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Math-U-See Reviews

This is a hands-on curriculum that uses workbooks, videos and manipulative blocks to teach math concepts. Students learn how to perform math operations and understand why they are performing those operations so they can apply them to everyday life. The program was described in 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy as “easier than most.” Math·U·See is broken down to teach students specific skills that build as the student progresses. This systematic and cumulative approach uses a definite, logical sequence of concept instruction. The Math·U·See system is structured with step-by-step procedures for introducing, reviewing, and practicing concepts. Students spend as much or as little time as needed on any given concept until it is mastered.

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  1. Math-U-See Review by Andrew
    Pros: Easy to use
    Cons: Some essential elemants missing in Algebra 1 and Geometry.

    Grades Used: 4-11

    Great for younger ages, has some shortcomings in Algebra 1 and Geometry as the subjects are not covered to the depth that they would be in a public school. Great if your child is eating up Math very early, as the missing elements are mostly covered in Algebra 2.

  2. Math-U-See Review by Desiree Mains
    Pros: Manipulatives, easy to understand workbooks, great dvd's
    Cons: Start up cost

    Grades Used: Primer-Gamma

    I have used MUS with my 2 boys 6 & 8. The blocks really help them understand the basics of addition, subtraction and place value. Place value was really great with the blocks to have a visual representation. The videos and teacher books are helpful, they give great tips and teach parents how to use math language correctly. As a former 1st grade teacher I wish I had know some of these simple ways to explain the basics. My kids work independently a majority of the time. There are plenty of practice pages so I know they have mastered the skills.

  3. Math-U-See Review by Kelly
    Pros: Teaching DVDs
    Cons: See below

    Grades Used: Primer through Algebra I

    We took a gamble and started using MUS with my oldest when we brought her home from school in 3rd grade. We began with Gamma but moved back to Beta. She has now completed Algebra I and will begin Geometry next year. We started MUS from the beginning with my youngest and I will say it is easier to start from the beginning than it is to try and switch mid-elementary, because MUS does not teach to the same scope and sequence as many other conventional math programs. Oldest’s standardized test scores were average through 6th grade, to be expected because of MUS’s scope and sequence not correlating, however at the end of 6th grade (Zeta, final elementary series) her scores soared 3 grade levels. Our gamble paid off. She was well prepared for Pre-Algebra and Algebra I has been good as well with some minor hiccups in slope and intercept, but customer service was great and they walked her through it. We plan to continue on through Calculus with MUS!

  4. Math-U-See Review by Isabelle L.
    Pros: Multi-facet learning, DVDs, enthusiastic teacher, manipulation
    Cons: Can get pricey to start with, if child has to go back to regular school for some reasons some aspects of math might be missing due to how their books are made

    Grades Used: Lower Level: Primer, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta Upper Level: Pre-Algebra

    I really like the fact that MUS is using the manipulation, the hearing, the visual, the saying and writing in order to teach the kids math. Seriously, where were they when I was in primary school?

    We have used all levels in the lower level part. Primer was a good springboard to Alpha and all my kids enjoyed it. Alpha – Zeta covers specific aspects of math. For example, the Gamma book is about multiplication from A-Z. I would say the Gamma book is for grade 3 but by the time they have completed it, they have covered multiplicaiton up to grade 6. The next book is all about division. Epsilon is about Fractions and Zeta about decimals. So you see if the child has to go back to school for some reasons, there might be an issue because some knowledge would have not been covered yet.

    However, when you hit the upper level books – and we only have done pre-algebra so far – the books follows the math in school I believe. My oldest is in grade 7 and has almost finished his Pre-Algebra book. In the upper level books, you will also have honor lessons exercises in order to practice more complicated problems.

    Our experience is fabulous with it. It is pricey to start with this curriculum if you purchase the blocks which I highly recommend. The blocks will be used up to Delta. Then for Epsilon you will have a kit or fractions and another kit to get for Zeta for the decimals.

  5. Math-U-See Review by Kitty
    Pros: Ease of use
    Cons: Their insistence on charging exorbitant postage/handling on orders

    Grades Used: All

    I have been homeschooling my grandchildren for over 15 years. The oldest is now doing Geometry and will be doing Algebra II next. She has been doing Math-U-See since about 3rd grade. Her younger sister started with it in Pre-School and is now in Gamma. Although they each have different learning styles, they have both thrived with this curriculum. I love it that Steve Demme does all the explaining for me on the DVD in a logical, cumulative way. I love the blocks and other visuals that come with the program. The workbooks are wonderful and are not full of busy work like some other notable curriculums. The next children in the family will be ready to start preschool soon and they will use these too. I feel so blessed. I wish all the subjects were this easy to teach!

