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La Clase Divertida Reviews

Introduce your whole family to the basics of a foreign language when you join Señor and Señora Gamache’s friendly Spanish class! Games, songs, storytelling, cooking, and handcrafts are used to teach letters, numbers, greetings, animals, colors, and more. Kit includes two DVDs, a practice CD, teacher’s manual, two student workbooks, and two sets of craft materials—all in a sturdy carrying case. Ages 5 and up.

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  1. La Clase Divertida Review by autumn gray
    Pros: Fun, easy to use, effective
    Cons: It is not high tech or flashy.

    Grades Used: Prek, K. 2nd

    We are almost to the end of level 1. I have a 4 year old, 6 year old and 8 year old. This program is awesome. I’ve learned so mush right along side my children. I also really enjoy that they have added history, geography, cooking and art. We will be purchasing level 2 for next year.

  2. La Clase Divertida Review by Sharolyn
    Pros: Fun, easy to use, engaging, works!
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 3,4,5,6

    Worth every penny! My kids love it. They remember what they have learned. It teaches the language in a way that resonates with them. Plan to use it the whole way up.

  3. La Clase Divertida Review by Monica
    Pros: Lots of TPR and learning with music
    Cons: not as user friendly for little children

    Grades Used: K-6th

    I won the Level 1 kit at the end of this summer and tentatively added it to our curriculum for the year. At first I thought the teaching was a little too campy, but was surprised at how much my kids enjoyed the lessons and was quickly won over when I discovered my kids quickly grasping the concepts presented.

    The kit is set up to take approximately 30 weeks is you go by their recommended schedule (two weeks per lesson). But if your child learns fast, you might cover it in shorter time.

    It includes two DVDs with Señor Gamache teaching each lesson, a CD of the music included in each lesson, a workbook, teacher’s guide, and the supplies needed to complete two of each craft. Extra craft packets and student packets can be ordered directly from the company.

    Each lesson is accompanied by either a craft, recipe, or story discussing the history of Mexico as presented by an assistant “teacher” and Tuqui the tucán (a puppet).

    My kids are ages 6 and 4, and the only downside to this program is that the workbook requires a lot of reading and writing, with some pretty big words. So while it is fine for older kids, my daughter who is in 1st grade, struggles with some of the pages and my son cannot complete them at all. We’ve chosen to skip those activities for now and save them until she is a little older.

    The back of the book includes crosswords and word searches, a coloring page, and other activities that can be used as a review or just for fun. A creative instructor can use these with younger children with slight modification.

    I really like how the curriculum incorporates a lot of cultural history, crafts, etc. to supplement the language, thereby creating a more wholistic approach to learning the language. I’m interested to see what Level 2 offers.

    So yes, I wholeheartedly recommend this curriculum for teaching Spanish!

  4. La Clase Divertida Review by Renita
    Pros: Easy, Fun, and Effective!
    Cons: Not reproducible

    Grades Used: K-7

    I can’t recommend this product enough! I have tried every curriculum on the market (Learnables, Powerglide, Rosetta Stone…) all to no avail. I wanted to teach my kiddos Spanish, but all I was getting was a “going-through-the-motions” type of participation. I resisted this curriculum – after all – “The Fun Class…” I thought, this won’t be “real” learning…just having fun. But, I gave it a try anyway, and was blown away by how much Spanish my kiddos were learning (and they loved it!) A huge benefit to this program, is that they are leaning useful, conversational Spanish with a correct pronuciation! (thanks to the wonderful Sr. Gamache!) In addition, we are learning geography, getting to do fun crafts, and cooking projects. This program appeals to all the learning styles. We are about halfway through Year 2 and are enjoying it, as well as learning. Hasta la Vista!

  5. La Clase Divertida Review by Nicole Hale
    Pros: Fun, easy to use, multi-grade friendly
    Cons: depending on time, can be difficult to accomplish all activities listed

    Grades Used: lower grades

    We met the creator of La Clase Divertida at our annual homeschool convention two years ago. Living in Florida, I felt learning Spanish was essential for my children. Senior Gamache assured me that this curriculum would work – and it does! He makes it so much fun that my 3-year-old just HAS to join in. He has her singing the songs and learning right along with her older brothers!!! I can highly recommend this to anyone!

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