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Homeschooling in Iowa:

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Homeschool Field Trips

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Iowa Homeschool Field Trips

Field trips are a great way to reboot a bad homeschooling week, get out of the house when everyone has cabin fever, and learn about your local area. Before heading out, check out Jeanne's tips for improving homeschool field trips.

Our listing of Iowa field trips for homeschoolers is ordered alphabetically by city. If you would like to submit a Iowa field trip destination, you may do so using the red button above.

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

Lewis & Clark, in their quest for a water route to the Pacific Ocean, opened a window onto the west for the young United States.

Ackley Heritage CenterAckley

Situated on the rolling prairie plains of North Central Iowa, Ackley's lush land offered an invitation for settlement, particularly to the German people from Ostfriesland, Germany. Those German pioneers' hard work, self reliance, and commitment to family laid the foundations for the strong community that Ackley is today. Recording and preserving the history and artifacts of this great migration is the goal and purpose of the Ackley Heritage Center.

Ambrose A. Call State ParkAlgona

Ambrose A. Call State Park is a 138 acre "oasis" of rugged hills heavily wooded with virgin timber in an area of gently rolling farmland. The park is located near the east fork of the Des Moines River. Ambrose Call and his brother, Asa, were early settlers in the area who carved their claim, the first in Kossuth County, on a walnut tree at the present site of the park. The brothers spent their first night in Kossuth County on July 9, 1854. The next day, while Asa went for his wife and supplies, Ambrose and a traveling companion, William Smith, began work on a cabin in what is now the state park.

Amana Heritage SocietyAmana

The Amana Heritage Society collects, preserves and interprets the heritage of the Amana community from its True Inspirationist beginnings to the present day. We strive to be the historian of our community, expanding our collections of artifacts, library and archival materials-and ideas-and making them available to the general public and scholars.

Communal Kitchen and Coopershop MuseumAmana

The Ruedy Kuche (kitchen house), built in 1863, served up to 40 community members at each meal during the communal era and was one of about nine kitchen houses in Middle Amana. In the communal Amana Colonies no residents had their own kitchens; community members and Taglohners (hired hands) ate at one of the over 50 kitchens operated in the Amana Colonies.

Barn Museum & Communal Agriculture MuseumAmana

Contain exhibits that reflect Amana's agricultural heritage. The Communal Agriculture Museum, which was once an ox barn or Ochsentall contains antique agricultural implements used on Amana's communal farms as well as photographs depicting the role of agriculture in communal Amana. What was once a Gaustall (horse barn) is now the Barn Museum. This museum features the miniature woodcrafting of Henry Moore and is the largest known collection of miniatures made by one man. In the scale of one inch to the foot, Henry Moore built a unique world with dozens of buildings of both regional and national historic significance.

Brunnier Art MuseumAmes

The Brunnier Art Museum is the state's only accredited museum emphasizing a decorative arts collection, and one of the nation's few museums located within a performing arts and conference complex (Iowa State Center). Founded in 1975, the museum is named after its benefactors, Iowa State alumnus Henry J. Brunnier and his wife Ann. The decorative arts collection they donated, called the Brunnier Collection, is extensive, consisting of ceramics, glass, dolls, ivory, jade, and enameled metals.

Elizabeth and Byron Anderson Sculpture GardenAmes

The sculpture garden design incorporates sculptures, a gathering arena, and sidewalks and pathways. Planted with perennials, ground cover, shrubs, and flowering trees, the landscape design provides a distinctive setting for important works of twentieth and twenty-first century sculpture, primarily American. Ranging from forty-four inches to nearly nine feet high and from bronze to other metals, these works of art represent the richly diverse character of modern and contemporary sculpture.

Art on Campus CollectionAmes

Iowa State University is home to one of the largest campus public art programs in the United States. Over 2,000 works of public art, including 600 by significant national and international artists, are located across campus in buildings, courtyards, open spaces and offices.

Farm House MuseumAmes

The Farm House Museum is an on-campus resource providing a changing environment of exhibitions among the historical permanent collection objects that are on display. A walk through the Farm House Museum immerses visitors in the Victorian era and colorful state and local history. Programs, receptions, university classes, and educational tours are presented on a regular basis to enhance visual literacy. Our relationship with Iowa State University, local K-12 schools and the community facilitates the design and presentation of insightful tours, curriculum connections, and programming tailored to the diversity of our audience. The Farm House Museum provides educational opportunities for all ages -- from learning traditional soap making techniques to analyzing the lifestyle of Victorian-era farm children.

