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Homeschooling in Dothan, Wiregrass area:

Wiregrass Secular Homeschoolers

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Wiregrass Secular Homeschoolers is a very active group! The primary goal of this group is social, and not just a resource for information, as there are plenty of those groups. WSH has meetups and events every month, all year long. There are no fees to join, and your family can begin participating right away.

All WSH events will have a host. Our desire is to create an intimate group of friends for our children and ourselves. We need members that are going to show up when they sign up for events, and that will let the host know if anything changes in that they are unable to attend.

The group is secular in that it is welcoming to members of faith or no faith. In this group we define secular as denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis. This does not mean that families of faith are not welcome. It simply means we are not a faith (or no faith) group.

This group will support each other and offer guidance. No criticizing, or remarking with ill purpose. Please be kind and respectful.

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Area served:Dothan, Wiregrass area

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