  6. Math-U-See Review by Stefanie
    Pros: Easy tio use, little prep time for teacher
    Grades Used: Alpha - Beta

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program. My daughter doesn’t fight me to do math, she understands the concepts and there is not unnecessary busy work. She likes the blocks and uses them now only when necessary. My 4 yr old son loves watching the videos and plays with the blocks even though he hasn’t started the program yet. Easy to use. No prep time which I don’t have anyway.
    I sure wish I had been taught math the way Steve teaches it on the videos. I would have had straight A’s and would have actually understood it with about 1/10 of the work I had to do in school.

  7. Math-U-See Review by susan dallas
    Pros: easy to learn
    Cons: a little pricey but worth it!

    Grades Used: 1-5

    I enjoy the math-u-see series I’ve been using them since first grade my children are now in fifth grade. They are very understandable I actually get to learn the math I never understood. Having the video helps with explaining the math. Its like having your own math teacher. I can pause the dvd if there is a question. One of my children didn’t like using the blocks he said it confuses him, so we dont’t use them. Even without them them seem to understand the concepts. They are actually looking forward to meeting Mr. Demme at the homeschool expo next month.

  8. Math-U-See Review by Nora H
    Pros: Easy to use for student and teacher
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: Alpha -Delta

    I am so happy that we found MUS. You see, I have special needs children, and sometimes re-teaching them over and over can get quite daunting. Well, to help solve that situation, I just pop in a DVD and the boys get a refresher EVERY day. It doesn’t completely solve all the problems, but it sure does help. They enjoy the manipulative and since all modalities (see it, hear it, build it, say it) are used in learning new concepts, they tend to eventually learn it. I am sure that the average student could move through the material much quicker than we do, but that is the beauty of MUS, you can go as fast or slow as you need to go.

    I like that with each succeeding chapter, the child learns a new concept and then they review what was learned in previous chapters.

  9. Math-U-See Review by Rashel
    Pros: Child moves at their own pace
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: Primer to Zeta

    We have always used Math U See and love it. I wouldn’t think of switching Math programs. I love that the students can watch a video instruction and then if there are still questions (usually there aren’t), I have a teacher’s manual to assist me in explaining it. I also love that the children can move at their own pace, as soon as they master it, we move on. It has also been very cost effective for us, having four children we can reuse the teacher’s kit and only order student books after the first purchase.
    The only area we have had trouble in was multiplication facts and that was easily fixed with some multiplication drill cards. I highly recommend this program.

  10. Math-U-See Review by Sheri Vincent
    Pros: Use of manipulatives, learning the same concept in different ways
    Cons: Cost

    Grades Used: 1-3

    This program has saved us! I can’t say enough about it! It is costly but WORTH EVERY PENNY! Math used to involve daily tears but now we never have an issue, and I mean NEVER! I will not even consider looking at other options. This will be our math all the way through grade 12.

  11. Math-U-See Review by Paige C.
    Pros: hands-on manipulative, good instructional DVDS
    Cons: upper levels lacking, and not great for a 'non' math teacher

    Grades Used: Primary through Algebra

    I believe Math-u-see is an awesome math program for younger, foundational grades. I have found no better math program on the market that teaches with hands-on demonstrations as well as Math-u-see does. They also make available free from their website additional practice sheets per level and lesson, alternate test, and drilling games. The only draw back I have found with Math-u-see really lies within the teacher’s ability. If you are like me and math is not your strong subject then you might find that the upper levels were challenging if you ran into struggles with your student because there is only a condensed version of the answers available in the answer key. It is not the ‘answer’ only, but I found that it was not enough for me to thoroughly understand to be able to help my child if they missed a problem. I spent a lot of time myself trying to work through a problem and calling the help hotline to understand a concept or problem which became a burden for me. The newest version may have corrected some of these dilemma. That being said, I still have two older children that used the program through Algebra 1 and have went on to do well with math in the higher level and even into college. So, Math-u-see: a great program, just make sure that your teaching skills, styles, and time commitments match!!