Christian Petersen Art Museum Ames

The Christian Petersen Art Museum is named for the nation's first permanent campus artist-in-residence, Christian Petersen, who sculpted and taught at Iowa State from 1934 through 1955. Petersen is considered the founding artist of the Art on Campus Collection.

Octagon Center for the ArtsAmes

The Octagon Center for the Arts was established in 1966 as a community arts center, originally housed in a 100-year-old octagon-shaped building that gave the center its name. Since then, the Octagon has expanded to become a comprehensive community arts center located.

Reiman GardensAmes

Now one of the largest public gardens in Iowa, Reiman Gardens creates a striking entrance to Iowa State University and the city of Ames. Situated on a 14-acre site, the year-round facility features distinct gardens throughout the indoor and outdoor areas, an indoor conservatory, 2,500-square-foot indoor butterfly wing, butterfly emergence cases, a gift shop, and five supporting greenhouses. Reiman Gardens has many award-winning features, and has recently planted one of the first rose gardens in a public garden that incorporates both sustainable designs, plants, and gardening practices. It's Reiman Gardens' goal to show gardeners how to have beautiful and practical gardens and cut the use of chemicals, incorporate more native and hardy plants, and use less labor.

Wapsipinicon State ParkAnamosa

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails, Caves, Bicycling, River Activities (boating, fishing), Hunting and Golf.

Lake Anita State ParkAnita

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Lower Gar State Recreation AreaArnolds Park

Facilities and Activities:Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

The Spirit Lake Massacre - Abbie Gardner CabinArnolds Park

Location of the infamous Spirit Lake Massacre in 1857. Log cabin restored to 1856 appearance. Visitors Center with artifacts and film. Location: Monument Drive. Arnolds Park, IA 51331

Abbie Gardner Sharp CabinArnolds Park

The site where 13-year-old Abbie Gardner was an eyewitness to one of the few violent conflicts between European-American settlers and American Indians in Iowa (what became known as the 1857 Spirit Lake Massacre). The cabin has been restored to resemble its approximate 1856 appearance. Nearby are a monument to those killed, a one-acre park, and a visitors center full of artifacts.

Bloomsbury FarmAtkins

We believe that education about agriculture, tied with FUN activities, is essential for everyone - especially kids! Here at Bloomsbury Farm we are surrounded by rich heritage, history, and farming; and we are passionate about sharing it with all who visit! We invite you to bring your students to experience the rural magic of the Iowa farm with an added twist of extremely unique and exciting activities! We have a giant Jumping Pillow, Corn Box, Barnyard Buddies, Hayrack Rides, and much more here at Bloomsbury Farm!

Lake of Three Fires State ParkBedford

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Cabins, Hunting, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Bellevue State ParkBellevue

Facilities and Activities:View from overlook at Bellevue State Park, Nelson Unit picnicking/shelters, camping, trails and South Bluff Nature Center

Family MuseumBettendorf

The Museum's Mission: Inspire, connect, and strengthen our community by enriching the lives of our children today and expanding their capacity to shape their future. Engage families, caregivers, and teachers with children eight years and under in active play and learning experiences and environments that spark their curiosity, explore their interests, foster their potential and nourish a sense of belonging.

Boone County Historical CenterBoone

Highlights of the Museum: View a model railroad diorama of the dramatic Kate Shelley story. Also see her gold medals and the lantern she carried on that stormy night. Explore a recreated slope coal mine. Learn about the environmental history of the area through an extensive collection of mounted animals, birds, and eggs. Military and Gun collection from the frontier days to Desert Storm. Prehistoric and Native American items. Extensive collection of US coins. Early medical equipment. Temporary and special exhibits through out the year. Historical and Genealogical records.

Mamie Doud Eisenhower Birthplace Boone

Guided Tours of birthplace of First Lady, Mamie Doud Eisenhower, wife of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States & Five Star General During World War II. Completely restored Victorian home. Chronological exhibits. Photos and mementos of Ike and Mamie's life. Library of Eisenhower related references and local history. Mamie's 1962 Plymouth Valiant on display and 1949 Chrysler Windsor.

