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Alpha Omega Monarch Reviews

Alpha Omega Monarch ReviewsMonarch is an interactive, Internet-based homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12 that’s compatible with most web browsers on a Windows® or Macintosh® operating system accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Monarch contains Bible-based online lessons in the five core subjects of Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science, as well as a wide variety of electives. Electives include world languages, history, literature, math, science, geography, health, civics, and preparation for GED testing. Monarch subscriptions are good for 18 months beginning on the date of purchase.

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  1. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Evan
    Pros: Its somewhat easy and is Christian based
    Cons: Way to many quizzes, assignments and test's to complete and way to many reports and projects to complete in under 14 days.

    Grades Used: 9 and 10th

    It’s not bad online program but i get sick and tired of the million projects and reports you have to do, and it will send you like 5 reports you have to do, they are all due the same day and they give you like a week in advance to get it done, 7 days to get 5 reports done, and some of them are 600 words long. The other thing is the crazy work day someday’s i only do 3 assignments per class, but most of the time i’ll have a test to take, and then it wants me to do 3 homework assignments and then take a quiz and another TEST, so at the end of the day i could have 5-7 assignments to do for each class and its so annoying, i don’t remember doing almost 18-35 assignments a day in public school.

  2. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Lisa
    Pros: Low Cost, Easy to Implement, Doesn't Take Long
    Cons: Not always written well

    Grades Used: 3rd, 5th, 9th

    We’ve been homeschooling for 10 years and this is our first year using an online curriculum. We’ve never used a boxed curriculum, either. We mostly unschool in the early years. Then we used Life of Fred for mathematics, Story of the World for history, some Apologia for science, but mostly we used real books and real life.

    My kids are finding Monarch to be pretty easy and enjoyable. Mostly. The content is not too hard for them but the way many of the questions are worded makes it very easy to get a question marked incorrect.

    I do not like that spelling words are not taught in word families. Rather, words are pulled out of a story. My 5th grader gets more difficult spelling words than my 9th grader. I’ve never heard of spelling in 9th grade but, there it is.

    All of my kids are very strong in mathematics and science. So they are finding those subjects easy. Plus, we do a lot of real science and math in our home. I don’t know if Monarch science and math would be enough, on it’s own. I am especially concerned about my high school student, as she progresses. I don’t know if we’ll continue using Monarch for high school. We may look into Power Homeschool.

    Final issue– the pricing. I have 4 children who are eligible for Monarch. The family plan allows for 3 students for around $600. But, to add a 4th child, you have to pay the individual rate which is around $400. No discount for adding any extra students. So, you can great a great deal for 3 students or 6 students. Having 5 students isn’t that bad, either. But 4? Out of luck. It costs about $1,000 for 4 students but only $600 for 3 students. That doesn’t make sense.

    I wish they had done a better job with high school math and science. I like having everything on one platform. Hopefully, they’ll improve. I haven’t looked at Horizon textbooks yet but I would think they could use what’s in Horizon to beef up Monarch.

  3. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Cloe
    Pros: Monarch is easy to work with and affordable. also the parents have plenty of controle with what there kid does with there time on monarch!
    Cons: There are a bunch of quizzes each week, they don't explain the math very good and the videos are pretty short and the math videos, (Some of them, not all) are hard to understand in my opinion.

    Grades Used: 6,7,8,9

    I’m seventeen and I have been doing this homeschooling program since I was in 6th grade! It’s not that bad but there are a few cons about it, like: There are to many quizzes each week and they fit to many things into each section before the TEST. Most of the subjects are easy for me except math, I have so much trouble with math and I cant help to think that it might have something to do with the monarch and the way they explain it. The videos don’t make since and the examples are ether not enough explained or to much explained to where it is to confusing. I have always had trouble with math and even when I was in school it was hard for me but I still think monarch could do a better job at explaining it:) Sometimes I wish I had a teacher helping me (A real teacher, not just the computer) My mom can’t help me as much as she would like because she is at work when i’m doing my schoolwork, but that’s ok. When math get’s to hard though, I may be working 10 to 13 hours on it! along with all my other work piled up. Also I almost forgot to mention that there is a bunch of work each day…almost each day, Some days are a breez and others are putting bags under my eys and giving me headaches. Although I may sit here and talk about the negatives, monarch is a pretty good homeschooling program and I recommend it for busy moms or kids who are looking for and easy and fun way to LEARN.


