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Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) ReviewsAccelerated Christian Education® has taken the conventionally styled textbook and divided it into bite-sized, achievable, worktexts called PACEs. Each PACE is similar to a unit in a textbook. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. PACEs integrate Godly character-building lessons into the academic content, and self-instructional activities are carefully designed to develop thinking skills and create mastery learning.

Students begin their PACE work by noting their goals, the concepts they will learn, a Bible verse, and a corresponding character trait. From the beginning of each PACE, they know what is expected and assume the responsibility for their own learning! Full-color explanations and illustrations add excitement to each lesson, and innovative learning activities reinforce the interesting text material.

Each PACE contains several Checkups, which are quizzes covering a section of the PACE. If mastery in an area is not achieved, the Checkup will reveal that weak area. Students can then take the time necessary to review and learn those concepts before proceeding to the next.

Upon completion of the activities and Checkups, students prepare to take the Self Test. Here students evaluate themselves, and a supervisor/tutor determines readiness for the final PACE Test. When the Self Test is successfully completed, the student turns in the PACE and takes the PACE Test the next school morning. The PACE Test objectively measures student mastery of the material.

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  1. A.C.E. Review by Natali
    Pros: Affordable, Easy to use, test and record keeping, colorful, mastery approach, independent, organized
    Cons: None so far.

    Grades Used: K-2

    This is my 2nd year using ACE, and we love it so far. I thought kinder was going to be too easy but I think we adults are always trying to make it harder or “more challenging” than it needs to be. I’ve looked up my state standards and this curriculum covers it and more.

    My oldest is in 2nd grade and he reads incredibly well. He’s good at math. He’s always asking me questions about science, Bible, and english. This kid’s attention span can be pretty short, but he loves it. We get to talk and learn new things together. Social studies is alittle easy in my opinion but no curriculum is perfect. I don’t mind supplementing at times.

    Curriculum is just a foundation and you need something that makes sense to you & the kiddos. We (the parents) put the love of learning in them, not necessarily the curriculum. You can always build on it or supplement. Every parent will have different goals in mind for their children. It’s very important to me that they aren’t like the world, and entirely about loving God, serving Him and others, no matter what they grow up to be. God is the center. ACE helps keep us focused on the Lord along with our studies. Side note, they love the characters and comics.

    I see them learning, and they are not behind kids in public school. I have nieces and nephews who go to public, and my kids are not behind them, if not maybe ahead. I don’t care for public for a number of reasons, as I myself went to public k-12. I absolutely know ACE will prepare for college. There are plenty who have stated they’ve done ACE and have a degree. College is great so long as your not getting into debt for no reason. Go to college to get a degree you will actually use. I have nothing against college, but it’s not necessary for all. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, no college, but wealthy. If my kids need to go for the career of their choice then they’ll most definitely be ready. It’s not something we push, but are supportive.

    As we continue to use ACE we will always talk and expand on each topic; add or take away as we see fit.

    Check the standards for your state and compare before you knock it. Its not for everyone, but it totally fits our needs.

  2. A.C.E. Review by Sue Stern-Laird
    Pros: requires little to no prep; routinized; mechanical
    Cons: disjointed bible integration; unchallenging; rote (read and regurgitate); child is silo'ed; does not promote discussion or critical thinking

    Grades Used: 2; 4; 9

    I’m using ACE for for my three boys, ages 7, 10, and 15.

    I would say ACE is okay for kids under third grade, but the upper levels are simply not challenging enough. ACE relies on the same old formula, and varies little in its methodology…read a passage and answer the questions EXACTLY as you find them in the passage. I agree with other reviewers who say the curriculum is too rote and easy.

    I’m also concerned with the KJV only bible verses on the bottom of the pages. The verses are often taken out of context to support a point. I’m also concerned with how culturally insensitive the social studies reading seem to be. It’s actually demeaning to non-white, suburban American cultures, and seems to support a very narrow understanding of the world.

    All in all, ACE is ok if your child is in kindergarten to first grade. The content is simply not good enough in the upper grades, especially if you want them to develop higher level thinking skills.

    Science and social studies are the weakest part of the ACE curriculum. Math is also not rigorous enough.