  12. Math-U-See Review by Stephanie

    We LOVE MUS!!The only reason I rated it four stars overall is b/c it does take some supplementing, but when you see the way the material is presented and how easy Steve makes it for kids to grasp the concepts, you begin to understand why all that superfluous stuff is stripped away in the early years. It might not work for all learning styles. We initially started with Horizons, but the spiral approach drove my child crazy. He did not want to come back to the same concept over and over again once he understood it. So, I began searching for a program w/ a mastery approach, and found MUS. It worked for us from the start b/c once you learn a concept, you can go right to the review sheets, and if you understand those, you can move on to the next concept. This pace was a much better fit for us. I think my child also likes the clean, uncluttered look of the worksheets which get right to point w/out a lot of fluff. The manipulatives are a must to us, and have really helped in the early years when a child can’t visualize, but needs something concrete to see relationships between the numbers. Maybe if your child is older they might not be as essential. As for supplementing things like time, money, early geometry, we use math mammoth concept books. Highly recommend those also. Great fit together to make a comprehensive program that helps w/ standardized test success.

  13. Math-U-See Review by Gina
    Pros: Very easy to use and understand
    Cons: I haven't found any

    Grades Used: Alpha-Pre-Calculus plus Stewardship

    My seven kids range from 20-5 and they all love Math-u-see!!I tried several math curriculums with my oldest two and we all cried through them. Then we found Math-u-see and there have been no more tears. My kids get excited about watching the video lessons with Dr. Demme and they love working with the manipulatives. Dr. Demme explains everything step by step and you have the video so you can always refer back to it. We do not consume the student books, the kids just do their work in a notebook. It may take a little longer but it saves us A LOT of money! With Math-u-see it is easy to tell when the child has mastered a concept and then you can move on without tons of busy work. If you have a problem call them – they will help you!

  14. Math-U-See Review by Carrie
    Pros: Kids master material before moving on
    Cons: Workbooks are black and white

    Grades Used: K, 1st, 6th, and Geometry (Usually for Sophomores)

    I love how the author teaches math concepts. The kids seem to truly understand what he says about how and why math works the way it does.

  15. Math-U-See Review by Edda Cox
    Pros: Easy to use
    Grades Used: 1 and 2nd

    I love math u see. My daughter was disappointed in math and saying she didn’t like it anymore when I decided to change to Math-u-see. After just a few days she changed her attitude towards math and now enjoys her classes most of the time. They are not “fun” per se, but since they are sequential and easy to follow she can do them at her own pace, completing as many worksheets for one lesson as she needs before moving on to the next one. We are completely satisfied.

  16. Math-U-See Review by Amy
    Pros: Easy to teach from
    Cons: Cost-up front. But worth it in the long run.

    Have donw kindergarten through 2nd grade so far. Love it! The pages themselves aren’t flashy or “exciting” but the teaching games and concepts found in the teacher supplement are great fun. Plus they have “fun pages” in the test booklet.

  17. Math-U-See Review by Jennifer
    Pros: the approach they use really makes sense, great videos
    Grades Used: 1st through 3rd

    I have used Alpha through Gamma for my daughter, and I recently started my 5-yr-old son on Alpha. They both do great. I love how he approaches each lesson, making it as easy as possible for the kids to understand the concepts, not just memorize facts.

  18. Math-U-See Review by Denise
    Pros: Easy for the kids to learn. Has manipulatives. Is fun for the young and older kids. They tend to work together because the concepts run in succession so each of the kids understands enough to help the younger ones.
    Cons: the cost up front, but worth it in the long run.

    Grades Used: K-7 so fa and continuing

    I have been using Math u See for my three children and the five year old has been watching the dvd with his brother and sister and now does the lessons with ease because he has been seeing the concepts along the way which has made it simple so fa for him. My two older children are doing well using this curriculum for math. My daughter was having difficulty with division but when we switched to MUS she got the concept easily and is moving on. When concepts are hard to comprehend for some children this curriculum helps to clear them up.

  19. Math-U-See Review by Sue S
    Pros: easy, great for my hands on user
    Cons: none yet

    Grades Used: 1st-4th

    I was using another math curriculum and my hands on DD could not get the subtraction concept. As soon as the blocks came out, I knew we had a winner. My other DD is working along with her and it works well for her too. I let the girls watch the video for the lesson and I explain whatever is unclear.

  20. Math-U-See Review by Carol N
    Pros: Kids like it, easy to use
    Grades Used: 3,4,5,6

    My boys liked watching the DVD’s (we all watched together) and then being able to go back and review them at any time. They seemed to retain the information better than with other programs that we have tried.

