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The Weaver Curriculum is a unit-based, Bible-centered homeschool curriculum for grades PreK-12th. The curriculum uses the same daily Bible theme as a foundation and then creates lessons for each student. Students are then studying the same main subject at the same time with individual lesson assignment geared to each student’s grade level. For example if you were teaching about the plagues of Egypt, your student would learn about frogs in science, Egyptian topography in geography, pharaohs in history, and so forth.

This hands-on, activity-based curriculum, includes experiments, maps, murals, timelines, models, field trips, and more. The Weaver Curriculum is flexible as Parents decide what topics to teach and what activities to do. Divided into volumes and supplemental volumes, this curriculum uses binders to organize student lessons by grade level. Multiple subjects are included within each volume and woven into lessons. Subjects covered are Bible, Social Studies, Science, Geography and History, Language Arts, Health, and Art.

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  1. Weaver Curriculum Review by Stacey
    Pros: k-9? (i think it's 9,ha!) in 3 volumes
    Cons: So much religion/outdated books... My advice- go get your own books that are more child friendly

    Grades Used: k-4

    love this curriculum!! Not a big fan of the religious portion, however, but loved how everyone could learn at one time. I ditched the Bible portion, and we got books at the library, stuff my kids would enjoy more, pics, etc. We really enjoyed it! By the time you get through Volume 3, lets face it, you have already forgotten what was learned in volume 1, so since you’re learning it at such a higher level, it doesn’t hurt to review. Plus, when you find a topic you like, why continue? Have fun!! Plagues were mentioned… study other plagues, where did they take place? What caused these plagues? When you get bored, go back to the curriculum and move ahead. Weaver is great for a guide, but there is no reason to think you have follow it to a “T”, that will only wear you out!! And if you’re worn out, your kids won’t enjoy it.

  2. Weaver Curriculum Review by Pamela
    Pros: Teach all grades at one time. Hands on Unit Studies. Integrated studies, including field trips. Great for 2nd grade through 8th grade!
    Cons: Some lesson planning, feel free to adapt what they offer in direction. Teacher verbal introduces lesson, each day. I liked that, didn't mind.

    Grades Used: 2nd - 8th

    We loved the Weaver for 2nd through 8th grade. I would highly recommend it, especially 2nd through 6th grades. Students with some difficulty learning may to use it up 8th grade.

    We did not use the Weaver for K or 1st grades . I think it was much better to use Distar Phonics method for reading. We used a Charlotte Mason approach for K-1, then moved into the Weaver in 2nd grade. We mostly used Usborne’s – Cat and Mouse (workbooks) for Pre-K.

  3. Weaver Curriculum Review by Cheryl Powell
    Pros: unit style, together as a family
    Cons: too much prep, repetative

    Grades Used: K, 2nd in vol 1

    We did Weaver Vol 1 for the 2010-2011 school year when they were in 2nd and K. I was due with baby #4 that fall so I spent some time in the summer preparing the school year. I got crates and folders with page protectors. I pulled apart the Weaver binders to only get the info and grades I needed. I copied and prepared materials for crafts and science projects. I noted which of their recommended books were available at my library, not very many. I collected books we already had and noted with pages would fit when. I prepared my English lessons based on their Wisdom Grammar program (can’t remember the name exactly). Math, hymns to fit with each unit, field trips, etc. LOL I could have died and Dad or Grandma could have taken over without blinking!! It took hours, days, WEEKS!!
    It started off great but somewhere around Abram going to Egypt because of a famine it stalled. The Bible lesson wasn’t progressing- we were rehashing the same Gen. verses and chapters over and over, supposed to be looking at it from a different aspect but to a K and 2nd grader, it was boring. I tried tweaking but I was bored too! LOL We pressed on simply because I didn’t have the time or energy to switch with the baby. I started getting to the point where I was sick of it and hit the Feb/March burnout season, I was miserable!! We started condensing and skimming through which was amusing to me because many Weaver moms say it takes them about 18 months to do each Volume. We neared the end of Gen. when Joseph is in Egypt and I bailed out.
    I felt like with Weaver I was writing my own TM!! I can’t do that every year!! Many of their recommended books were too advanced for my kids and I ended up like I was only using Weaver as a topical guide, it was a very weak skeleton to invest in and call my curriculum. While it may work awesome for older ages, many of the moms on the yahoo group and FB group LOVE it, it just did not work for our family.

  4. Weaver Curriculum Review by Tanya Preble
    Pros: low cost and covers all grades K-6 in one book
    Grades Used: K-4

    This was the very first curriculum we used when we started home schooling 20 years ago. I liked the fact that all of my children were learning the same things in each grade level. The requirements were just more intensive for the upper grade levels as compared to the lower grade levels. I was able to adjust the difficulty of each grade as well as go deeper in any area that sparked an interest in my children just by doing the projects listed under the different grade levels. I really like the fact that all you need to add to Weaver is some language arts and math. I highly recommend Weaver if you are interested in trying a unit study.

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