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BJU Press ReviewsBJU Press offers both curriculum for purchase and a distance learning solution. The texts cover all core subjects with a Christian worldview, critical thinking, and hands-on learning.

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  1. BJU Press Review by Alex
    Pros: Simple Language
    Cons: Not always Factual

    Grades Used: 9-12

    I use this to teach Biology and Chemistry, as well as upper-level math, and I can’t stand it. I love that it is taught from a Christian perspective. However, the material is so anti-secular that some of it is wrong. My degree is in science, I know biology and chemistry extremely well. This program does not explain everything to the student and it complicates things for the teacher. I’m switching back to a secular publisher and then using my time with the students to remind them of the truth.

  2. BJU Press Review by Henry Mills
    Pros: Solid books
    Cons: Too complicated

    Grades Used: 11

    While the books provide good information, the overall program is unnecessarily complicated for each subject. A program like K12 is superior in its design and execution of schooling. BJU may be Christian but I would not recommend it to other people, based on the fact that you have to jump between videos,multiple books, tests, and reviews in a more complicated way than needed. Honestly I wish my parents got me K12.

  3. BJU Press Review by Tmac
    Pros: easy of use, engaging videos, customizable
    Cons: some videos need to be updated

    Grades Used: 5, 6

    I LOVE BJU Distance Learning Online. I use it for my 5th and 6th graders and it has made life SO much easier for all of us. We use it for Bible, English and Spelling right now. The videos are just the right length and the assignments are appropriate. I particularly like how English alternates between grammar and writing chapters (and includes diagramming!!!).

    The teachers are engaging, especially the Eng 5 teacher. My daugther just loves her. I will say, it makes a huge difference whether you have updated video instruction. Some of the instruction is dated, which really does take away from the content. I know it’s difficult for BJU to keep the videos updated, but updated videos will be make-or-break for my future purchases.

    I love how you can tailor the curriculum to meet your needs. If I am confident that my student knows the material, I can skip lessons or entire chapters.

    The parent site allows me to stay hands-on and keep an eye on everything my kids are doing. I’m excited to continue our journey with BJU DLO and highly recommend it.

  4. BJU Press Review by Jenn
    Pros: Price
    Cons: Curriculum too easy

    Grades Used: Kindergarten

    We are doing kindergarten DVD. I like that it is easy to follow and my daughter likes the songs. I am very unhappy with the level of the curriculum. I have another child who is in public school and he did most of what is being taught in BJU kindergarten when he was in preK. I wish I had known this and I would have gone ahead and bought 1st grade or maybe another program all together. Because of this, it does not keep my daughters attention since the work is too easy.

  5. BJU Press Review by Chrystie Greer
    Pros: Videos are not too long. Instruction is consise. Materials are high quality. Christian emphasis
    Cons: Teacher's manuals not included, but have to be downloaded or purchased separately

    Grades Used: 2, 7, 10

    Abeka vs. BJU… review from experience!!
    We have been using BJU Press Distance Learning Online for my daughter since August 18th, 2017. I am very pleased with how it’s going so far. The materials arrived very quickly.. around 5 days from when I paid the first payment. I like that the down payment and monthly installments are affordable. I wish the teacher materials, printed versions, came with the package. The curriculum/BJU online is NOT accredited unless you pay extra. The fully accredited version that is nationally recognized costs $800 extra up front, so instead of about $280 to start, it is around $1100. The monthly installments are around $116 per month for 6 months, which is not bad at all. There is a version that is recognized in Iowa, where the school is located, and it costs $50 for them to monitor the students progress and create a report card. It is called the Academy for Home Education. This is acceptable to most college institutions according to what I have read. I plan on upgrading her to this plan so that she has an official report card. there is a way to print out a Progress Report, which is sufficient to prove that your child is learning (according to state mandates)
    WHAT I LOVE ABOUT BJU: The online system for the parent and child is integrated. My screen shows what my student is supposed to do, and resources for myself and her. If she checks the box that the assignment is complete, it shows on my screen as well. All of the quizzes and tests are graded instantly and appear on my dashboard for my review. I love this!! I can review it and give her credit for those that are simply misspelled. It updates the grade instantly.
    For the homework, I have pdf versions of everything I need to support her and check her daily assignments. There is some work on the part of the parent to monitor the work completed. I don’t mind this at all, because I’m fully committed to making sure she succeeds.

