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by Mary Ann Kelley
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ALEKS Review by Jessica Medina
"This is my first year homeschooling. Math is not my strong point and I had a hard time selecting a program for my children. After a 2 month free trial, Aleks offered me a 2 for 1 subscription and I accepted. (Otherwise I think it is a bit pricey.) .."
"This program might not work for everyone but it was perfect for our last child. When he was ready (and I tried it when he was 5 and no go) we whipped through the lessons. LOVED the scripted format with him sitting on the couch beside me. It really do.."
"My son was an unfortunate causality of the public school systems cracks. He was a 6th grader barely reading at a 4th grade level with writing skills below 1st grade. I needed a program to help close this gap. The Easy Grammar Grade 3 has been, so f.."
"Im a first time home schooling mother to a 5 year old boy. When I first started homeschooling I thought I could never be able to do it. But all about reading lays its all out simple. I love there app for phonograms, when im unsure of sounds I simply.."
"I started using Diana's curriculum almost two years ago after using Bob Jones University Elementary History for the first two years with my oldest. BJU was a really good curriculum but it couldn't be scaled to a "one room schoolhouse" scenario I was .."
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