  3. A.C.E. Review by Karen
    Grades Used: K-12

    Pros: Mastery education curriculum is wonderful. It is simple in elementary so by High School, when the curriculum is significantly harder, a solid foundation has been established. Learning to love to learn, and learning beyond what PACEs introduce is a useful skill in life.

    Cons: I do not use PACEs for 5-8 English.

    Grades Used: K-12

    I taught NC History, World History, Geology, Physics and Chemistry in a public school. While I enjoyed teaching, seeing my children being able to complete PACEs at their own speed is invigorating. Having time to learn musical instruments and play various sports is a terrific addition to our curriculum. It is not uncommon for them to continue in the summer to complete another grade in the upper grades.
    We have 13 children, 11 boys and 2 girls and they were all well-prepared for the next grade. We have 3 sons in medical school, 1 son in Information Systems, 1 son finishing up a degree in Christian film, 1 son is in Honors College in EE, ME and Economics. Our 7th son is a junior in college planning on a career as a dentist. Our freshman in college is preparing for medical school. The remaining 5 are continuing in ACE. ACE is flexible and thorough. I highly recommend ACE.

  4. A.C.E. Review by Lynn
    Pros: No setup, cheap, good for on the go, repetition
    Cons: No teachers manual, only for one type of learner, math lacks explanation and help for those struggeling and is simply boring

    Grades Used: For myself I used from K-5th grade. My son is using the 6th grade ones in two subjects.

    PACE’s were awful for me in school. I went to two different schools where they had them. There were times where the math was too difficult and nobody was around to ask questions or to have teach me. This was early 90’s and the private schools that had/have these didn’t have to have a teacher on site. So in a subject like math, well us hands on learners get left behind. Other subjects I was doing fine with. I do not remember the science or social studies, aside from them being very Biblical and ties everything back to Christianity. All of that is fine, but for those two subjects it takes away from the lesson and the facts. You are left knowing all about God, but not enough about the real world and how to think academically, rather than religiously. I hate that I was not in a public school for my early years. The foundations were not there and my time at the private schools who use these was spent behind an enclosed desk. As for homeschooling though, well I love the Language Arts and we use the Social Studies as our Bible curriculum. Sitting and guiding my son through the lessons has made all the difference and he is doing so well in those two subjects. If you have a child that is self taught and has the drive, well PACE’s would be perfect. They are not good for the aural, physical, and verbal learner though.

  5. A.C.E. Review by gwen
    Pros: slower pace
    Cons: nothing so far.

    Grades Used: 1st grade

    I use ACE math. It is definitely slower pace it works well for kids that need the slower pace math. Also the kids can test out of the pace and move on to the next if it is too easy. So people who are saying that they pace was too easy then have them test and move on. so me and my kid its working great.

  6. A.C.E. Review by Amanda Johnston
    Pros: Inexpensive, Colorful workbooks
    Cons: Self Directed, unchallenging

    Grades Used: 1-3rd

    My daughter has been doing Paces for 3 years now. We first started out great, loved it. However things are starting to change for her she is needing more interaction and guidance than I can give. I work full time and I need to get something that fits better for us.

    Also she is getting bored and not challenged at all. Looking at various curriculum for 4th grade, have not yet decided.

  7. A.C.E. Review by Nada Scurto
    Pros: check
    Grades Used: 9

    I am thrilled with the PACE workbooks. I think the open book quizzes are a great way to get ready for the final.

  8. A.C.E. Review by Momma J
    Pros: Easy to implement, easy to travel, well researched, long track record, covers everything, meets the child at their level
    Cons: Textbook-y

    Grades Used: 3,4,6

    We have used several curricula: Heart for Dakota, My Father’s World, Christian Light Education, charlotte Mason, unit studies, delight led, and unschooling. I have positive thoughts on all of them, but this past year I put my always homeschooled children in public school, and they hated it. So I pulled them out and they were absolutely so thankful for ACE. They are usually finished with their school in 2 hours. We use a different curriculum for math, and a couple have chosen to use CLE for Bible, but the majority of our school is ACE. It has been nothing but a blessing to us this year. They can bring it along when I go to Women’s Bible study; they can carry their little 3ring binder of school work anywhere. I set their goals and check their work each week to have them redo pages with me. We absolutely love this curriculum. They finish in the morning and have the afternoon to pursue their delight directed unschooling pursuits!

