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by Mary Ann Kelley
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"My children have gone from have NO writing skills to being proficient due to IEW materials and workshops. I highly recommend all their materials..."
"I really like the phonics and reading curriculum (It's how I learned to read when I was five), but I'm a little worried that the newer edition moves faster than the old version. The little readers are bright and colorful and the kids enjoy reading th.."
Rod and Staff Review by northfloridamomma
"I was first introduced to R&S when I myself was homeschooled in 6th grade. It is a very straight forward curriculum, lots of practice and not a lot of distractions. My daughter loves the fact that she doesn't waste time trying to figure out what .."
"The first year we did CC, I was a tutor and we were part of a wonderful community. We all loved it and it was truly a blessing to our homeschool. However, had I not been a tutor, there is no way I could have afforded the tuition. As a tutor, I recei.."
"SOS was a simple program to use. I thought it would be well suited to my daughter because she struggles with certain visual type perception issues and copying work or transferring work from one place to another is just setting her up for failure. I .."
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