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Background of globe & book with red cover and text Abeka Curriculum ReviewsAbeka provides a complete line of traditional Christian educational materials that have been developed and refined over a period of 50 years in the classrooms of Pensacola Christian Academy.

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  1. Abeka Review by Stephen Davies
    Pros: A complete program from start to finish ,
    Cons: To much religion

    Grades Used: All

    This is the most honest review you’ll ever read in your life , We are not Christians but still chose this program in fact we started using it back in the early 2000’s and it helped us put three children into universities and two of them now have PhD‘s my wife was the main teacher or should I say controller , we took our children all the way from kindergarten to 12th grade when they were 16 then let them have their final year in a conventional school where they all graduated with a 4.0 or better , to make the system work you have to have time you have to want it to work and dedicate yourself to your children the videos the books the instruction books are amazing my wife would pre-study the next days work each day to be ready for the children it is not easy but this program is so well put together If you love your kids it’s the best thing you can give to them don’t forget *knowledge is the key to success’

  2. Abeka Review by Roxy
    Pros: Great 10th grade math, and gets you ready for SAT's and college
    Cons: Too much work, it's hard to keep up with. To strict answers at times.

    Grades Used: 10-11

    I’ve used Abeka for grade 10 and going on to grade 11. I love the 10th-grade math teacher, I have never loved math except for this year, it’s not that the math is easy AT ALL, but the math teacher makes it so easy and interesting to understand.
    There is, however, a lot of work! The Spanish 2 is SO time-consuming! I find myself doing so much work in a day that it takes forever!

    On the other hand, as I am getting ready for college and the responsibility to be accountable for myself, this really teaches you how! I have learned in the past year the lesson of procrastinating (which I will say is not fun) and I have also had a glimpse of what it’s going to be like for tests in the future with reading the directions and putting the EXACT right answer and spelling for everything which is good.

    Sometimes I do think that they are too harsh on a grading standpoint and everything must be exactly right I do think, at times, it is ridiculous.
    Abeka is definitely not for the faint of heart. they are a very strict curriculum, with lots of work and you must have the discipline to get all that work done. I am going into my second year with Abeka, and after getting a whole year under my belt I’m hoping it will be easier.

    If your child doesn’t have the work ethic to get it done, I DO NOT recommend. However, if they are a very school/ work-oriented student then go for it.

    I do find myself cooped up in the house a lot finishing school and not a lot of time to do anything else. So, keep that in mind, but again that is my fault, so now I have to spend almost 12 hours a day doing school. So when doing this curriculum, there is no time to take a break from it, you cannot afford it.
    Hope this helps.:)

  3. Abeka Review by Vanessa Esquivel
    Pros: Easy to follow teacher plans, videos to help teach, advanced work, spiral technique
    Cons: A lot of seat work, kids answer way to fast in videos

    Grades Used: K5, 3rd, 4th, 5th

    Abeka is a great program. It has all the basics and then some covered. I love how they use a spiral technique. So if your kid isn’t proficient in any subject or topic it will be covered again. The teachers grab the kids attention and my 5th grade son loves Mr. Howe, he is funny and quirky.
    The biggest con if you do videos is that the kids answer the questions way too quickly. It doesn’t give the child at home time enough to answer the flashcards in Arithmetic for example. I think it’s built that way to challenge your kid but they answer so quickly sometimes you cannot even understand what the answer was and they are already off to the next question.

    It’s a great curriculum. I use the videos and look forward to using the accredited once my kids are in high school. I do not find a use to use accredited in elementary or junior high. I might start in 8th grade just to get my kids used to it. Also, looking forward to the graduation ceremony in Florida.

  4. Abeka Review by Ms. E. Smith
    Pros: Very educational, good teachings, biblical.
    Cons: TOO much work. An excessive amount of tests of different varieties and quizzes of different varieties. Homework as well a lot of head aching work. No thinking outside of the box. Strict standards. Old fashion crap. Very old styled videos. Doesn't give enough attention to students watching.