  9. A.C.E. Review by Pamela
    Pros: Good at identifying skill levels. Encourages self-motivation and mastery. Repetition.
    Cons: Writing and literature program not sufficient for us. We replaced with much more diverse writings and ways of writing. We read their missionary books for in junior high, then switched to Classic literature in high school.

    Grades Used: 8-12th

    Although we did not strictly use this program, we did use it for approximately half of our sons’ high school education. We liked it for math, as this was not a strong subject for them.
    We used grammar/writing Paces up to letter writing, and then moved to other ways of writing that were very diverse and interesting.
    Science was fairly good, especially Biology.
    History was good, except for American History–we used something else that was completely non-racist with discussion and writing about history highly encouraged.
    Bible Paces were not used at all, we used the actual Bible, not a Pace for it. Glad we did this.

  10. A.C.E. Review by Danielle
    Pros: Independent Studies, Bible-based, Great Curriculum
    Cons: Not on par with government curriculum

    Grades Used: 1-12

    I’ve been an ACE student from Grade 0 – 12. This was taught in a school setting with multiple students with teachers, not at home. The foundation created by primary school levels are excellent due to the way languages and mathematics are taught. During high school, the work became increasingly difficult for students who didn’t come from the ACE primary levels (who came from other curriculums). Having done my government matriculation exams, I did find that they focused on very different exam questions. I did have to do extra learning to achieve desired results for a good government matriculation examination.

    However, I will also send my children to the foundation/primary grades through the ACE curriculum.

  11. A.C.E. Review by Linda
    Pros: Very solid foundational skills especially in Math and English, Bible based, One of the few with Canadian history,
    Cons: They cannot keep up with rewriting all the curriculum

    Grades Used: k-12

    I have used ACE with 7 children.
    I loved that from the start they were learning about the Bible as they were learning other subjects.

    The lower grades have worked well with all of them. It provides a very strong foundation, you cannot compare it to what is being taught in public school as most schools do not lay the same foundation of the basic facts. You will find your students will catch up and pass most school students.

    For the upper grades I needed to make some changes depending on how my child learned. Sometimes I would adjust the topic of a writing assignment or such. Our adopted children find this level of ACE too academic.

    Four of our children are adults now. They are thankful for the learning to read, phonetics and the learning of their math facts, and learning their grammar. Two are using ACE with their children, one up into high school, the other just starting out in Grade one to get that good foundation.

    People complain about the grammar but ACE was made to raise Christian leaders who know how to write and speak clearly so that they can be leaders in their various fields.

    Not perfect but the best I have found for us.

  12. A.C.E. Review by Irma de Soto
    Pros: discipline
    Cons: need good supervision

    Grades Used: K-12

    I’ve been working with PACE’s for 13 years now, and I love them!
    They are easy, complete, and character building. I plan to continue using them with my younger kids now that my oldest is succeeding in college.

  13. A.C.E. Review by Rebeca
    Grades Used: 1-12

    We have been hs since 2002, and we have tried several programs before I came across A.C.E. Personally, I like it alot because it encourages independent work habits. That is a plus for me because I teach several grade levels at once. I only use their math, english, and spelling program. (I use Abeka for literature, science, health, and Social Studies.) I especially lIke the spelling program. I also like the pace idea b/cuz it helps the child stay focused on their goal. We use a combination of programs for high school with ACE as the primary. We have 3 that have graduated and gone on to college and they have scored high on the.Compass, SAT and ACT. As with any program, no matter which one you choose, you need to tweak it toward your child’s needs.

  14. A.C.E. Review by Karla
    Pros: Thorough, mastery, organized, colourful, my son loves the comic strips and loves checking off his work card, ds loves to do his paces and is well ahead of what he would have learned in ps.
    Grades Used: Learning to read and first grade

    I have done the 12 week learning to read program with ACE and also first grade. I was nervous at first because of some of the very negative reviews I had read, but when it came time to weigh out my top three choices for curriculum ACE was the best fit for my family. I have to say I’m impressed with how thorough this curriculum is, it build on itself beautifully. My son has been learning how to read at an amazing speed. I had spent countless hours looking at samples of other math curriculums but honestly ACE breaks the math down and. Makes it simple enough for my son to master addition facts of numbers 1-5 in two weeks of school, I mean he has them down solid. I read a post here that says that ACE third grade math only teaches multiplication through number 4, that’s not true. All one has to do is go online and type in ACE third grade math samples and you can see for yourself that it teaches to multiply through ten, along with a lot of other math concepts. I’m not a lazy mom, I actually sit with my son and have him go through the pace with me there if he needs help, I also add extra curricular activities and library books. I love in CA and I’ve taken time to see what the state standards would be for him since he would be placed in kindergarten if he was to go to public school because of his age, what is is teaching is AT LEAST a grade to two grades ahead.

