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Local Resource Submission Form

by Mary Ann Kelley

Local Resource

Submit local homeschooling classes, events, groups, etc.
  • lists local support groups, conventions, curriculum sale events, classes, co-ops, activities, and job opportunities for homeschoolers. Please DO NOT submit topical online learning resources here. This submission form is for local events and resources only. Field trips can be submitted here.

    Please fill in as much information as possible. We ask that you link to on each site that you submit. Thanks!

  • You must include http:// or https:// (whichever appies) in the URL that you submit.
    If your group does not have a website, consider creating a Google group, Facebook group, or Yahoo group to give people a way to find your group online.
  • Will not be published
  • Will not be published
  • Please submit a one paragraph non-promotional description of your group or event. If you are submitting a class that is ongoing, to avoid having to resubmit your listing each session, you should give general information instead of specific details that may change each session.
  • Groups are listed alphabetically by city/area on each state page, so this field will determine how your group is listed. It is best to list the city/area as the term you think visitors will use to search for your area.
  • State(s) the resource serves (For non-US locations, choose International; for resources serving US military bases overseas, choose DoD; for stateside bases choose DoD and the state)
  • If your resource has a physical location (for example, where your event or class is held), please list it here for publication with your listing. Do not list PO boxes.
    Format: Place Name, Street Address, City, State
  • URL on your site where you link to - although not required to submit the form, submissions with a reciprocal link are more likely to be approved
  • Please check only the categories that best match your resource (for example, a co-op should only check co-op, not co-op and academic enrichment).
  • Date listing should be removed. If your resource is ongoing, leave this blank.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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