    This program is much better than ABeka in my opinion. My son is using Abeka for his 10th grade year. It’s much more labor intensive for both of us, as opposed to my daughter’s curriculum with BJU, which takes about 2 hours less per day.
    The instruction videos in Abeka include a full class time with students reading, prayer time, homework check, students doing classwork, etc. Only about half of it is actual instruction from the teacher, which is all we need. My son can do the assignment on his own once he receives the instruction. There is a lot of wasted time on the Abeka videos. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to watch each video, and he has 6! Math, English, Bible, Science, History and an elective.
    With BJU- my daughter’s, her videos are short, and there may be 3 in math, each explaining a concept (around 5 minutes long each) The instructor uses a white board screen of some sort to work out the problems. The student guide gives them a list of what to do that day that corresponds with the instruction. I love that!!

    The homework/assignment portion is not as long as Abeka as well. There may be homework/assignments in 2 or three classes with BJU, but with Abeka, the assignments and “extras” are never ending.

    The Student Guide included on the Studen’ts Dashboard is awesome. It tells them everything that they need to have (materials, and references the pages) the video, or quiz or assignment to complete. That is always the first box for the day. The second box will be the video instruction. The third box will be the assignment to complete. There could be more boxes to check depending on how many concepts are taught on that day.

    The materials for Abeka and BJU are very similar, but I like the media and pictures in the BJU texts better. The videos also include little programs similar to a PBS show or something. They are engaging and provide visual aids to the student.

    The Accrediation, costs and materials for Abeka are much cheaper. All included, for Abeka, its around $980 for the year (about $280 up front, and $140 a month for 5 months) All the videos (online or DVD’s) are included, along with the student texts, teacher’s manuals, paper tests and quizzes and all keys for the texts, tests and quizzes. I love that about Abeka. It is an awesome value for a fully accredited, nationwide program. It is not for children with any sort of learning disability. It is for smart kids with a heart to learn and listen carefully and for kids who don’t mind the extra work, knowing it will better prepare them for college.

    For kids who still want to be challenged, but have a hard time staying in one place for 6 hours a day watching videos, BJU is a better fit. The assignments are shorter, but the material is still comprehensive. BJU is more media rich, which my daughter craved.

    The grading system for Abeka is not too bad if you do the paper version. I would not recommend doing the online tests, because we had a very hard time with it. There is no access to the tests or answers, or to see what you made on a test or quiz for a number of weeks. This is incredibly frustrating for the student. If I were to purchase all the paper materials separately, it would costs hundreds extra. Abeka only gives you once choice… all online with student texts, or all paper and you have to grade everything on your own. This STINKS! If Abeka could condense or edit their videos to only include instruction and include a parent portal to key-in grades or grade the online tests immediately, it would be much better.
    BJU has given us the best of both worlds. We have the convenience of online testing, but I also have pdf versions of everything at my fingertips, and I can go in after the automated system grades my daughter’s tests or quizzes and review it with her and give her credit for ones that she made a typo on.
    If she made a bad grade, I have two choices in the Test Review section on my dashboard. I can “Reset Test” or click “Review”. I love, love, love that feature… just as if the student was in a traditional school, the teacher can allow them to retake the test, but they don’t give them any answers. They just tell them that they didn’t pass and give them an opportunity to study for one more night and take it again. This is KEY for us! My daughter has good days and bad.. and she really needs this flexibility. Last week, she had a big exam over the first several chapters in science. She didn’t understand a couple of the questions, so she just typed in the box “I don’t understand this question” She did this on two questions and on two others, she misspelled a word. I was able to go in, review it, and ask her to answer those questions verbally, making sure she understood the question, and give her credit for them. It brought her grade up to an 82%. The look on her face was priceless. She was so happy. Before we reviewed it, the automated system had given her a 68%, and she was so disappointed.
    With Abeka online testing… there is no way to print the test out.. .which is key for math tests…. I like to pull up the pdf version of the tests/quizzes for my daughter using BJU, because she is very visual. She can make notes, underline words, etc. My son was literally pulling his hair out with Abeka online. We called them and switched over to paper tests and they sent them to us at no additional charge. I was grateful for that. I just told them that we didn’t like the online testing.
    It was a pain to switch testing options mid stream, and he had to retake about 20 quizzes/tests when they arrived and he spent around 3 days doing that, which set him behind. He is now feeling much better about the program. We have a good system going and will continue with Abeka until next year. We will definitely use BJU Online, the fully accredited “Bridgeway Academy” with them next year… so I’d better start saving my money. LOL
    I hope this review has helped you. Feel free to reach out to me with more questions.

