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Time Travelers History Study Series Reviews

Time Travelers History Study Series focuses on American history from new world explorers to the Great Depression (WWII is in development as of 2010) using hands on projects to facilitate transfer of learning. The materials contain brief subject narratives, along with many activities and teacher’s guides. Teacher Helps include tips for preparing and organizing, as well as a resource list of books, videos, audio suggestions, and websites to enrich your studies. A one-page Lesson Plan Schedule gives you a “guide-at-a-glance,” allowing you to see the whole schedule of upcoming topics and projects on one page. Excellent for notebooking and lapbooking.

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  1. Time Travelers History Study Series Review by Jeanna Grabuskie
    Pros: Well thought out, complete text + hands on projects
    Cons: printer intensive, a lot of prep

    Grades Used: 4,5

    We have completed New World Explorers and WW2. This is almost a 1-stop curriculum-project source. I added in bits and pieces not covered in depth such as the missions, El Camino Real and the religious element as to why the explorers explored. For WW2, we addressed more of the technology developed during the war. We did the Lapbook as laid out for New World Explorers but chose to a Notebook for WW2. The program is very flexible to your needs. We will begin Colonial Life next year but I have already begun reading it and will included New England, Middle Colonies and Southern Colony compare and contrast elements. If I was recommending this program to anyone, my advice would be to print only the text and project pages. Read through all and understand the scope and sequence. Add or subtract based on your goals. Then print out the projects that fit your needs.

  2. Time Travelers History Study Series Review by Christina
    Pros: Well written and kids love it
    Cons: Only American History

    Grades Used: 3-10

    My kids beg me to do History. They absolutely love this program. We have done all of them. They love the parties at the end so they can share their work with others. I love the ease of use. I love that I can pick and choose what activities to do. I love that there are pictures of completed projects. The only negative thing that I can say is they don’t have world history or ancient history topics yet. We will finish the last one this month and then we will surely miss them. They truly are the best unit study/lap book/notebooking program out there!

  3. Time Travelers History Study Series Review by Ruth Stroup
    Pros: hands on learning
    Cons: need to print off a lot

    Grades Used: 2nd - 6th

    My family have loved the hands on learning that comes with this curriculum. We have used the Explorer and are currently using the Colonial CDs. It is easy to simplify or make more challenging for your multiple age groups. There are many different activities that can be chosen from to fit each child’s interest or style. My oldest loved the timeline in the Explorer lessons, while my youngest has loved the lapbooking aspect. It is easy to use, as it is all explained in well labeled files on the CD. We have really enjoyed using this curriculum.

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