Lake Darling State ParkBrighton

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Cabins, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Phelps House MuseumBurlington

The Phelps House Museum graces the top of Snake Alley, known as the crookedest street in the world. Family treasures from three generations of the Garret-Phelps family fill this Victorian Mansion home. Discover the medical memories of Burlington in the first Protestant Hospital in Des Moines County.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Park & MuseumBurr Oak

Nestled along the banks of the Silver Creek in the far Northeast corner of Iowa you will find the village of Burr Oak, which was named for its ample number of bur oak trees. Founded in 1851 this village was the major crossroads of the area, with over 200 covered wagons passing through daily on the way to the South and West. In 1880, a couple of years after the Ingalls family left Burr Oak, the population was 199. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls was born February 7, 1867, in a little log cabin house in the Big Woods near Pepin, Wisconsin. She was the second daughter born to Charles and Caroline Ingalls. Laura and her family moved several times throughout her childhood, which provided her with information and adventure for her books. She had her first book published when she was 65 years old. Laura and Almanzo Wilder lived on Rocky Ridge Farm in Missouri until their deaths. Almanzo died in 1949 at the age of 92. Laura died three days after her 90th birthday in 1957. They are buried in Mansfield, Missouri along with their daughter, Rose Wilder Lane.

Hearst Center for the Arts Cedar Falls

At the Hearst Center for the Arts you will find: Outstanding artworks and fascinating exhibitions, Great performances, Valuable workshops in the creative arts, Vibrant gathering with other art lovers, Stimulating programs and discussions and Classes for all age groups.

Ice House MuseumCedar Falls

The Ice House Museum features an outstanding display of the items used in cutting, harvesting, storing, selling and the use of natural ice. The 600 square foot display area for tools and implements used to cut natural ice was completed in 1991. A large mural showing the Cedar River in winter forms the background for a "frozen" river where tools of the trade are displayed. Blocks of "ice" are stacked as they would have been in the ice house with the tools used by the men who delivered ice to homes and businesses throughout the area.

"R" Little Red School House MuseumCedar Falls

When the first settlers arrived in their communities they built three things in this order: a home, a schoolhouse and then their church. The school building soon became the center of cultural life in the community. This school house was built in 1909, replacing an older building. It was thus known as "Center School," and because of its location was used as the voting place for the township. The voting records were kept in the storage room to the right of the front entrance.

University of Northern Iowa MuseumsCedar Falls

Mission: To the education, research, and public service missions of the University through educational programming, exhibition, collection, and preservation. For the campus and general public, the Museums foster lifelong learning and the exchange of ideas, as well as a respect for our natural resources and the human heritage of the world.

Antique AcresCedar Falls,

Antique Acres is a private organization whose members own, preserve and display working examples of antique threshing, steam, plowing and saw milling machinery. Antique Acres was incorporated in 1964 to purchase 80 acres of land and to organize what has become an annual "Old Time Power Show," held each August on this site. The Antique Acres collection includes a 1918 Moline Universal tractor. A museum on the grounds features a large collection of old farm machinery, including items more than 100 years old.

BrucemoreCedar Rapids

You can't experience Brucemore by looking at a screen. Grab the family, take a tour of the mansion, stroll the gardens, pack a picnic, and attend outdoor theatre. Brucemore, a National Trust Historic Site in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a museum and so much more. As a community cultural center, Brucemore's 26-acres are alive with concerts, festivals, performances, and activities. So log off and come over to the big house.

Cedar Rapids Museum of ArtCedar Rapids

The mission of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is to excite, engage, and educate our community and visitors through our collection, exhibitions, and programs.

Carl & Mary Koehler History CenterCedar Rapids

Kids ages 7-12 are invited to take a trip back in time. Our Mission: To Preserve, Interpret, Present and Share the History of Linn County.

Red Haw State ParkChariton

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Trails, Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing) and Public Hunting.

Stephens State ForestChariton

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Cabins, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Floyd County MuseumCharles City

Come explore the history of the heartland. The Floyd County Museum is one of the Midwest's largest rural county museums, with over 50,000 artifacts depicting early and recent prairie life, both agricultural and industrial.

Sanford Museum and PlanetariumCherokee

Exhibits and activities on a variety of subjects including: Archaeology, Art, Astronomy, Geology, History, Natural History, and Paleontology.

Nodaway Valley MuseumClarinda

Come in and see the unique history of Southwest Iowa with many different exhibits and buildings including: Birthplace of 3H and 4H. Follow the work of Jessie Field Shambaugh who was superintendent when Page County was recognized as "The Best Rural Schools in America." She pioneered the Boys' Corn Club and the Girls' Home Club which developed into 3H and 4H.

Clear Lake State ParkClear Lake

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Heritage Farm Park Clermont

Step Back in Time...1890's. Heritage Farm Park is a non-profit corporation that continues to grow in popularity and use. The goal of Heritage Farm Park is to provide a recreational and educational facility that celebrates and preserves northeast Iowa's rural agriculture and cultural heritage.

