors and advisors are caring and willing to extensively work with him to achieve realistic goals and help him stay on task. They regularly check on him and are always courteous and professional when we speak. It is evident they truly want to see him succeed. Our experience has been very positive. I wish we would have used them sooner.

  24. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Amy Scott
    Pros: Biblical Worldview, Flexible, Organized, Great Support
    Grades Used: 3, 5

    This is our 3rd year enrolling our children in Alpha Omega Academy. The teachers and staff are so caring and knowledgeable. When one of our children has a question about missing a problem, the teachers go out of their way to give a detailed explanation of the correct information. Our children love the curriculum. They are challenged but it is not overwhelming. We are so thankful that it has a Christian worldview. We do not have to worry about what is going to be taught because it is truth-filled and thorough. We travel quite bit and our teachers have been so flexible with working with us and our timelines. They have been readily available and very supportive. We receive phone calls very often from the staff reaching out to ensure we have all of the resources we need. Everyone has been pleasant, caring and professional. I would highly recommend AOA.

  25. Alpha Omega Academy Review by katie schwenk
    Pros: biblical worldview, passionate teachers/admins, love for learning, authentic concern for students, strong commitment to academics and personal growth, very reasonable costs
    Grades Used: 7-12

    Over the last 5+ years, our family has been directly connected with AOA and utilized their resources. We have been exceptionally appreciative of the biblical-worldview impact on the overall curriculum. The administration, staff, classroom, and interactive technology, have all been excellent in preparing our children for post high school education within an environment which reflects and shares servant hearts. We strongly recommend AOA for any family recognizing the significance of a biblical-based education in all the fundamentally necessary and beneficial core courses as well as available electives. Our family continues to be blessed by AOA’s greatest resource, the people who make AOA possible, as loving, caring, and compassionate administrators and teachers whose passion for teaching and the learning of students is their priority. Our children have received a top-notch education all within a Christian worldview.

  26. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Teresa
    Pros: Easy navigation, care and concern of teachers
    Grades Used: 8

    My son is in 8th grade and this is our first year with Alpha Omega Academy. My husband and I have been very pleased. It is so easy to navigate and I really like the curriculum. I am also very pleased with weekly and bi- weekly emails from all the teachers.

  27. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Sheree Gayer
    Pros: Flexibility and good course materials. More affordable than private school.
    Cons: Finding/buying supplies for science experiments. It was also tricky at first getting used to the systems and processes. I recommend rewatching the orientation videos again after a week or two of work once you're immersed in the coursework.

    Grades Used: 9

    This is our first semester doing online high school through Alpha Omega. My son was in private school K-8, and has made the transition well. The program is pretty rigorous, but definitely engaging. He spends about 4 to 5 hours a day on schoolwork, and has mostly A’s and a few B’s. The teachers are attentive and try to connect with him regularly. They are quick to answer questions or provide help whenever it is needed. We have been pleased with our experience so far.

  28. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Mona Vlasak
    Pros: easy to use
    Cons: sometimes more information is needed for math

    Grades Used: 8,8/9, 6

    We just completed our first semester at AOA. Grades 8,8 and 6. This has been a very well paced and self explanatory program for my boys. I have appreciated their prompt responses and easy to use programs.

    Mona V.

  29. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Laurie Gahr
    Pros: Self explanatory, good pacing
    Grades Used: 9th

    We just started with AOA this year and so far we are very pleased with this program. My homeschooled daughter is doing well and keeping pace with the assignments. Occasionally she lands several quizzes on the same day but otherwise the pacing seems to be perfect. We like that she can work ahead when necessary to accommodate our personal schedules.
    Teachers have been friendly and helpful.
    This program was easy to start and easy to follow,

  30. Alpha Omega Academy Review by SHEILA G PARKER
    Pros: Great teachers, administrative staff, and educational coordinators. Content that is relevant. Ease of use. Rapid response. Awesome customer service.
    Cons: Inability to review subjects and grades in the portal after completion

    Grades Used: 10, 11, 12

    I have been homeschooling my children since 1999. I have used multiple programs for the 3 of them. I am homeschooling my last child now. She is a senior and will graduate Spring 2019. We began using Alpha Omega Ignitia in her sophomore year. I was hesitant at first but I am so glad that we made the switch. Our daughter has done amazingly well. She is a dancer so there are times when she does school work in the evening and at night. I was surprised that some of her teachers actually answered emails and graded work in the evening, a few times as late as 11pm EST. In the 3 years that we have been using the Ignitia program, we have only had one somewhat negative experience. However when it was bought to the attention of our educational coordinator, it was quickly corrected. My daughter and I have totally enjoyed the homeschool experience with AOA Ignitia. I only wish that I had discovered this program sooner.

  31. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Dolly

    Alpha Omega Academy is a true blessing! Everyone who works for the academy is very nice and helpful all the time. My son is in the 4th grade and loves his online school. I have always homeschooled my son and this is the first year of trying online school. He loves it and is doing great! We will definitely be using Alpha Omega Academy for my other kids as they get older and my 4th grader will also continue! I recommend this online academy to everyone I know!

  32. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Michelle Lynn
    Pros: Communication
    Cons: Projects

    Grades Used: %

    Alpha Omega has far surpassed my expectations with home schooling. I am a mother of 3. My oldest graduated from public school. I was never overly pleased with the education but knew nothing else. After she graduated, my family made the decision to travel with my husband for work. This meant my 2 younger children would bounce from public school to school. Or we tske the plunge and attempt online school. I received so much criticism for this decision, but AOA has such a wonderful program I can confidently tell my critics they are WRONG!
    Because I was a new homeschooling mom, I knew I needed a lot of support. I was nervous, but AOA made me feel very supported, and confident in what we were doing. We receive pleanty of phone calls from all areas checking in to ensure we have no questions or concerns. When the children need help, the teachers are responsive. There are whiteboard hours for necessary classes, and teachers send weekly letters out with any pertinent info. The teacher-student communication is top notch! My students have almost daily messages with comments from teachers on the current assignments. Whether it is a good job! Or asking the child to expand their thought process. This is something I really like, rather than them getting something half correct, they help to make sure the question is fully grasped.
    The only thing I find difficult is the projects. There are many and sometimes it is hard to juggle but that is more of a change in routine and we will surely get it down.
    AOA has definitely changed my feelings for school, and I now feel confident in my childrens education

  33. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Jinny Calkins
    Pros: Everything
    Cons: Nothing

    Grades Used: 5th

    AOA has been nothing short of a miracle for my 11yo son. Last year in private school he struggled to stay on task with everything. He had C,D,F’s pretty much all year. He is dyslexic, has ADHD, and some auditory processing issues. With AOA he has maintained A’s and B’s all year, has an easier time comprehending the material as it can all be read to him. He completes his work in a few hours a day vs school were he was going in at 8am and then still doing homework some nights at 10pm. I feel like his additude has changed drastically towards school and every day life in general. His teacher is great and calls periodically to check in as well as his education coordinator. The system is easy to navigate, we have had no technical difficulties and the course load is easily manageable. The Semester dates are flexiable to a point so you can adjust for vacations and such. The cost is at least 1/2 of what I was paying for private school. All in all it’s a great program and we have no complaints this far. Thank you AOA!

  34. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Jo Penner
    Pros: Helpful and kind teachers and staff. Quality instruction.
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 9-12

    We used AOA for our daughter from 9-12th grade. She is in college now and completing a degree in Graphic Design. Our son is currently in the 11th grade and is doing well. The AOA teachers are helpful and engaged. We use a combination of Ignitia courses and LifePacs and are very happy with the quality of instruction. Our daughter took Spanish I and II and had such a great experience. It was one of the reasons that she had the desire and confidence to go on a month long college missions trip to Uruguay last year. My son has really enjoyed his interactions this year with all his teachers and especially his English and Chemistry teachers have been very encouraging. They grade his work quickly and are very responsive. Our Ed Coordinator, Kristy May is the best! We highly recommend AOA!

  35. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Dawn Alioto
    Pros: The teachers are personable and available to help when needed. Assignments are posted daily. Cost is less expensive then private Academy's in our area. Grades are posted daily. AOAbis accredited.
    Cons: None so far.

    Grades Used: 8th grade

    This is our first year with AOA. We are amazed at how hands on the teachers are. We are very impressed with the resources available. We truly feel as if our teen is in a classroom.

  36. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Jonah
    Pros: Christ-centered education, great flexibility, teachers have regular hours to help.
    Grades Used: 7 - 11

    I attended a brick and mortar school for my elementary years, but then my family and I moved to a town where there were no Christ-centered schools around. We looked for options online and found Alpha Omega. It’s an excellent school for academics, and it’s a simple, easy way of learning. Going through my classes at my own pace is awesome, as I can work ahead if the next couple of days are busy. All of the teachers I have spoken to/had have been exceedingly friendly and helpful. The classes are also challenging, but in a good way.

  37. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Christine Skaggs
    Pros: Accredited, Great Education Counselors, Flexible, Cheaper than a private school
    Cons: None to mention

    Grades Used: 3,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and ongoing

    Alpha Omega Academy had been great over the last 3 years with my 2 girls. Both girls have been enrolled in AOA fulltime for the last 3 years. It’s cheaper than a private school and the curriculum is challenging and up to par with college prep courses. My oldest, a senior this year, is often ahead of what her friends in public high school are doing.

