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The K¹² International Academy is an accredited, private online school that offers the world-renowned curriculum from K¹², the market leader in online curriculum programs for grades K-12. K¹² also offers a virtual public school; be sure you understand the difference as the virtual public school is under the umbrella of a local school district.

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  1. K¹² Review by Amy Wilson
    Pros: engaging, free, comprehensive, no lesson planning needed
    Cons: rigid, time-consuming

    Grades Used: K,1,2

    We used K12 for Kindergarten and First Grade. Midway through my son’s Second grade year I took him out of California Virtual Academy and went with Inspire Charter School with Odysseyware for computer-based lessons.

    First let me say that K12 was great for bridging the gap between public school and homeschool. It reduced my level of anxiety by making everything essentially decided for me. No curriculum to buy or materials to select. No lesson planning and minimal grading needed. Just log on. They send everything. From the computer to art supplies to reading books to science experiment materials. It’s fantastic!…..except that it isn’t flexible….AND there is a lot of testing. The time requirements are unreasonable for a young child, but the lessons are engaging. The online classrooms were not valuable for my child, as his reading level was very advanced, but for a child who is at grade level I think they would be fine.
    Bottom line: For my family, once we got our feet wet doing homeschool, and gained confidence with it and with our child, this program wasn’t a good fit. We could not, despite MULTIPLE requests get them to adjust the curriculum to meet my son’s capabilities. They finally assessed his reading level, KNEW he was reading five grade levels above his peers, and still just kept telling me to skip lessons, rather than assigning a higher level. It was frustrating for both of us.

  2. K¹² Review by JB Skaggs

    I am not pleased with k12 (Kansas Virtual Academy) the teachers are nice and helpful. BUT most of the time my son’s work does not save, nor does it track attendance of online connects, there is no daily log of activity. Just completed versus uncompleted. So you can’t tell what your child was doing on the site.

    I physically completed a course online with a director with me and the site did not record the work, attendance, or grades. Later I did the same lesson again with tech support and it did record it. But s of now they have almost o records for my son after 2 months of work- all he did just went done a black hole.

  3. K¹² Review by Andrea
    Pros: Materials were free
    Cons: Stressful, not flexible, unnecessary pressure from teachers

    Grades Used: K, 1, 2

    My kids have done 2 years with K12 through the Ohio Virtual Academy. The first year was okay, although I was very forgiving, as I was new to virtual schooling. The second year, we made it halfway through the year when I decided to withdraw them from the program. The “teachers” are not understanding, the schedule was grueling, and it is NOT flexible. I would wake up to what I called “hate mail” every single morning about how my kids were failing miserably. This made my children hate school, and I resented teaching them. The teachers will call you over and over again to remind you that you aren’t doing enough. There was not enough time in the day to do the required 7-8 hours of school for EACH child. It was extremely stressful and overall a very negative experience.

  4. K¹² Review by Adriana Neveu
    Pros: Move at your own pace. Offline and online well balanced. Able to teach student in their learning style.
    Cons: No support for parent (teacher) with questions on material.

    Grades Used: K

    Great program. We’re enrolled in the independent study program.
    Keeps track of all subjects learned/mastered, lessons ahead, attendance. Easy to print out to submit to school department.
    I like the fact we can make our own schedule to fit our lifestyle. We can move at our pace. Make up classes on weekends if need be. We can schedule our own school vacation, no need to follow the traditional school schedule.
    The program seems to be on a more advanced level. This could be a pro or con depending on each student’s situation. In our case my daughter is being challenged, which keeps her motivated.

    We have run into situation where it would have been nice to have someone to call, with questions or for suggestions on how to teach a lesson. Instead had to google to find other methods/suggestion on subject.

    The materials and online cost are not cheap. It’s about $1300 for the year all together. That includes all books teacher and student, all extra materials and books needed to go with lesson, and online for 4 subjects.

    I would recommend the independent study to anyone who is looking for the perfect balance of school, home life and learning at your own pace.

  5. K¹² Review by Agj75
    Pros: free if used through public charter school
    Cons: Not flexible, not self-paced, lots of technical issues

    Grades Used: 7

    I used K12 through Georgia cyber academy for the first two months of my son’s 7th grade year. It is advertised as being self-paced, but the reality is that you get a checklist from the teacher every week telling you exactly what must be accomplished during the week.

    There are virtual class meetings, but my son really didn’t get anything out of them. After two months, I withdrew him from the school and began traditional homeschool.

    It wasn’t all bad, though. The teacher and all of the administrators with whom I spoke were very nice and helpful. The curricula seemed solid to me, and it is a great confidence builder for someone like me who has never homeschooled before.

  6. K¹² Review by Jan
    Pros: Free, record keeping, progress
    Cons: Highly structured

    Grades Used: 3

    My son has used K12 for his third grade year through a charter school. He used the second grade level for math, science and language arts. He loved receiving the science kit in the mail, the other material he didn’t pay much attention to.

    It has taken some time to figure out the system and how to tweak the lessons. He did not like the online work so much, so I would look through the lessons and did most of the teaching away from the computer.

    All in all, it has been okay, but I would not pay for this curriculum for my child who I believe has ADD and some dyslexia.

