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Leap Frog DVDs and products Reviews

The Leap Frog DVDs teach basic phonics, reading, and math. The content and songs tie into other Leap Frog items, which is good for repetition.

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  1. Leap Frog DVDs and products Review by Emilytwinmom
    Pros: Excellent for learning letters
    Grades Used: preschool

    My twin boys shocked us all when we realized they knew all of the sounds the letters made at 18 months old – all thanks to their love of watching The Letter Factory!! They have watched most of the leapfrog dvd’s, and just turned 4 and are reading well. They still love watching the movies and singing the songs. I was just noticing we need the silent E movie, to help with that concept. All three of our kids used the same two LeapPads, good ol’ fashioned ones that you put books in and use a pen to “read” with. It has helped our boys read so well at a very young age.

    If you can’t tell I just can’t praise these dvd’s enough!!

  2. Leap Frog DVDs and products Review by Barbara Hughes
    Pros: entertaining, available on Netflix
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: birth to 8 years.

    My children love these videos. They are fun to watch and the repetition helps them to easily learn numbers and letters. My oldest will still watch, but they are probably better for younger ages.

  3. Leap Frog DVDs and products Review by Sally
    Pros: fun, educational
    Cons: want more

    Grades Used: ages 2-6

    I wish I had had these dvds with all of my kids. The youngest two have loved them and truly learned. I didn’t have to teach my son the sounds or the alphabet. My daughter was singing the alphabet before she was two. Would be great gifts.

  4. Leap Frog DVDs and products Review by JulieCC
    Pros: inexpensive; effective; great for a/v learners
    Cons: can be repetitive...which is a pro for many learners

    Grades Used: 2 years old to 1st grade

    I used all of the LeapFrog DVDs, available at the time (5), to teach my 5th grade, autistic daughter. She has loved LeapFrog products since she was an infant. It started with her “Baby Tad” which taught music, colors, and shapes. The LeapFrog DVDs are a great seque into additional phonics and math instruction for children. Like using the other LeapFrog products as “edutainment”, this series is fun to watch. One thing that was really good for an autistic learner, was the repetition and carryover from one product to the next: the same characters; the same songs; the same themes, etc. So for a multi-sensory, or audio-visual learner, they were wonderful.

    In spite of my daughter being unable to speak, she learned her letter names and sounds, shapes, colors, basic math facts, and CVC and silent-e spelling. When she started preschool, then kindergarten, her teachers were very impressed. I attribute it all to the LeapFrog products, most noteably the DVDs that she viewed hundreds of times.

    I noticed at my public library yesterday that LeapFrog has added more titles to both the phonics/reading and math series. Those will continue the learning for grades above 1st.

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