    The teachers are on top of the grading for the most part and if you have a problem, you can call Academic Support or Tech Support. The teachers communicate via email and phone on occasion. Your academic counselor calls to check in quarterly.

    We love that the semester’s are so flexible. We vacation and take days off when we want or need. If my girls need extra time to figure something out that is possible as well. We do not participate in the teachers online hours, but it’s great that it’s an available tool.

    We love that AOA holds 3 graduation ceremonies so the graduates can have an opportunity to walk the stage for their diploma. They also offer dual enrollment.

    I cannot say enough positive things about this school. Kristy May, our counselor, is awesome! She’s knowledgable and organized. And if you have a problem or question, she will assist you quickly.

    I have no cons. However, sometimes you do have computer issues which can make some days frustrating. This is not any fault of AOA. Also, we are not religious, and sometimes the Christain content can be a little much in all the various classes. But I think it’s also important whether you are religious or not, to learn about God and the Christain beliefs.

    We are very happy with AOA and have 4 more years with this great school.

  38. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Dona Wallace
    Pros: Meets all our educational needs. Works very hard to help us get the best education for our Autistic son.
    Cons: None to mention

    Grades Used: 1 - 9 (ongoing)

    Outstanding Institution.
    Our son is Autistic and Alpha Omega has gone above and beyond to assist us and help us find the best and most productive way to keep our son engaged and learning. The teachers are without question, the best I have ever worked with. Instructions are clear and concise. Lesson plans are easy to follow and understand. We utilize the Lifepac series and have enjoyed our years at Alpha Omega. The entire staff is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Alpha Omega.

  39. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Diana Aburto
    Pros: automatic grading, lesson plans, super helpgul teachers and staff
    Cons: expensive for our budget but worth the adjustments we ve made to make it possible

    Grades Used: 9th

    AOA is working so well for our daughter and our family.We are new to Alpha and Omega Online this school year. We had concerns about our 9th grade daughters English proficiency since English is her second language and want to start now in helping her be ready for furthering her Education later. My husband and I work both full time and though I am at home I am challenged about keeping up with my daughters workload, grading, planning. Our daughter loves having automatic grading, automatic planning that alerts her about staying on track, allows her to work ahead or get caught up even at a pace that works for her and our lifestyle. She enjoys reading the well illustrated information with the interesting links that keep her engaged. AOA assigns us a counselor who has always been very readily available to assist us in any questions or concerns we have. We are truly enjoying homeschooling this year so much more with AOA. Highly recommend.

  40. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Greta Petry
    Pros: Challenging and user-friendly
    Cons: Sometimes the system is glitchy or down

    Grades Used: 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

    This is our sixth year with AOA. Our experience has been challenging and rewarding. Our three children have learned so much academically but have also been stretched as a person. Between keeping up with deadlines, learning to communicate with their teachers, and realizing there are no shortcuts has strengthened their character and allowed them to be responsible for their own education. Having one that has graduated and gone on to college with ease and making great grades. AOA has paved the way for confidence, perseverance, and knowledge as our kids go into the world and be whatever The Lord has called them to be.

  41. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Valerie Thompson

    I enrolled my daughters in AOA for their 8th grade year due to traveling for work. It was an amazing experience. They did the online classes and did so well. When they needed help they would ask and almost immediately get a response. They called to check in on my girls to see if they were needed anything. I did put them back in public school cause of sports. But I would recommend AOA for anyone looking for a homeschool program.

  42. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Tammy yancey
    Pros: My daughter loves the program
    Cons: N/A

    Grades Used: 10/11

    Alapa Omega academy is an awesome program for kids that’s having difficulty in regular school it’s challenging I like that a lot it keeps the kids on there toes her teacher responds back to her quickiy Im always getting updates on her progressive overall it’s a wonderful program

  43. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Dena Ramirez
    Pros: Curriculum, Support, Challenging
    Cons: With any online program (elementary to college) the student needs to be disciplined to "go to school". Since this is online - it is easy to be tempted to reach for the remote. =)

    Grades Used: 9

    Our son has been attending AOA since elementary. He is now in 9th grade. AOA has been wonderful for him. Like any other parent, at first, I worried about the Homeschooling structure. What about friends, teacher interaction, accreditation, electives, and educational opportunities? However, after being with AOA for over 9 years, we see the advantages and it has been good for our soon. First, the school offers top technologies where the students can interact with each other and their teacher via an online whiteboard and messaging/communication system. This means, with a computer and headset, my son is a part of a classroom just the same as a traditional school environment however and importantly, he is without distractions. Next, the school offers a “hotline” where students can call and speak to an available skilled teacher/Subject Matter Expert (SME). Our son gets a 1-on-1 opportunity to speak to a teacher. Furthermore, the curriculum is the same or better than what is offered in public/private school. There is a strict grading system and the teachers/counselors do an excellent job at sending progress reports and reaching out to parents if there are any concerns. Our son exceeds in his studies and knowledge compared to his friends who attend public school (at least in our area). The school work is challenging for the student. There are still projects, writing essays, reading books/novels, etc. just the same as traditional schools. There are many electives to chose from (far more than a public school). AOA has structured their processes to offer students the best support. We are blessed to have the opportunity to have our son attend AOA.

  44. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Lisa Sovik
    Pros: Christian World View, Very Organized, Thorough
    Cons: Sometimes, teacher support has been lacking in explaining assignments or projects

    Grades Used: High School & Middle School

    Alpha Omega Academy has been such a blessing to our family! We enrolled our children in the High School/Middle School years. The course work and content have been Biblically based and always highlight a Christian Worldview. Our boys find the work challenging and fun. They enjoy the immediate feedback on grades and like the pacing and scheduling. Academic Advisors and Teachers have been great to work with. We also like the academy’s approach to teaching writing and language skills. Thank you AOA!

  45. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Pamela
    Pros: Always on top of everything, very responsive, and supportive
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 8,9,10,11

    Alpha Omega Academy Review by Pamela

    October 11, 2018

    Pros: Always on top of everything, very responsive, and supportive 
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 4

    AOA changed our lives. Normal school wasn’t working for my 2 daughters because of the unflexible schedule. When as a family we decided that a change was needed we did a research with many programs and even asked teachers to help us. As a result we all agreed AOA had the best curriculum . Later on, we enrolled Keith was always available, kind and open minded Later on we met the coordinator Kristy who is fabulous ! She is friendly, helpful, always calling to see if she can help and if my daughters are comfortable. If for some reason they are not on pace she calls and kindly asks what is going on. The teachers: every day parent and student receive a warm email that lets ypu know how they are even sharing their personal life, also informative as to the hours they can be reached and online class meetings. Parents receive an email for them to know teacher , grade so far, if students are on pace or behind, and when the semester finishes. My daughters have a very hectic agenda and if you have a good relationship and partner with the school it works in a fantastic way. As for personal growth is impressive. My daughters take electives they choose and enjoy and Kristy advices them if that is the best for them or when is the best moment or if they are right on. One of my daughters writes for the school.newspaper and she enjoys it so much. AOA is always improving and with the alliance with a college like Baptist is very reassuring and for my daughters looking forward to enroll and take adavbtage of everything AOA offers . Wrapping it up AOA is proactive, looks for the students best interest, makes parents feel comfortable and I highly recommend it. Our best choice , definetely no regret

  46. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Ester
    Pros: Challing Curriculum, College Prep, NCAA certified, Flexible, Online, Responsive Teachers, Educational Suppor
    Cons: If you're not used to working on a schedule, it might take a little bit to adjust.

    Grades Used: 9, 10, 11

    Our family has 2 children currently enrolled in AOA’s Online Ignitia Academy and we will be enrolling our third next year. My son is currently a Junior and my daughter is currently a Sophmore. This is our second year with AOA, and we love that AOA’s curriculum is rigorous and thorough and that almost everything is done online. My husband and I wanted a program that would get them college ready, was accredited, had flexibility, and had courses that were NCAA certified as our kids are all competitive swimmers. Having the peace of mind that they have a challenging curriculum, have teachers that offer office hours and daily/weekly emails, keep parents in the know with several phone calls and emails from both teachers and our Educational Coordinator, is an incredible asset to me as a parent. AOA has also been great with working with us for outside credit electives and courses and general course counseling. Initially, both my children struggled through the workload, mainly because they weren’t used to working through a rigorous schedule so quickly. We always worked at our own pace and around everything else. Once they were able to figure out the scheduling and workload requirements, their performance improved and we’re seeing solid, reputable work and pretty good grades. Our kids have also utilized such things as AOA’s Online classes offered monthly on various subjects like study skills, college readiness, and specific subject topics. We feel AOA is a great value for everything you get: challenging curriculum, flexibility, online learning, college readiness, teacher availability and response, and educational resource support. We definitely recommend it to our friends or family that have asked about homeschooling.

  47. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Julie Sullivan
    Grades Used: 9

    This is our first year with AOA. My Grandson has grown academically this year due to the one on one teaching. I am able to know what he is doing in each subject and should he need any assistance I am able to help. I like to be interactive with him. The school, staff and teachers make it very easy for me as they do all the work and I provide my Grandson with support and the ability to attend AOA.
    Thank you AOA.

  48. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Mark Cooper
    Pros: Great teacher, responsive to needs
    Cons: some questions are too rigid in the answers, so while your child may know the answer they might get the question wrong.

