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All About Minnesota

State Facts

Minnesota was the 32nd state to join the union. It became a state on May 11, 1858..

State facts about Minnesota

Capital - St. Paul

Abbreviation - MN

Nickname - Gopher State. North Star State

Motto - "L'Etoile du Nord" - The Star of the North

Song - Hail Minnesota

Bird - Common Loon

Flower - Pink and White Lady's Slipper

Insect - Monarch Butterfly

Area - approximately 86,943 square miles

Websites for studying about Minnesota

Minnesota State Symbols Games

Worksheets and puzzles for kids to learn more about Minnesota

Minnesota Wildflowers: A Project for Environmental Justice

Here you'll find images and information about wildflowers that grow in Minnesota, both native and non-native. Our goal is to educate Minnesotans on our native plants, raise awareness on threats like invasive species, and hopefully inspire people to explore our great state, appreciate its natural beauty, and become involved in preserving it. Over 300 species of wildflowers are cataloged here with more added each week. Over 2000 photos have been posted so far and there are lots more to come.

A to Z Kids Stuff - Minnesota

Fun Educational Activities

The 50 States - Minnesota

From TeachersFirst. A comprehensive resource on Minnesota

Mr. - Minnesota

Mr. Donn has been online for as long as I can remember and he has one of the largest collections of social studies resources available. This is his collection of Minnesota resources.

Explore the States - Minnesota

From the Library of Congress. Games and stories of America's past.

50 - Minnesota

Facts & Trivia about Minnesota - Minnesota

Unique tourist attractions and landmarks in Minnesota

Awesome America - Minnesota

Loads of fun facts, photos, and travel information about Minnesota.

Minnesota Map/Quiz Printout

Minnesota State Quarters Coloring Pages

In 1999, the United States Mint began striking a new quarter about every ten weeks to honor one of the 50 states—that is, five new quarters every year—until the program ended. The quarters were struck in the same order as the states' birthdays.

Minnesota Virtual Field Trips

More Minnesota field trips ...

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