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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Globe and red book with text Homeschool Curriculum ReviewsHomeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start? Find out what you should consider when choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family, then find out what other homeschoolers think of various products using the dropdown lists above.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Add your own review by selecting a resource from the publisher drop down menu or by browsing the categories and choosing a resource. You will be taken to the review page for that resource where you can let us know how it worked for your family.

Recent Reviews

Abeka Review by Kelsey Haldeman
"I most likely will never use again. If I do it would be Unaccredited. I did accredited K5 and the grading scale broke my child’s spirit. I stopped showing him his grades during 4th grading period because he told me “I can’t get an A momma I’l.."
K¹² Review by Angry Student
"I currently attend online school, and honestly I haven't been impressed. Geometry has taken me through a billion things that aren't even really classified as geometry, history (honors) doesn't stick to a timeline whatsoever (we keep jumping around an.."
A.C.E. Review by Shanea
"A.c.e. pace curriculum.."
ALEKS Review by Becca
"This website is HORRIBLE! All it teaches you is how to find different calculators for different things! It glitches a lot, and it just makes you feel bad! It takes me 30 minutes just to do 1 topic!.."
"Time Four learning is a bad learning program. It had evolution theories all over, and the science curriculum changed in the middle of the year. My fifth grade kids are doing seventh grade science. The classes are long and somewhat boring. It takes fo.."
"its super hard and stfressful.."
Abeka Academy Review by April Meadows
"We have used Abeka for one full year. My daughter is in 1st-grade, and my son 6th-grade, and they both love it. It is amazing how much more my son has learned this year versus his years in public school. This curriculum is perfect for our family. We .."
"Overall AAR is a good homeschool reading curriculum that covers ALL areas of reading, but I would say that many of the stories or activities could be boring, dull or predictable. Wouldn’t be one of my top recommendations..."
Time4Learning Review by Barbrania V. Bobshtewert
"this app/website [is] super glitchy my son will do something and it dont show up he has screenshots showing proof he completed it.."
"Abeka is a good quality Christian Education. Reading through some of the negative reviews, I wondered why some decided to choose a Christian education. They do teach cursive writing which is wonderful, considering all of the important historical doc.."
"We used the accredited program for my 6th grader. There is no room for flexibility, the videos move very fast, seemingly faster than if she were in a traditional setting. My daughter has to work a bit harder in Math. There is no way to slow down .."
Abeka Review by kaylie f.
"if there were stars i would give 3 and a half but the only good teacher i see is ms amy amsbaugh!.."
"Well, I realize it's inexpensive and mine liked the "no zoom" format with just prerecorded videos. Frankly, my high schooler got nothing out of the courses he took and when I watched some videos with him, I realized there wasn't much content. I'd p.."
"Speaks very fast and difficult to follow for SEN child. Not straightforward to use as advertised and unfortunately no reply to any emails..."
Video Text Math Review by Joseph E Wissel
"My daughter found this program to be limited in the video teaching and the practice problems were different from what was used as the example. Several calls needed to be made for help in understanding. Also, there were not enough problems for pract.."
ABCmouse Review by ginny burks
"ABC mouse is a waste of time and money. My daughter is in kindergarten and it did nothing to help her..."
"hi im a student at abeka and i used to do public school i got average grades but my grades have drop so much my stress levels have gone up and they dont do things the simple way its a pain to keep up with all the work our books got sent in late we h.."
Calvert Review by darcy gasparovic
"After seeing other online platforms (2) in action I think it important to give credit where credit is due. Calvert Academy is leagues ahead of the other schools my daughter attended. The back up person to person support is fantastic. The knowledge t.."
"The ABEKA curriculum has good intentions in their teaching, but it is very flawed, in my own opinion. The Bible classes are fairly good. They base their teachings on God's Word, and are straightforward with topics like salvation and such. however .."
ABCmouse Review by Sandra
"Why are all the kids featured white?.."
Calvert Review by M. J. Frances
"This school is really good. The only problems are that they give way too much work (I had to unassign a lot so that the courses could get done in time) and some of the terminologies are wrong. They keep using "he or she" when referring to someone .."
"very bad.."
ALEKS Review by Annette
"This is a solid, well-constructed learning platform. It was mandated by my school for remedial algebra (required for Math 111), and I was skeptical that it would be as helpful to me as a teacher. I was pleasantly surprised. In each lesson, you g.."
"it is a sexist, homophobic biased curriculum. Mistakes in the answer keys and is unclear at times. would not recommend. the math textbook they recommend is to easy because seventh graders should already start pre algebra. there are easy parts- at lea.."
Calvert Review by Brian E.
"Calvert Academy has been an absolutely amazing resource for our 6th and 4th grade daughters this school year. Our family was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the education they've received and we feel this is the one of the strongest years of.."
"ACE is great, it is not rushed at all. The children go at their own PACE! That why it's called PACE because you don't move ahead until the child firmly grasps the teaching concept. I have no idea why this method of teaching would be criticized? my.."