  6. BJU Press Review by Jess
    Pros: Helpful Teacher''s Guide, Good Quality, Enjoyable Material
    Cons: Expensive

    Grades Used: 1st and 2nd

    I’ve tried several other math programs but BJU was the best fit for us. My kids enjoyed the fun characters that went along with the book. Easy to understand and works for many different learning styles. The manipulative’s are great for the hands on learner!
    We have also used English, Phonics, Spelling, Heritage Studies, and Science. Very happy with all subjects. We have tried both parent led and distance learning. I would definitely recommend this curriculum to others.

  7. BJU Press Review by Kristy
    Pros: lots of material
    Cons: disorganized, inconsistent, doesn't live up to their own expectations

    Grades Used: 1, 3, 7, 9

    Extremely disorganized. Their “planner” is sometimes all together and sometimes interspersed with work pages. The shipments were a complete mess. I ordered four grade levels. I received 18 boxes, all with two or three or four different grade levels in each box. There was absolutely no organization to how they packed the boxes. Teacher materials was packed with student materials of a different grade level. Checking in everything was extremely time consuming because of their chaotic way of packing. Some items were damaged, yet I paid full price for those items. (They sell those damaged items for a 30% discount in their store.)
    Many times the planner indicated I needed to get out a page for one of the children to do. When I could not find I called in. They asked me if I looked in various places (online or handouts) and told me to call back after I looked. Many times I could not find and I’d call again, be put on hold for 20 minutes, only for them to inform me they don’t use that particular handout anymore.
    My salesperson strongly suggested I pay an extra $100 for the student planners. I did NOT need that because all the planners were included in with the materials already.
    You are almost required to watch an orientation video for each subject for each student. This is many, many, many hours of video time. This really is an unrealistic expectation.
    I had chosen Bob Jones because of their commitment to excellence for the Lord. They do NOT live this out in their distance learning line of business.

  8. BJU Press Review by Dee Cee
    Cons: expensive, poorly proofread, very disorganized

    Grades Used: 11

    Physics DVDs are full of uncorrected errors making it confusing to my student. We have to guess what the instructor really meant. DVDs were made from telecourses in 2005. Much of the time is spent in outdated information pertaining to the telecourse students. These comments should have been edited before being sold to DVD students. Teacher/student worksheet packets in very unorganized fashion. The “Days” do not correspond to each other. Errors in the test questions/answers. Makes it very confusing. Do not recommend this course.

  9. BJU Press Review by Chris Wincovitch
    Pros: Less work for parent. Reduces stress allows parent to multitask. Thorough . fun
    Cons: Expensive

    Grades Used: K5, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6 th, 7th

    I have used BjuPress distance learning for 8 years and my oldest is 13. We currently use the complete grade online for all three children. It has been a wonderful journey and my children score above average on their standardized tests. For me it is the least stressful way to homeschool. We tailor the program to fit our needs so the kids can finish the work in about 4 hours. The online tests are hard as others mention but you can also order paper tests which are easier. The important thing is the learning. We love it!

  10. BJU Press Review by Ashley
    Grades Used: 6th-12th

    My name is Ashley and I go to a small christian school in North Carolina and have been in the Bob Jones curriculum for 5 years. Personally, this curriculum on the student side is horrendous! The textbook itself is not bad entirely, although my own English teacher as found grammar errors in the grammar textbook, the test is where the problem lies the most. The Bob Jones tests ask questions from the chapter(s) that were very small details that were not addressed much in their reviews or homework questions. My High School teachers usually had to write their own test because the questions on the Bob Jones test were so specific and irrational questions. It is as if they test questions are trying to trip you. It’s not as difficult as the Abeka curriculum, which I took from 1st grade to 3nd grade, but it is more challenging in the sense that the outline of test are confusing and way too specific. I am a senior this year and will be graduating in May but if I can pass any wisdom to moms considering using this curriculum for homeschooling or a christian school researching about this, please don’t! It’s not professional.
    Hope that helped someone.
    Have a blessed day! C:

  11. BJU Press Review by Sunny
    Pros: Bible based; missionary focused
    Cons: Requires extensive Spanish knowledge by parent

    Grades Used: Highschool

    Spanish 1 – I purchased the homeschool kit because it has such a great Christian world view. It has weekly Bible verses to memorize and a missionary focus.