    Grades Used: 8th, 9th,11, and12

    Abeka has a great educational system, it’s very Godly, and there are just a few teachers in different grades that are funny at times and they can crack me up and say jokes. Like for instance, my ninth grade Bible teacher is extremely funny and he makes the best impressions of Bible people and he explains them so well. But off the bright side…there is a lot of cons. Okay so first off, they have an EXCEEDING amount of work which is EXTREMELY UNNECESSARY. They have overly abundant quizzes, tests, and just a different variety that can be overwhelming for children and give them a lot of stress. I know for me I got a lot of stress when trying to do this school. Especially I had so much work that the progress reports were piling up to where I was like 4 months late on 4 progress reports. And it wasn’t just me being lazy. I legit was doing EVERYTHING I could to make sure I stayed on time, and I would STILL get behind from how much work I had and no matter how perfectly planned out it was I still got behind!!! I had to send them off to abeka and since I was behind, they were CONSTANTLY sending me these stupid warning letters about how they are charging our account because we weren’t getting my work papers. But THEY were the ones that gave me an excessive amount of work that was OBVIOUSLY not going to get completed. Like I already paid enough for the curriculum and now they’re forcefully withdrawing and charging me with this bullcrap!!!! The curriculums are freaken expensive. It just doesn’t seem that fair students have to pay a huge amount of money for a bunch of work they’re not even going to want to do…! And now for the next con, 9 out of 10 teachers do NOT promote out-of-the-box thinking or other ways of completion. Like they’re completely against it. Student have to say exactly what the teacher says, write exactly what the teacher writes/says, and do every step exactly the way the teacher shows them. They don’t even give an opportunity for a child to find out a loophole or an easier way of solving a math equation or anything. For example, if a teacher solves a math equation with one EXTREMELY difficult way of solving it (which they do) and then a student finds out a very simple way that solves it in seconds, they’re not allowed to use that way. They have to use it the way the teacher tells them to. Then for the other part, most of the time the students in a classroom seem like robots!!! NO JOKE!!! They’re just perfectly programmed to say and do everything the teacher says. They even sound dead inside. There are only very few kids that actually seem like normal human beings and will joke around a bit. But legit the students are like freaking robots. They stand at the same time, recite what they have to say in the perfect tone, sit down at the same time, all sitting the same way it’s so freaking creepy. The students have to memorize specifically and they have to learn a specific subject exactly the way the teacher presented it and there’s no loophole of being able to have free thinking. I’m literally as I’m writing this sitting on my bed with piles of work that I wasn’t able to get done cuz I keep having more and more work dumped on me. It’s already summer and all of my friends are off of school and having fun and I can’t hang with them from how much work abeka gave me that was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. I don’t know if it’s just me that feels this way, or if anyone feels this way, but I legit am not that fond of abeka. It may be because I have a little bit more rebel thinking, and out-of-the-box divergent way, and I don’t really like rules that much but I absolutely will not let them turn me into a robot. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CURRICULUM.

  5. Abeka Review by Wanda and Tom Hart
    Pros: Starting in K, the kids are reading like 3rd graders in public school. Great education in every subject. Provides excellent baseline for academic excellence.
    Cons: No Cons; Start your child in K and you will never be sorry.

    Grades Used: K-8th

    ABeka is outstanding fundamental curriculum that creates very smart and motivated kids. I used this for my son K-8. He attended a couple Christians schools who used only ABeka. He went on to a very large Christian HS and was the Valedictorian. Free college due to the high SAT score and Valedictorian status. The colleges have several ABeka students who received Academic Scholarships – such a blessing.

  6. Abeka Review by xiomara Gonzalez
    Pros: Very explicit instruction
    Cons: Excessive amount of quizzes and homework

    Grades Used: 8th and 9th

    This is the first year we used Abeka online streaming, unfortunately my kids detest this ciriculum. The amount of quizes and homeworks is excessive and the videos are super boring and old fashioned. Also, one of my kids teacher died years ago but Abeka keeps using her videos, when my son discovered this he was greatly disturbed.

    I don’t recommend this curriculum at all.

  7. Abeka Review by Sherri Huddleston
    Pros: Lots of Christian material along with strong leadership in every class.
    Cons: n/a

    Grades Used: first-seventh grade, eleventh-twelfth grade

    We used strictly A Beka curriculum for homeschool. We have been told it is a lot of work, however it is worth the “work.”

    I highly recommend A Beka.

    My son graduated from A Beka Christian Academy.

    My children are now in college thanks to the Lord and A Beka homeschool curriculum.

  8. Abeka Review by Pam
    Pros: Reading program is the best and easily taught.
    Cons: Too much practice can lead to boredom or lack of enthusiasm.

    Grades Used: K4, k, 1,2

    Best program to teach reading. Reading is the most important subject to master in order to develop independent learners. By the second grade my children excelled in reading and continued throughout the school years. By the 4th grade they were independent learners. I only needed to check their work and progress.

  9. Abeka Review by Austin
    Pros: Variety of topics. Lots of posters and visuals.
    Cons: Too basic. Inappropriate cultural views/name choices.

    Grades Used: K5

    K5 Science is too basic. More suited to a preschool student. Doesn’t have quality experiements or engaging activities. Lots of coloring. Limited experiements and activities are not posted with lesson but appendix and do not flow well with teaching.