    Grades Used: 5th

    I taught 5th grade at a Christian School last year. This year we have decided that my daughter should be homeschooled, she is in 5th grade now. She is doing excellent. Both the school admin. and her teacher has been very responsive to our needs, sometimes daily. She is very motivated and ahead of her scheduled end date. Mrs. Brady is awesome. We really like AOA.

  49. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Tammy Morales
    Pros: Very Flexible
    Cons: Nothing

    Grades Used: 7-12

    Alpha and Omega
    We were extremely happy with after the school. Our coordinator went beyond her duties to help us in all situations. Mrs Laci helped us the best she could.

  50. Alpha Omega Academy Review by B Harris
    Pros: curriculm strength, teacher access, price point
    Cons: no face to face interaction

    Grades Used: 8-12

    Alpha Omega has been a terrific educational choice for my family. We had been homeschooling our children but decided to enroll them at AOA after we decided to have another child. Wed knew that the demands of time to raise an infant and now toddler would be too much to combine with a solid, traditional homeschool education.
    We have had three children graduate and are now attending University and two more in high school. Alpha Omega has been very responsive to our requests during the college application process.
    My children utilize online and phone teacher access hours which has enhanced their performance and confidence.

  51. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Tracey Wagner
    Pros: Easy enrollment
    Cons: Confusing, No Support, Very Low Quality Videos and Lessons

    Grades Used: 10

    [ED – Tracey provided this update to her original review:
    This is a follow up to my original review. The director contacted me after seeing that my son asked for help 31 times in 5 weeks through the online system. She refunded a lot more of my money and apologized for the lack of communication to help my son. I am happy that she took the time to research my complaints and gave me a fair refund. If you use AOA be sure to use the phone to call your teacher instead of the online system. That was the directors recommendation. We thought the online system was the first line of help. The school is very fast paced and there’s not a lot of time to slow down and learn if you need extra practice on something.]

    We have not found AOA to be a good school. The lessons are very confusing and they do not line up with the quizzes and tests. This sets the student up for failure and discouragement. We have waited days for a teacher to grade an assignment so that my son could move on to the next lesson. Then, because we had to wait on the teacher, it has a red circle and shows that he is behind. When we asked teachers for help they sent us a link to Khan Academy. I thought I was paying all of this money to have teachers?! We quickly saw that we were not going to receive the support or instruction that was advertised so in week 5 we withdrew. They kept over two thousand dollars of our money for 5 weeks of school and I only got $292 back. They said they needed to keep my money to pay the teachers. The teachers who never helped us after weeks of reaching out. I cannot recommend AOA. I have escalated my complaints to the director and have sent all proof of our attempts to get help, hoping to get more of my money back. Not likely to make a difference but I’m going to try. Please be careful if you consider this school.

  52. Alpha Omega Academy Review by David
    Pros: Teachers/staff, Whiteboard sessions, 20 weeks semesters
    Grades Used: 9-12

    Alpha Omega Academy was a great Academy for my two children. We did the online Ignitia curriculum and had many Math teachers available to help. Everyone was very helpful and my family was very Blessed for all Alpha Omega Academy made sure my children with a great education.

  53. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Blessed Home-School Mom
    Pros: Through the years of Home-Schooling with AOA has been a blessing. I would describe it as Professional, Trustworthy, and Pleasant when interacting with the teachers. It was never a perfect school as you may have disagreements. But there was always mutual understanding. We never approached the principal with any concerns until 9th grade.
    Cons: The Algebra Lifepac and the AOA Math Department can be a Problem in 9th Grade.

    I want to begin by saying, our blessed child had the opportunity to tour the White House based on her excellent grades. There were other students of her same age, and students from a military academy, all enjoying the White House tour while accompanied by a guardian. So we too were blessed to join our daughter in this tour. My point is, our child sincerely strives hard to do very well in school. She also scored highest in math during her MAP Test in 9th grade. Having said all this, we share once again our first low blow with AOA Math Department and the Lifepac Algebra Course. It was a nightmare! It didn’t matter how hard our daughter studied for Algebra. Each time the test seemed harder, as if it were modified or altered to make it more difficult. My father-in-law is a mathematician, and even he couldn’t figure out the Lifepac Algebra Course. We were also very displeased with the math teacher, and found it strange that we couldn’t change teachers if we wanted to. Eventually, the former principal and assistant principal informed us they had only one algebra teacher through out the entire course of the year. A few months later, the former principal left AOA and a new principal came on board. Our child’s math teacher remained in control of all tests and decision making of the entire course. We never experienced anything like it with any teacher and with any course. Our child learned most of (Algebra I) from professional mathematicians on YouTube, and proved herself by scoring very high in her MAP Test. But regardless of all she learned, it seemed useless for the AOA Algebra Department. When it came time for her tests, each time it was more complex and disconnected from what was taught in the book. And the book was not well explained either. We were also rushed through the entire course by the teacher while trying to learn so much material all at once. Our child’s educational coordinator extended the course up to the end of July. By this point, our child was very uneasy with the entire course. It became overwhelming for her as well as for us. She never despised math, and for the first time she desired OUT. My husband and I don’t remember Algebra ever being ridiculously confusing even in college. Just when our child tirelessly achieved a score of over 90% in algebra, something went horribly wrong. The administrators of the school such as the new principal, assistant principal, including the math teacher, judged our daughter’s final test based on one math problem. It honestly felt as if our child was being exceptionally targeted! Then they set a punishment to decrease the overall grade drastically based on a school policy. I never heard of such policy, and didn’t even know it existed. We weren’t informed of the injustice until after the verdict was made on a Friday, leaving us to linger with this horrific punishment during the weekend. In the 8 years I home-schooled my child, I’ve NEVER encountered anything like this. It seemed evil and definitely unprofessional. Based on this experience, I don’t recommend the AOA Algebra Lifepac taught by the Academy, nor the teacher assigned for the Course. We also took action to further protect the well being of our child, her future grades, and from ever experiencing another injustice like this again. The Educational Coordinator was a wonderful person, as well as all other teachers who taught professionally during the years our daughter was enrolled with the academy.

  54. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Kelley
    Pros: professional, smooth processes, appropriately challenging coursework
    Cons: can't begin a class until current classes are complete, even if they don't build on one another

    Grades Used: 9, 10, 11

    After spending some time in alternative placements, my daughter needed help getting ready to return to her private school with her peers as a junior. AOA worked with us to get her set up for successfully earning 6 credits over the summer. As an educator myself, a former director of a nationally known learning center, and having taught online courses myself, I was impressed with AOA as an educational entity. In fact, I have recommended AOA to friends and colleagues, and I have commended AOA to my daughter’s school which sent us their direction in the first place. They made the process of enrollment as well as the courses smooth and thorough. Both the admin and the instructors were so consistently responsive.

  55. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Sarah Bazinet
    Pros: Christian Online School, Great Education Coordinator, Teacher Support, Flexibility
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 9th Algebra 1

    We are new to Alpha Omega Academy (AOA) and as a parent with a son entering into high school; you do not want to mess things up nor fail them because high school counts. I researched many options before choosing AOA (other online schools, part time homeschool/part time local Christian schools, and local college math classes). My son was willing to test out Algebra 1 over the summer. Our experience has been beyond amazing and we are returning for his 9th grade year. Prior to AOA we were at a private Christian school and was not very satisfied, they lacked a strong math department. Our goal was to finish Algebra 1 over the summer but it did take more time then excepted. However, AOA worked with us and gave him an extension of time to complete his course. We have had more support from AOA help line teachers and white board sessions then our local Christian school. The communication is OUTSTANDING, they are always following up and checking on how things are going! Flexibility is great…you are assigned a teacher but for us summer was busy and we were unable to attend his teacher’s white board sessions but anytime we sent an email it was responded to within a few hours. There were 7 high school math teachers so we could join any of their white board session that work for us that day. Also, we called the support line multiple times and got live teachers anytime he needed help with no wait! I highly recommend AOA!

  56. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Home School Mom :)
    Pros: Our child is an honor roll student and has been enrolled with Alpha Omega Academy for 8 years. Most teachers in this academy have been helpful and supportive, are well educated in their field, and professional.
    Cons: The Algebra Math Department Is A Problem For Ninth Grade

    Grades Used: Elementary - Junior High

    For the first time we experienced a low blow with the academy. The algebra department for 9th grade has been a nightmare. The academy also informed us they have one algebra teacher through the entire course of the year. We thought it was strange that we couldn’t change teachers if we wanted to. The math teacher was not trustworthy and certainly not helpful. The algebra books are also a problem to not explain the problems accurately. Our child learned most of the algebra from professional mathematicians on YouTube. In the meantime, we were rushed through the entire course by the teacher while trying to learn so much material and remember it all. Our child’s educational coordinator extended the course up to the end of July to further increase time in learning the units and prepare for the tests. Just when our child was doing excellent, the math teacher and the new principal judged our daughter’s final test based on one math problem. We were shocked when they unjustly set a punishment to decrease the overall grade drastically based on a school policy. I never heard of the policy, and didn’t even know it existed until our child was targeted by her algebra teacher. We weren’t informed of the injustice until after they made their verdict. It all seemed evil and almost unbearable. All the hard work invested into this horrific math curriculum was stripped away. So an investigation is already in place. We caution students to stay away from the Algebra Department.