    However, this product appears to have been designed by and for classroom use by an experienced Spanish teacher. The teaching method is language immersion and this is almost impossible for a home school parent unless you are well versed in Spanish.

    Additionally, the student text and activities manual were extremely difficult to coordinate with the teacher’s manual. I never did figure out what constituted a weekly lesson or daily lesson.

    We tried really hard to use and like this product because of the beautiful concept of using the Bible and Bible verses to learn Spanish, but sadly, it proved too difficult.

  12. BJU Press Review by Keri
    Pros: Challenging, can move at your own pace
    Cons: Science has way to many activities...materials are hard to find.. expensive

    Grades Used: 2,3,4,&5

    My children were in public school at first. They did tell me they were not doing History or Science in public school. Also they have complained about the work being hard…especially in Math. I have noticed with 5th grade Math I do have to teach the entire lesson, which can take up to 20-30 minutes to teach. Mind you I have 3 grades I am teaching, so that takes a big chunk of my time!
    When you have multiple grades to teach it can become overwhelming at times…that’s why I chose Bob Jones. It fits many different learning styles and it has all the lesson plans already done for you. Of course sometimes I switch it up. I don’t like that it’s so expensive and all the science activities, but for now I am planning on doing the online version once my kids reach high school level.
    I have also been thinking of doing a different science curriculum once we get to 7th grade.
    The most important reason I chose this curriculum was because it was from a Christian view. My kids have learned so much from Bible. That’s the biggest gift that it has been able to let me teach them!

  13. BJU Press Review by Cindy
    Pros: cute illustrations, good stories
    Cons: ineffective way to teach reading, math not very advanced

    Grades Used: 1st, 2nd math and reading

    I wanted to like the BJU reading program, and I tried hard to like it, but I have to say that it really didn’t work for my two girls. What happened is that both of my girls taught themselves at age four to read after a brief introduction to phonics, but I wanted them to have a broad knowledge of phonics rules rather than just the intuitive understanding they seemed to have. I had decided not to use A Beka (though it’s quite well-liked) or Rod and Staff (seemed too “boring” even though many recommended it), and I liked the cute way BJU teaches short and long vowels (Mrs. Short, Mr. Short, Miss Long with her dog Marker e, etc.). But one of my daughters still can’t consistently identify short and long vowels. You spend so much time trying to explain the cute clues and then they don’t really retain the information, which is clearly very frustrating. The math was pretty good, but then I started looking at A Beka’s math and realized BJU’s is not very advanced. It’s also missing speed drills, so my girls weren’t really memorizing their facts. I switched to A Beka math and am really liking that so far. As for teaching my two boys to read, I’m going to be using Rod and Staff. My mom used it with me for first grade, and I remember liking it and learning phonics really well, but somehow I thought I needed to jazz things up for my own kids. I’m regretting that choice today. I should mention that I was trained as a teacher and got a masters in reading education, so I’ve seen a huge variety of methods of teaching reading, but I’m still convinced that sometimes the best options are the simple, tried-and-true, traditional methods. . . .

  14. BJU Press Review by Rene Smith
    Pros: Video Instruction
    Cons: Testing impossibly hard

    Grades Used: 7

    Years ago I used 2nd grade history for another child so when we went back to homeschooling this year, I bought the hard drive kits for grades 1 and 7. Grade 1 was easy peasy. My first grader was already a confident reader so if anything it was too easy.

    Grade 7–no so. The instruction is so thorough that it is very difficult to study for tests. Section quizes average 5 questions per section. Even combined with the other quizzes and reviews, this does not cover what all will appear on the test. I have looked through the book expecting somewhere to find this information in bold or somewhere signified, but much of the test is random details from the chapter.

    Test taking became an agonizing struggle for us. Either I “studied the test” with my student or I had to go over the whole chapter again and the information was such overload that my student hates history now.

    He was making straight A’s when I took him out of public school, but now even taking into consideration the adjustment to homeschooling, at the end of the year I don’t know how we can do Bob Jones again next year.

