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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Recent Reviews

"I hope a homeschool dad is allowed to post here, since this seems to be a site only for homeschool moms. I used aBeka materials when I was in school. I have had several nieces and nephews homeschooled through aBeka's video program. We are currently h.."
"I enrolled in UNHS as a junior, because I could not attend school any longer for health reasons. A system that was supposed to simplify my life gave me more anxiety than I’ve ever experienced. Independence here feels like it’s confused with aband.."
ABCmouse Review by Gerald
"The ABC Mouse hooks the subscriber into an automatic renewal every year without notification. Once renewed you cannot cancel and must pay the full membership cost for the year (even if you cancel on day one of the membership unauthorized renewal. B.."
"I attended Liberty University during seventh and eighth grade and I was severely disappointed. I did ninth grade history during eighth grade, and I was constantly correcting inaccurate information and/or spelling errors, and my teacher nor the admini.."
A History of US Review by Laura Leigh
"I am surprised by the reviews criticizing Hakim's supposed liberal bias. I am conservative and find her to be fair to all sides and quite sensitive. She doesn't seem to have any more of a feminist bias than any humanitarian would, and she is quite .."
"We just had an unfortunate experience with CC. We have been using the CC curriculum for 3 years now. The first year we were in a different state. Great group, great director, I also talked to the regional director: very friendly & helpful. We .."
ALEKS Review by Joanthen Glore
"O.K. This is a shout out to all of the parents and students out there. DO NOT turn ALEKS down for just what other people "complain" about it. I am a High School Freshman, and I was given the ALEKS account for free because my Middle School had a licen.."
"I am now about mid-way through our first year using Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory with my son. I have tried sooo many curriculums and I have finally found the one that fits us perfectly! At first I was skeptical of how short and simple some of i.."
"I would recommend for Preschool and first grade, especially. We used Organizational Thinking in Elementary school. In junior high grades, we bought and used Riddle Spiders. We bought a Science critical thinking book, but did not use. It .."
"We loved the Weaver for 2nd through 8th grade. I would highly recommend it, especially 2nd through 6th grades. Students with some difficulty learning may to use it up 8th grade. We did not use the Weaver for K or 1st grades . I think it was m.."

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