  57. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Claudia Owens
    Pros: Curriculum presentation & reinforcement, Education Coordinator and Teacher support
    Grades Used: 7th & 8th

    AOA has been the perfect academic match for our son. It has allowed him to learn at his own pace, with structured guidance and teacher support when needed. He has learned to work independently and has a new-found confidence as a learner. We have loved the Chrisitan-based curriculum and found it appropriately challenging with each grade level. Our Education Coordinator and teachers have always been supportive and readily available whenever needed.

  58. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Veronica
    Pros: Outstanding Staff, Flexible Hours, Great Educational Institution
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 10th

    AOA curriculum is up to date and a fabulous way to learn! AOA prepared my son to take his TSI, allowing him to enroll at our local community college for their duel enrollment program. He passed with flying colors which we accredit to AOA. We would have enrolled for his last two years of high school but their outstanding curriculum prepared him for his dual enrollment journey!

  59. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Nina
    Pros: Learn a lot and easier to focus on than book work.
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 4th

    I used this curriculum many years ago myself and I will be using it with my son soon also. It was much more useful to me than the boring book curriculums I had used before. Excellent curriculum!

  60. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Carey A Herron
    Pros: Flexible. Great Support. Online Learning Platform very easy to navigate.
    Cons: Not one

    Grades Used: 11th and 12th

    My son Connor, enrolled with AOA for his 11th grade year and just completed his 12th grade year. We are so excited for him to receive his diploma. Wonderful option to get away from the conventional brick and mortar schooling. Alpha Omega has awesome teachers, counselors and staff to help with whatever you or your student might need. If you child needs flexibility with their school schedule AOA understands. We are very happy with this alternative option for receiving a diploma and highly recommend.

  61. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Luke, Zach, & Natasha Nunez
    Pros: Christ centered, flexible, well rounded, great support system
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: K-12

    I started with AOA in 2003. Three kids and very little support. I initially used the lifepac system up until each child was ready for 9th grade. I then switched online, the teacher assistance and support from Sarah Ripplinger-Mason were priceless. My eldest Luke, and youngest Natasha( just graduated last Friday) continued on till 12th grade at their choosing, having been given the option to go out when their brother Zach chose to integrate into a private school here (Trinidad).after completing 7th grade with AOA. The entire experience is one that I will treasure forever, the Word included in their education is the solid Rock they all can build on, as well as the great well rounded academic program, The many naysayers back when I started all silenced, as it is clear that nothing was lacking in the homeschooling method of education with AOA. Luke works now as an ROV pilot in the oilfield, Zach is in air conditioning/ refrigeration, and Natasha is on her way now to her next step with university on the horizon. Every challenge now as I look back was worth it as I see the good fruit that has come from our choosing the homeschooling route. It is also the most humbling experience, as I know full well it was done by God’s grace and the amazing support from the many wonderful teachers and people at Alpha Omega Academy. We feel like we really know the teachers and staff from our interactions never feeling like a number but a name. For this we are so grateful and wish to one day cross paths. Special shout out to Mr. Gesch (Spanish) who we hold a particular fondness for. Thank you all for this service is has been most valuable to my family.

  62. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Lisa Wafer
    Pros: flexible, attentive, up to date curriculm
    Grades Used: 10th-12th

    Loved working with AOA. Very helpful. Son graduated and has 12 hours of college with the ability to do dual credit classes.

  63. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Tia
    Grades Used: 7-9

    We have used Alpha Omega Academy for the past 3 years of our homeschooling for my children who are in 7th-9th grade. I wish I had started using this curriculum sooner!! The academy is top notch as well as the teachers and our counselor. I am beyond grateful for how easy they are making Jr. High/High School for us! Thank you Alpha Omega Academy!!

  64. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Kari
    Pros: counselor, college preparedness, teachers
    Cons: price

    Grades Used: 9 - 12

    My daughter will be graduating from AOA at the ceremony on June 8th, 2018. We used the LifePack curriculum with AOA from 9th grade to 12th grade. I am beyond thrilled with the decision that we made when we decided to go with them at that time. I wanted a top education for my daughter with a guidance counselor that could help with all things for her college path. We had an amazing counselor! She always went above and beyond! Because of that and the top education you receive at AOA, my daughter got early acceptance last December to her first choice college, a top tier 4 year university and all that was needed was her GPA, her SAT scores and to say she attended AOA. I can not say enough about this school! I believe that every homeschool parent should know about this option for their children!

  65. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Julie
    Pros: The teachers/conselors, the learning, the christian view, the flexibility
    Cons: no scheduled fall break or spring break

    Grades Used: 9th and 10th

    We began homeschooling with Alpha Omega Academy two years ago when my daughter started high school. I was very nervous to make this change but with my daughter’s ballet training it was our best option. I have been so happy with this amazing school,the staff, and teachers! Our counselor is like a personal friend and each teacher has been amazing. I always know what is going on with each class and how my daughter is doing each week. The academic level is better than the public school my daughter had been attending and I also feel it is better than the private school she attended for 6 years. This school isn’t easy but it is also reasonable and if your child keeps up with their assignments you can experience a great deal of freedom. I have appreciated each and every teacher/counselor and any question I have submitted has been met with a swift response and sincere interest in my daughter and how she learns. I believe this is one of the very best programs available. I HIGHLY recommend Alpha Omega Academy for your children. It is just amazing! We could not be happier and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.

  66. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Mary Tilley
    Pros: Self-paced, quick response on questions and concerns
    Grades Used: 9th through 12th

    From the initial call to gain information about the academy, to the submission of her final test, my daughter has gained a valuable education through Alpha Omega Academy. Her teachers and education coordinator were always most attentive and ready to help or answer any questions or concerns that we had.

    The curriculum was top notch and we feel she is prepared to enter her college years. Thank you so much Alpha Omega!

  67. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Teresa Spears
    Pros: Cost is 1/4 of what we were paying, the curriculum is challenging, accredited and challenging bring out the best in students
    Cons: Remote learning, but we knew that going into it. Alpha & Omega do a great job being user friendly and available to students.

    Grades Used: 8th & 9th so far

    We absolutely LOVE Alpha & Omega!!
    My daughter has learned soo much since enrolling and all her hard work is paying off. My daughter is thriving and doing very well. It has been very challenging for her because the standards and expectations are high, but she receives tons of support from the teachers and from her amazing advisor Laci who follows up with her and helps her along the way.
    In looking back, we definitely made a good decision to transition her out of private Christian school and In to Alpha & Omega. At first, I thought most of the material would be review tge 1st year but it was all new and difficult, which made me wonder what the $8k a year had been going towards at the other private school, if her learning was not up to par. Like i said, we’re soo glad we made the switch to Alpha & Omega! We highly recommend it to students who want/need to learn responsibility, time-management and personal accountability and take a vested interest and active part in their education. You certainly get out of it what you put into it and we’re very pleased.

  68. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Kristin Beach
    Pros: A faith-based accredited quality education; Caring and outstanding staff; Building Relationships
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: Junior and Senior Year

    Alpha Omega has been such a blessing to our family! During my son’s junior year of high school, he had reached his limit in the public school system. After years of trying to work with the administration and teachers to create an effective plan to fit his needs to no avail, we knew a change was needed as he refused to walk through the doors of his school ever again. We had been desperately praying for God to find a place for our son where he’d be welcomed and his strengths as an individual would be acknowledged and celebrated. It was extremely important that his confidence be built up once again and that all teacher interactions and support systems be positive.

    My first phone call when reaching out to Alpha Omega was with Keith Holland. He was amazing and extremely helpful. I knew God led us to Alpha Omega by the end of that first phone call. He was so interested in my son and what Alpha Omega could do for him. He had his best interest at heart! I looked forward to chatting with Keith because he was knowledgeable about the program, a caring Christian, and the one who was assisting us to getting an education that worked with my son’s learning style.

    We enrolled in Alpha Omega and that is when my son’s transformation began. He was able to learn at his own pace in an environment that was both positive and safe. He loved the Ignitia program and found his studies fun, interesting, and challenging. His advisor, Kristy May would and continues to reach out to both my son and myself on a constant basis to check in and chat with us both about how we feel things were going, whether or not we need any help, and to talk about things that are happening in our lives. In short, to connect with us. I love how she knows my son’s hobbies, his learning style, his challenges, and what is going on in his life. That is caring and connecting with our kids. She truly cares for my son and our family. She praises my son for his successes. This is what sets Alpha Omega apart from other educational programs! They care and build relationships! Kristy has been with us when life happens and gets rough. She goes out of her way to help the student and family succeed together. I am thankful that she is in our lives.

    The teachers have been phenomenal as well! They email and call to check in with both my son and myself. They give feedback and are so helpful when my son has had questions regarding his schoolwork. One of the things that has been important with my son is that they are patient! They help guide. I just can’t sing enough of Alpha Omega’s praises. They have changed my son’s life as well as my family life. He is confident, happy, and proud of his accomplishments in his school work. It challenges him and that makes him even prouder when he succeeds. He’s doing great and his grades reflect it!

    I highly recommend Alpha Omega Academy. They are top notch and heaven sent! I have a happy and confident son who is receiving the best education I could possibly give him and it’s literally a blessing from GOD!

  69. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Katherine Reed

    My son took a personal finance class with Alpha Omega. They were very easy to work with. I can highly recommend Alpha Omega.

  70. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Yamilca
    Pros: The entire program
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 5

    I love Alpha Omega Academy. They are always there when you need them even though we are really far. They love to help my daughter. The teachers are caring loving and most of all they feel like family. I will recommend this school program with no problem. We already sign up for our second year and we are definitely staying with them.