    I don’t have time to rewrite tests to be relevant to the pertinent information and the teachers don’t do a good enough job of preparing students for what is expected on the tests and what to study. I’m very disappointed because while I want a thorough curriculum I just don’t feel this curriculum is age appropriate especially where testing is involved.

  15. BJU Press Review by Jodi
    Pros: Teacher's Edition very informative, easy to follow
    Cons: Expensive

    Grades Used: 4/5

    We have used BJU Bible Truths this year. My son is 4th grade, but I found a used TE for 5th grade (the TE are expensive!). I decided we would give it a try. We have loved it. Because I am involved in all of the lessons the grade level really didn’t matter. My son hates to sing. We have done a couple of the Hymn lesson, but most of them we skip. There are reviews included, but don’t use those. We have loved this so much that we have bought Math and English for next year. Like all BJU the parent has to be involved in the lessons. If you buy the TE, student workbook and all of the suggested items, BJU is expensive, but I do love it!

  16. BJU Press Review by Stacy
    Pros: Christian Curriculum, very thorough, interesting
    Grades Used: Elementary and High School

    We loved BJU math for elementary aged children, and now we use BJU Biology and Literature courses. They are very informative, interesting, and provide some challenge too.

  17. BJU Press Review by tatyana ganeyeva
    Pros: Christian world view, very thorough, lots of interesting info
    Cons: at times challenging for my child

    Grades Used: 7

    BJU Press Grammar curriculum for 7th grade is written from a Christian perspective, very thorough, with lots of useful information and activities. As a linguist, I like it, but my 12-year-old daughter finds it quite challenging.

  18. BJU Press Review by Kemi Quinn
    Pros: KJV Bible Based, Very Thorough, Entertaining
    Cons: A lot of prep work,

    Grades Used: Pre-K through 2nd Grade

    We have been using the Bob Jones DVD curriculum for our daughter since she was 5. She has loved and looked forward to every year with BJU. The classes are entertaining and the curriculum is very thorough. I think that this setup for homeschool students is done very well. The DVD lessons are videotapes so that the teacher is talking to your child and NOT a classroom of other children. We saw this with other programs and thought it a little off putting. Our daughter has learned A LOT with BJU and enjoyed every minute of it. I have no qualms except the price but it’s worth every penny. If I have something pressing to take care of I can leave her with the DVD and she is still focused and learning.

    Pluses for us are….

    Christian Based
    Complete Curriculum
    Lesson Plans Laid out
    Very entertaining for mom too.

  19. BJU Press Review by Denise Stoaks
    Pros: LIterature and World History are excellent
    Cons: LINC classes are horrible!

    Grades Used: 10th

    I have used BJU Home Distance Learning for my two children from 2nd grade through junior high. I have always been impressed with the quality of the program, how engaging the teachers were, and the level of instruction my children received. However, this all changed at the high school level. Courses that are taught by a teacher in the traditional BJU format are still fine (this includes English and Social Studies classes). But the LINC classes are horrible! They are supposed to be “live” classes but were recorded over 10 years ago,so the time given to prayer needs from their hundreds of “online” students are totally outdated and a waste of time. For science, labs are not shown or done with the student but rather one slide is put on the screen letting you know it is lab time and remains there for the entire class period. It is extremely tedious for a homeschool student to wait while students in schools across the country try to figure out how to ask or answer a question in class with their ancient electronic communication devises. Science, math, and foreign languages are all recorded in this manner. They are frustrating to my student, inadquately supported by BJU, and a huge waste of money and time. We have had to eventually abandon each LINC class and find an alternative mid-year when we could no longer tolerate the low quality of the teaching and the irritation of the outdated format. BJU should be ashamed of themselves!

  20. BJU Press Review by Jessica
    Pros: Rigorous, thorough, well -organized, easy to use
    Cons: Expense

    Grades Used: K - 3

    BJU Press has worked very well for our family. I initially chose BJ’s curriculum because, having gone to school there for two years myself, I knew their academic standards are high, and that when they do something they do it well. I was not disappointed! I’ve gone to our state’s DoE website a few times to check the SOL’s for my kids’ grade levels, and every time I look I’m amazed that we’ve covered everything and then some with BJU’s curricula. We have used the DVD program the last two years, which is pricey, but I think we may switch to just the books next year as the DVD’s can get long and it makes for a long day.