  4. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by SD
    Pros: Customizable to the Core, Great User Interface
    Cons: Shouldn't be used for too many subjects

    Grades Used: 9-11

    We are using AOP Monarch for high school (I recommend just to use it for a few subjects each year, not all of them) and it is fantastic. The user interface lets the parent decide and adjust everything- what the grading scale is, whether they can skip problems, whether quizzes can be open-book (allows them to leave the screen and come back), and much more! You tell the program the start of the school year and the date of the last day and then it schedules the entire school year for you, including time off for holidays and Christmas. You can even have the program send you an alert when the student scores below a grade you set, on any assignment. AND it also sends you weekly reports automatically. My daughter has had no trouble with bugs or crashing. She uses Google Chrome on a Mac. We found some of the BIblical material to be a little weird, but it’s ok, as that only pops up now and then in the beginning of world history. My daughter loves the interface and she loves her independence. I would NEVER encourage you to use only MOnarch for all of your subjects. I would be especially wary of using Monarch for Math and Foreign Language. However, for English, Literature, Electives, History and Science it really can’t be beat! I am a very experienced homeschool mom who has used online live classes, Well Trained MInd Classes online, packages where I grade the work such as from Sonlight My Father’s World and I can tell you, for a few subjects per year, Monarch is absolutely fantastic value and very well loved by our family. I cannot believe the value we are getting, and the drama-free school days Monarch allows us to have. For a few subjects, and assuming your child is reading current events (I recommend World Teen), and reading books (I recommend the Classics), and a few outsourced co-op classes, using Monarch will provide a fantastic experience. You do need to have realistic expectations of course. It is a textbook on a screen. The student needs to read his or her own material, study, make flashcards and take notes. You will at some point have your internet go down and if you reboot your router and it’s still not back up, then make it a library internet day, or take the day off! We so far have not had any glitches with Chrome, but YMMV on a different browser. 🙂

  5. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Clay
    Pros: Affordable, Online, Automated
    Cons: User interface, glitchy, text only (not teacher videos), incorrect content

    Grades Used: 7

    For a simple online paltform that is very affordable Monarch does pretty well but we decided to discontinue use and seek a better option.

    The interface for the platform leaves a lot to be desired. I would rate it a 3 on a 10 point scale.

    The platform still has bugs, specifically on certain browsers. It worked ok on IE and pretty good on Chrome but not on Firefox. The bugs I am referring to are specifically on access. It would randomly log us out with in seconds of logging in. This loop would continue until you cleared all cache or restarted the computer.

    I did like that the system did most of the work which meant I did not have to do a lot. I work from home so I needed a platform that did as much of the work as possible. There still is some interaction but most grading was done via the system. On the flip side there were assignments that the parent was to give for projects. This was very nebulous and little documentation on the best way to create a project for the subject.

    If your student does poorly on a quiz or test you can reset it, review the content with them and let them retake it which is nice.

    I did find more than one question that had the incorrect answer as the correct answer. In other words the answer in the system was set to “B” but the actual answer was “C” so my son kept getting the answer incorrect. I reviewed the material and determined that he was correct but the system was not. I did notify them but this really should not happen.

    My synopsis is that Monarch is a very basic option for schooling from home. It has no physical resources like books, handouts, etc which is good and bad. The interface is not pleasing to the eye. There is no teacher, just computer voices to read the lesson if you want audible. So ultimately we stopped using the platform and went with another online option that is more true to life which has videos of the lessons from real teachers, uses supporting books for each subject and is much better put together.

  6. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Kristen J Blaylock
    Pros: Excellent material coverage
    Cons: Not enough opportunities to review/ forgets info after tests

    Grades Used: 3rd, 6th

    We used Monarch for a few months, and while I love the content, and the format, there is not nearly enough options for review of the material. There needs to be more games, or flashcards from previous lessons available outside of the lessons. I found that my kids were memorizing for tests, as opposed to actually leaving the material. If your child doesn’t need much review to remember long term, then this would be a good option.