  21. Math-U-See Review by Andrea Halstead
    Pros: easy to use
    Grades Used: Primer - Gamma

    My kids love this. They like using the manipulatives and I have them watch the videos with me and they love that too! As mentioned earlier, the levels do not “mix” so on state testing some math problems children may not know how to do, but in the end I feel they will have a stronger ability in math

  22. Math-U-See Review by Cheri Burt
    Pros: Works at student's pace; Easy to implement;; Multi-sensory
    Cons: Intial cost

    Grades Used: Variety

    We have used Primer-Epsilon and all 3 of my kids have loved Mr. Demme. They think he is funny and easy to understand. We sit down together to watch the video and then work on the first page of each lesson together. My student complete each page on their own after the first and only need to ask questions.

    I like that we can move at the student’s pace. If one unit is more difficult than they may have to complete all 6 pages but if another is easily grasped, then they may only complete 3 or 4 pages. I also like that it build upon itself each lesson and each year.

    The blocks and dvds are necessary but to help keep our family’s cost down, we bought each level books once, put them in page protectors and then used dry erase markers to complete the pages. This saves money and I don’t have to buy another consumable for the next student.

  23. Math-U-See Review by Susan
    Pros: DVD's, manipulatives
    Cons: cost

    Grades Used: beta to epsilon so far

    Math was easy for me, so I found it difficult to explain to my kids when they had problems. That’s why the DVD’s are so great. My kids and I both watch the videos; for the most part, that’s all the instruction they need. When we switched over to this program, my kids loved it at first. However, they don’t LOVE their math now, maybe because most of the work for them involves completing worksheets. But I don’t know if another math program would appeal to them any more than this one. I like the manipulatives, we pull them out for a refresher whenever a concept gets fuzzy. I find the fraction overlays especially make things clear and understandable.

  24. Math-U-See Review by Maree
    Pros: DVDs, easy to use
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: K, 1, 2, 3

    I love this math program. I was never the best at math so I have found it so useful to learn with myself!! I appreciate the systematic reviews because it helps gauge whether your child has retained previous knoweldge. MUS has worked well for our family to date. We have used Primer, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. We are just waiting on the arrival of Epsilon for our eight year old to start. That’s the only negative; it takes a long time to reach us in New Zealand.

  25. Math-U-See Review by Cavell Gronniger
    Pros: easy to use & FUN
    Cons: cost of blocks

    Grades Used: k, 1

    My son LOVES Math-U-See. He likes how the blocks stack like legos! I love the ease of it…almost no prep time and the DVDs have some great ideas on how to do math that I was never taught. Great curriculum overall. The blocks are a little high, but when you see the smiles on your children’s faces because they “get” math and are having fun, it’s all worth it!

  26. Math-U-See Review by Lori
    Pros: well thought out, and easy to follow
    Grades Used: Primer and Alpha

    We enjoy the simplicity of this curriculum. It makes sense, and flows well.

  27. Math-U-See Review by Robyn
    Pros: great for kids who struggle, DVD, non-cluttered pages
    Cons: little variety, word problems quite simple

    Grades Used: Primer through Epsilon

    We used MUS for a couple years. The kids loved the DVD’s. Mine did not get into the manipulatives. It’s a good solid curriculum, however I was finding my kids had a hard time applying the skills they were learning to problems that didn’t look like MUS problems. My ds started another math program alongside Epsilon(more application orientated) and even though he had the isolated skills to solve all the problems, he could not put those skills together to use them to solve problems that required more thinking. In the end we decided to stop using MUS. If we run into difficulty later in math (ie. algebra, geometry) I wouldn’t hesitate to try the appropriate level of MUS again. Mr. Demme really does have a way of making math easy!

  28. Math-U-See Review by Jamie
    Pros: Hands-on, easy to teach, great videos, & the boys love MATH because of it!!
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: Primer & Alpha,....and ordering Beta!

    I was so excited to find a math curriculum that my oldest would enjoy doing! Hands-on learning with the kids has kept them busy & they want to learn! With the DVD included in each level, it makes the parent teaching it have a better understanding of how to teach it, and also the kids can watch to SEE it done as well before they begin. My oldest is now almost finished with Alpha and gets through each worksheet, 18-20 problems, in 5-8 minutes. And when he is done, he has a smile on his face!! 🙂 So we are moving on to next level, Beta! He struggled with Math in K & 1st grade, but now has finally got Math down, thanks to Math-U-See!! 🙂 As for my next child, he watched his big brother for so long with math and at the age of just 5 asked me to PLEASE let him start doing math! And he is getting through the Primer book very quickly!! 🙂

  29. Math-U-See Review by loura
    Pros: Very easy to use, dvds
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: K-10

    I love this system! The Dvds make it almost self taught. Very clear concepts and easily grasped. Very Reasonable price.