  7. K¹² Review by Amy Brown
    Pros: free
    Cons: NOT flexible, too much pressure

    Grades Used: 5th and 7th

    What a relief at the end of that school year! When my child was struggling in a subject, we were repeatedly told by our assigned “teacher” to just press on, try harder. We were not free at all to set our own pace, as the advertisements stated. I was constantly bombarded with emails from the “teacher” reminding me of what a horrible job I was doing. My sister also used this program and had to quit half way through the chool year because of the extreme pressure and stress from the “teacher” and the grueling schedule.

  8. K¹² Review by Mrs. Thomas
    Pros: All in one solution
    Cons: NOT flexible Under Some Charters

    Grades Used: K, 2,3,4

    I used this system for 2 1/2 years with my children. It provided an all in one solution with lots of structure. However when I found myself wanting to modify daily lessons or bypass them, things got a little difficult. Depending on the charter who facilitates the program in your are (public school option) you not be able to use the program at your discretion. Your student must complete (or test out of) the units in order to receive credit in that area. Your student may not get credit for other courseword or activities even if it covers the same topics. Be sure to check with the facilitator of the program before you begin if this may become and issue for you. Also, my children had to spend way more time online than I was comfortable with. It felt like we had to be attached to the computer in order to complete the requirement of the program. The good part is that it is accredited, all-in-one, and the materials are supplied. Be sure to ask LOTS of questions before starting this program.

  9. K¹² Review by Tracy
    Pros: free, nice selection of reading materials, art supplies and manipulatives
    Cons: curriculum included far too much busy work, the pace was too fast, curriculum was not Christian based, if you do this through a virtual school you have a teacher who will call you to have a meeting once a month, you hace to send in work samples frequently, submit to testing in different locations during the year, far too much online work

    Grades Used: kindergarten

    There was nothing positive to say about our k12 experience. I thought there was too much busy work as well as too heavy a workload for such small children. I disliked having someone calling themselves my child’s “teacher” who never taught her one thing. The meeting felt intrusive and the testing was totally unnecessary. if you are looking for freedom to make the choices in your child’s education this is not the method for you.

  10. K¹² Review by Amanda Stroh
    Pros: If you do this through a public virtual academy complete curriculum for free, teacher support, free materials
    Cons: If your older student is struggling in school to keep up and doesn't learn well at the public school pace this curriculum is not for you. If you do this privately it is very expensive

    Grades Used: 1st, 2nd, 9th

    We did K12 through a virtual academy. It was ok for my elementary age but too much public school accountability. High school was structure like being in a public school. i.e. you had to keep up the pace. This was not good for my high schooler as he cannot learn at that pace and failed every one of his classes. Theses comments do not apply to k12 privately bought.

  11. K¹² Review by JulieCC
    Pros: written for many learning styles; low teacher prep; online planning & tracking tools; mix/match grade levels
    Cons: unable to resell some materials

    Grades Used: K-8

    I used K12 for over six years for Kdg-8th grade. I would use them for high school, but I do not need teacher-led courses. I only used K12 as an independent homeschooler/consumer, NOT as part of a virtual school. I was a parent representative, K12 Star, for over three years. I also helped two K12 virtual charter schools get off the ground.

    The online planning and progress/tracking tools are outstanding. The visual production is wonderful. The content is both broad and deep. There are many elements from the Core Knowledge Foundation. The history, both American and World, are taught chronologically. Art and History are tied together (moreso in upper elem and up). Non-musician parents can teach music. The phonics program is fabulous and multisensory (as are all lessons).

    Each lesson and unit has clear objectives to work toward. The curriculum is mastery-based, but you can also assign grades. There is a great online support system of users (on Yahoo Groups). K12 works well for gifted/advanced learners and all learners can go at their own pace. You can mix and match grade levels and switch out course subscriptions for new courses.

  12. K¹² Review by Pat Forsythe
    Pros: all inclusive curricula
    Cons: teacher guides sometimes lack specifics at upper grades

    Grades Used: 2-10

    This curricula is challenging. A lot is required of the student, and often at a deeper thinking level than other curricula. The curricula helps the child transition from being teacher taught to being self taught, with the adult just checking work if you want to do it that way. K12 uses the computer for a lot of the learning, and the lessons and graphics on the computer are engaging, especially in the science and history lessons. The art is excellent, though my children didn’t care for the music course. They took piano, and except for the history, the music theory was below their level much of the time. (Their piano teacher taught them theory with the keyboard stuff.) My children have enjoyed the demands of the curriculum. It could be tough for a child who has learning issues.

  13. K¹² Review by Lynda Schultz
    Pros: A complete curriculum
    Cons: It is not a Christian based curriculum

    Grades Used: 2-3

    The lessons and activities are geared toward many learning styles. There are teacher guides and student pages provided that are very comprehensive. There is a very good balance of online and offline work for the student. It is easy to adapt the curriculum to your schedule, learning and teaching style, and to your beliefs and values. They welcome parents input on how k12 can improve and increase flexibility of the curriculum.

  14. K¹² Review by Michelle
    Pros: Easy to use, easy to impliment in the home. Kids enjoyed the material for the most part.
    Cons: Motivating your children to do the work!

    Grades Used: 3,5,7, 8

    My kids did well in K12, and one has returned to regular public school. Two have now become homeschooled, but not from the curriculum being poor, more from a desire to remove the restrictions of a public school over what I choose to do.
    I thought the curriculum very good, I especially liked that what they studied in History was covered in Art, and Language Arts. Very well rounded and complete.
    The teachers were great to work with, and we enjoyed the experience.

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