Conrad Heritage Hall and MuseumConrad

"Preserving and Sharing Our Heritage".

Heritage Museum of Johnson CountyCoralville

Discover Johnson County's past in the unique stories of our fascinating people. Located in the 1876 Old Coralville Public School, the Heritage Museum features changing exhibits which vividly illustrate the culture and heritage of Iowa and Johnson County. A turn-of-the-century school room gives visitors an appreciation of the days when school children drank from a common dipper, and 'ciphered' on hand-held slates.

Iowa Children's MuseumCoralville

The Iowa Children's Museum is a vibrant cultural attraction, educational family resource and vital element in the Iowa economy. The mission of The Iowa Children's Museum is to inspire every child to imagine, create, discover, and explore through the power of play. The museum serves this mission through interactive exhibits, engaging hands-on programs and community outreach. With an annual visitation of approximately 120,000 children and adults, The Iowa Children's Museum is one of the largest cultural attractions in Iowa.

Prairie Trails MuseumCorydon

There is something here to interest everyone! The large main brick building houses 25,000 artifacts in five galleries covering over 21,000 sq. ft. The eye-catching red Heritage Barn contains an extensive collection of early farm artifacts displayed in interesting interpretive exhibits. Across the rolling prairie they came - - Native Americans hunting game, roaming free until 1845...Early settlers in the Iowa-Missouri disputed territory, driving stock to market...Mormon Pioneers trekking west across the prairie wilderness...Pioneer Families eager to farm Iowa's fertile soil...Homesteaders seeking land and a better life.

Lake Manawa State ParkCouncil Bluffs

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Group Camping, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

RailsWest History CenterCouncil Bluffs

Rock Island Depot Museum, Historic Railcars, and working Model Railroad. The Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Passenger Depot was constructed in 1899 on the south edge of downtown Council Bluffs and today is operated as a museum and model railroad display.

The Union Pacific Railroad MuseumCouncil Bluffs

The Union Pacific Railroad Museum houses one of the oldest corporate collections in the nation. It includes artifacts, photographs and documents that trace the development of the railroad and the American West. The Union Pacific Collection dates to the mid-1800's, featuring original editions of reports from survey teams that searched for the best land route to join the nation, east to west. Surveying equipment, early rail equipment, and artifacts from the construction of the nation's first transcontinental railroad tell the story of one of the world's construction marvels.

Green Valley State ParkCreston

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Cabins, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Geode State ParkDanville

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Figge Art MuseumDavenport

The Davenport Municipal Art Gallery opened in 1925, through a gift of 350 European and Mexican Colonial paintings, creating the first municipal art gallery in the State of Iowa. Today, the collections have grown over ten-fold and include more than 3,500 paintings, sculptures, and works on paper from the 16th century to the present. The museum was renamed the Figge Art Museum in 2003.

Putnam Museum & IMAX TheatreDavenport

Nine Eagles State ParkDavis City

Rugged wooded hills and valleys abundant with oak trees makes Nine Eagles one of southern Iowa's most scenic parks. The park has some trees which are more than 300 years old. Visitors enjoy six miles of bridle trails and nine miles of hiking trails, swimming at the sandy beach, pleasant camping areas and shaded picnic spots with tables and fireplaces scattered throughout the 1,100-acre park. Plants native to the area flourish and provide excellent cover for birds and wildlife. White-tailed deer can be seen almost every morning and evening along the park roads. Waterfowl are a common sight along the lakeshore. Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Porter House MuseumDecorah

This house museum illustrates the life and times of it's owners,Adelbert and Grace Porter, with their personal furnishings, collections, art work, photographs, and library. A.F. Porter's collection of exotic butterflies is the focal point of the museum, and "the Porters' story" is closely tied to Bert's work as a naturalist and photographer. The museum grounds include a unique rock wall, designed by Bert, and built from his extensive collection of rocks and minerals. Fountains, birdbaths, planters, and a water garden enhance the park surrounding the house.

Vesterheim Norwegian-American MuseumDecorah

Embodies the living heritage of Norwegian immigrants to America. Sharing this cultural legacy can inspire people of all backgrounds to celebrate tradition. With 16 historic buildings in its main complex, which occupies most of a square block in downtown Decorah, Iowa, and two National Register sites just outside the city, Vesterheim houses over 24,000 artifacts, which include large samplings from the fine, decorative, and folk arts, and the tools and machinery of early agriculture, lumbering, and other immigrant industries.

Blank Park ZooDes Moines

Blank Park Zoo inspires visitors to appreciate the natural world through conservation, education and recreation. The zoo offers special classes specifically designed for home school students.