"I downloaded ABC mouse app for my 3 years old daughter in 2017 because it is free try out. Then I found out it was more like a game than educational purpose, so I canceled it. And I told my toddler that she can’t use it any more. Recently I just fo.."
"Do not buy if you want your children to learn about science. There are many good science curriculums, and this is not one of them. This book does not support a modern christian family. The misinformation is harmful to education, and will lead to your.."
Calvert Review by Mrs. Jennifer L Liles
"My son was in public school like his siblings but has always been a part of the IEP system. His needs were being met at the younger grades but as he grew older, in the 4th grade, his needs were more of a technological and attention accommodations. D.."
"I am surprised by a few reviews, but understand that some groups and communities may vary. Our group seems to very accurately reflect the Classical Conversations mission - "To know God and make Him known." I am excited to have found this community .."
K¹² Review by Anna
"Completely overwhelming with amount of work expected from 1st grader. Literally 6 hours logged everyday. For example 2 hrs 45min of ELA work alone. The content is great but way too much of it. And crazily enough, if we complete the days assignment.."
"I dont know who is writing all the bad reviews, but I almost think its the same person. If you have a problem with a Christian curriculum, for starters, don't use it. Abeka has ALWAYS been a Christian curriculum and they have never hid that fact. Se.."
"Explode the Code online has been disappointing. Graphics are sometimes hard to decipher and the system is so slow that my 7 year old son types faster than they can process, and they think he got it wrong when he didn't. It is quite frustrating..."
Teaching Textbooks™ Review by April Mottahedeh
"In the beginning where it was reviewing things she had already learned in previous years, she was doing well. When it started teaching new things, everything went downhill. It would teach things at a ridiculously fast pace and once you move on to the.."
A.C.E. Review by RyanJ
"PACE is the most rushed curriculum I’ve ever used and seen. So much for the word “PACE” they should have just called it “RUSH” you don’t learn anything within the curriculum, rather it’s rushing you to get all these books done in a shor.."
A.C.E. Review by Swapna patra
"I currently enrolled my son because of lockdown situation in india. I found it useful as per gaining knowledge but coming to math my kid need all measurements in indian style which ace ciriculum will definitely don't help him in future math..."
"I found this product halfway through this school year (6th grade). We absolutely love this program. ( Prior to this we had been using TT. I found myself reteaching everything she was doing in TT on a daily basis, as she was confused and couldn't alwa.."
K¹² Review by heather
"we were very excited at first about the flexibility but the school ended up being the worst year of my daughter's life. she was always a smart girl but this year they have literally set her up to fail. all the teachers are terrible and don't deserve .."
"So many of these reviews are about various k12 PUBLIC SCHOOLS and NOT about the International Academy. The public schools may be horrible or great based on your state. The k12 International Academy is a PRIVATE school. There is tuition. The co.."
"We chose LSS for my son for 1st grade because of the pandemic. I can say he has learned so much, far more than what he would have learned in a regular school. The academic level is outstanding. But, all the reviews about lack of teacher support are t.."
"This site is utter garbage. There isn't any useful information being taught through it. All of the prompts are just duplicates..."
"At the start it was going pretty well. Everything seemed to be easy and I got my work done, but after 2nd quarter and starting to 3rd quarter it just went downhill. In middle school all my grades were good. I had A's and B's and an occasional C in.."
"Both my kids 7th and 4th grade love the program. It is set up very well a'd allows me to change the daily lessons per class if my kids fall behind. The truth is that any class can become boring if a student isn't interested in the subject but I think.."
"My high school was the “poster child” school that would be easily pointed to as a reason to use ACE. For me, the best part about ACE was leaving it to go to a public school. I really enjoyed having to catch up with actual drug users because I h.."
"We used BFB's History of Science for 3 of my children in 4th, 5th and 7th grade. It was a fun, full year. I would break up the lessons sometimes over several days. We would just do about an hour of work together every day. We used it for both history.."
"Using Acellus for my kindergartener, it’s terrible! Boring and lame! Some subjects are too complex for a 5 or 6 year old. There are a few teachers that don’t even pronounce words correctly and don’t look like they want to even be recording the .."
"I balked at first because it seemed expensive - but really it's not because all the tears it has saved me having to look for something else or spending time explaining math concepts. Our family loves Math U See. So far we've used it for 4 differe.."
"im not gonna state everything thats wrong with keystone since it's infinite. Though basically like all these reviews say, SO much work, not enough explanation, bad support, and mental fatigue. There was a time while I was still in the keystone prison.."
Calvert Review by Lauro De Camargo Netto
"Due to changes in my professional career, I and my family were relocated to a remote location where the local schools have a very limited education structure. As a parent, one of my top priorities is to provide a good education background to my two k.."
"I was referred to Classical Conversations by a friend. As a parent my community days were fine. As a tutor it was rigorous going over the English program. The Essentials Guide and other recommended material for English grammar is hard to understand .."

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