  7. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Kota
    Pros: Monarch is fun, interactive, easy to use, and you learn a lot
    Cons: Monarch also has lots of projects and some glitches

    Grades Used: 6th

    Monarch was the best online homeschool I have ever done! It’s fun, interactive, and easy to use. Now there are sometimes when I just want to relax and not do my work, but other days I’m doing my work, happy and humming. There are some glitches and there are a lot of projects. But the teacher can cancel some of them. So, it evens itself out. I’m sad that it’s the end of the school year, but if I ever do homeschool again I will definitely do monarch.

  8. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Sarah
    Pros: Easy to navigate and use, smooth transition from public to homeschool
    Cons: WAY to many projects assigned, ALOT of work, one day you would have just a liittlw to do, the next you were sitting for countless hours doing work and still not able to finish.

    Grades Used: 6th grade

    I used this for the first year of homeschool after she transitioned out of public school and we are not planning on using it again. Way to much work to do. They assign about 3 projects a day (most of which need MANY materials that can’t be found in stores) and I feel as though you never actually learn anything. It’s not stuff that will stick in their heads because it’s just mostly true or false or multiple choice questions. Also really sucked the fun out of learning for my daughter. It is really easy to use though. And isn’t THAT costly.

  9. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Miriam Doner
    Pros: ease of use, grading, electives, computer skills, video lessons, games
    Cons: potential internet glitches. none with material or layout

    Grades Used: 6th

    Loving Monarch for our 6th grader!

    I am a second-generation homeschooler so I feel like I have had significant experience with curriculum from both the learning and teaching perspectives. As a family, we are fans of AOP and have started all our kids with LifePac. Living in Ohio we are required for our students to be evaluated yearly by a certified teacher. They have always performed well and the teachers have been impressed with the curriculum. “Don’t change a thing” is music to this mom’s ears!! Bottom line: AOP makes solid curriculum.
    We decided to try Monarch for our 6th grader this year to give her some computer experience and are so happy with it! The layout, grading and learning tools are all to be applauded. We did have some glitchy issues that were frustrating (random crashing and not recording my daughters work) but we also live rurally and don’t have great internet service so most of the time its been better than anticipated. I called the tech support once; they were very helpful, suggested a browser change and we have had very minimal issues overall. I suspect anything internet based is going to have problems now and then.
    I would totally recommend this curriculum and am excited by all the elective options for the future grade levels! In conclusion, I would also like to add that I love that AOP makes quality curriculum AFFORDABLE. 🙂

  10. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Miriam Doner
    Pros: ease of use, grading, electives, computer skills, video lessons, games
    Cons: potential internet glitches. none with material or layout

    Grades Used: 6th

    Loving Monarch for our 6th grader!

    I am a second-generation homeschooler so I feel like I have had significant experience with curriculum from both the learning and teaching perspectives. As a family, we are fans of AOP and have started all our kids with LifePac. Living in Ohio we are required for our students to be evaluated yearly by a certified teacher. They have always performed well and the teachers have been impressed with the curriculum. “Don’t change a thing” is music to this mom’s ears!!
    Anyway, we decided to try Monarch for our 6th grader this year and are so happy with it! The layout, grading and learning tools are all to be applauded. We did have some glitchy issues that were frustrating (random crashing and not recording my daughters work) but we also live rurally and don’t have great internet service so most of the time its been better than anticipated. I called the tech support and they were very helpful and suggested a browser change etc and we have had very minimal issues overall. I suspect anything internet based is going to have problems now and then.
    I would totally recommend this curriculum and am excited by all the elective options for the future grade levels! In conclusion, I would also like to add that I love that AOP makes quality curriculum AFFORDABLE. 🙂

  11. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Priscilla McInville
    Pros: All of Monarch's features have been appreciated.
    Cons: Practically none

    Grades Used: 8th and 9th

    We have been using Monarch Online for two years, grades eight and nine.

    We have all positive reviews. Monarch has exceeded what we need in our home school. The student has to read each lesson. Parents may print lessons in order to help the child with study and preparation for quizzes or tests. The grades are practically taken care of by Monarch. The reports are available at the click of the button. We are totally satisfied and thankful that Monarch has been available for us.

