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All About the President Notebooking Unit

by Mary Ann Kelley

TheHomeSchoolMom: All About Presidents Notebooking UnitAll About Presidents is a notebooking unit that can be used to research and report on the office of the President of the United States. TheHomeSchoolMom’s US Presidents and Office of the President of the United States pages contain links to the resources needed to complete this unit. For further study, check out our pages for each US President.

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All About Presidents Notebooking Unit

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Presidents’ Day

  1. What is Presidents’ Day?
  2. When is Presidents’ Day celebrated?
  3. When was Presidents’ Day first celebrated?
  4. How do people celebrate Presidents’ Day?


The office of the president was formulated within the Constitution.  Read Article Two of the Constitution to answer the questions below and complete the worksheet “The Constitutional President”.
The Constitutional President »
The Constitutional President Answer Key »

  1. What are the requirements to hold the office of president?
  2. What are the powers of the president?
  3. What are the responsibilities of the president?

Presidential Promises

  1. What are the words to the oath of office for the president?
  2. When and where does this oath take place?
  3. What is the State of the Union address?
  4. Why and where does the address take place?

Presidential Perks
Learn about the following perks the president enjoys.

  • White House
  • Camp David
  • Air Force One
  • Marine One
  • Cadillac One
  • Secret Service
  • Presidential Staff
  • Blair House
  • Salary
  • Pension

Create a timeline of U.S. Presidents

Presidential Firsts
Identify the president of the firsts on this worksheet download. 
Presidential Firsts »
Presidential Firsts Answer Key »

Discover who the president is behind the nickname on this worksheet download. What led people to give these presidents their nicknames?
Presidential Nicknames »
Presidential Nicknames Answer Key »

Secret Service Names (Worksheet word search “Secret Service Code names”)
All About Presidents: Secret Service Codenames »
All About Presidents: Secret Service Codenames Answer Key »
The Secret Service assigns code names to the president and the first family.  Find out to whom the following code names belong:

  • Dancer, Dasher, and Dynamo
  • Eagle, Energy, and Evergreen
  • Lace, Lancer, Lark, and Lyric
  • Passkey and Pinafore
  • Radiance, Renaissance, Renegade, and Rosebud
  • Rainbow and Rawhide
  • Searchlight and Starlight
  • Timberwolf and Tranquility
  • Tumbler, Tempo, Twinkle, and Turquoise
  • Victoria and Volunteer

Presidential Slogans
Discover which campaign slogan goes with which president on this worksheet download. Give a brief explanation of how the slogan was created.
All About Presidents: Presidential Campaign Slogans »
All About Presidents: Presidential Campaign Slogans Answer Key »

Presidents and Important Events
Find out which president was in office during each of the specific times in U.S. history in this worksheet download. Write a brief summary defining each event.
All About Presidents: Important Historical Events »
All About Presidents: Important Historical Events Answer Key »

Presidents and Wars
Managing conflicts and wars is an unpleasant job duty of the president.  Learn about the listed wars/conflicts, with which country or group the United States was in conflict, and which president was in office at the time.
All About Presidents: Presidents and Wars »
All About Presidents: Presidents and Wars Answer Key »

Presidential Fun Facts
Find out which president is associated with the fun facts on the worksheet download.
All About Presidents: Fun Facts »
All About Presidents: Fun Facts Answer Key »

Political Parties Through the Years
Presidents are aligned with a particular political party.  Learn about the ideologies of the parties listed below.  Write a paragraph listing the tenets of each.

  • Federalist
  • Democratic-Republican
  • Democratic
  • Whigs
  • Republican
  • Know-Nothings

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