  15. A.C.E. Review by Amy
    Pros: great for lazy teachers or parents who don't want to put more effort into effective, dynamic teaching
    Cons: rote, anti-intellectual, cheesy, boring, out of touch, borderline white nationalism, political propaganda

    Grades Used: 2-3

    I am a teacher of an ACE school, and this curriculum is incredibly rote, and aims at lower level learning. If you care about creativity, critical thinking, and peer-to-peer learning, this is not the curriculum for you. In fact, I would go as far as saying ACE is anti-intellectual. Imagine kids sequestered in their little cubicles, without being able to discuss or ask deeper questions about their learning. If you understand anything about Bloom’s Taxonomy, this curriculum aims at the bottom of the triangle.

    However, if you don’t want to put effort into making learning fun and dynamic for your child, this is the curriculum for you. If you think education is about dispensing workbooks, and require little input from the teacher, then again, this is for you.

  16. A.C.E. Review by Elizabeth
    Pros: None
    Cons: Work was very weak, outdated and lacking

    Grades Used: 3rd

    Our first year of homeschooling 2 of our children. With the kindergarten course my daughter was so behind. The focus on phonics is important I agree but not to the point where the child is not learning basic sight words. Spelling of some of the phonics words was really tough for a 5 year old. She ended up going back to public school since she thrived in it so well in prek. As for our 3rd grader I am not impressed AT ALL the paces were way to easy. He would be done with all subjects doing 3-5 pages in each book a day in about 2-3 hours. While I did not want to overwhelm him with work this was a little to fast.I would even come up with additional math and create spelling word lists every week based off some of the words out of word building and from dolch sight words so he would have a spelling test once a week. No history, science was very lacking and the math was RIDICULOUS. I’m sorry but a 3rd should be further along in multiplication than the 4x table. No introduction to division, no review on time, very little on money. These are basic skills but instead it seemed very far behind. Our 3rd grader did not do well in public school which is why we decided to homeschool but I will be switching to Abeka. For what I paid for this I do not feel my child has gotten a good foundation for the fourth grade nor do I believe the curriculum is up to date with different state standards. Most of thePACES we have are dated as printed between the 70’s and 80’s. That’s pretty old considering the curriculum being taught in schools now days which I think the push kids way to fast but at least they get more from math, science, history and spelling. Would never recommend.

  17. A.C.E. Review by Drew
    Pros: Easy quick helps with kids that can learn
    Cons: Lacks the ability to teach children to earn in lectured courses

    Grades Used: 8-12

    I graduated from an ACE school but went to public school till 8th geade… It was ok but my school was more of a hybrid school. We used ACE only for history, Bible, English, and a few other cores. We had math, music, art, some sciences and languages were taught

  18. A.C.E. Review by tom
    Grades Used: 7th

    My daughter started ACE in 5th grade she hated the literature. When she got into 7th grade the math was very confusing. I didn’t even learn some of that stuff in my days. The English and Word Building are super easy. She is already in 8th grade in 4 of her paces. The math is holding her back and keeping her behind. I would recomend a harder curriculum.

  19. A.C.E. Review by N/A
    Pros: Based on the Bible
    Cons: Not modern, racist, doesn't meet standards.

    Grades Used: 7th

    PACEs are not the best, but they’re fine if you need something quick. I have a 7th grade daughter that LOVED school until going into PACEs. She loves that they’re Bible based, but not so much that they are something she feels you would use as a practice workbook. In math, they seem very behind. They have 7th graders doing multiplication and division! Even the highest 7th grade math book is something she learned year back. As a parent, you or your student has to correct homework. Not only does it take a bit of time, it also can result in cheatings if the student corrects. If you are willing to check it over after your student checks it, then this part is solved. If you want a more advanced, modern school, this is not the curriculum you want. On to the next note, the school can be racist, with comics going from segregated classes to racist takes on slavery. The English and Word Building PACEs go through very quickly. I do not recommend these books if you want a strong foundation (education wise.)