    The only problem we have is when the system is down for maintenance and this is usually scheduled.

    Thankful for Monarch!

    Priscilla M.

  12. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by genie
    Pros: excellent electives, self paced
    Cons: see above

    Grades Used: 10th, 3rd


    [From THSM: Just to clarify for anyone who might be reading this, it is not necessary for homeschoolers to obtain a GED. This Ask Jeanne article is helpful for understanding how diplomas work for homeschoolers.]

  13. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Donna

    It’s okay. My daughter was very upset because your website is glitchy and almost everytime she does school something goes wrong. Like when she’s writing a report, she’ll press submit and it will take her back to sign up and her report was not saved. For instance her Alfed the Great report. It took her 45 min to rewrite the story in her own words, using colorful words and being a bit more dramatic. And she goes “Mommy! I finished my report”
    As I’m watching her and telling her good job her smile turned ino a frown and she goes “It didn’t save my report”
    Thanks Monarch……….

  14. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Adelle
    Cons: NONE

    Grades Used: 4th and 8th

    I must say that we disagree with most of the negative comments about Monarch.

    I am a mother, and having a teaching background, applaud this online curriculum. We, (myself and our Masters in Child psychology and Masters in education tutor), both took 1 month to find a suitable best homeschooling curriculum and found Monarch.
    It is Christian based, accredited, offers transcripts, marks and keeps track of your children’s full lesson sessions and submitted work, and the support has been superb, especially their online chat or over the phone.

    I have a 4th and 8th grader and they are simply flourishing with this system. (They both came from private schools). They love the layout, user friendly and overall teaching and learning experience. It has ample written content, video’s, audio’s, tasks, lesson plans, experiments, essays, rapports, you name it.

    All of which enables and provides your child with a holistic experience in every single subject area. The work load may be a little much but if your student is diligent and follows a thoroughly prepared daily plan, they can easily achieve their goals. The content is rich and extremely informative. Mine learn so much and in fact learn much more than children of their age in public or even private schools.

    They are able to go over their work as many times as they wish in order to consolidate and grasp concepts properly, before moving on to the quizzes and tests. Their study time is focussed and non-distracting which helps them to absorb information effectively and actually learn. The instant gratification of grading scores inspires them to achieve good results and keep record of their marks achieved. Where needed they can then review on the weakest areas and brush up on those.

    Thank you Monarch for all you endeavour to achieve and do with your online system. Keep improving and keep upgrading and know that you are doing a really good job. We couldn’t have done without you and thank you for what you are enabling my children to learn. From an appreciative family.

  15. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by KIM
    Pros: None since it doesn't work of enough
    Cons: Crashes constantly

    Grades Used: 7

    Not happy at all. My daughter gets finished with a question that took a while to figure out and the site crashes when she submits the answer. This happens all the time. I wish I had read reviews first Shame on me.

  16. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Margot Moreno
    Pros: It's an online program.
    Cons: The program is useless. See my review for details.

    Grades Used: 9th

    This is the worst online homeschooling program we have ever used. It is very discouraging to a student when he constantly receives the following message while trying to complete lessons:

    Our Apologies – On this page, an error has been detected.

    Contact Us – If this error continues to occur, you can Leave Feedback or Contact Monarch Technical Support

    More Information – Not authenticated. Problem with,

    When we clicked on the “Leave Feedback” nothing happens. When we click on “Contach Monarch Technical Support” we get a sad face in a square box that below says “ refused to connect.

    We have struggled with this program through the year that we’ve used it. Unfortunately we can’t afford to just simply purchase something else, so as disheartening as it has been to our student, we’ve had to constantly encourage him to just keep trying, even though the messages above recur many, many times while he is using the program.

  17. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Amenda Reid
    Pros: The lesson calendar, low cost- 1 family tuition, content covered in lessons
    Cons: Too many projects, Minimalist lessons, voices, grading, several test questions per test, no books

    Grades Used: 4th, 6th

    We’ve used Monarch for the past 9 months and will not be using it again. It wasn’t right for our family. My 12 yr old and my 10 yr old used it and struggled throughout the entire year. The voices used are computer voices and ridiculous. They were a big distraction to us. Also, the lessons were not explained thoroughly. It gives only the bare minimum amount of information. If you have questions, too bad. There’s no books to explain. The few good things are shadowed by these major problems. There were also grading methods used we disagree with plus questions on tests that we also thought ridiculous. We’ll be going with video lessons from another provider next year.