    K5 Social studies is very well rounded and engaging material. However, is mostly teacher reading and student coloring. Can easily be supplemented with engaging activities, but you have to seek on own. Very serious errors in culture discussion. Uses Indian for Native American/First Tribes continuously and suggests material that isn’t updated beyond 95.

  10. Abeka Review by Mrs. S
    Grades Used: 1-8

    I’ve used A Beka for 8 years. 5 of years have been homeschooled. A Beka has been a tremendous blessing! Which is why I’ve used it for so long. It has also been challenging in some areas over the years. However, at the same time, I can agree with some of the other reviews. It’s very, very biased and towards its beliefs and doesn’t leave room for, one’s own interpretation. I don’t only have that concern, with Bible, also with history. Some of the curriculum, isn’t the most forthcoming. Facts about our American history, just wasn’t true. Teaching children from transparency, is vital. I, founds myself at times, having to teach the real truths, in certain areas about slavery and other things. Though it be, ugly, it’s still our history, as Americans. My son also felt like it became very repetitive, and lacked inspiration and color.

  11. Abeka Review by Sarah McLean

    A Beka has been a great asset to our homeschool. I have a 10 year old (grade 5), a 9 year old (on grade 3), an 8 year old (completing Grade 2) and a 5 year old (completing K-4) (and now a baby on the way). After putting my children into school for a term as I thought I just couldn’t homeschool anymore, I pulled that back home and began using the A Beka programme. Now after a year, I have found the following benefits:

    a) excellent curriculum
    b) the most God-honouring artwork and video teaching for the most part
    c) teacher key books are easy to find on the bookshelf amongst other books, with their glossy contrast covers
    d) well organised
    e) reliable test keys
    f) Math curriculum is full of variety and keeps the confidence of all of my children up as they see their progress (one child is slightly autistic, yet is responding well to his online teacher and text book work at grade 3 level)
    g) easy to navigate
    h) comprehensive
    I) very interesting to children
    j) repetitive teaching and drills are effective
    k) games and competitions keep children’s attention

    CONS The only down-sides as a mother are that I’ve had to get the children to skip pledges at the beginning of Bible videos, and also I had to come up with my own schedule for each child’s work as the A Beka programme was too rigorous for our goals. But now that these things are established, I am EXCEEDINGLY pleased with the way our children are succeeding in and enjoying their education. They love being “part” of a class and they share things about their class with each other.
    My desire for Language curriculum would not include some of the stories that A Beka chooses to use, so I will consider complementing their language curriculum with Rod and Staff for the godly content in that particular subject.

    In general, I’m so glad I listened to an online review in favour of A Beka. Now our homeschool is flying. Praise to God.

  12. Abeka Review by Jennifer
    Pros: Great variety in subjects, challenges children in a good way.
    Cons: Nothing

    Grades Used: 3rd

    I have been using A Beka for most major subjects. I love it. I am switching next year my Science and History but I am still doing the State Book. I just opted for more hands on in these subjects, but as far as curriculum it’s great.

  13. Abeka Review by Aaron Smith
    Pros: You’ll be able to memorize well.
    Cons: Biased. No critical thinking. Severely lacking in scientific teaching.

    Grades Used: 5-10

    I was homeschooled using Abeka in 10th grade but used it from 5th-9th grade in a private christian school. I’m now a registered nurse and have a bachelor’s degree and am pursuing a master’s. Abeka is a cult… there is no other way to say it. They have very biased teachings and do not promote thinking outside of what they want you to think. This isn’t simply because of the religious aspect, but it’s their views on politics, other cultures, and religions as well. It is all memorization and no critical thinking.

  14. Abeka Review by Teresa Wetzel
    Pros: Strong Academic, sting Biblical Foundation
    Cons: We all can find something that is a con, however I just do t have one

    Grades Used: K, 2nd, 9-12

    Yes, it is lots of work, however my kids were in Christian and public school. I can with all honesty say, it’s hard work when you are in the real world so why not teach and train your child to accept this fact now. Getting school done in 2 hours would be a dream, however we don’t live in that dream. School/learning is to be challenging. With Abeka, yes there are things you can say, this is to much we will skip. I love the diversity of that. We don’t have to write paragraphs in script when I have a 2nd grade boy who is left handed. I tell him to do what he can. However, math, reading and language was a breeze. After trying so many reading curriculum for him I wanted to cry and feared he wouldn’t learn. Well, I am so happy I bought the whole kindergarten DVD set. What a life saver. My son went to 1st grade Christian school and his reading level was above standard. I love the teachers and curriculum.

