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Homeschooling in Virginia:

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Co-ops and Academic Enrichment Classes

by Mary Ann Kelley

Virginia Homeschool Co-Ops & Academic Enrichment

Virginia Homeschooling Co-ops

Skye Chase AcademyAlexandria

Skye Chase Academy is part of the De Novo Homeschool Network which encourages Catholic homeschooling families. The co-op meets at Good Shephard Catholic Church on Fridays throughout the school year with a wide variety of parent led classes.

Centreville Homeschool Enrichment Support Services (CHESS)Centreville/Northern Virginia

Since 2001, CHESS (Centreville Homeschool Enrichment Support Services) has become known by homeschoolers in Northern Virginia as a trustworthy support in their pursuit of excellent education. We offer supplemental small-group classes designed to enrich the homeschool experience with the benefits of social, interactive learning and the expertise of our homeschool-friendly teachers.

Cville_wish Yahoo GroupCharlottesville

Cville_wish is a waldorf inspired, homeschool group of families from Charlottesville, VA. Members participate in playgroup settings, handwork activities, festivals, spring and fall co-ops, and support.

The Bridge AcademyChester/Chesterfield

Bridge Academy is a homeschool co-op in the Chester area offering academically strong, Christ centered courses for students in the 1st through 12th grades. Core classes and a variety of electives including photography, creative movement, Latin, worship band, culinary arts, speech, and art are offered. In addition to academics, Bridge Academy offers opportunities to serve in community based missions as well as many social activities, both for students and families.

Grace Church Homeschool Co-opFredericksburg

GHC serves church members and local homeschool communities in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Co-op meets on Mondays, 12-4pm, from August to May.

Home Grown HeartsFredericksburg

Home Grown Hearts supports homeschooling families at the Spotswood Baptist Church and in the larger Christian community of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Fall and Spring co-op classes are held on Thursdays from 8:45 AM - 12:15 PM.

Greene Home InsteadersGreene County

Greene Home Insteaders offers support and encouragement to homeschooling families in the Greene County, Virginia area. Members attend park days, craft times, list local community activities, announce seminars, and form co-operative learning groups.

SEE Homeschool Co-opNorfolk

SEE Homeschool Co-op offers academic and enrichment classes. Co-op meets on Fridays at Miles Memorial United Methodist Church, 9450 Granby St. Norfolk, VA.

Homeschool Out of the BoxNorfolk

Homeschool Out of the Box is a secular homeschool co-op serving families in the Tidewater area. Fall and Spring semester classes are held in downtown Norfolk.

Southside Homeschool AcademyPowhatan

Southside Homeschool Academy is located at Graceland Baptist Church, 975 Dorset Road. Powhatan, VA. The Academy provides middle and high school level classes to homeschooled students. Classes available for some students 4th and 5th grade.

Purcellville Eden Hope AcademyPurcellville/Leesburg

Classes meet each Thursday from 9am - 1pm at Purcellville Baptist Church. Drop-off is available! Students learn critical thinking skills that enable them to see the connections between events in history, science, art, and most importantly their lives. Spanish and ukulele classes are availabl. Visit any Thursday or email

Eden Hope AcademyReston, Catlett and Leesburg

Eden Hope Academy is a Christian co-op with locations in Reston, Catlett and Leesburg, Virgina. The co-op provides all art materials, dissections, Eden Hope Activity Books, ukulele and dance instruction, and Spanish with CDs. K-4 - 12th grade students meet once each week for half hour sessions of Bible, Ukulele and Dance, Spanish, Presentation, Messy Art, and Anatomy with Dissections. Drop-off is available at most campuses.

Stafford Homeschoolers Co-opStafford

Stafford Homeschoolers is an inclusive family support group and educational co-op for homeschoolers in Stafford, VA and surrounding areas. Our co-op meets on Tuesdays at Ebenezer United Methodist Church and offers classes from preschool through high school.

North Stafford Christian Home Educators (NSCHE)Stafford

North Stafford Christian Home Educators Co-Op has a large array of classes available for children and youth age levels pre-school through high school.