  18. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Mike O
    Pros: Cheap, quick transition from public school
    Cons: Busy work, bugged material/questions

    Grades Used: 3, 9, 5

    I am doing the family plan, 3 kids for $70. I have a 9th, 5th, and 3rd grader. Coming from public school this year, my younger two have taken to the online program ok. My 9th grader is overrun with essays.

    Basically, the technology is difficult for my 3rd grader, especially the math. It has numbers you have to drag over other numbers to demonstrate your work, and it is difficult to use.

    My 9th grader is taking Algebra 2, and she is doing ok for the most part, but needs outside help often and it doesn’t help that the material is sometimes wrong.

    I have submitted numerous material errors for correction (sometimes weekly) and they have responded saying they fixed it. I am not sure why my family has to be the beta testers, and this material should be combed through before we get to it.

    I wish they had a teacher’s guide, to show how we are to correct certain assignments. I also wish the material had links in the questions (for the parents) to see where the student was supposed to read some of the information. I see often there are questions that weren’t covered by the material.

  19. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Rebecca
    Pros: Great platform, dashboard, and setup
    Cons: Confusing and scattered material not detailed or explained good enough--or OVER explained. Questions worded horribly and confusing. Correct answers counted wrong.

    Grades Used: 9

    We used Monarch for the first year of homeschooling, which was 9th grade.
    Some of our issues:

    1. Questions worded wrong or confusingly.

    2. Tons of her answers counted wrong that were right. Contacting CS became monotonous. There were even times, I had the correct answers via online link to a viable, valid website but they would still tell me her answers were wrong.

    3. If we needed to reschedule, the system was supposed to evenly disburse the work over the time left in the school year, it did NOT. Some days she would have one page to read, the next, she may have TWELVE for ONE subject. As a single working mother/homemaker, I did not have time to go in and spend the hours it would’ve taken to fix this myself.

    4. The work assigned was so far ahead of our public school (which is certainly the goal for homeschooling), it was like she skipped a grade or two and missed so much information. She had a 3.8 GPA in public school, and with Monarch, she was virutally lost.
    AOP may be great for children who begin homeschooling in elementary school, but not as a late entry. There were many things we spoke to a 12th grade friend about, and he had never even had the things she was doing. I concluded the curriculum was poorly written by a novice, and also, pretty much the same stuff for all high school grades, no matter what grade you were in. Not grade specific or appropriate.

    5. Complicated, scattered material, many videos were just, almost useless as far as actual explaining the information. Some things in science and algebra had NO detailed explanations or videos, in which she became just lost. We dropped out of algebra, and chose another program because it was so bad.

    The platform was easy to use, and a very ‘ideal’ program in theory. But less than desirable because of the actual content. I wrote the main office many times, as well as emailed, but there were never changes.

    She signed up for French 1 as her required foreign language, and my friend from Paris, whose mother taught French as a second language there her entire career (and is retired now), said it was the worst and most poorly written, un-functional material she had ever seen! She said there was no way a child could successfully learn French the way Monarch was trying to teach it.

    I truly wish they would’ve made changes, we would still be with them this year because we loved the online application.

    More questions? be.engme at yahoo.

  20. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Tanya V
    Pros: Affordable, portable and easy to use.
    Cons: None for us

    Grades Used: 3rd and now 4th

    I feel the need to bring to attention that the previous young reviewer is misleading everyone about the the experiments. There are plenty of experiments to do and the 2 she has spoken about we in fact did earlier this year or was it late last year?

    Pro’s for us: Miss9 loves that she can carry on with the work and I don’t have to hover around helping her all the time. Her favourite part is the Tiny Tutors, Farmer Frank and all the multimedia inserts.
    Being online and being able to print off the worksheets makes this a win-win for us.
    I love that she gets to learn independently with a program that she enjoys to use.
    Using a flash-enable web browser makes Monarch portable on and iOS and Android device.