  15. Abeka Review by Elizabeth Lynch
    Pros: Excellent way to start homeschooling.
    Cons: Don't expect to be able to complete everything. It is okay to drop a few things here and there

    Grades Used: 4,5,6

    Abeka has a great foundation and a great place to start with if you are new to homeschooling. We have, however, had to take out things here and there because it is took much! Having said that, you will know what to drop based on your child’s needs. I started homeschooling my child in 4th grade. At the end of the year her scores on the standardized tests either doubled, or tripled. We are now in our 3rd year and diversifying and branching out to include other curriculum.

  16. Abeka Review by Brenda Moore
    Pros: Strong academics, produces solid students
    Cons: 8th/9th grade Literature not much of a challenge

    Grades Used: K-5 - 9th

    We have used A Beka since K-5 and my son is about to finish 9th grade. My advice is stick to the curriculum when they are small. The constant repetition and memorization can be tough when they are young, (learning all those math facts, math families, lots of writing and lots of phonics flashcards ) but it PAYS in the long run. When they get the basics, then you can decrease the amount of repetition on some things. My son has excelled in school using this curriculum. Now that he is older, so much of it is done on his own. We use DVD for Algebra I and Physical Science and the teachers are AWESOME. My only complaint was their 8th and 9th grade Literature. We were expecting it to be advanced since everything else had always been, but it really seemed to be on about a 5th grade level. We didn’t use it, went to whole books/classic literature. We plan on using A Beka through the rest of high school. It is time consuming — but I’m not sure why we expect school to be breezed through in 2-3 hours every day. I have no doubt that if he maintains his present course, he will be well prepared for college.

  17. Abeka Review by Renee V. Saunders
    Pros: Organized well and comprehensive
    Cons: Price-full package can be expensive

    Grades Used: 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th

    We use the full package with streaming video and wouldn’t do anything different. We love the video teachers and the colorful books and the Christian values! The quizzes and tests are NOT easy so the repetition is needed in order to know your stuff! My girls love all their subjects. Our first year was a bit rough since my youngest daughter was extremely bored and we were not sure if it was because of the seatwork or that the material was lacking. Once we spent time with her doing school and talking with other 2nd grade parents we realized that our daughter was just more advance than the 2nd grade material at which time (about half way through the lessons) we switch her out to 3rd grade in the middle of that year and she finished with no problems and loved it. She has gone on to 4th grade this year and doing great! My oldest felt the material was harder than her public school and worked hard to keep up but still made good grades the first year, this year she is making all A’s and loving her classes. She even chose to take Pre-Algebra in the 7th grade instead of waiting til the 8th. We have dropped a few small projects and some seatwork so we could add more field trips and hands on projects in order to break up the screen time that is required to complete the lessons. The one thing I have found is to focus on what they are learning and once it is gained allow them to not have to keep redoing the same skill. (ex. my daughter does well in math and each days math lesson has new material taught and refresh section for material previously taught; we allow her to skip the refresh problems on all worksheets as long as her quizzes grade stay above average.) My youngest doesn’t do any seatwork because she just doesn’t need it. If either one feels the teacher is being repetitious or the assignment is repetitious they just ask if they can skip it and most/not all the time I will say yes!

  18. Abeka Review by Katie
    Pros: Colorful Student Visuals
    Cons: Hate the Teachers Manual

    Grades Used: K5

    This is not a teacher friendly curriculum. It is highly scripted and you really have to sort through pages and pages to get the information you want. For example, I bought this curriculum just for the phonics but the teachers manual is flooded with so much information that in my opinion is not necessary. They assume you can’t teach your kid how to add 1+1 or that you won’t know how to teach your kid to write the letter A !!!!! Give me a break, I want to teach my kid how to read. I want to know the phonic rules, special sounds, short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, ect. in an organized fashion; And yes the information is there but you have to sort through so many pages to find the information you want scattered all over the book. The only thing I did like was the student workbook, readers, flashcards but the teachers manual was a total disappointment. I hardly ever use the teachers manual. I find myself using the internet on how to teach the phonics then I just use the student materials for the actual work. I know that I’m a visual learner, so I prefer things to be organized in an easy way. Why couldn’t they include simple phonics instruction in a few pages. Its also overpriced and has too much work scheduled for the kids. I made it work because I stretched this curriculum over a year. Will not buy Abeka again. I hope this review helps others.

  19. Abeka Review by Julia
    Pros: Biblically /character based curriculum
    Cons: Too much seat work/testing

    Grades Used: K4/1st and 2nd

    We have used the Abeka Book phonics curriculum since our daughter who is now (going to be) in 3rd grade was in k4. She began reading right away. Now, at 8 years old she reads at an adult level and is currently in the ABeka 5th grade readers.