  30. Math-U-See Review by Clarissa
    Pros: Straight forward, broken down in bite sized pieces
    Grades Used: 6,7, 8

    I love love love this math curriculum. I believe it is a wonderful value- $90 plus shipping for teacher book, cd and TWO student workbooks and test books(schooling twins). The DVD video is short and to the point and you can watch it as many times as necessary until you get it. 6 worksheets for every lesson. This introduces information easily and builds up that information in a logical, straighforward way. Math is not the most exciting subject on the planet but I have really enjoyed that the lessons are short and to the point. I will be switching my 11th grader over to Geometry with Math u See because I believe he will get a much better understanding than what we are trying now.

  31. Math-U-See Review by Clarissa
    Pros: Straight foward, broken down in bite sized pieces
    Grades Used: 6, 7, 8

    I love love love this math curriculum. I believe it is a wonderful value- $90 plus shipping for teacher book, cd and TWO student workbooks and test books(schooling twins). The DVD video is short and to the point and you can watch it as many times an necessary until you get it. 6 worksheets for ever lesson. This introduces information easily and builds up that information in a logical, straighforward way. Math is not the most exciting subject on the planet but I have really enjoyed that the lessons are short and to the point. I will be switching my 11th grader over to Geometry with Math u See because I believe he will get a much better understanding than what we are trying now.

  32. Math-U-See Review by Tammy McNair
    Pros: Ease, No frills, Helps you understand numbers
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: K,1,2

    My DS6 has Autism and has always had a “thing” for numbers. But when it came to adding, he was beyond lost. :0( We started with Math U See and he GETS IT! :0) Awesome product!

  33. Math-U-See Review by Heather Owens
    Pros: DVD, Ease, Confidence for Student, Well explained.
    Grades Used: Primer to Geometry

    I highly recommend Math-U-See from beginning to the end. If they stick with it they will learn so much more than other math programs. Your kids will have a full foundation and more when they are finished. I have many levels of students and all have enjoyed it!

  34. Math-U-See Review by Sherry
    Pros: Videos are helpful. I actually would have my children watch them with me.
    Cons: cost, different way of teaching

    Grades Used: 1 to 7

    I thought this program was really good, until we reached fractions and then my son cried every day when I mentioned math. We started with the old program and converted to the new program. My daughter was not ‘getting’ the multiplication. We converted to yet, another program and this seems to be working better for my kiddos. I still think this is a great program, but not for everyone, and as already mentioned above, my 3rd grader was not able to do the division on the state test, which gave her a low score. My son had tested high on math until he reached 6th grade and for some reason the program did not fit his needs anymore.

  35. Math-U-See Review by Sally
    Pros: Ease of use
    Cons: Must have manipulatives and dvds to truly understand it all

    Grades Used: Primer-Epsilon

    I have tried several math programs, but I see the “light coming on” in my children’s understanding in using Math U See. The concepts of why it is done this way is explained which makes it easier to remember and understand. After watching the dvd and explaining the lesson on Monday, the child can work on his own for the rest of the week. Great layout of concepts.

  36. Math-U-See Review by Susan
    Pros: Develops confidence, helps understanding of math
    Grades Used: Foundations through Algebra 2

    The DVDs have been a great addition to MUS, the lessons can be reviewed easily and the table of contents make it easy to find and review any concept. The lesson pages include questions on past concepts so it is very easy to see if you need to go back over an old lesson for a concept that was not mastered. The use of manipulatives is a big plus for actually seeing how math works. We’ve used their products for over 14 years and mixed them with other math products.

  37. Math-U-See Review by Monika
    Pros: Great teacher
    Cons: Haven't found any yet

    Grades Used: Primer to Beta

    Fun for all the kids in the house to use. Plus I’m filling in gaps that my 8 year old missed when she was in public school. My 4 year old loves the blocks. The way he teaches telling time is fantastic!