  21. BJU Press Review by Rachel Vallieu
    Pros: Christian perspective
    Cons: Long school days

    Grades Used: 3 and 8

    We really enjoy the ease that on line schooling has to offer. Although we do tend to modify some of the assignments (as they are heavy on writing), we find their curriculum to be a near perfect fit for our family!

  22. BJU Press Review by Sandra Byus
    Pros: Good solid foundation
    Cons: Can get tedious

    Grades Used: k,1,working on 2nd, and 4th, some in 5th

    BJU Press produces good quality curriculum. But it is not for every student. My daughter went to a Christian school through 2nd grade before we started homeschooling. I think she learned to read with BJU. She is a very good reader and loves to read. That being said, I did not use BJU with her our first year at home. The second year we used the BJU hard drive for 4th grade. I realized that she was not the kind to just use the computer for all of her lessons. She needed to have an actual person for some or alot of her work. So I proceeded to use some of their products with me teaching. She did better, but things still needed to be tweaked. This, her 6th grade year, I don’t think we are using any BJU.
    Now my son, on the other hand, has used BJU hard drive from k-working on 2nd. He has done pretty well. I can not say enough about their reading. It was a scary thought for me about him learning to read. But they did an excellent job. BJU hard drive for the first at least two years really gives an excellent foundation. I’m not for sure how it works, but I know that it does. He does not like to read for a fun thing, but I know that he can read. That makes me happy!!!!!
    Having said all of this, I may eventually switch my son to other things. I think that BJU hard drive can get too in depth, tedious. I think it did this for both of mine. So I may move on to something else with my son to. I don’t know for sure yet. But if you are looking for something that is a good foundation and teaches one to read well, BJU hard drives does the job. (k-1)

  23. BJU Press Review by Sheri Vincent
    Pros: Thorough, Boble-based
    Cons: Expensive, sometimes too thorough

    Grades Used: 3,6

    We used English without the videos. It is easy to use but without the videos requires a lot of parent time, and for one of my sons likely would have still required a lot of my time even with the videos. The grade 6 level had a ridiculous amount of grammar, too much in my opinion. I have a masters degree & have published a thesis & never needed to know 90% of the grammar being taught at this level! We will be making a change next year.

  24. BJU Press Review by Lesley
    Pros: Algebra 1 rocks, really well balanced for mental and spiritual growth
    Cons: having to return dvds

    Grades Used: up to 9

    excellent customer service!

  25. BJU Press Review by Pat Forsythe
    Pros: colorful, complete
    Cons: teacher guide for the classroom teacher

    Grades Used: 2-5

    We used the BJU history for a few years. My children liked the text books, but the notebook/workbooks at that time were in black and white and my children didn’t always like doing them. (Example: an activity might include coloring a picture of the type of clothing of a period.) The notebook did incorporate geography into the course. The quizzes were pretty easy, as were the unit tests. The tests were designed to be consumable back then, and the replacement cost was more than I felt it should have been, especially considering the notebooks and quizzes were consumable as well. The history is not cover with the depth that some curricula offer, however, it has been 10 years since we used it. It is not difficult to keep up with the lessons. Teachers’ guides were written for the classroom teacher, not the home school mom back then. Sometimes I needed to adapt the materials and activities to fit for one student.

  26. BJU Press Review by Kim Gilbertson
    Pros: Logical, easy to learn
    Grades Used: 1-6

    We started using BJU handwriting when my oldest daughter was in 1st grade. She had started out with Zaner-Bloser(ball and stick) handwriting and it had become a fight to do handwriting each day. Reversals and mixups were common. I decided we needed to try something new. BJU’s handwriting was a blessing. It starts with Precursive, which is built on one-stroke letters. It easily transistions into cursive in later grades. The letter formation is logical and simple, which translates into fewer headaches for child and mom!

  27. BJU Press Review by Anna
    Pros: concepts clearly introduced a chapter at a time
    Cons: no tests

    Grades Used: English 3,5,8

    parts of speech divided into chapters
    (not the same old stuff each day)
    interesting information in the practice sentences
    clearly explained, logically laid out

  28. BJU Press Review by Anna
    Pros: progressive through time
    Cons: not at reader level at first

    Grades Used: history: 1-6

    interesting and well laid out chronologically
    subjects clearly separated into chapters
    companion work text
    tests available

  29. BJU Press Review by Anna
    Pros: easy layout, organized
    Cons: not at reader level at first

    Grades Used: science: 1-6

    easy to complete/read book
    concepts/subjects clearly separated into chapters
    companion work text
    tests available

  30. BJU Press Review by Elizabeth
    Pros: easy to use, Christian worldview
    Grades Used: K4-12

    We have used the BJU Press materials for most subjects, for all grades, with multiple children who have different learning styles. The first few years, we used the books alone (with my first child, a visual learner). Then when my second came along, an auditory learner, we decided to start using the DVD program. Both of them loved it. Now my 3rd, a hands-on learner, enjoys the DVD program as well. The DVD program really works for all types of learning styles.

