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Father, mother, son, and daughter using markers while lying on the floor and text 10 Ways to Mark the End of Your Homeschool Year TheHomeSchoolMom

10 Ways to Mark the End of the Homeschool Year

Is yours one of the many families whose “school year” has a beginning, an end, and then a break before the next year begins? Schooling at home is something to celebrate, and when the end of the year arrives, it presents an opportunity for joyful recognition and reflection. Here are some ideas for ways to make it memorable and special for your family. Continue reading »

Tips to Review Your Homeschool Progress

Tips to Review Your Homeschool Progress

For many homeschoolers, November marks the midyear. For year-round homeschoolers it may mark the year end. Either way, during this busy season, make certain you set some time aside to review your progress to see if a change in your schedule or curriculum should be on your radar. Continue reading »

Phone schooling for families on the go

PhoneSchooling: Homeschooling with OneNote and OneNote Mobile

I’ve been using Microsoft OneNote 2010 and OneNote Mobile for Android as tools for homeschooling and organizing our activities. Microsoft will tell you that OneNote is a note taking and information management system that can capture your to-do list and important information.

What I will tell you is that OneNote lets me create notes at home on my Windows computer that I can access on my mobile phone — when I need to know the soccer schedule, when my son needs access to a science quiz in the car, when I need my notes for work, or when I need to remember my errands. Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom: Start Fresh

Start Fresh… Stay Strong… Finish Well!

It’s the beginning of July. We just wrapped up another school year. Did your kids learn something? You bet they did! Did you have good days? Let’s hope so! How about bad days? Did you have any of those?

I did.

But I have great news for you… Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom: Reflections - Homeschooling Review

Reflections From This Homeschooling Year

Even though we technically school throughout the whole year, since summer for us is more relaxed, the beginning of June feels like the end of the school year. And, like at any ending, I end up reflecting. I mean, as a homeschooler I’m pretty much solely responsible for the academic well-being of my kids, so I figure I’d better make sure I learn something from each year of teaching, right? I like to think I can be in a better position each year to help my children learn what they need to learn. Continue reading »

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

How Did Your Curriculum Work For You?

You have probably either finished the year or are winding up the year. It’s a good time to reflect on how your curriculum worked for you in each subject (if you use curriculum). Did you find yourself dreading a particular subject? Did your children complain about the curriculum? Did they accomplish the goals that you had set for the year? Continue reading »

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