  71. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Sheri
    Pros: Learn at your own pace, with support from the academy.
    Grades Used: 2nd Grade to 8th Grade

    Alpha Omega Academy has provided my daughter with a solid education!! I like the Christian education! The teachers and tech support are friendly and helpful!!

    Highly recommend AOA!!

  72. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Amanda Santay
    Pros: Great curriculum
    Cons: Pricey

    Grades Used: 9-12

    I have been with AOA for 5 years now and I am still impressed with the way they care. They are always checking up to make sure your student is doing okay. They have always been quick to help resolve any issues. I am so happy that our family has found this program!

  73. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Liz Carter
    Pros: AOA provides challeging age appropriate curriculum. Our daughter has health issues which kept her from attending classes every day. The public school system I just wasn’t able to accommodate our needs. Thankfully we decided to take the leap with AOA - it has been an answer to our prayers. A stress free excellent education that fits our schedule.
    Cons: Maintaining a structured schedule.

    Grades Used: 7th grade

    AOA has been a positive in my daughters life. Amazingly responsive teachers and administrators are available with concrete answers. Anyone who is struggling with the public school system should look into AOA!

  74. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Dawn Tysinger
    Pros: Biblical integration throughout the curriculum, personalized feedback, academic rigor, flexibility
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 5th and 6th

    Alpha Omega Academy has been a tremendous blessing to our family. We love the responsiveness of the staff, the academic rigor, the multimedia content and the flexibility. It has put so much quality time back in our family.

  75. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Lisa
    Pros: Christian worldview, quality academics, flexibility, very caring and responsive
    Cons: I wish I had done this sooner!

    Grades Used: 9th, 10th, 11th

    After years of doing battle with our public school system, that no longer tried to hide their anti-God bias, indoctrination into extreme environmentalism, and leftist politics, my family and I had had enough. Adding to our decision was the on-going bullying of our son, despite all the “anti-bullying” programs.

    Although there are a number of on-line Christian schools, I felt that AOA had the most to offer in terms of the large number of classes (AOA has a huge selection of electives), the support provided, the modalities used, and a very caring staff. Our counselor, Kristy, has been exceptional. She is very warm, caring, and encouraging. It meant a lot to our family to have the school walk with us through our son’s very complex medical problems. We felt supported, cared for, and important to staff, people we will most likely never meet.

    When our son was in public school he would be gone all day, and then have hours of homework in the evenings, and that was only in junior high. Instead of having 18 years to love him and build into him, in actuality it was only 11 years. With AOA, our son has his evenings free and we can bond further as a family. That sense of frantic activity with family members not having enough time for each other was now gone!

    To top it all off, AOA is an accredited on-line academy. Although many homeschool families aren’t concerned about this, having our son graduate from an accredited academy gave me peace of mind.

  76. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Jo Penner
    Pros: Helpful, friendly teachers and great academic support
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 9-12

    My daughter started in 9th grade and graduated with AOA. She is now in college and doing very well. My son is in 10th grade and enjoys his interactions with the AOA teachers. They are helpful, knowledgeable and kind. My son is very involved in Scouts and sports and the flexibility of the program has helped him achieve his goals.We have found the curriculum to be excellent and highly recommend AOA to anyone looking for a quality homeschool experience.

  77. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Shari barber
    Pros: Keep me informed of how my son is doing and own pace
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 9,10

    We really love AOA. We can pick when we want to start. My son can go at his own pace and do school any time of the day. AOA keeps me informed of how he is doing. Thanks.

  78. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Mary Van Slyke
    Pros: All ages
    Cons: N/A

    Grades Used: 8-12

    Our daughter has been with Alpha Omega since eighth grade and is now senior. We were recommended by our Pastor, Alpha Omega. Starting was difficult setting your routine and double checking with any teenager, but once her daughter got into the groove she succeeded. We have had nothing but praise for Alpha Omega, the teachers, the academic support team, our academic advisor have been excellent. I could not recommend a more successful, inexpensive way to train your child through Christian education.

    I also appreciate the fact that the program is available kindergarten – 12 grade.. my daughters tutor loves the French program, and teaches at a public school. If that doesn’t sing of your fine curriculum.

  79. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Leslie B
    Pros: Flexible
    Grades Used: 8th

    AOA is a wonderful Christian on-line school, my daughter loves it! The coordinators and teachers are kind, helpful and easy to reach. I recommend enrolling and trying it out!

  80. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Christina Macek
    Pros: Learn at your pace, Accredited, Organized, Caring, Fun
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 4,5

    Alpha Omega has been one of the best decisions we have ever made for our son! Struggling in a brick and mortar school environment shut him down and the learning process stopped. He was over stimulated and school was no fun. Giving him this opportunity he has blossomed into a whole new child! He is happy, focused and actually enjoying school. He learns at his pace and feels less anxiety. The flexibility of this program has now allowed him to enjoy other activities like drama and playing drums that he could not before! The staff is amazing and the teachers are encouraging and available to help when ever needed! The courses are broken down in short instruction and include different medias to keep the child’s attention so they have fun while they are learning. Our first introduction to this academy was Kristy May! She is fabulous! She is amazing to work with and super nice! She takes the time to talk with you and really cares about our son’s progress. The staff takes to the time to encourage the students and praise their accomplishments. We couldn’t ask for a better support system for our son! Alpha Omega has been a wonderful opportunity for our son!

  81. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Mary
    Pros: Amazing staff. Very helpful teachers.
    Grades Used: 10th, 11th &12th

    Alpha Omega Academy has been an answer to our families prayers. The curriculum is very challenging and the staff has been so wonderful to work with. Our daughter has a very busy extracurricular schedule and this program was a perfect fit.

  82. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Julie
    Pros: Faith based, advanced curriculum and flexibility.
    Cons: Students must be able to work independently with self-motivation.

    AOA has allowed me to home school all of my children in a safe, Christian atmosphere. We can teach our faith, do school work on our own schedule and receive a higher quality education than public schools offer. My oldest daughter graduated from AOA in 2012 and received her B.A. in Christian Ministries from Trinity college (Billy Graham’s Alma Mater). My oldest son will graduate from AOA this June and my youngest son is a Freshman. We’re so happy there is a faith based alternative for our family!

  83. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Tammy Winters
    Pros: comfort of learning in a good environment at his own pace, no worries about being bullied
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 5th

    Before my son began Alpha Omega Homeschool, he was absolutely in hell at public school. From headstart up until 5th, he has endured all types of bullying including being picked on for stuttering, introvert personality, being attacked in the school bathrooms by students and being picked on by a teacher. He has medical issues that a teacher humiliated him about. I was destroying the beautiful child that I was blessed with. He was treated and shunned as an outcast for being a different type of child. Since beginning home school, he has absolutely flourished. He has all A’s and his confidence has began growing and he is learning all types of things in an environment that he doesn’t have to worry about. I speak mostly to Sandy, Laci and Mrs. Sullivan. I love how they go beyond to help with any problems that arise and they have become like a family to us. Sandy is so easy to talk to and she has helped me tremendously during this time with my questions and solutions. Laci is just precious too. She mailed a card and a happy to my Mason for good grades. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of my son’s face. Mrs. Sullivan is always willing to help and explain …she also answers back quickly when we have questions. I also love having the option to CHAT with someone for help and so does my son. First and foremost, I have to thank God for this wonderful blessing in our life. We love all the things he is learning.

  84. Alpha Omega Academy Review by S. Young
    Pros: Rigorous curriculum, teacher feedback
    Cons: Greatly question their Christian values,

    Grades Used: 0% - 100%

    Our experience with Alpha Omega Academy (“Christian” online school out of Iowa) has been very mixed. As far as curriculum, it has been rigorous, yet our child (middle schooler) has been able to complete it the first semester with excellent grades. The teachers answer questions in a timely manner. We do not utilize their office hours for correspondence, only emails. AOA also has a rigorous timeline for assignments due. It is in your child’s best interest to stay on track or ahead of the game. AOA will charge you money if you go beyond your semester end date. The curriculum is a Christian worldview, and remember it is first and foremost a business. With this being said, here is our story. Our family had a major financial change due to job changes. Our monthly payment for 5 classes was $249. We had asked the school repeatedly to drop the 5th class as it is an elective and was just an addition that we chose. If they had dropped the class, our monthly payment would be $199. The extra $50 would give us breathing room and help us greatly. They absolutely would not do this for us. The school stated that we agreed to 5 classes and that was that. If we had dropped it in the first month of attending, there would be no problem. Sadly, our job change and significant money decrease came at the end of the first semester. Our payments were taken out automatically and therefore, always on time. Our child completed the classes on time and with excellent grades. We simply asked for a $50 change and an elective class to be dropped…to no avail. We were not asking to quit the school or stop payments. We simply asked for our Christian school to help us decrease our payment by $50 per month. Quite honestly, it just did not seem like a Christ-like action…more of a business decision. We are not unreasonable, we just asked for compassion. We will not be returning to this school/business. We encourage others to find an alternative to their child/ren’s Christian online schooling.

  85. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Emily Kenjalo
    Pros: Online & Flexible
    Cons: Nothing transfers

    Grades Used: 1

    I am currently a senior in high school, enrolled in AOA. I have had a bad experience because I took a whole year of college my junior year and NONE of those classes would count towards this program. The credits would’ve transferred to any other school I could have went to. I do not recommend enrolling in AOA if you have taken courses elsewhere as a high school student.

