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US Government

Homeschool resources about the US government

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Law Focused Education Inc. - Online games  (Y,M,O,T)
A favorite for the latest in civic and law-related education materials and programs. LFEI pledges is to provide pre-service and kindergarten through high school teachers updates on quality professional development opportunities, information on available curriculum, and teaching resources such as the "Lesson Plan of the Month" feature. Additionally, teachers and students alike will be able to access fun, interactive web games built around key civic knowledge and skills.

Bill of Rights Institute  (Y,M,O,T)
The Bill of Rights Institute offers a variety of educational resources free of charge. Weekly eLessons offer 20-minute discussion guides for middle and high school history and government teachers. Each eLesson includes a lively background reading, discussion questions and extension options. They are an excellent source of lessons relating to primary source documents having to do with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

CIA Kids' Page  (Y,M,O,T)
Welcome. We're glad you're here to learn more about the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is an independent US government agency that provides national security "intelligence" to key US leaders so they can make important, informed decisions. CIA employees gather intelligence (or information) in a variety of ways, not just by "spying" like you see in the movies or on TV (though we do some of that, too). On the following pages, you can read more about us, play some games, and help us solve some puzzles. Throughout this section, you'll also see some top secret things you won't find anywhere else.

CIA for Parents & Teachers  (Y,M,O,T)
While the CIA Kids' Page provides kid-friendly information about the Agency, this page gives you additional resources, lesson plans, and discussion points for you and your children/students to learn more about the CIA and its history of intelligence. At the CIA, we know parents and teachers are valuable resources for children, especially when they have questions or are seeking advice. In this section, you'll find the following useful information:Internet Safety, Teacher Resources and Suggested Lesson Plans, how to use the CIA Web Site in the classroom and topical lesson-plans about the CIA, its history, and its role today. Help Kids Say No to Drugs How-to advice on helping children avoid drug abuse.

America's Debate Radio  (O,T)
This website encourages healthy debate about local, national and world politics. Inclused forums, podcasts, and chat rooms.

FiscalNote  (M,O,T)
FiscalNote was founded with the principle of bringing people closer to their governments. They have created a tool to help you quickly identify and contact elected officials including, members of Congress currently representing you. Regardless of your political affiliation, you have the power to make your voice heard by contacting your representatives and advocating for the issues that matter most to you.  (Y,M,T)
The official kids portal to the US Government. Explore, learn, and have fun! Information grouped by age and subject for grades K-5, 6-8 and educators!

Federal Reserve Education lessons  (M,O,T)
The materials are sorted into three main categories: Economics, Personal Finance, and Social Studies/History. For easy reference, each resource is listed with its appropriate audience and media type.

US Government Blog Posts

Instead of Curriculum: Earn High School Government Credits Differently

Instead of Curriculum: Earn High School Government Credits Differently Don’t depend on boring government textbooks; use an activities approach to learning how government works. If teens do these activities, talk about their experiences with you and others, and follow rabbit trails online, they will likely retain more knowledge about how government works than if they just read from a government textbook. Read More »

Using Current Events & the U.S. Presidency as a Unit Study

Using Current Events & the U.S. Presidency as a Unit Study Are you homeschooling the presidency? No matter our political views, there are issues brought up by the current presidency that our children can learn from. As homeschoolers, we can help them learn about government through most of their homeschooling years, even without an official course. Read More »

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