    Since it was such a glorious fit for her, I thought, that after our fifth child arrived I would go ahead and get the A Abeka Academy streaming for three of our five children. I thought how amazing it would be to sit beside them with a teacher and how fun they would have in a “classroom” with other kids.

    I must say, our oldest daughter did quite well in 2nd grade. She listened well and did the lessons well. Yet, not so with our other two children. They were bored and crying that it was too long; each “class” is about 30 minutes long. They learned their Bible verses and they loved acivity time (art, science, history and singing) but it was a thug to get them to sit through a class. Once the class was over with and we were done, we were all emotionally exhausted and then there was still the seat work and book work, tests and handwriting to do!!!!

    Also, if you are streaming classes you must have a good internet connection. It’s a must. We are missionaries in a different country and our internet is not the best. Once our kids would get into a flow in the mornings with their classes, the Internet would slow and so would the teacher. That was the beginning of the end.

    In the end it was sadly a HUGE waste of money, and a big lesson learned. We stopped using the streaming about four months into it and I taught the remainder of the curriculum. We are flourished. Peace filled our home again.

    Next year we will be using some A Abeka, mostly with our daughter. But I realized through this experience, that I teacher better and most importantly our children learn so much better with a slower Charlotte Mason approach. We also skipped the extra seat work and all the testing! The seat work is because the kids who are in the ABeka school must keep busy, but as homeschoolers it just doesn’t fit our lifestyle, it’s just not necessary.

    Our oldest daughter will mostly be using the A Beka curriculum because she loves it. When she is in fourth grade we will place her in the Academy DVD program and most likely get the actual DVDs not the steaming.

  20. Abeka Review by Stephanie
    Pros: Ease of use, wonderful breakdown of materials, and in depth reviews of materials covered
    Grades Used: 1st and 3rd

    I just started using A Beka this year though we started homeschooling midway through the school year the previous year. I used Horizons by Alpha Omega my first year and was in tears nearly every day due to the frustration from the materials and the difficulty of understanding of how to really cover the material. I finally switched to A Beka despite the few negative things (mostly everyone has hit the negative reviews I heard at least twice in this forum) I heard from people and we love it! I can see why some people do not like it, I can see how the repetition can be aggravating if your child does not need it. However, for me I just manipulate the curriculum to fit my children’s needs, I have one who really needs that reinforcement of lesson coverage while my other does not need it and I omit it or cover the reviews briefly. Now as for the complaints about seatwork, I don’t see that because I do not know how else you would be able to teach multiple grades without using seatwork to occupy one child while you teach the other? Though we do not do all of the seatwork I still don’t see it is a good reason for not choosing A Beka because to me if you don’t like it just omit it. I have also read from many reviews that A Beka does not inspire creative thinking, I think for that one it is too easy to have your child do projects on their own outside of the curriculum that inspires the creative thinking process. I hope to any homeschool parent out there that remembers what it is like to start out new would want to encourage a new homeschool parent to a curriculum that is not difficult to use and at the same time user friendly, I believe A Beka is it! I may juggle some different math programs in with our current A Beka math program because I feel at times we move a little slow but I would not go out and swap out my whole curriculum. I think for ease of use and trying to get started with Homeschool that A Beka should be highly considered in your home. Do the dvd’s if you are too scared to teach all on your own at first! Good luck to anyone just starting out and remember it may be difficult at first but its so worth it!!!

  21. Abeka Review by Karen
    Pros: Very thorough and lesson plans completely done for you.
    Grades Used: K-10

    I have been using Abeka for 12 years with my 3 sons. I like that the lesson plans are completely done for you. I did not always do everything they had listed to do. I did find though that some things that I might have skipped with one child I may not have skipped with another. I love that flexibility. I have found it to be very thorough in the phonics and grammar/composition. I did however supplement with an extra writing curriculum in their high school years and switched to a different math curriculum in the high school years. We love Abeka and I know that people complain that it is so repetitive, but I think that is a good thing. Not all children get things quickly and need that extra “busy work”. I think it is great that Abeka realizes that and has that available. If your child does not need that extra repetition great, skip it and move on or go back later and use it as a review if needed. My older two children used Abeka through the 10th grade and then dual enrolled at the college and have done great! Thank you Abeka!!