    Please excuse all typos, was written in a short time period.

  20. A.C.E. Review by Leah
    Pros: Self-paced, fairly hands off for parent, love the Places, measurable progress
    Cons: Weaker for upper grades, kids good at memorizing could pass the tests by filling in the blanks but not really learn the material

    Grades Used: 8-12

    I myself used this curriculum from 8th through 12th grade. After pulling out of the public school system due to total frustration of not being challenged and losing interest in learning, the diagnostic test–which I feel is vital and a huge plus in this curriculum–placed me at 5th grade level English and grammar and beginning of 7th grade math. This was absolutely accurate and reflected the downward spiral I was on in the public school. I doubled up on math for a few years to catch up and caught up in English after a few years as well and managed to graduate with an honors degree, according to ACE. However, as others have stated, the math seemed weak, and I just also was not that good at it. I felt like they taught geometry well, but the algebra instruction was not as clear. I got a tutor for science, which helped a ton. The social studies was all dates- and names-driven, rather than painting a while picture of what had happened in context and why it mattered globally. Aggravating as could be. People don’t seem to like word building/etymology, but it is extremely important as a basis for understanding our own language–being truly literate–and builds an incredible foundation for learning other romance languages well (it was a breeze for me to learn Spanish, Italian, and French), and also incredibly useful for anything studied in higher education that uses Latin-derived vocabulary, such as in medicine, veterinary work, etc. Highly valuable. I don’t know much about it for young kids, but my mom, who was an ACE school administrator, said the little kids did so well with it, stayed interested, did fine with it even as new readers. In fact, she said she loved it for K-8th grade, but after that didn’t like it much. The economics, speech, and typing courses were disastrous, as was physics. I got through half a page, and even my mom gave up. The Spanish course was excellent. I did their literature courses and liked it at the time–read a whole bunch of missionary biographies, since that’s what I’d dreamed of being forever. But in college I realized I hadn’t been exposed to ANY classical literature and was so disappointed. There’s always adulthood to explore that stuff, but I felt so stupid and not well read. Like I said, perhaps for 8th grade and up, it’s just not a great option.

  21. A.C.E. Review by Jenny
    Pros: None
    Cons: Limited information, too conservative, does not prepare for college education

    Grades Used: 1st-12th

    I attended a private ACE school from 1st-12th grade. As I attended college, I was astounded at how much science and history this curriculum chooses to leave out. It only teaches one very conservative Christian view. Honestly, I felt like I had been lied too and robbed of the basic education that is required by public education. I was also homeschooled for part of my education and this experience also robbed me of a normal education. A normal education where a child can learn social skills and receive the learning necessary to be successful in higher education situations. I struggled in math and science even in college because the “paces” were lacking in information and teaching technique. I had never been in the usual classroom setting until college since every child is required to sit in a cubical by themselves. My daughter attended public school and is doing great, about to graduate from college. Please do not subject your children to a second rate education by homeschooling or using the ACE curriculum.

  22. A.C.E. Review by Sarah
    Grades Used: 1st-Current

    We’ve homeschooled for 17 years. During the first few years of our homeschooling journey we used a myriad of curricula, but it wasn’t until we found ACE that we knew we had landed on something solid that worked for our family, and we have never looked back. Is ACE a perfect curriculum? No, it is not, but we all know that the perfect one does not exist. As a wise mentor once told me, “The curriculum that works is the one that gets done.”

    Homeschooling is so much more than academics. It’s creating a love of learning, it’s character building, relationship building, and instilling a strong work ethic in your children. The curriculum is only one tool in the toolbox of homeschooling. I’ve now graduated two of our children using the ACE curriculum and they have gone to college, and are successful adults. This, I know, had little to do with the brand of curriculum, and everything to do with teaching my kids HOW to learn and to LOVE learning.