God's Homeschool WarriorsSuffolk

God's Homeschool Warrior's co-op supports parents and students in achieving excellence in education through an environment of Godly wisdom and talented partnerships. Academic and enrichment classes on Tuesdays at Southside Baptist Church in Suffolk Va.

Prism Learning CommunityWaynesboro

An Inclusive Homeschool Cooperative that provides an interdisciplinary learning environment, combining "core" academic subjects, with engaging hands-on projects. Members work in small mixed-age classes for collaborative projects, science experiments, and "enrichment" activities. Co-op relies on both parent volunteers and independent paid teachers to develop and facilitate classes.

Williamsburg Classical Co-opWilliamsburg

Williamsburg Classical Co-op offers semester classes on Tuesdays from 10am to 3pm. Classes are located at Williamsburg Christian Church, 200 John Tyler Lane. Williamsburg, VA.

Eden Hope AcademyWinchester

Eden Hope Academy is a Christian co-op starting in Winchester in September, 2015! The co-op provides all art materials, dissections, Eden Hope Activity Books, ukulele and dance instruction, History in order with Timeline Song, and Spanish with CDs. K-4 - 8th grade students meet once each week for half hour sessions of Bible, Ukulele and Dance, Spanish, Presentation, Art, and Anatomy with Dissections. Drop-off is available.

Virginia Homeschooling Classes & Academic Enrichment

E.nopi Learning CenterAlexandria

E.nopi is a learning program in Math, English and Writing. E.nopi follows the U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts, teaching skills such as grammar, punctuation, comprehension and essay writing. E.nopi uses the uniquely designed curriculum to individualize each program.

Centreville Homeschool Enrichment Support Services (CHESS)Centreville/Northern Virginia

Since 2001, CHESS (Centreville Homeschool Enrichment Support Services) has become known by homeschoolers in Northern Virginia as a trustworthy support in their pursuit of excellent education. We offer supplemental small-group classes designed to enrich the homeschool experience with the benefits of social, interactive learning and the expertise of our homeschool-friendly teachers.

Beading Spring Break Camp for age 5 and up?Chantilly

Homeschool Workshop SeriesCharlottesville

Classes are designed for student's age 7-11 and 12 and up. Interactive programs will use hands on experimental learning to discover the world of science. To register for the Homeschool Workshop Series e-mail or complete the online registration form.

Midlothian Christian AcademyChesterfield

Midlothian Christian Academy currently meets one day a week at Midlothian Baptist Church. Offering classes to help augment the homeschool experience. The academy offers a variety of classes from PreK - 12th grade.

Chesterfield Christian AcademyChesterfield/Midothian

Chesterfield Christian Academy offers homeschool classes for grades K through 12 in a large variety of subjects. Classes are offered in a Godly environment with qualified teachers striving to create a thirst and love for learning.

Learning through Animals by Alejandra AbellaDC metropolitan area

Learning through animals provides courses that allow students from K-12 and adults to draw the parallels between human and animal behavior. Each course is built on the premise that all minds are valuable and, by studying the lives and behavior of animals, students walk a mile in another's ...paws!. They learn not to judge others, to communicate more honestly, and to learn what truly matters. Courses utilize images, video, the latest scientific research and open discussion. Sessions are typically 8 weeks but can be adjusted to fit any group or program, and are now available in the DC metro area City/Area

George Mason University ObservatoryFairfax

The George Mason University Observatory is located on the Fairfax Campus, on the roof of Research Hall and officially opened on January 24, 2007. The GMU Observatory presents Evenings Under the Stars, A FREE event series, open to the general public and our campus community. These events occur on alternate Monday evenings, with weather days on the off weeks. See the full calendar with descriptions on the website. Each evening features a 30 min presentation by a prominent local scientist, who wants to share about their current research in an accessible way. After a brief opportunity for questions, and if the weather allows, visitors proceed to the lobby, where observatory staff will escort guests up to the roof for a look through the primary telescope. Staff personnel loves to share about planets, stars, and sometimes lesser known objects in astronomy, all while you look at them through the telescope. Private tours are also available for interested groups, if you wanted a particular focus, or more individual attention during your tour. Email to inquire about available dates.

