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Apologia Around the World in 180 Days Reviews

This two volume set is a series of questions about geography that is designed to be completed in one school year. Payne’s back-to-basics guide uses a “notebook approach” that’s ideal for multilevel learning. As a result, your youngest children can research the questions clearly marked for them, while the older students can look into the more challenging ones. Drawing information from a wide variety of resources (available in most public libraries), young explorers dive into the geography, history, religion, current events, key people, and cultures of all seven continents and consider how to share the gospel. Teacher and student workbooks included. Student text is formatted for 3-ring binders.

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  1. Apologia Around the World in 180 Days Review by JulieCC
    Pros: easy to use; teaches research
    Cons: not very visual

    Grades Used: middle school

    I used Around the World in 180 days with my son with, and without, a co-op class. It’s a great plan for covering world geography. We didn’t have many of the resources listed in the curriculum, though, so my son just did Internet research. It was good for him to learn how to do that.

    My son and I are very visual learners and the black/white nature of the printed pages weren’t enough visually for us. In the co-op class I taught, I brought many visual aids, videos, and hands-on projects to supplement the learning.

    This is best, I believe, with middle schoolers and above.

  2. Apologia Around the World in 180 Days Review by Kim McCready
    Pros: Reasonable price
    Grades Used: 7

    My 7th grader likes this program, but seems to think it needs to be a little more advanced.

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