  86. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Ian Robinson
    Pros: Christian Based, Wide Range of Courses
    Cons: Outdated, Confusing, Has me go along with their schedule

    Grades Used: 7

    Not great, Not terrible, Just average, Nothing special

  87. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Naomi
    Pros: none are you kidding me?
    Cons: Everything

    Grades Used: 9 and 10

    Even before I started this program, I knew that it was not going to be good. My sisters and I used ignitia through the NFC academy, and let me just tell you, that the combination of the curriculum and the school made my ninth grade year experience a living hell.

    First of all, NFC never answers their phone which made it a whole lot harder for me to transfer there. Same goes with emails. If I had a question on a lesson, I would have to wait at least a day before they answered me, and they would only link me to another website, or their “cap” pages which is basically an outline of all the lessons like that is supposed to help me any more than the textbook. It’s hard on both sides. How am I supposed to understand them through an email and how are they supposed to translate what they want us to learn through an email.

    And that brings me to my next point, the textbooks are a LITERAL PIECE OF GARBAGE!! I genuinely do not understand how someone could fail so badly at writing a ninth grade textbook. Its honestly the equivalent to a seventh grader’s essay, and even then, if I had to pick one to read, it would be the seventh grade one. The textbook is so boring. All you do is read and answer irrelevant questions- everyday all day or until you finally catch up on work, which is almost never.

    The questions that go with the lesson are so unbelievably irrelevant that I question the intelligence of whoever wrote and published that book. And besides the irrelevant questions, the questions they give us are so hard and they do not even give us enough material in the textbook to even sufficiently answer the questions(depending on the intensity and subject of the class). For example, Math (Ms.G whats good). The math lessons are so vague, and so unhelpful that not even the bill nye the science guy could help me on the lessons. And then the textbook is missing information like actual vital pieces of information it is ridiculous. Like its common sense. If you try to teach someone about the Pythagorean theorem, the most obvious way is to teach them about the formula. But the wrong way of doing it is by writing a 21 page essay about how to solve it without even giving mention to the equation. Basically what I am trying to say that the textbooks, specifically science and math, can’t help you.

    And then you have the unrealistic due dates. I had a 900 word paper, a quiz, and a test all within one day interval of each other, and on top of that, I had other subject work to complete. It gives you no breathing room, and it stresses you out. Its work on top of work on top of work and it never ends. Plus, most of the work is busy work. You really never learn anything. Like all the projects. Its unnecessary. It is not conducive to anyone’s learning at all.

    Spanish is a joke. They expect us to learn languages by reading. And most of the chapters are about different cultures in central and south america like the food, holidays, and the geographical aspect. But when it comes to the actual grammar part, it’s like they don’t even care. During this whole year of learning Spanish, I learned how to say “Fruit.” But guess what, I forgot how to say fruit.

    Now that I am in my 10th grade year I learned from my mistakes, and actually figured this program out. I still do not care for this program, but once you get the hang of it it isn’t terrible. As long as you have time to teach yourself something, meaning in addition to the textbook you look for outside information, I think it will work out. But that only goes for Math, science and english in my opinion. But yeah, I hate this curriculum and I would never wish this upon my worst enemy.

    NFC is not the problem by the way, I understand their circumstances but ignitia.. Ignitia is the one to blame.

  88. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Amy
    Pros: Accredited, Christian, Caring Teachers, Flexable
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: (4,5) - (6,7) - (9,10)

    After trying a few other complete online curriculum’s, we felt we had a good handle on our homeschooling routine. Last school year my Daughter entered High School and we wanted her to have full transcripts to make college admission easier. We didn’t feel our home-school journey had ended so we began to search and pray for a viable option. We had previously been using Monarch complete online curriculum and it was suggested to us that we might look into Alpha Omega Academy. One phone call with a counselor and we knew this was the right move for us, it was an answer to our prayers! All of our kids really enjoy working closely with their teachers and have progressed very nicely with the school work. Personally, I feel a huge relief that I not only no longer have to solely oversee their coursework. Additionally they have Academic Support on standby 9-3 Monday through Friday so the kiddo’s can call anytime with questions. The teachers have been wonderful, caring and helpful. I would recommend this school to families that may be intimidated by the thought of homeschooling or for busy parents who still want to home school but do not have time to make it a full time job.

  89. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Renee Weckesser
    Pros: Good communication, Christian school, Challenging courses
    Cons: Fast-paced

    Grades Used: 7-12

    I absolutely loved Alpha Omega Academy. I learned so much through them. My confidence sky-rocketed and I began to go to church. I found Jesus and was so much happier. The teachers were kind and actually cared about the student.
    The work was challenging but I think it really helped me to get an good understanding of it. It wasn’t that flexible but that might have been because I was a bit slow. We could not have chosen a better school.

  90. Alpha Omega Academy Review by C. A. Hall
    Pros: Accredited, Christ-Centered, Caring, Challenging Education
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 7, 8, and 9th through 12th

    AOA has been a great option for our son and we feel has given him a great, Christ-Centered education. Our son is very smart and needed a challenging curriculum and AOA was able to tailor his courses to do so. His Spanish teachers were great and he was able to learn his second language without issue. There is never an issue contacting a teacher when you follow the published schedule for teacher availability. We never had a problem with teacher contact but just the opposite. All our son’s teachers took the time to get to know him and how he learned. They always took time to make sure he understood any problems he was having so he could move on in his studies. They never rushed him and no teacher was ever rude. We found all the teachers at AOA extremely caring and were top notch in their field. Our coordinator was great, too. She was also very caring and guided our son’s education pursuant to his intended field of study for college each school year. Our son received a way better education then he would have in any other school. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA, member of the National Honor Scoiety, and was accepted to some of the hardest universities in the country to get into. If used correctly, AOA provides every opportunity for the student to be successful. We highly recommend AOA to anyone who looking for solid, top-notch, Christian education.

  91. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Christian Johnson
    Pros: Technology is excellent. The curriculum was fair, interestign and demanding.
    Cons: No complaints

    Grades Used: Grading system was fair and useful.

    My son just graduated from Alpha & Omega. His last two years were done with the school as well as earlier years. I found the curriculum to be fair, interesting and demanding. Administrative support was top notch. The teachers were very good on getting back to him when he had questions. There is no question that we would sign him up again if we had to do it all over again.

  92. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Rob Williamson
    Pros: Constant communication. Challenging ciriculum
    Cons: Math is very strange. I am an engineer and even I couldnt figure out many of the questions. They tend to be vaugue or not appilcable. We followed up with her teacher serveral times and he was stumped as well.

    Grades Used: 11-12

    Excellent service and attention to our daughter. She wanted to leave her school after 10th grade and proposed Alpha Omega. We were skeptical and worried b/c we didn’t have the time to devote to following along with her. However Alpha Omegas program is very attentive and stay in constant communication with the parent and student

  93. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Malou SG
    Pros: flexible, very encouraging support from coordinator
    Cons: costly but not prohibitive

    Grades Used: 1st to 12th

    Our youngest daughter started with the Grade 1 Lifepacs then Switched-on-Schoolhouse when she was in 6th grade and AOA Ignitia in her 11th and 12th grade. All through out she had a great time studying because the format was age-appropriate. Having “mastered” the printed page, she moved on to digital at just the right time when she was old enough to handle it. Content-wise, we are both satisfied. We liked how it is bible-based, with topics in other subjects building up or timed with each other. It is comprehensive enough to give a good foundation for knowledge and understanding of the core curriculum – Language Arts, Science, Math, History &Geography, together with Bible. The electives and foreign language were adapted for a homeschooler and she has learned more than just the basics with them. Overall, it has developed and prepared her academically for the next level till she graduated from high school. We are confident that she can face the challenges of college with what she has learn in AOA.

  94. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Amanda Santay
    Pros: Great Teachers and advisors, online classrooms were fun
    Cons: more examples in the harder courses

    Grades Used: 9,10,11,12

    I have used AOA for 4 years of high school. I love how flexible it all is. When I am not keeping up on the kids progress, their advisors are always so helpful with an email or phone call. I would recommend this curriculum to anyone!

  95. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Jake
    Pros: Flexible
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 9-12

    Overall great experience!

  96. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Nicole M.
    Pros: Pace of curriculum, responsiveness of staff
    Cons: Need expanded examples (or the option to view additional examples) in challenging courses

    Grades Used: 11, 12

    Alpha Omega Academy was an excellent fit for my high school student and my family.  Teachers and advisors were involved and helpful – checking in routinely with me regarding course progress and regularly providing assistance and feedback to my son on assignments.  I am very grateful for their responsiveness and support and believe the Christian education and experience received at Alpha Omega Academy will serve my son well as he starts college in the fall. 

  97. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Lucy Williamson
    Pros: Flexible, helpful and kind teachers
    Cons: Unecessary curriculum material

    Grades Used: 11,12

    The past two years I have spent at Alpha Omega Academy have been great. All of the teachers I have had have been very helpful and kind. I love that you can go at your own pace and do the assignments on your own time. My only complaint is the English curriculm is really difficult, and they spend way too much time focusing on authors lives and who the authors of books or poems were.

  98. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Michael Storms
    Pros: Can work at your own pace and with less time constraints.
    Cons: If you get in a big rush you may be blocked because you can not move on until the completed unit is graded.

