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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Recent Reviews

"I have two children, son started in 3rd grade, daughter in 5th grade, currently son is in 7th and daughter is in 9th and we are looking to "Graduate" with the A Beka program. My children love, bible, history, videos - English/Grammar is complete, di.."
Alpha Omega Monarch Review by I do not tell my real name
"my mom let me wright this post since I'm the one using it, Monarch is a lot of fun paper or computer I have learned some things but I learned lot of this a grade ago on a different homeschooling thing, I think it was called "Alpha Omega Lifepack" so .."
"We took a gamble and started using MUS with my oldest when we brought her home from school in 3rd grade. We began with Gamma but moved back to Beta. She has now completed Algebra I and will begin Geometry next year. We started MUS from the beginning .."
"I will not re-enroll my child. First off evolution and macro/micro evolution isnt scriptural. Then they forced catholicism into the cirriculum as well. Its pricey as well. Teachers dont respond right away and if a student needs help in a subject and .."
"We used First Form Latin in 5ht grade and Second Form Latin for 6th grade. Very structured and lots of good grammar. I think Latin is hard, so I was very glad my daughter was willing to work through the books herself. I did buy the DVDs so she cou.."
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