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by Mary Ann Kelley
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"We enrolled my DD, on 10th grade second semester, We chosed her courses, Abeka emailed us ,they need to make some adjustments on our daughter's courses. Abeka made a mistakes choosing her courses, Abeka enrolled her 1 years behind her grade level. .."
"I recently started homeschooling and I chose this because I thought it would provide a Christ-centered education. I've only been enrolled in the Ignitia curriculum for about 5 months and I already regret it. I should've followed my instinct when I co.."
A.C.E. Review by A. Jeter
"We are using this curriculum for Science, Social Studies and Word Building. My son is learning so much from these and he especially loves the Science. The social studies seems a little dry, but we've also tried Lifepac and CLE for this subject and my.."
"I would like it to be known at how disappointed and disgusted I am with the A Beka Academy Christian homeschool program. My daughter is currently enrolled and using the video streaming lessons. She watched 3 of her lessons today (lesson 39) then shut.."
"This curriculum, if it was everything one would expect, would be excellent. However the actual product is quite different. To keep this brief I will only point out a few things.Several of the subjects are quite outdated in the examples they use, .."
SpiderSmart eLearning
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