  22. Abeka Review by Kate
    Pros: Very explicit instruction, easy to follow
    Cons: No teacher's edition for Social Studies

    Grades Used: K

    I really like the phonics and reading curriculum (It’s how I learned to read when I was five), but I’m a little worried that the newer edition moves faster than the old version. The little readers are bright and colorful and the kids enjoy reading them. The only downside is that Abeka does not put much focus on sight words, so if a child transitions into a regular school in first grade, they will be behind in that aspect.
    The handwriting curriculum provides great practice for the kids, and integrates reading into handwriting early on. It also includes proper punctuation instruction as well.
    With such great T.E.’s for phonics/reading, I was disappointed that there was not one for Social Studies. It’s fairly straight forward, but having a teacher’s book with additional ideas for activities beyond the workbook would be helpful. Also, some readers to go with it would be a good way to tie in reading/LA with social studies.
    I have also used Abeka reading in a classroom setting as well, and I found that it is definitely not a good curriculum for ESL students, it moves too fast for them. but I did use the readers once they got the basics of reading down and they kids really enjoyed them. My students with stronger English did well with the program though.

  23. Abeka Review by Dawn P Camp
    Pros: Easy to follow
    Grades Used: K5 and 1st

    With no “teacher” training, I was impressed with the ease of all subjects. I will be teaching myself for 3rd grade. We used the DVD for 1st grade and it was wonderful. The bright colors are enjoyable and the intertwining of scripture throughout all the courses makes it an A+ for our home. I also found American Heritage Girls (Christian scouting group) to have many like minded badge earning opportunities that go along with many classes, which creates another great homeschooling bonus, learning and fun. Very excited about 3rd grade!

  24. Abeka Review by Lynn
    Pros: very well organized
    Cons: school at home

    Grades Used: K-6

    I have used Abeka for verious subjects for many years. If you are new to homeschooling Abeka is wonderful because everything is well writen and laid out so it is easy to teach. It is a school at home approach with textbook style busy work. You can easily skip an busy work and move on to the next topic. If you complete Abeka you can feel confident that you have few if any gaps in your childs education. FIVE STARS!

  25. Abeka Review by S Webb
    Pros: Great program with plenty of review to help retain what is learned.
    Cons: Very time consuming.

    Grades Used: K5 and 2nd grade

    I really like the Abeka program but as I said if you only use the books and not the video program it takes a while just setting things up for the next day. If you are a seasoned homeschooler it might be ok for you because you will know what could be left out but this was my first time and I felt like I should go directly by the program guide which is great for step by step teaching but for a beginner it is incredibly time consuming. I became overwhelmed and gave up on it. If you can afford the DVD program and you children will sit and listen to them they are great there’s no prep work just grading of tests. Unfortunately my children found them too boring and it became a daily fight just to get them to sit thru them. But with all this said I think the Abeka program is great and kids can learn a great deal from it if you don’t have to fight th to do it.

  26. Abeka Review by Carie
    Pros: Phonics; Bible KJV only; colorful & fun; reading books
    Cons: MATH

    Grades Used: PreK-4th

    We are second generation Abeka users and still love it. My children have loved learning how to read with this program and have done very well. It is done very orderly and the children find the work fun to do. We do not like the Math program as my children became frustrated with it. All the other programs are done very well though.

  27. Abeka Review by elizabeth
    Pros: math, grammer, history. curriculum is thorough
    Cons: math moves very quickly, we take our time with the lessons

    Grades Used: 5,6,and 7th

    We have enjoyed this program. It is thorough, math moves a little fast.

  28. Abeka Review by kristen
    Pros: content well covered
    Cons: alot of work for underaverage students

    Grades Used: K, 1,2,3,4,

    Beka covers all information very thoroughly. I absolutely love their phonics program – especially if you have an above average student. The teachers manuals are thorough and easy to use – but you shouldn’t try to cover everything they tell you to – it is too much. Cover the basics and what your student needs to work on.

  29. Abeka Review by Joy
    Pros: phonics; great grammar emphasis; very thorough; nice teacher resources
    Cons: many pages of busywork; customer service not great

    Grades Used: K-10

    We have the used A Beka curriculum for most subjects for two children since 2001. Overall we have been pleased with the thorough content, the nice presentation, the phonics approach to reading, the grammar, spelling and vocabulary emphasis, and the great teacher resources. We agree with other reviews that mention too many pages of seatwork, but we just are careful to only assign the amount of work that is needed for the individual child to master the material; some children need extra work, and others don’t. We have had some issues with the customer service department; although the staff is very polite, they do not seem to be trained well at thinking through solutions to problems that sometimes occur with their computer system (such as conflicting balance on account page and on paper sent with books). We like the Biblical references included in the material.

  30. Abeka Review by Nicole
    Pros: Phonics is great!
    Cons: Too MUCH seatwork & repetition.

    Grades Used: 2nd

    This was our first year using Abeka for 2nd grade. Love the phonics, my daughter has learned so much. Too much seatwork, my daughter was so overwhelmed with the seatwork, we stopped doing seatwork half ways through the year. Great cirriculum and covers so much, but too much work for some kids. Would love to continue to use it, but I am afraid we will get behind again this year as we did last year.

