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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Globe and red book with text Homeschool Curriculum ReviewsHomeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start? Find out what you should consider when choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family, then find out what other homeschoolers think of various products using the dropdown lists above.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Add your own review by selecting a resource from the publisher drop down menu or by browsing the categories and choosing a resource. You will be taken to the review page for that resource where you can let us know how it worked for your family.

Recent Reviews

"(This review needs to be intentionally vague on personal details as I and my community have experienced firsthand the backlash that comes from saying anything negative about Classical Conversations, so please pardon this.) CC has its strengths but al.."
Calvert Review by Vanessa
"We started our Homeschooling journey in fall 2018. We used it for 2nd and K. I liked the interface but the books provided were overpriced through Calvert. They could have been purchased for half the price on amazon.It was very English heavy.."
Calvert Review by Stacey Artinian
"I have used Calvert for my two children for the past three years. This year will be my last with them for many reasons. Partly because our educational needs have changed but mostly because Calvert is unrecognizable from when I started using it. I sta.."
ALEKS Review by Sandy
"My daughter just started in Aleks at the end of last month. She is rapidly progressing and all her knowledge checks show her growing. This program is no more expensive than other good ones are. She seems to like it b/c she does not like much fluff.."
"I am myself a student and I use to struggle with math but Saxon actually changed that. I use to hate math but now I can don't dislike it. I think its a great book it help a whole lot but I just think that they should stop skipping some steps. I love .."
Alpha Omega Academy Review by AnnMarie Rhyne
"We have now successfully educated 2 high school daughters through AOA and are very pleased with our decision. Through AOA those daughters got a Bible-based education from an accredited academy, and each had no problem applying to and being readily ac.."
"My daughter used this in high school homeschool and had great success. After completing levels 1-3 and the comprehension trainer, she was able to read spanish classics (simplified slightly for students), understand a native Spanish speaker we know, a.."
"I’m on my third child with this book. Every thing in the title is true except for “Easy”. The last 40 lessons are hard (or long) every time. My middle child needed a lot of extra help and patience learning. I added soon card and a spell to rea.."
A.C.E. Review by Amanda Johnston
"My daughter has been doing Paces for 3 years now. We first started out great, loved it. However things are starting to change for her she is needing more interaction and guidance than I can give. I work full time and I need to get something that f.."
"This site is entirely awful. My mother and I chose it in between grades for mental health problems but it hardly helped due to the fact that it is horribly downgrading and ridiculous. An eighth grader shouldn't be trying to get an education by going .."
"As a current student of SOS I have liked and disliked it at times.I've been using it since middle school and I got 1 more year left and I personally do believe parents should not get this for their kids.It does not give an explanation for a wrong ans.."
"Calvert was great in years past but has completely changed its format and has only become convoluted and cumbersome at best. when i reached out to Calvert with my utter frustration and disappointment they responded with an explanation of how to "nav.."
Explode the Code Review by Melany Nance
"This has been really great for my son in learning how the words/syllables are put together. Critically thinking in the sense of correct spelling for words that are similar, real life or fantasy, etc. Some pictures are hard to make out what it is, but.."
ALEKS Review by Bailey
"It was literally the worst experience of my life, I highly suggest ANY other program, it is time consuming, it has poor explanations, terribly designed, some of the topics are impossible to complete, and you become more stressed out and frustrated th.."
"Update to my November review. Highly inappropriate materials have been removed from the daily assignments, but are still accessable through the curriculum -as the option to click on them pops up after student views other history videos used in daily.."
ABCmouse Review by Dustin Higgins
"I began filling out the registration so we could use this for our 2 yr old son but stopped before submitting anything due to the negative reviews I had read. The reviews that turned me off from going through with registering had to do with the billin.."
"Spelling City does not seem to be free any longer. I used it a few years ago as a free resource, but switched to the paid because I wanted to use the additional features. I do find it is worth the extra $$. My now 10 year old daughter uses it inde.."
"I want to start by saying I have never gotten the chance to use their curriculum, but I do feel pretty familiar with the ethics (or lack) of the company. I ordered a curriculum (costing 172.00) on January 8, 2019. By February 8th I had received nothi.."
Calvert Review by Richard Jones
"My wife and I ...and our daughter, LOVE Calvert homeschool. My daughter has been attending for about 5 years... She is in High School Honors classes and just turned 13. She is doing very well. imagine my disgust this morning to find out, by accident.."
"I don't even know where to start with this. I'm a sophomore who's been homeschooled my entire life and switched to Time4Learning a year ago. I am so very, very less than thrilled. And by less than thrilled, I mean that if I rubbed a magic lamp and a .."
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