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Unit Studies Using Weaver

When I began to look at what I wanted to accomplish with our homeschooling adventure several goals became very clear. But my all-consuming desire was that my children become lovers of Jesus and his servants. We are a missionary family and see the crying need for people wholly dedicated to serving and loving Him. His presence is so needed in our world. With that in mind I realized that the basis of our studies would have to begin in the Word. When I came across the Weaver studies I was immediately attracted by this Bible-based curriculum.

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The Weaver uses the Bible as the spring-board for history, science, creative writing and many other projects. As we began to systematically work through the Bible I realized that my goal was being accomplished. My children were exposed to the profound truths of the Bible and loving it. Our Bible times do not focus on facts but on the application of the Word. In Ruth 3 we discussed the importance of choosing a mate who was not only a Christian but one who displayed the character of Christ as Boaz and Ruth both did. The Weaver moves us beyond the text to real-life application.

But it does not stop there. As we delve deeply into the in the Word we look at the ramifications in science, history etc…  One such example was during the study of Joshua.  When the sun stood still during the decisive battle for the southern part of the Canaan we began a study of the solar system.  What would it mean for all of the universe if the sun stood still?  In the book of Ruth we studied plants, families and the human body.  There are intense sections on history where we have looked at explorers and the American presidents, or the early pioneers of this country. 

For a brief segment of our schooling I tried to do my own thing.  I found it to very exhausting and stress-producing.  I was so glad to return to the Weaver because all that difficult framework was already laid out.  I could choose how to make the curriculum work for me.  What I do like about the Weaver is that it is not so heavy that so much time is taken up with preparations and time-consuming projects.  I find that there is a nice balance between projects, looking at resource books together, putting information into memorable notebooks, and researching.  The objectives are very clearly laid out for each grade.  This helps me to know when I need to go deeper with my 5th grader or just need the basic information for my 3rd grader.  In a few years I will add another student (she is now 3 years old) so I can do all three at the same time.

What is not included is a math program, penmanship, spelling and grammar.  (They do have Weaver spelling, penmanship and grammar, but those are sold separately) I find that I can teach this easily in a morning, as I have a 5th grader and a 3rd grader.  We are able to do the Bible, the Weaver objectives (social studies/science/creative writing) together.  Than we break into individual subjects.  This is our fifth year using the Weaver.  I have had to remind myself again and again of my goal of developing “lovers of Jesus” because there are so many good curriculums out there to choose from.  I knew that I did not want just a “Christian Education” I wanted a “Biblical Education”, and there is a huge difference.  The Weaver bases itself on the Hebrew form of education, where you train the heart.  And that is why it works so well for us.

Grace E. homeschools her children in South America, where they are missionaries.

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  1. Audrey

    Thank you for this review! The Weaver Curriculum sounds like a great fit for or family.

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