  21. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by I do not tell my real name
    Pros: it is lots of fun to do and i like the mini games, the vidows are funny but are too small, i like how you can do it on paper or computor
    Cons: A lot of the questions are not writen correctly, the questions are not fully understandable, and they ether give you to much to read and you forget or not a enof to read (as in you dont understand)

    Grades Used: 4

    my mom let me wright this post since I’m the one using it, Monarch is a lot of fun paper or computer I have learned some things but I learned lot of this a grade ago on a different homeschooling thing, I think it was called “Alpha Omega Lifepack” so it does not teach up to date. The thing about Monarch that sets it different is it is affordable. BTW (by the way) there are not a lot of science escarpments, in the other one (Lifepack) I got to see how a small rope in saltwater make saltwater crystals (I thought it was cool) you also have to document it, it shows you how to grow a store bought potato and much more, I do not get that from Monarch.

    I am an little girl living in MO so ya this is sad I HAVE to wright this

  22. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Theresa
    Pros: Affordable & interesting electives
    Cons: unsure

    Grades Used: 10

    We have used SOS in the past and am looking forward to using Monarch. I just wanted to point out that there is a trial period. This may not have been offered in the past. Also, it isn’t able to be passed down, but Monarch offers a family rate. It’s $69 for a family of 3. That’s still very affordable. Discounts on shipping should not be offered as they have to host the server for this curriculum.

  23. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by John
    Pros: Affordable, self-grading, interactive
    Cons: poorly written, outdated, difficult to use occasionally

    Grades Used: 12th

    This curriculum, if it was everything one would expect, would be excellent. However the actual product is quite different. To keep this brief I will only point out a few things.

    Several of the subjects are quite outdated in the examples they use, and even certain content (ie: explaining what a search engine on the internet is to twelfth graders)

    The precalculus and physics lessons are very poorly written. It is nearly impossible for the average student to understand certain concepts by just reading the lesson alone. Outside sources are a necessity.

  24. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Kevie
    Pros: EQasy to use for both parent and child, flexible, really affordable
    Cons: Would be nice if you could go full screen with videos and animations within the lessons

    Grades Used: 4th

    Before we signed up for the monthly subscription, I researched and read that there have been many improvements to the Monarch program. I feel compelled to leave a review here that is more current because the most recent is over a year old and I don’t feel it reflects all of the improvements that have been made to this program.

    First off, I really had ALOT of questions before changing over to Monarch from Abeka. Their customer service people were awesome! Their webinars were informative and helpful with great moderators. They even provide a free-of-charge diagnostic test to help properly place your child in their appropriate grade level.

    We are still quite new but I am having no problems navigating, reviewing her work, grading the work (although most grading is done for you.). Even though this is designed for your child to work independently, I sat with my daughter to do her first few lessons just so that I could be intimately familiar with our new curriculum. For the first time, I hear my daughter say that her school is fun! Music to a homeschooler’s ears.

    With a monthly subscription, you have the option of going up or down a grade according to your child’s ability. So for example, you can use 3rd grade Bible, but use 4th grade math and/or 5th grade language arts – totally customizable. Really love this feature.

    Lastly, there is very little to lose To at least try Monarch. The monthly subscription is VERY affordable, and there is no commitment. If you don’t like it after a month, you haven’t lost hundreds of dollars on a curriculum that you and your child hate. In short, we LOVE it!,

  25. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Alisa Loveday
    Pros: Anytime, anywhere!
    Cons: A little slow

    We love it! Having used SOS the past 2 year, we are loving the change to Monarch. I did think we should have received an extra discount as other curricula requires shipment, and there is no shipping for Monarch. Virtually all the others offer the additional shipping discount, in case you wonder where I am coming from.
    Also, torn with what to do when my youngest is ready to use her older sibling’s SOS that we currently have. Part of SOS was the fact that we could reuse the curriculum, and so far, Monarch does not give an option like that.

