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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Recent Reviews

"History at our House is a fabulous homeschool history program; participating in it has transformed our homeschool experience in many good ways, not the least of which being our daughter's growing knowledge and understanding of human history. Beyond t.."
"I bought each of my kids a LOF book at the start of a new school year. My youngest thought the stories were very funny and we enjoyed going through the book. My other two were not big fans and we only went through a few lessons each.We are crea.."
"This is one if the few homeschool curricula we've used that has been a complete flop. My son started in 3rd grade using the 4th grade book and it lasted 1 month. It is way too easy if your child is strong in math. He was going over some things he.."
"Keystone was a bad experience. I should have paid attention to the reviews. My daughter signed up for 6 courses over 2 years but the schoolwork was too easy and uninteresting. It's a money-making machine with no support for students or parents..."
"Though I'm mostly going to talk about the structure of the CC communities and not the content, this is still a review of the product since CC insists that their product IS the community, not just the curriculum.I was a part of a CC community for .."
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