    Grades Used: 8, 9, 10,11

    We first used Alpha Omega as a summer school option. My daughter loved working at her own pace so much that she started taking additional classes so she could graduate early. We are so happy we found AOA. She has just completed all of her High School requirements and is graduating a full year ahead of her class! She will be starting college next fall as a 17 year old.

  99. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Christina Stewart
    Pros: Can work at your own pace, variety of subjects, useful help and hints, easily accessible, everything online
    Cons: Wish we started sooner

    Grades Used: 5, 3

    We just started Ignitia and love it! I’m able to schedule the lessons and everything to our own pace. Don’t feel bad if assignments claim they’re overdue; you can reschedule them which is great. My oldest daughter said she’s learned more about science in our short time than all her years in public school!

  100. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Samuel DeVore

    Alpha Omega Academy is an online academy that features one-on-one, teacher-student interaction in a variety of courses and is rather affordable. That is however, the only truthful and positive comment that can be made about AOA. It is truly amazing how this academy combines terribly sub-par academic quality with difficulty to achieve a good grade. Never in my time of homeschooling have I come across courses that were more poorly worded, formatted, and taught. While the difficulty of the courses they provide is far below the learning level of anyone without a learning disability, the wording of assignments, tests, and projects is so contemptibly incomplete that anyone who is not accustomed to such style will not learn or in any way succeed. If you are in any way considering this course, please, don’t be fooled by the appealing price tag. It does not provide anything that it advertises. For example: their, “personalized scheduling” is nothing more than randomly assigned dates for assignments that are not even consistently spaced. For example, in a course where there are five units, two months were assigned to the first unit, and the other four were divided among two months. If you are looking for a good online, christian academy this is not it. In summary, this academy only provides students with something to spend their time on and it will not educate them in any way. Do not waste your money like I did.

  101. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Sunny
    Pros: Teachers are compassionate, supportive, accessible, and engaged into TEACHING! No revisionists, liberal zealots or secular idealogues here! True Education not Indoctrination. Flexible schedule
    Cons: zero

    Grades Used: 9

    We enrolled our daughter into the 9th grade this past September. Coming from a traditional Public School based learning to Alpha Omega has been quite a change (a good one!). Sophie describes her new school as “challenging, exciting, and fun”. When asked if she misses public school, her quick response is always “No” because she feels she is “learning more than she ever did in public school”. As parents we were worried about the quality of education and the omnipresent “socialization” issue from family and friends. But we are absolutely positive that she is receiving a far better education from teachers who are compassionate about teaching, supportive, and more accessible than any of her PS teachers in the past. As far as “the socialization issue” well that is a non-issue for the fact that she is still active with her 4H Club as well as community events, church, family and friends. Very happy AOA student and parents here!

  102. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Anessa Santos
    Pros: Accredited, Great Curriculum Selection, Academic and Technical Support, Flexibility, Affordability
    Cons: We didn't do it sooner!

    Grades Used: 8

    We just love the Alpha Omega Academy Ignitia program for distance education. This is our first year with this program. In the past, we have attended both public and private school. Our daughter has learned more through AOA than even through her super expensive private school education. We love the flexibility offered by an online education. We are no longer controlled by the school’s agenda. Every single teacher and member of the administrative staff has been incredibly kind, supportive and helpful. They are ALWAYS available and the quality of learning is superior. We appreciate the Christian view of education. Our daughter just loves this program and that she has the freedom to grow and develop into the destiny that God has planned for her rather than what is being forced by the government. There are a lot of really great “homeschool” programs out there nowadays, but the AOA Ignitia program is definitely unique in the quality of its offerings. Another positive factor is that the program is accredited by AdvancEd, the accreditation recognized in more than 100 nations worldwide. We just can’t say enough good things about it and we love being able to share our story of success with friends and neighbors who are also considering jumping off the roller coaster horror of the Common Core curriculum.

  103. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Jennifer
    Pros: Great curriculum, Wonderful Teachers, Christ based
    Grades Used: 7, 8

    Alpha Omega Academy has been a wonderful experience. This is our second year in the program and we couldn’t be happier. I feel my son is receiving a great education and the teachers/support staff has been extremely helpful. The curriculum is fantastic, and my son has enjoyed the projects. He feels the schoolwork is manageable, and I can already see a great deal of growth in his academics from last year. We also love the flexibility of the schedule. We specifically chose this program because it is Christ centered and accredited. We have never regretted our decision and have passed the name on to many friends in our area.

  104. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Heather
    Pros: Flexible Schedule, Great Teachers, Strong Educational Coordinator
    Grades Used: 9

    Our son has attended Alpha Omega Academy for an entire school year. Our family lives in South Africa as ex-patriates. We chose Alpha Omega for the following reasons:

    1) Flexible start dates
    2) Flexible scheduling as our family follows the South African School Calendar
    3) Great communication – from the very beginning when we talked with AOA representatives to developing a relationship with our son’s educational coordinator to interacting with the six teachers, our experience has been positive. Since we live in South Africa, we do have to juggle different time zones. However, this has not been a problem in terms of acquiring the answers and information we need.

    Why we will continue with Alpha Omega Academy again:

    1) Teachers! We had a phenomenal experience with every single one of our son’s six teachers. They were responsive, caring, and provided clear guidance to our son throughout the school year.
    2) The assignments were rigorous, challenging and fun! Our son also shared with us that he learned more in one year with AOA than in his previous three years in school in South Africa.
    3) Even though we live in South Africa and live in a different time zone than the United States, we have found AOA to be responsive to our unique needs.

    What we recommend to families who choose AOA:

    1) Develop a weekly plan with your child. Although there are assignments provided in a weekly calendar format, we have found that creating our own calendar helped our son plan for upcoming projects, quizzes, and unit tests.
    2) Work ahead. It is a lot easier to work ahead than try to catch up after falling behind. It is not difficult to work ahead. Our son developed good time management skills as a result.
    3) Take advantage of getting to know the teachers! We had our son call in regularly to talk to his teachers and get information from them in addition to the conversational assessments. This is what would happen in a traditional school. We wanted our son to develop a relationship with them and to be known by them. In addition, I communicated with his teachers from time to time as well.

    We have had a fantastic experience with Alpha Omega Academy and found this school option to be a great fit for our son! We recommend the school highly!

  105. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Krissi Callahan
    Pros: Wonderful support, thorough curriculum
    Cons: Occasional technical problems-always easily resolved!

    Grades Used: 10,11

    We began using Alpha Omega Online Academy (Ignitia) for second semester of 10th grade with my sister who transferred from a traditional brick and mortar public high school. This year she is in 11th grade and we’ve continued to use Alpha Omega Ignitia. From the beginning, the support we have received from all of the staff at Alpha Omega has been so impressive. They took away all the stress out of the transfer of credits and placement into classes and communicated efficiently with me through the whole process. Her academic advisor and teachers check in regularly with both me and her to make sure her school work in on track and she is getting all the instruction and help she needs. The curriculum is thorough and well-written. Each week, there is a great variety of online “classes” students can attend to enhance what they are learning in their lessons and also serve as an opportunity for students to engage with the teacher and other students. These are not required but they are helpful supplements to the lessons. When a student needs additional help, Alpha Omega has multiple options for the students, including the online “classes”, teacher office hours and phone calls, a messaging system within the program, email, and academic support phone lines that even stay open throughout the evening. In many classes, students are required to call the teacher and talk with them about the unit they have just studied prior to taking the unit test. These “conversation assessments” serve as a great way to not only ensure the student is proficient in the material, but also a way for the teacher and student to connect and develop a relationship. In the program’s online external links, there are countless other resources available to the students as well. I have been so impressed with this program. I currently also homeschool my 1st grader. Should I decide to use an online program at any time with her, this program will be at the top of my list. The only con I mentioned was occasional technical problems. Honestly, though, this could also be listed as a pro since they have a dedicated technical support line that helps with any problems that arise. They are very easy to talk to and understand, explain how to resolve the problem, and walk you through it step-by-step until it is resolved. I even had someone from tech support call me back and make sure the problems we were having were not continuing the next day. I would highly recommend Alpha Omega Online Academy.

  106. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Jennifer Fountain
    Pros: Christ based learning
    Cons: limited interaction

    Grades Used: 9th

    My daughter has been to a brick and mortar Christian School, Home Schooled with the SonLight Program, and in an on line Public Charter School. This is our first year with Alpha Omega. She finds the classes challenging and really likes her teachers. I have found each of the teachers kind and understanding. I would like a little more interaction between my daughter her other classmates although that maybe something that grows with time and we have only been participating for a few weeks. My daughter is very enthusiastic about being able to work ahead and complete her assignments and uints at her pace and not have to wait for other students to catch up. Alexis was very excited that she was able to get specific and personal feed back from her teachers on tests she was not satisfied with. Also, the teachers have been very good about calling and checking up on her. We are very happy with Alpha Omega! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  107. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Ariana C
    Pros: rigorous but caring
    Grades Used: 6,7,9

    I have had excellent success with AOA for my three boys. The teachers are smart and eager to help the students. Each of our teachers has gotten to know my child by name and frequently checks in with them by phone to see how they are progressing in their studies. Many of the live lessons online open with the instructor saying a prayer with the students. My three boys are each taking a full load of classes and have learned so much from each course. It is challenging material and the students have to work hard to stay on track with their lessons; but, I have not heard them say that the load is too much or unreasonable. The projects relate to the course study and have taught my boys to research topics that they otherwise would have skimmed through. Twice a year AOA gives the student a standardized test and sends this information to the parents so they can see their growth. My mother is a public school teacher and she says the AOA History curriculum is one of the best she has seen. One of my son’s history instructors was a finalist for the 2015 Turnitin All-Stars program for her work in promoting academic integrity at AOA. I have noticed that in the upper grades the students are expected to do research outside of the lessons and the information is not just given to the student. My older boy enjoys this independence and has come up with some very unique papers and projects that have been well received by the instructors. My middle boy entered and won the AOA Science Fair. Everything considered, I think AOA is an excellent choice for a well-rounded, challenging online education.