    What I love about ACE is that it set me FREE. I stopped wondering if I was teaching my kids enough. I stopped comparing what I was doing with other homeschooling families. I stopped looking at every magazine or website and every new curriculum thinking I was missing out somehow. Settling in on ACE brought incredible peace. It’s affordable, requires little prep, is biblically centered, and academically solid. It’s “open and go” and easy to transport. We are a very busy and active family so ACE allows us so much flexibility. When I have time, I can supplement other materials (usually media, or art/science projects) and books to expound on what they are learning. On the days I don’t have time to do that, it’s perfectly fine because I know that ACE by itself is enough. I also love that my children have learned to be independent and take responsibility for their learning.

    What my kids love about ACE is, well, pretty much everything. I’ve asked a couple times if they’d like to try something new and I get a resounding, “No! We love ACE!” They have learned to set their own goals, read explanations of new concepts and trying to figure it out on their own before they ask me for help, and feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing each individual pace. They love telling me, “I don’t need your help, mom. I’ve got this. My pace explained it to me.” They also adore the characters and how they “grow up” with them.

    I do “score” my children’s work and I do not allow them to do it (which is what is done in an ACE school). This is one thing I do not agree with regarding the suggested way to implement ACE. And the cartoons, sure, they are outdated, and at times legalistic or silly, but my kids still love them and know what we agree with and what we don’t. It’s a non-issue, and as mentioned already, they adore the characters.

    ACE is not for everyone, but that doesn’t make it an inferior curriculum. Most people who have this view have either had a bad experience at an ACE school, or they did not use the curriculum correctly or see it all the way through. Because ACE uses a mastery approach, it’s slower in the younger grades and picks up around 4th-5th grade. High school is quite intense, as would be expected. Still though, my children were not bogged down with hours upon hours of work. They still had the freedom to work, and be involved in activities and ministry, which was extremely important to our family.

    In conclusion, ACE, while not perfect, is an excellent curriculum that I am thankful that we found so many years ago. I would recommend it to anyone.

  23. A.C.E. Review by TABITHA MCLAUGHIN
    Pros: Easy to use
    Grades Used: 1-8

    Love ACE been useing it for years. My daughter loves feeling like she accomplished her goals at the end of the day. Even at 11 years old she loves seeing her stars on test chart. Its very easy to understand ,affordable! Teaches wonderful Christian values,and verses .

  24. A.C.E. Review by Tabitha
    Pros: The children feel accomplised as they complete their paces. They love the colorul layout and it helps my children (visual learners) remember things.
    Cons: We did run into a little problem with the math level when we attempted to intergrate them to a traditional private school.

    Grades Used: 3rd -4th

    We have been homeschooling for only a few months with a different curriculum. My son is an Aspergers child and my daughter an atypical, figure it out on her own. They were in a school that started out using Abeka in k5-2nd grades and then they would move the children to A.C.E. My children are currently begging me to go back to using A.C.E. They talk about how much they love it and actually feel like they are getting their work done when they are working in A.C.E. To this day, they will mention isolated lessons that they have learned in A.C.E. as it relates to something that we might be seeing or doing. I wasn’t really sure about going back to this curriculum, but I guess we will try it again along with a few supplemental resources. We are busy people, and I think this just might work best for us.

  25. A.C.E. Review by Ajah Eason
    Pros: Affordable easy convenient
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: K-3

    My children attended an A.C.E school before I homeschooled them, where I was also there teacher. So I have used this curriculum since day 1 of my children’s education. I love it, it’s so easy. Well put together and very convenient. This is definitely a curriculum to consider if you have multiple kids, because it allows for individual work to done on your child’s level. I also love how affordable it is, I mean I have four kids I’m homeschooling and the price is amazing.

  26. A.C.E. Review by A. Jeter
    Pros: Open-and-go, easy for student to understand, inexpensive.
    Cons: None so far.

    Grades Used: 3rd

    We are using this curriculum for Science, Social Studies and Word Building. My son is learning so much from these and he especially loves the Science. The social studies seems a little dry, but we’ve also tried Lifepac and CLE for this subject and my son prefers the color and the content of ACE. We use a different curriculum for Math and Language that he is doing really well with; otherwise we would probably do all ACE. I would recommend these paces for anyone wanting a Biblical background intertwined throughout the lessons and good solid academics.