Foreign Language & General TutoringFairfax

Tutoring in foreign languages, including French, Spanish, and Italian. Focus is on speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with a emphasis on grammar and phonology. Tutoring available in geography, history, art, and culture.

Riverbend GardenFairfax County

A Waldorf-inspired homeschooling group in Fairfax County, Virginia. We are a secular group offering weekly meetings, adult enrichment evenings, and friendship and field trips for our members. Children's ages range from babes in arms to about 10 years old.

The Fred Language Learning CenterFredericksburg

The Fred Language Learning Center offers French, Spanish, and English as a Second Language courses. Small group or private classes are available. Classes are scheduled at your convenience and prices are flexible.

Champion Chefs Cooking ClassesFredericksburg

Champion Chefs offers fun, hands-on weekly homeschool kids cooking classes for ages 6-17. It allows children to have confidence and knowledge to cook in their kitchen at home. The classes are designed to be a Progressive Kids Culinary Program. It teaches children in the proper sequence culinary techniques that they will use to create delicious homemade meals.

Williamsburg Classical AcademyHampton Roads/Williamsburg

An inclusive academic community with a University model education program for the independent and homeschool education community. Offering an exclusive program for students who require small tutored classes and academic flexibility.

Outdoor Adventure ClassesHarrisburg

The natural world gives us a marvelous setting in which to find this adventure, as well as experience God's beauty, learn new skills, and make friends. This spring, WILD GUYde Adventures will be providing several outdoor experiences for home-schooled students and their parents. Activities like rock climbing, canoe paddling, hiking, and caving will provide outdoor opportunities for families to experience exciting fun with friends, physical skill learning, and fitness apart from traditional team sports. Students in Grades 2-3 will have three half-day trip options (2 hikes, and 1 canoe day); students in grades 4-6 will have four day-trip options (hiking, rock climbing, paddling, and caving); and students in Grades 7-12 will have four day-trips (hiking, climbing, paddling, and caving), coupled with an environmental study topic for each. Check out the website for specific dates, prices, medical forms, and previous participant feedback:

High School Diplomats ProgramHenrico

July 25, 2017 - August 5, 2017

The High School Diplomats Program is a cultural enrichment experience that brings together high school students from Japan and the United States. Both programs' goals are to provide academic and social activities intended to spread international understanding among Japanese and American high school students. In addition, the program hopes to foster the creation of meaningful and lasting friendships. Each participant in the program is given a generous scholarship that pays for room, board, special activity and most program transportation costs.

Rust Nature SanctuaryLeesburg

Offer Homeschool Nature Programs and Camps to Homeschool families and groups.

Claude Moore Colonial Farm - The Apprentice ProgramMcLean

Through the Apprentice Program, youth volunteers aged 10 to 17 portray colonial children for the Farm's visitors, as well as doing such behind-the-scenes work as helping in the office, cleaning animal pens, and tending greenhouse crops.Apprentices must attend an Orientation for the Apprentice Program and provide their own 18th century clothing in accordance with the Farm's clothing standards. Parents who complete 10 hours of volunteer work receive a $50 rebate off the $90 annual program fee. Apprentices are required to volunteer at least once per month from April through November. They may volunteer more often, and throughout the winter months, but it is not required.

Tochterman Muir Educational Consulting LLCMcLean

Learning: Evaluation, diagnosis and recommendations for school services and accommodations. Providing baseline cognitive and achievement data, as well as instructional strategies and intervention, to guide homeschool families.

Midlothian Christian AcademyMidlothian

Midlothian Christian Academy offers classes to augment your homeschool curriculum. Classes will meet on Fridays at the Midlothian Campus of the James River Home School Foundation now meeting at Midlothian Baptist Church which is located at 11840 Lucks Lane, Midlothian, Virginia 23114. Visit the website at for the complete list of classes for PreK through high school.There is a $30 per semester, per student registration fee payable to JRHSF for facility and insurance costs. Class prices vary and instructors are paid directly by the students.