  26. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Chuck
    Pros: stores your information on the cloud
    Cons: slow server, poorly coded, terrible customer service

    Grades Used: 4,5,6,7,8

    Monarch is a poorly-executed improvement on a very poor program – switched on schoolhouse. We had high hopes for the program, but the company’s server is very slow and often unavailable altogether. We have a very fast internet connection and new computers at home, but Monarch ends up wasting hours of our time both in doing the schoolwork and in correcting.

    I was very hopeful. I am very disappointed. AOP needs to hire some actual coders (this appears to have been written by a high schooler) and invest in their infrastructure.

  27. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Jen
    Pros: automatically saves work, good customer service
    Cons: seems to have issues with all browsers I have tried

    Grades Used: 4th

    This is the first and last year we will use Monarch. In all fairness, this is my first year homeschooling so I don’t have much to compare it to but I don’t like it enough to use it again. As the other reviewer said, I also don’t like that it doesn’t have lesson reviews. To read every single lesson again before a quiz is not a realistic way to review in my opinion. I have my daughter write her vocab and take notes on each lesson but a review would still be nice. I used to print out the quizzes and have her write the answers as a review for a while but that took a lot of time and was not a positive experience for either of us. There are review games before each test but they are not easy to find if you are new to the program. It took a while for us to realize they were there. We also have a problem with every browser we’ve tried with Monarch, Internet Explorer doesn’t let you drag and drop, text to speech doesn’t work in Firefox, and sometimes the mark completed button doesn’t work in Google Crome. It’s really aggravating that we have to download every browser available and try it resulting in different issues. I also don’t like how I have to navigate through to help my child with the lesson question she is having trouble with. If I click the lesson in the calendar I can only see and do limited thing, if I go to assigned work and click the lesson I have to choose whether or not I want to see the answer key OR student work, not both so it’s hard to see what she’s doing and the correct answer all at once. It does let me see the correct answer if she’s typed the wrong one but if she hasn’t marked an answer yet it doesn’t let me see the correct answer to help her. I have also found that we can’t do some of the projects and experiments because we don’t have the supplies or the weather is bad and we can’t go outside and get pond water in the ice and snow. Another thing I don’t like is the quizzes are too many, too fast and way too long. There are also too many reports. I unassign many of the quizzes and reports. I do like that I can unassign and reassign lessons but it doesn’t work exactly the way I’d like it to so sometimes it makes it confusing to her as to what lessons she is to do that day so she always has to ask what to do next. I also like that I have the ability to customize some things on it like grading scale and how many times she has to answer a question before it’s marked wrong, ect. Now that we’re in the middle of the year, it’s starting to assign way more lessons in a day. A normal day is 5 lessons, now we’re getting as many as 7 (2 maths or LA in a day or both) so I have to move things around and unassign some (usually the enormous amount of quizzes) to make the day more manageable because we have typing class, cursive writing, and a health class workbook as well. Once I change things around the way I want it, it usually takes my 4th grader about 3 hours to complete her work. She definitely likes it much better than the private and public schools she’s been to so I can’t say it has been a negative experience, I just think there are curriculums out there better geared toward us so we will be working with a homeschool mentor to help us choose a different route for us next year. Hope this review helps. Oh and one more thing, for as much as Monarch costs, I don’t like that you have to buy a new one for each child each year. You cannot pass it down like most other curriculums. My kindergartner is doing Lifepacs and we don’t love those either FYI. Happy homeschooling!

  28. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Linda
    Pros: Accessibility, compatibility, ease of use
    Cons: May be slow with slower internet connection

    Grades Used: 3rd-12th

    I would like to respond to some of the issues raised below, but I scarcely know where to begin. First, I do not believe that the above reviewer has learned how to use Monarch adequately to provide a review. Many of the statements made above are simply not true. I am a longtime SOS user who often represents AOP at conventions, and have extensively used Monarch over the last 14 months. I would encourage anyone who questions the current usability of Monarch to register for a Monarch webinar ( view Monarch firsthand. A look at the Monarch program should refute the validity of the issues mentioned above. I have addressed many of them myself below.

    1. Monarch was released for use 14 months ago. While it is true that there is no testing/trial period, it is NOT in the early stages of development, nor is it in a beta test phase. The Monarch webinar is a GREAT way to investigate the program BEFORE purchasing.