  27. A.C.E. Review by Tammy Kindig

    As a homeschooling mom of 14+ years and having tried lots of different curriculum, I always come back to using ACE for some of our classes. I like how the progress is seen as each pace is completed. The child does not move on until the concept is learned. I like how I can pick only the subjects I want to use at that time. Some of my favorites are English, Word Building and Math.

  28. A.C.E. Review by Sheri Vincent
    Pros: Inexpensive, Bible-based, little prep time, lots of independent work
    Cons: Boring, old-fashioned

    Grades Used: K, 2,5,6,7

    We used the full curriculum for our 1st year of homeschooling. It was a great place to start. It was thorough & easy to use. The grammar was a bit over the top, however, and my kids found the paces boring. My oldest son still uses the math & loves it. That is the only subject we have kept, however,

    In addition, we buy through ACE Canada. At one point I called ACE in the USA to see if they had any social studies units on slavery because one of our children is African American & the Canadian social doesn’t cover it. I was told that they didn’t focus on that because it was the slaves’ own people who sold them so it was their own fault it happened! I was shocked at the blatant racism, and I hope this is not how the company feels as a whole. I would never buy from ACE USA as a result.

  29. A.C.E. Review by Rachelle Litzenberg
    Pros: easy to use, up-to-date, Christian, interesting topics, tests to check progress, small books
    Cons: spelling could be more advanced

    My son and I love this curriculum!! We are using it through a private Christian school, but still at home. One of the great features is the diagnostic test which places your child at the best level, and it doesn’t go by “grade” like school. So, your child could be advanced or behind in one or more subjects and they don’t ever need to know “what grade they are in”.
    The books are small, making them manageable and the content is interesting.
    Also, there are interesting literature choices!
    Works great for us!!

  30. A.C.E. Review by Sally
    Pros: work at own pace, small booklets
    Cons: much writing

    Grades Used: k-4

    We used ACE when the children were younger, but there is a lot of writing, and I saw my son’s handwriting skills diminish. I liked the small segments and that everything was contained in one booklet. Because I did all of the grading, I found myself getting behind on so much that had to be graded.

  31. A.C.E. Review by Linda Bullock
    Pros: easy to use, tests for everything
    Cons: silly names for characters

    Grades Used: 3, 4, 5, 8

    I used ACE when we removed our special needs child from public school after a terrible nine weeks in 5th grade. She was devastated by her difficulties in school and the teacher’s attitude. ACE gave her back her belief in herself and her ability to learn. We were able to choose workbooks from earlier grades that covered information she had missed and we were able to jump ahead in a subject she was really great in. The checkups throughout the workbook helped me know when she was having problems and made it easy to review. Overall, we loved word building, science, and English. Bible was OK. Social Studies didn’t really cover history the way I would have preferred. We used a different curriculum for math.

  32. A.C.E. Review by Jenifer S
    Pros: Easy To Use
    Grades Used: 8th , 9th

    I absolutely love this curriculum. I only wish I would have found it sooner. My kids are both ADHD, and the small P.A.C.E.’s are not intimidating to them at all. It’s in a very do-able format, and self paced. We will continue to use this until they are both graduated. Love love love it 🙂

  33. A.C.E. Review by Lauralee
    Pros: easy to use
    Grades Used: 10, 11

    A.C.E. is an easy to use program. The paces(workbooks) are planned out so student can work alone or with instruction. There is a self test and chapter test after each book which keeps everything in order and materials is easliy retained for test. The curriculum is not drawn out over too long a time. will continue to use throughout graduation.

  34. A.C.E. Review by Katy S.
    Pros: easy to use, colorful, affordable
    Cons: lots of busy work

    Grades Used: 3, 6, 7

    I’m really enjoying the Science for 7th grade & the 6th grade Literature & Creative Writing. Science for 3rd is good, but Social Studies doesn’t feel like it’s on grade level to me. I am not a fan of the Word Building program, I feel it was a big waste of money & really feel like that’s going into the “for sale” bin in the garage before next week. We will be moving on to a different curriculum for next year or even sooner.

  35. A.C.E. Review by Krystal
    Pros: Ease of use, Tests when done.
    Grades Used: 3,4,6 & 7

    I love this curriculum. Very easy to understand and not overwhelming. I love that there are test when book is completed and are designed to finish in 3 weeks or less. Highly recommend.

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