  108. Alpha Omega Academy Review by AKC
    Pros: Predictable and organized
    Cons: Office hours limited

    Grades Used: 11 and 12

    My high-school aged son has some mild learning difficulties that have made traditional learning settings a challenge. Alpha and Omega (CD Rom version) has been a welcome relief, providing a predictable to-do list that my student can manage “on his own” each day. This has moved him toward maturity, boosting his confidence along the way. Best of all, it has allowed us the time we love to focus on our own family’s enrichment activities – the best part about homeschooling! Each lesson is clearly laid out with a lecture and review questions following. After a series of lessons, there is a quiz. After a series of quizzes, there is a unit test. The beauty of this mastery-based curriculum is that the student cannot move forward to take the test until s/he has demonstrated a full understanding and successfully completed all aspects of the unit. This keeps the student organized and ensures that real learning is taking place. Alpha and Omega does a good job of keeping tabs on students by requiring a live student-to-teacher conversation assessment before each test and by providing tutorial help throughout the day. Downsides include some mistakes within the curriculum and the fact that tests cannot be unblocked during non-office hours, posing a challenge to the flexibility that is promised. These downsides are tolerable, however, given the overall quality and manageability of the Alpha and Omega program.

  109. Alpha Omega Academy Review by EDR
    Pros: Accredited, Online, Transcript Recorder
    Cons: Confusing curriculum, absentee teachers, ridiculous projects,

    Grades Used: 9, 10

    I’m very disappointed with this school. The projects they give your child are somewhat confusing and make the learning process longer than it needs to be. The whole reason one sometimes goes the homeschool route is so the child doesn’t feel “less than” but my son though he had great grades took longer and felt dumber because of the projects. The language class SPANISH was a joke. Ridiculous curriculum even two Spanish teachers I had look at the material told me there is no way they would even approve those courses. The Spanish teacher was not really helpful, she would just say it is what it is. When I said I was going to pull my son out they said I had to still pay for the whole year and even though the paper work says 60 days from beginning new semester I informed them way before that since he is not even half way done with his current semester and they said essentially too bad, they have to pay their teachers. But um, why is that my problem? And they have way enough time to tell the teacher one less student will be taking the course!

    When your child doesn’t finish in the time line they expect you have to pay extra (on top of regular tuition!!!) to extend the deadline and if you have to do it one more time they it is double (they said as an incentive NOT to have to ask for more time).

    Teachers take too long to respond. Sometimes they tell you they will be available to do the oral part before unlocking next session and they don’t show up, ugh.

  110. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Becky Jenkins
    Pros: pretty website
    Cons: not much help, extra work that is not covered, very expensive

    Grades Used: 11th grade

    We used LifePac through Alpha Omega Academy. We thought that by doing this we would have extra help in coursework and the accreditation would make it better for graduating and getting into more colleges. This isn’t the case. I was doing better teaching my son on my own and online school is different than homeschool and doesn’t mean better. I felt pressured and side tracked having to teach extra things that were not covered in the lessons in the books because of projects Alpha Omega Academy required my son to do correctly and with deadlines. If he got anything wrong on a report, he would have it returned to him to correct and he would get points taken off for not having it done just right the first time. The Chemistry labs were a separate website entirely and didn’t coincide with Lifepac. If he didn’t get the calculations right the teacher would send him a message saying he should have called her and told her he didn’t understand the calculations but trying to contact that teachers is actually difficult and it takes a while for them to respond. I felt they didn’t really get to know him. He tried the online classes, he tried emailing the teachers and calling but often they did not respond to his emails and the phone calls were stressful because they didn’t respond in time and when they did they didn’t really know the answers either. They just suggested other places to find the answers. We realized through the time we were taking trying to keep Alpha Omega Academy happy and his grades up, we were losing in our own experience actually teaching like we had been doing so we called and took him out of Alpha Omega Academy but they refused to allow us to have our money back. We waited too long. There is a twenty day period where you can change your mind about your enrollment. So we are stuck paying the outrageous payments for three more months but we are not going to continue because our son’s education is more important than getting our money’s worth out of the program. We have gone back to teaching on our own and keeping our own records and I have learned a very expensive but important lesson that I won’t forget and I feel blessed for learning.

  111. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Natalee
    Pros: flexible, Christian education
    Cons: horrible online support, hard to learn, rude teachers, etc

    Grades Used: 7,8,9

    This school seemed okay at first. It’s one of the cheapest Christian online schools. However the past 2 years of using Alpha Omega have been absolutely dreadful. Teachers take so long to grade assignments causing you to get behind on your coursework. The teachers are also not very helpful. One of the teachers would actually give my child the answer when she asked a question about something instead of explaining how to get the answer. Math and Spanish are almost impossible to learn with their curriculum. They don’t give you the important definitions you need to know in Spanish. Instead they give you definitions of words that are barely used in the curriculum. Math has also been a struggle because they barely explain things in the coursework. They also have them write answers in a ridiculous format. Specifically for Geometry. The projects are okay. However, most of them do not have clear instructions. Whenever my daughter has a question about the project or on of her lessons, it takes the teacher almost 24 hours to respond. Causing her to get behind on her schoolwork. She absolutely hates doing their schoolwork and has been begging me to allow her to go to a different school for the past two years. We will not be using Alpha Omega Academy next year. I do not recommend this school for anyone. It has caused our family a lot of trouble.

  112. Alpha Omega Academy Review by Mary
    Pros: Christ-centered
    Cons: Poor academics, lacking academic support, rude and condescending teachers, and lots of busywork

    Grades Used: 10

    I recently started homeschooling and I chose this because I thought it would provide a Christ-centered education. I’ve only been enrolled in the Ignitia curriculum for about 5 months and I already regret it. I should’ve followed my instinct when I couldn’t find any reviews for this school and I thought maybe it wasn’t a popular option. I now realize why. This is a sorry excuse for a school.

    Academically, the courses are really lacking. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I received a better education in public school. The lessons appear to have been written by someone who isn’t educated in the field, and are very sloppily constructed and uninteresting. I’m an honor student and I my motivation quickly dropped when I enrolled in this school. I was in unbelief at how simple and basic the lesson structure was. For example, I asked for help from several people regarding a math lesson, and each person agreed that the lesson was poorly constructed and the “geometry” lesson had nothing to do with geometry. Also, if you plan on going to college, don’t enroll in this school because it only offers two years of language, which colleges generally frown upon.

    If you don’t understand something,(which is bound to happen because the lessons are terrible) you can’t rely on academic support. The school boasts about its academic support and how teachers are always available but my experience proves otherwise. Many of the teachers are uneducated in the field you’re inquiring about and if you ask a question about something you don’t understand and they most likely don’t understand it either, they will treat you in a very rude and condescending manner, as if you’re a 5 year old, and never actually answer your question. I was in unbelief at the way I was treated by one teacher and googled her name only to find her LinkedIn page in which she reveals she is working 5 JOBS at once. 5. This would be unacceptable in a regular school, but it helps me understand why she so unhelpful, most likely because didn’t even care about her teaching job.

    What’s worse, is the “conversation assessments.” Conversation assessments are mandatory online meetings with a random teacher 5 TIMES A MONTH (and sometimes more) to discuss your “unit progress” (even though the teachers are uneducated in the field and unhelpful anyway.) These meetings usually have nothing to do with the unit you’re studying and if it does, its not helpful at all and only serves to confuse you.

    Another problem is the amount of projects given. I believe it is beneficial for lessons to challenge the student, but these projects are not challenging, only busywork. It seems as though when the curriculum was being constructed, the creators thought to themselves “Let’s assign as many mindless projects and essays as possible to make is seem as though this curriculum is rigorous.” There is a new project assigned every week, IN EVERY SUBJECT. So during the week, I’m forced to complete about 7 projects. The amount of projects is overwhelming and made me DREAD starting school every morning, which no student should.

    School should be a friendly environment in which the teachers are working to help the student learn things which will help the student get ahead in life. Alpha Omega Academy is not that. If anything, it is a joke, and I want my money back. Unfortunately, it is nonrefundable and I will have to wait until next year to switch schools. Save yourself 3000 dollars and DON’T enroll your child in this school.

  113. Alpha Omega Academy Review by shonna rice
    Pros: simple, fun
    Grades Used: 6, 7, 8

    My son love the hands on lessons and the short to the point instruction. My son has learning difficulties and we needed good, quick, hands on type learning. Also having the year broke down into several workbooks and not one huge daunting text book has given my son more sense of accomplishment. He can see his progress and see there an end so he tries harder. I often hear comments like “Wow we already finished another one. “That wasn’t so bad”. “Cool, what’s the next one about?” I like being able to take several subjects in one small bag on trips.

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