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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
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Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start? Find out what you should consider when choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family, then find out what other homeschoolers think of various products using the dropdown lists above.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Add your own review by selecting a resource from the publisher drop down menu or by browsing the categories and choosing a resource. You will be taken to the review page for that resource where you can let us know how it worked for your family.

Recent Reviews

Calvert Review by Shelly
"Like others have mentioned I would be interested in a lawsuit as well. I was sold a product knowing I wouldn’t be able to use it. Please report to BBB and let’s get this company in trouble.Can anyone tell me the research that has been done f.."
"Terrible experience when the company was bought out by Glynlyon/Odysseyware this past summer. We had been loving the old Calvert Academy, but with the big company buyout, all the great things Calvert was known for are gone. They have been horrible .."
"Students were totally left in the dark - no support. A certified letter should of been sent to all families enrolled in this program - very sneaky and poorly handled..."
Abeka Review by Vanessa Esquivel
"Abeka is a great program. It has all the basics and then some covered. I love how they use a spiral technique. So if your kid isn't proficient in any subject or topic it will be covered again. The teachers grab the kids attention and my 5th grade.."
"I used to encourage people to try Calvert, but now I do not. It has changed and not for the better..."
"The company was bought by another company, Odysseyware, which does not resemble the old Calvert at all. Since then, they lost my son's work and made him redo work he had done on the old platform. They also signed him up for classes he did not need. .."
Calvert Review by Mutmainah
"We had an excellent experience with Calvert, no doubt. Near the end of semester, we had to move to another state, which left my son a lot of lessons to catch up. On top of that, in the middle of this process of moving and settling in the new state, t.."
"Calvert just was bought out by another company. Suddenly they changed their whole platform. The new platform does not resemble the old one at all. My daughter was almost finished with high school, but now on the new platform, she has so much more .."
"I am a Challenge III student, having spent six years in Classical Conversations from Foundations till now. Because I have spent the vast majority of my academic life as a homeschooled student, I can only base my experience (in comparison to public sc.."
"I had such high hopes for using Winter Promise. After finding their website, which has great marketing by the way, I felt pretty confident in ordering. I placed an order for Language Arts 3, the America Story 1 themed program, Equine Science, and the.."
Abeka Academy Review by prefer not to say
"We have used this program for the past 3 years. We did the accredited video program. Yesterday, I called to cancel my kids' enrollment. Where do I begin? First, when I called to pull my kids out of the accredited program, I was told I have to send al.."
Starfall Review by Sue Denym
"We absolutely love Starfall in this house! We are a Montessori family, so my children learn primarily from working with those materials, so that says something!.."
The Keystone School Review by Kristtin Alexander
"This homeschool is nice because the child can progress at their own pace. Its more expensive than other programs though i paid almost 500 dollars for two classes. I would not recommend this class to a child if they have ever struggled with school. Th.."
"This curriculum was very time consuming and boring for my daughter.She found the curriculum very hard and kept failing the tests.So I wouldn't recommend this to everyone.We found our daughter excels in TT rather than CLE..."
Calvert Review by Katherine
"My child was with Calvert from K-9th grade, we loved the challenging coursework and ATS service with the advisory teachers and transcripts. Mid way thru 9th grade we found out Calvert was sold to another company. After many phone calls and poor commu.."
"Where do I start.... No accountability for leadership. Each Director is an independent contractor so no one can actually be held accountable for actions or decisions. Issues were brought to CC Corporate but they did not ever respond because Corpo.."
Calvert Review by Amna Ghous
"My daughters studied with Calvert Curriculum with ATS since KG until Elementary. I was in love with the Curriculum and they learned a lot more than the public schools. The problem came in 2019 when they switched to Online and no manual books etc. I .."
Horizons Review by Sephra
"I used Horizons for my sons kindergarten through AOA and it’s great and he has learned allot and will be going into 1st grade reading by himself. The cons are though that’s it’s allot of paperwork per lesson on phonics 5+pages front and back wh.."
Calvert Review by Sithy M
"I am writing with utter shock at the decision that Calvert made at the last second. Now I am wondering what will happen to the grades of my son’s 7th-grade coursework. When a few weeks left for the completion of year 2018/19, we got a letter with a.."
Calvert Review by Jessica
"Like others we received a letter mid-June that all coursework must be completed by June 28th due to the new system. We were supposed to have until August 1st (when our 12 month period started). It’s absolutely ridiculous! We still had quite a bit o.."

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