    2. Students are able to review ALL completed lessons prior to review time. There is not a “review lesson”, however, every lesson previously completed is available for review. This is also true of Switched-on Schoolhouse which the reviewer has heard wonderful things about.

    3. I generally agree with the the reviewer on this point. The reviewer is correct that there are no spelling review options. Monarch and SOS both need to improve this area of the Language Arts program. There is little time for review between the spelling lessons and spelling quizzes. SOS allows parents to rearrange the order of lessons to add more time for review. This is not currently possible in Monarch. This is a minor issue for most users.

    4. The Daily Work Report lists the title of every lesson. There is nothing confusing about these. I am completely unclear on what the review has an issue with here. Her explanation does not make sense when you view the actual content of the Daily Work Reports.

    5. There is no highlighting option in Monarch, however, that does not mean that the lessons must be printed out for study and review. Students can (and should) take notes as they study their lessons. This is an important study skill that should be encouraged for all students regardless of what type of curriculum is used. Taking notes helps students retain information.

    6. The Text-to-speech box is not tiny. It shows the text that is being read out loud so that the student can hear and see the text at the same time.

    I hope this helps to assure prospective users that Monarch can be a wonderful curriculum choice for children! Please sign up for a Monarch webinar to view Monarch for yourself!!

  29. Alpha Omega Monarch Review by Anne Marie
    Pros: Online 24/7
    Cons: Very difficult to use, not user friendly

    Grades Used: 3-12

    Personally, I have had SEVERAL issues with the monarch program:

    1. There’s NO trial/testing period, even though it’s still in the VERY EARLY stages of development. There’s

    2. There is absolutely no review of the lessons before it’s quiz time.(The scheduled quizzes could be a week or two AFTER the corresponding lessons, without a review lesson).

    3. On the language arts lessons, spelling lists (and vocab lists) are sooo long, and again, there are no review lessons or practice links to go to to “cement” the lessons in your mind before your quiz assignment is automatically scheduled for your child. To review, you need to go back to an ancient looking lesson plan tree, FIND the corresponding lessons, then review each one separately to prepare for your test. Oh, and FINDING the lessons is NOT user-friendly, either. It truly is a pain, especially for a child!

    4. When I print out the “Daily Work Reports” the supposed lesson description listed often does not correspond to the exact lesson name your child completed in his/her actual lesson window. Extremely confusing during bookeeping & grading!

    5. There is no “Highlight text” option, so you need to print out the lesson if you want to take notes, or mark it in any way to help your child learn.

    6. There is also a “read text” function, but when you use it, a TINY little box with the lesson text pops up, blocking your view of the nice big lesson window. This is a huge distraction, especially for very visual learners, or those who are easily distracted.

    7. All in all, the product seems incomplete, not user-friendly, rushed, and copied out of a textbook, with some videos & links sprinkled in with the lesson. If I had to do it all over, I WOULD NOT, and I urge anyone considering this program to “lighten their load” to look elsewhere.

    My burning question is this: If I need to PRINT out every lesson, SUPPLEMENT the online lessons, waste my time with an extremely confusing setup, AND re-teach & supervise my child who’s also having a hard time learning & retaining the material, WHY pay through the nose for a program that’s supposed to work online & make your job easier? I would have been better off with workbooks- which by the way, would probably be my last choice…?

    I had originally bought the 4th grade Monarch program (minus the math) because I had read WONDERFUL things about Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS). I had read different posts all over the web that claimed that it was the online version of SOS… DEFINITELY NOT! Even the customer service rep I spoke to (after the non-refundable purchase), commented that many people who were used to SOS were very unhappy with Monarch. The thing is, I had never even used SOS! I STILL can’t stand Monarch, but more importantly, MY 9YR. old SON can’t stand it, doesn’t learn well on it, and asks to go back to our “old way” of homeschooling- With books, videos, discussions and regular writing practice. Back to the drawing board for us, and what a painfully expensive lesson this was!

    You can find other Monarch customer reviews at: and: and: (I had also posted my comment on some of those links).

    Bottom line: INFORM yourself thoroughly before you purchase any non-refundable curriculum to protect your family’s curriculum budget! God Bless.

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