  31. Abeka Review by dillon mom
    Pros: thorough colorful and decently in order
    Cons: can be rigorous and advanced if not dedicated to being diligent

    Grades Used: K-4

    This is a thorough curriculum that makes sure children learn the task at hand. Repetition is good for retention and practicing helps in learning new concepts. It mixes fun with diligence and hard work. This curriculum is great in Bible stories. The children know what to expect when curriculum is followed. I do not recommend for parents who are unorganized and like to fly by the seat of pants. It is laid out very well and basically tells you what to do and when to do just have to follow it. DVD’s are very well made and easy to keep up with as a parent. You make sure the students follow along and are comprehending. You grade papers to see where help is needed. The DVD’s helped me out when I had baby #4 at the beginning of the school year. I have been impressed with the outcome of this curriculum so far. Both my 3rd and 4th grader love reading and supplement Abeka with tons of books about things they are interested in. They even do Science experiments on their own from books they have. We have tried our best to instill a love for learning in our children and Abeka has helped in that.

  32. Abeka Review by Rebecca Thomley
    Pros: wonderful phonics program
    Grades Used: K 5

    The ABeka K5 phonics program is wonderful. I have used it it with my oldest daughter, who is 6. She is now in the first grade and is a great reader.I just started using it with my four year old. I highly reccomend it!

  33. Abeka Review by Davette Wingo-Thompson
    Pros: The Teachers lessons tell you exactly what to do each day
    Cons: Repetative

    I am using Abeka for Phonics, Spelling, Reading and Math. I suppliment Abeka science and history with other Unit Studies. I am VERY impressed with the Phonics program for ABeka. My daughter went to a private preschool and a public school for kindergarten. When we started with ABeka Phonics this year she looked at me SO confused. I wasn’t sure I was doing everything as I should. Then I realized she didn’t have Phonics in kindergarten. I pressed on and I cannot express enough how pleased I am with her progress. She is reading so well because she is understanding the “phonics” rules. Spelling with Abeka is not intense enough. There is not enough practice the first time around. I have to create extra work sheets for my daughter so she can practice with the words and she still isn’t spelling well. Beyond three letter words, she gets lost. However, she is in first grade so I know she has a little time to learn to spell. ABeka is very repetative in Phonics, Math, Spelling and Reading. As for Spelling I know she will have the same words in another lesson down the road so I don’t worry as much. I actually ordered a different Spelling program, but went back to ABeka because the words follow along with the Phonics and Reading they are doing. I would not call Abeka fun but we try to make it fun in our own way. Abeka Math is very good. My daughter is doing very well in math. Again, one thing I have learned with Abeka is it is very repetative. If your child does not get it the first time it will come back around again and they will pick it up then. If my daughter mastered it the first time we quickly review and move on. If she did not then we go over the whole lesson again and continue to work on it. The reading books that go along with Abeka are great. They work right inline with the Phonics lessons your child is learning. Over all with this being my first year homeschooling I wanted a cirriculum that told me exactly what to do each day and for my daughter not to fall behind. Abeka does all that. The teacher lesson plan literaly tells you exactly what to do. Everything with ABeka works together and I think that is what has helped me stay with it. Phonics, Reading, Spelling and Lauguage Arts all work together so that your child is actually doing work that they are currently learning.

  34. Abeka Review by cheryl Flowers
    Pros: great phonics and penmanship
    Grades Used: 1st and 2nd

    This is the second year we used Abeka, and my daughter loves this ciriculum. It is easy to use and she actually enjoys going to school. Love Abeka!

  35. Abeka Review by MELINDA STOGSDILL
    Grades Used: 4TH AND 7TH


  36. Abeka Review by Sherry
    Pros: Easy to teach various levels from same book.
    Cons: I have to usedditional resources because they don't cover enough material.

    Grades Used: pre-K thru 12th

    I do Love Abeka and have used it for many years. I have 9 children in various grade levels and Abeka is used by all. I use additional material to expand on things because I want them to learn more, retain better.

