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Presidents of the United States

by Mary Ann Kelley

TheHomeSchoolMom: US Presidents1st – George Washington

2nd – John Adams

3rd – Thomas Jefferson

4th – James Madison

5th – James Monroe

6th – John Quincy Adams

7th – Andrew Jackson

8th – Martin Van Buren

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9th – William Henry Harrison

10th – John Tyler

11th – James Knox Polk

12th – Zachary Taylor

13th – Millard Fillmore

14th – Franklin Pierce

15th – James Buchanan

16th – Abraham Lincoln

17th – Andrew Johnson

18th – Ulysses S. Grant

19th – Rutherford B. Hayes

20th – James A. Garfield

21st – Chester A. Arthur

22nd – Grover Cleveland

23rd – Benjamin Harrison

24th – Grover Cleveland

25th – William McKinley

26th – Theodore Roosevelt

27th – William Howard Taft

28th – Woodrow Wilson

29th – Warren G. Harding

30th – Calvin Coolidge

31st – Herbert Hoover

32nd – Franklin D. Roosevelt

33rd – Harry S. Truman

34th – Dwight D. Eisenhower

35th – John F. Kennedy

36th – Lyndon B. Johnson

37th – Richard M. Nixon

38th – Gerald Ford

39th – Jimmy Carter

40th – Ronald Reagan

41st – George H. W. Bush

42nd – William Jefferson Clinton

43rd – George W. Bush

44th – Barack Obama

45th – Donald Trump

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