  38. Math-U-See Review by Ginette
    Pros: Not overwhelming, manageable, wonderful instruction DVD for each lesson in each book
    Grades Used: From Primer to Pre-Calculus

    I have four kids done, went to college, with no problem in their math program. My son was bored in is engeneering program, he found his math easy in College, he had seen almost all of it in his MUS. I did try something else, supposely better for that son at one point and he beg me to come back with MUS.
    I have three more to go and I will certainly keep going with MUS. It is well done, and builds gradually their knowledge. I have been using it for 16 years now.
    Math U See uses manipulatives to reinforce concepts. The DVD to watch explains the new concept and 3 pages in the book to practice with. You can go as quickly or as slow as you need, based on your child understanding.
    In each student kit is a student workbook and a test booklet. The Teacher Pack comes with the Teacher’s instruction and a DVD.

    I highly recommend MUS, you won’t regret it.

  39. Math-U-See Review by Emily
    Pros: videos, short lessons
    Grades Used: Alpha, Beta

    This year we are using all new, different curricula. We LOVE MUS and are so glad we switched to it! My kids look forward to doing math! They love watching the video at the beginning of each lesson and my daughter really loves using the manipulatives! While it doesn’t work for everyone, it has been a great fit for us!

  40. Math-U-See Review by Tina
    Pros: Manipulatives, videos
    Cons: cost, didn't work for my family

    Grades Used: K

    My son cried every day. He said it was boring. He did like to play with the manipulatives though. This just was not a good fit for my family.

  41. Math-U-See Review by Renita
    Pros: manipulatives, DVD instruction, easy to use
    Cons: initial cost

    Math U See has saved our children from crying everyday during Math. Everyday was a struggle and no one wanted to do Math. They hated it and so did I. Then, someone suggested Math U See to us. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for our schooling.

    When I bought the books for the first time, I put them in a year behind to be sure that they were understanding the basics in Math. It was a wise decision so that the kids could get used to the different method Math U See uses. They quickly caught up.

    Fast forward to today and they are loving Math! Math U See uses manipulatives to reinforce the concepts. There is a DVD to watch that explains the new concept and multiple pages in the book to practice with. You can take it as quickly or as slowly as you need to based on your student’s progress.

    Each student pack comes with a Student Book and a Test Booklet. The Teacher Pack comes with the Teacher’s book and a DVD.

    I highly recommend MUS.

  42. Math-U-See Review by Sandie
    Pros: easy to use ,comes with teaching help video
    Grades Used: 1st-9th

    This really works! It is a must for homeschoolers .

  43. Math-U-See Review by Deb Laird
    Pros: moves at child pace, great video
    Cons: cost

    Grades Used: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    After watching a son struggle with another curriculum, I had to switch. He has improved with this curriculum. Mr. Demme makes it so EASY. We watch the videos together. The manipulative s are a must!

  44. Math-U-See Review by Heather
    Pros: GREAT manipulatives
    Grades Used: Primere(K), Beta(2) and Gamma(3)

    We are using this for Primer, Beta, and Gamma. My kids love it and the DVD’s do most of the teaching. They enjoy doing it and it teaches in a way that they easily grasp it. The manipulatives are the best. They have made a huge difference in my 1st graders math, she’s in a school, I wish I would have had them sooner!

  45. Math-U-See Review by Natalie Darling
    Pros: teaching videos, easy to understand format
    Cons: Cost

    Grades Used: K, 1, 2, 3, 4

    I have used the levels of Primer, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta with my children. This program is costly to get into but definitely worth the cost in the end. Lessons are laid out clearly and are very easy to understand. The videos are included with the teacher pack and are a nice feature as you gain an extra person to explain the lesson. Honestly I have had many times where I did the lesson with my children and have thought “Wow! That makes so much sense”. I was good at math growing up because I could memorize well but I struggled to apply it to anything but a math test. Math-u-see just teaches things differently than other programs out there.
    I was a little nervous because Gamma is all multiplication and you don’t start division until Delta (4th grade). However, multiplication was taught in a way that made division a really natural thing to learn for my son once he got to it. If your children are doing state testing in math, it might be a problem to be missing division until that age though. If you are struggling with the cost, there is a yahoo group just for selling and buying Math-u-see curriculum so definitely check that out.

  46. Math-U-See Review by Sarah Jackson
    Pros: incorporates many senses into learning
    Cons: start up costs

    Grades Used: K, 3rd

    We have used Primer, Beta and Gamma. It is a great way to actually LEARN math and retain the information!!

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