James River Home School AcademyMidlothian

James River Home School Academy offers quality classes for grades K - 12 in the Midlothian, VA area. Classes offered both enhance and augment each participating family's homeschool experience. Students are taught in small group settings, with lots of hands-on learning and individual attention from caring teachers.

Growing Up Female in the 18th centuryMontross, Virginia

Growing Up Female in the Eighteenth Century March 24, 2012 9 AM-NOON, Jessie Ball duPont Memorial Library at Stratford Hall Free to Friends of Stratford (FOS) Women of the 18th century were raised in a climate of behavioral and social expectations that were both similar and distinct from those of today. Female behavior was often defined by social parameters and status. As in today's age, women face particular life situations inherent to their gender. The program will feature members of the George Washington's Young Friends (GWYFs) portraying women's lives in the three classes of society common to the 18th century in America: the lower or common sort (or class), the middling sort, and the gentry. Each group of presenters will discuss, dialogue, and converse with the audience in the first person. This lively and insightful program will offer similarities and differences experienced by women over 200 years ago. As different as the 18th century may appear to us today, there are striking similarities women have had to encounter throughout history. The cost of the program is: $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children,and $3.00 a person for groups over 5. Seating is limited, so call Jon Bachman at 804-493-1972 or email Jon for reservations.

CHESS-Centreville Homeschool Enrichment Support ServicesNorthern Virginia

CHESS offers support for high school and junior high students through supplemental small-group classes. Classes are designed to enrich the homeschool experience with the benefits of social, interactive learning and the expertise of our homeschool-friendly teachers. Additional high school focused events during the year.

School for TomorrowReston

School for Tomorrow (SFT) is an innovative, independent, secondary school serving grades 6-12 in Reston, VA. In addition to being an accredited, degree-granting school, SFT offers an array of a la carte academic and arts electives to homeschoolers. All courses are project-based, experiential, and are designed enhance critical and creative thinking skills.

Homeschool Resources GroupRichmond

Homeschool Resources Group provides homeschoolers, private schoolers, and public schoolers with educational and social resources to help enhance the family education experience. From clubs to workshops to field trips, this resource offers a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

Virginia Aviation Museum Homeschool Aviation AdventuresRichmond

Group programs are offered Tuesdays through Fridays at 9:30 and 11 a.m. Call (804) 864-1400 or 1-800-659-1727, press 2, for reservations or call (804) 236-3620 for more information. Virginia Aviation Museum admission is free with the program fee.

Spanish ClassesRichmond

Tricia McClintock is offering all levels of Spanish classes in the Richmond area. She has been teaching Spanish to homeschoolers for 14 years. See for more info. She is also offering an Arts & Crafts class.

Reptile AdventureRichmond

Educational reptile class. Kids learn about unique traits of over fifteen types of reptiles. Students are allowed to touch, hold and learn about reptiles.

Grace Preparatory SchoolStafford County

Academic and enrichment classes available for homeschoolers, 2-3 days per week. Classes for grades Kindergarten through gr. 12. Also, Stanford Achievement Testing and PSAT testing open for homeschoolers.

Virginia Scholastic Chess Association EventsStatewide

Chess tournaments all of Virginia's school children. Events held monthly around the state.

Driver Education Information for Home SchoolersStatewide

(from VDMV). If you are an approved home schooler, driver education can be taught at home. The student must currently be enrolled in a home-schooled program approved by your school division superintendent.The student can complete the classroom portion of the course through a correspondence course, at a Driver Training School or at a public or private school. For more information, contact your local school division.

Plus Plus TutoringStatewide

Plus Plus Tutoring offers private personal K-12 one-on-one in-home tutoring services. Plus Plus Tutoring offers subject tutoring, exam and test preparation, homework help, organization skills, study skills and college planning services.

Virginia Classical ConversationsStatewide

CC is a national homeschooling program that uses a Bible based curriculum taught in a christian, classical tradition. Classes are geared for age 4 through high school.