  37. Abeka Review by Anna
    Pros: extremely thorough, step by step phonics
    Cons: lots of workbook review (I overcome this by using only the K and the 2nd grade workbooks at a relaxed pace through the K, 1st, and 2nd grades)

    Grades Used: Phonics:K4-2, Readers:K4-5th

    I have not seen anything as thorough as A Beka!
    These are the wonderful resources that I use over and over and over with my children as they start out:

    K4 readers- are *awesome* to teach beginners how to build words!
    K4 ABC Writing Tablet-I prefer this in K because of lighter work load.
    K5 Letters and Sounds workbook- starts with the basics and builds…interesting and colorful…its easy to assign a page at a time
    Handbook for Reading- *the most important* phonics tool for everyone in my opinion….covers the short vowels and consonants for K level all the way through to teaching the complex phonetic sounds that some other curricula leave untaught.
    1st grade readers- adds step by step practice, making learning to read well easy
    2nd grade Letters and Sounds- builds the confidence in advanced phonics
    2nd grade readers- these *really* make reading enjoyable to the student
    (Basic Phonics Charts- nice to have, good practice)

    This is my complete phonics program using A Beka. If I left anything out that they make, its because I used it and found it to be excessive for the individual home education setting. I am beginning this process with my fifth child now:)

    We also have all the reading books through 5th, and my children love them!

  38. Abeka Review by Nadia
    Pros: We love the Abeka program..!!!
    Grades Used: 3-5

    We use the dvds and it makes learning so much fun. It spirals and my daughter is able to retain the information. The teachers are amazing.

  39. Abeka Review by Sam
    Pros: Good for K-6
    Cons: Not enough explanation for H.S

    Grades Used: 5,6,9,10

    Abeka is really great for K-6. The curriculum for high school can be a lille challenging to teach especially Plane Geometry. There are not enough explanations for each lesson. A video for this course would be helpful.

  40. Abeka Review by cathy
    Grades Used: 5th

    Pros: very indepth; lots of repetition; lots of review before a test;
    Cons: repetition is sometimes too much; Also, I’d prefer not to have so many different books & booklets. For example, why not have all the history tests, quizzes & skill sheets in the history book, rather than 4 different books? And there are several books for most every subject. For this reason, it’s a pain if we are going to be doing school work away from home because you have to look in the curriculum for that day and figure out which quiz books, test books, skill sheet books, & text books to bring.

  41. Abeka Review by Stacy Burnett
    Pros: Very colorful and engaging
    Grades Used: 4-8

    My oldest daughter will only use Abeka for her science. We got it for her when she was in 4th grade and she has never wanted to use anything else since. She loves the pictures and the way the lessons are laid out. Very easy for her to understand and retain.

  42. Abeka Review by vicki shepard
    Pros: Layout is easy to follow. Loved their phonics program! Science and Health and their readers have been our absolute favorites.
    Cons: Some times see gaps in the History that I supplement with whole books but would do that with any curriculum I'm sure.

    Grades Used: K-4 so far

    We have used Abeka since the beginning and have loved it for the most part. I use the eclectic approach so I have not used the complete curriculum, but Phonics, the readers, Science and Health and some History have been a good fit for us.

  43. Abeka Review by Deb Laird
    Pros: bright, Great grammar
    Cons: too much repetition

    Grades Used: K, 1, 2, 3, 4

    Loved their program on teaching to read! Went at child’s pace, not theirs. We have boys and the seat work became too much for boys. A lot of writing and a lot of repetition.

  44. Abeka Review by Betsy McCaskey
    Pros: content, layout
    Grades Used: 1,2,3

    We have used Abeka books in many subjects areas and enjoy most of them. Our particular favorites have been the Science texts, and, the Health, Safety and Manners texts. The page layouts are easy to read with a good choice of font,use of color and pictures. I actually use just the Teacher Editions, as they include all the student text material. I give the chapter quizzes orally as the T.E.s have the answers. I also do not choose to do all of the suggested activities. We supplement heavily, and at times the Abeka is actually the supplement. I like the Health, Safety and Manners books very much. They nicely reinforce what we her parents are harping on! We have used Abeka for grades 1,2 and 3, in addition to our other resources.

  45. Abeka Review by Nanette Greendyk
    Pros: bright, appealing to children, very thorough
    Cons: can be too advanced for some children

    Grades Used: K-12

    I still use Abeka materials. Some of them are so good I come back year after year. My kids have learned alot over the years, and the consistant Christian instruction is very reassuring. (I don’t have to look over shoulders for fear of what may have changed)

  46. Abeka Review by Diannah Enger
    Pros: Easy to follow the information and learn
    Cons: Sometimes too much detail

    Grades Used: 5/6, 8/9

    I really enjoyed using the Abeka materials. I found it easy to teach and they really enjoyed learning esp the Christian perspective. I would recommend to others. The only problem I had was so much details in the history for my daughter – she really was challenged to learn so much. 🙂

  47. Abeka Review by Nelda Gay
    Pros: Very thorough in the Grammar.
    Cons: Way to much repetition.. WAY to much Diagramming. I think it is best for an actual Christian School setting with a lot of students.

    Grades Used: 7th and 8th

    If you follow everything in the Grammar book you will definately learn and learn it well. There is just so much repetition that my child was bored beyond belief and we will not be using it another year.

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