    Lesson plans are carefully laid out, so that the parent just has to follow along, if that works, or modify the lessons if a child needs extra or less work in a particular area.

    For a working mom, the DVD program has been a godsend. The kids can watch the lessons on their own, and I only need to get involved in the teaching if they don’t understand something after watching the teacher’s presentation (which doesn’t happen very often).

    Lastly, I appreciate that every subject is taught from a Biblical perspective. I know my kids are not being indoctrinated with secular worldviews.

  31. BJU Press Review by Debbie Allen
    Pros: very complete curriculum, detailed and makes learning fun
    Grades Used: 1, 2, and 3rd

    This is our 3rd year using BJUPress on dvd’s. My son absolutely loves them. Very good Christian curriculum. It puts the Bible into every subject. My son loves doing school everyday, and he is never, ever bored. The dvd’s are great to use. Very easy to use for the parents. My son tested off the charts on his standardized test this year. I plan on using BJUPress for many years to come.

  32. BJU Press Review by Marcy Carmack
    Pros: very well laid out, detailed, fun
    Cons: hard to find supplies for science experiments

    Grades Used: 1st

    I used BJU science for 1st grade and enjoyed it, although I did end up switching to a different science curriculum because I found it hard to find many of the supplies needed for the experiments since this curriculum was originally written for Christian schools. I loved how they laid out the teacher’s manual in a very easy-to-use format. My child learned so much from this curriculum the year we used it. I just wish the experiments had been easier to do.

  33. BJU Press Review by Rebecca
    Pros: Thorough, colorful, Christian worldview, interesting
    Grades Used: K5, 1

    BJUP Math is incredibly thorough. There are three major portions to each lesson: 1) Review of previous skills 2)Introduction of new skills 3)Workbook. There is a manipulatives packet that comes with the curriculum, as well as a CD Rom with lots of reproducibles that accompany the lessons. Every part of the lesson is scripted so parents will know precisely what to say to teach the child, and things are laid out in an easy-to-use fashion.

    The lessons include hands on activities which make learning fun, in addition to two pages per lesson of workbook activities. The workbook is colorful and interesting for young children, and incorporates many biblical themes (such as pictures of Jesus’ disciples). There are also lessons from scripture that accompany many of the lessons (i.e. the story of Ananias and Sapphira accompanies a lesson on money). The curriculum also includes fun characters, such as Digit the clown and his pet seal. These characters are found in the manipulatives, and are used throughout the curriculum to introduce concepts.

    The curriculum does an excellent job of covering Math concepts in a complete manner, so that children learn them well. If there were a con (which it is not to me), it would be that this is not a “quick” curriculum – each lesson can easily take a minimum of 30 minutes. On the pro side, this means that kids really learn their Math! The lessons review past concepts repeatedly, and children are kept engaged through the bright graphics, hands on activities, variety of learning methods, and fun characters.

    All in all I have been extremely pleased with BJUP Math, and highly recommend it for young children. My daughter, who completed K5 at 4 and is working on 1st grade at 5 (therefore still has a young child’s issues with attention and retention), enjoys doing her Math and looks forward to it every day. And the concepts that she learned in K5, once we review them now in 1st grade, she knows cold. If you want a complete, thorough program with a Christian worldview, which lays out exactly what the parent needs to do and say, this is it!

  34. BJU Press Review by Sam Brown
    Grades Used: 2-6

    I bought this curriculum package when I first started homeschool. The science books have gotten the most use from our family. It’s been a great boon to have science materials that actually reinforce Christianity rather than preaching secular humanism!

  35. BJU Press Review by Karen
    Pros: High academic standards, emersed with moral values
    Grades Used: K-12

    My family has used Bob Jones materials for every grade level and almost every subject available. The textbooks completely cover standard skills. Every subject area is written from a Christian perspective.

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