The Frontier Culture MuseumStaunton

The Frontier Culture Museum offers homeschool families the opportunity to learn history through historic cooking, gardening, wool and flax processing, and animal care. Special events throughout the year for homeschool families. On May 3rd and October 4th the Museum will host a Homeschool Day with reduced rates offered for early registration and on the day of the events. Winter Workshops are also available January through February and were designed with homeschoolers in mind. Classes include blacksmithing, cooking, woodworking, and more.

Blackfriars Playhouse School Matinee ScheduleStaunton

ASC offers 10:30am shows on Thursday mornings during the school year.

Sylvan of SterlingSterling

Sylvan of Sterling is a tutoring center committed to getting children ahead and helping students gain confidences in problem areas. Tutors specialize in reading, writing, mathematics, SAT/ACT prep, study skills, etc. Sylvan also offers programs in robotics and coding.

Chincoteague Bay Field StationWallops Island

Chincoteague Bay Field Station provides a variety of field trip experiences for homeschool groups and families. CBFS is your resource for bridging the gap between marine science curriculum and student understanding. Homeschoolers workshops are tailored for the budding marine biologist in your home, providing hands-on observation of marine environments and organisms. CBFS field trips include lodging, three hot-meals each day, transportation to field sites, and instruction. All ages are welcome, however students must be 9-years or older to attend the research boat cruise. Upcoming programs include: Winter Coastal Ecology, Marine Science Adventure, Coastal Sampler, Advances Marine Invertebrate Study, Summer Coastal Ecology, and Returners Marine Science Adventure. Homeschool groups and families may schedule their own customized program by contacting the Adult and Family Program Coordinator:

Blessing God's Way - Maidens by His DesignWarrenton

This course will teach menses from a Christian perspective to mother/daughter teams - includes student workbooks and materials to make it fun, easy and understandable - not to mention modest and Godly!

National Postal Museum ProgramsWashington

Learning that Delivers! The National Postal Museum offers a creative selection of programs that attract a wide audience base of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and interests. Whether it be a workshop, film, family program, lecture, or performance, the Museum's Postal Pastimes provide participants with a quality visitation experience that makes learning exciting, enriching, and interactive.

Jill Carroll - Spanish teacherWashington DC

Private Spanish classes to individuals or groups. All levels of Spanish from level I to AP and Dual Enrollment college classes.

National Museum of the American Indian ProgramsWashington DC and New York City

The National Museum of the American Indian is the sixteenth museum of the Smithsonian Institution. It is the first national museum dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of Native Americans. Established by an act of Congress in 1989, the museum works in collaboration with the Native peoples of the Western Hemisphere to protect and foster their cultures by reaffirming traditions and beliefs, encouraging contemporary artistic expression, and empowering the Indian voice. Check Web Site for newest classes

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Home Educator ExperienceWilliamsburg

Events of the 1770s pushed Williamsburg and its residents into Revolution and Independence. Yet, while politics raged, domestic life and work as well as commerce continued. Learn about running a household and preparing foods, colonial diversions and pastimes as well as education and apprenticeships at the Benjamin Powell House. This original 18th- century site will open exclusively for spring participants in our Home Educator Experience. Explore our shops of our various tradespeople, such as the Blacksmith, Cabinetmaker, Silversmith, Milliner, and Tailor, to find out what kind of work you might have done once you finished your apprenticeship. For more information, call (800) 280-8039

Colonial Williamsburg - HERO for Homeschools Williamsburg

During the year, Colonial Williamsburg designates several weeks as Homeschooler Experiences. In addition to the variety of activities and programming throughout the Historic Area, special programs are scheduled for homeschool participants including a variety of hands-on opportunities. Special rates are available during this period for homeschoolers. Groups or individuals are welcome. Sample itineraries are available.

Ichthus International AcademyWinchester

A learning and activity resource center that provides families with a quality network of classes to support Home Instructing families. Offering flexible tutoring and educational opportunities.

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