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Community College Course Planner

by Mary Ann Kelley

Many homeschoolers take community college classes while in high school. Since these courses count towards a college degree, it is important to keep track of the courses taken and how they apply to the different degree programs. Our Community College Course Planner is a spreadsheet download that tracks the courses taken and allows input of course/credit requirements for the chosen degree program to help the student stay on track with course choices. Most courses of study can be printed on a single page by highlighting the relevant cells, setting them as the print area, then choosing “Fit on page” in the printer dialogue box.

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High School Course Planner

The High School Course Planner is not printer-friendly (it is wide) but it is designed to keep up with course selections and credits over the period of 8th – 12th grade. Each grade has columns for the course selected (& the provider), the cost of the course, the number of credits, and the final grade. Each year you can update the planner with the actual data from the previous year and it will be an excellent basis for creating homeschool transcripts. The final row in the spreadsheet totals the credits for each grade so you can see at a glance how many credits the student has and how many are needed for graduation. The file is in XLS format so that you can enter and change data.

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