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Homeschooling in DeKalb - New Boston - Avery - Simms - Texarkana:

Martial Arts for Homeschool Families

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This is a faith based Martial Arts school run by a homeschool family with a family atmosphere. Quality instruction with reasonable prices is found at Infinity Martial Arts.

Morning classes are available for busy homeschooling families! Students can overcome shyness, insecurities and anxiety. They will develop physically, socially and emotionally as they train. Balance, coordination, endurance and learning skills will increase. Students may get in shape no matter their age! PE requirements can be fulfilled.

Students will meet new families, hear the Word of God and memorize scripture as they progress. Promotions are based on the student’s individual progress just like homeschool! Program requirements are adjusted according the student’s age and ability. (many students have started in their 40’s & 50’s and are succeeding at their own pace just as children do!)

Families are encouraged to train together but individuals are welcome too. Classes will be held on Tuesday mornings and each one includes a short devotional. There are no limits with God at Infinity Martial Arts & Fitness. Family discounts are available.

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Area served:DeKalb - New Boston - Avery - Simms - Texarkana
Location:101 S. Runnels, DeKalb, TX 75559

Martial Arts for Homeschool Families

101 S. Runnels, DeKalb, TX 75559

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