Des Moines Art CenterDes Moines

The Art Center presents thought-provoking exhibitions and educational programs, as well as hands-on studio art classes. We are proud of our world-class architecture and our outstanding Permanent Collections. Our restaurant boasts a 5-star rating and the museum shop is a source for great gifts, contemporary items, jewelry, greeting cards, and art related books.

Salisbury House & GardensDes Moines

Discover the enduring charm of 16th century England, the changing America of the 1920s, the vibrant culture of the 21st century. Salisbury House is all of that. Imagine moving through room after majestic room...the expansive Great Hall, the art-filled Common Room, the elegant dining room, the rare book-filled Library. And the experience has just begun. Treasures of art and antiquity create the dazzling mosaic that is Salisbury House. Experience Salisbury House for yourself!

Science Center of IowaDes Moines

Imagine. Experiment. Play! At the Science Center of Iowa, the experience is yours! From the inner workings of the human body to the outer reaches of the solar system, science surrounds you with dynamic live programs and hands-on interactive exhibits that will inspire the curiosity in us all. Interact, experiment and explore and see what you and science can do!

Terrace HillDes Moines

The official home of Iowa's governors. This beautiful mansion is filled with art, antiques and architecture that remind us of Iowa's rich history and heritage. Each year, more than 18,000 visitors tour Terrace Hill. Please use the website as a guide to help you learn about the history of one of Iowa's most famous homes, plan a tour, and find out about upcoming events at Terrace Hill.

Greater Des Moines Botanical GardenDes Moines

Offering field trips where students are engaged in fun hands-on learning while exploring plants and growing science skills. Interdisciplinary tours and programs are aligned with the Iowa Core, Next Generation Science Standards and local curricula for grades PreK - 8th. High school programs are currently being developed.

Lake Wapello State ParkDrakesville

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Lodge/Restaurant, Family Cabins, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Mines of Spain State Recreation Area and E. B. Lyons Nature CenterDubuque

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center, Horseshoe Bluff Interpretive Area, Trails, Hunting and Trapping.

Dubuque Museum of ArtDubuque

Our Mission: We will promote cultural growth through arts education, interpretation and preservation to enhance quality of life. - Iowa's oldest cultural institution established in 1874 located in the heart of downtown Dubuque's cultural corridor

Backbone State ParkDundee

Backbone State Park was dedicated in 1920. It was Iowa's first state park and remains one of the most significant. Backbone is named for its narrow and steep ridge of bedrock carved by a loop of the Maquoketa River. Folklore named this high ridge of rock the "Devil's Backbone". Nearly a hundred years ago, State Geologist Samuel Calvin wrote these words about "The Backbone": "Its sides are in places precipitous, the rocky cliffs rising sheer for more than 80 feet. Erosion and secular decay have carved the rocks into picturesque columns, towers, castles, battlements and flying buttresses. "

Field of Dreams Movie SiteDyersville

Field of Dreams, released in 1989, is a movie that has inspired millions and became an Academy Award nominee for "Best Picture of the Year." Welcome to this home, this farm, this baseball field, this little piece of heaven on earth. Welcome to this place where reality mixes with fantasy and dreams can come true.

National Farm Toy MuseumDyersville

Features thousands of toys and exhibits between its two floors. Tractors, implements, trucks, miniature farm dioramas, toy manufacturing information, and pedal tractors are on display around the museum. Also displayed are two Doug Schlesier sculptures, plaques honoring inductees into the National Farm Toy Hall of Fame, and a plaque honoring the founders of the world's largest farm toy manufacturer headquartered in Dyersville, the Ertl Company.

Pine Lake State ParkEldora

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Cabins, Trails, Lake and River Activities (swimming,fishing, boating).

Danish Immigrant Museum Elk Horn

The Danish Immigrant Museum shares the legacy and continuing influence of Danish culture as realized in the experiences and contributions of Danish immigrants, their descendents and Danes living in America.

Fort Defiance State ParkEstherville

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails.

Shimek State ForestFarmington

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Fort Atkinson State PreserveFayette

The state of Iowa acquired the fort in 1921 and reconstruction was started in 1958. In 1968, the fort was dedicated as part of the State Preserves System because of its geological, archaeological and historical value. The fort is located in the city of Fort Atkinson, Iowa.

Volga River State Recreation AreaFayette

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing). Hunting!

Pilot Knob State ParkForest City

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Blanden Memorial Art MuseumFort Dodge

The Blanden Art Museum seeks to be a cultural catalyst for north-central Iowa by collecting, conserving, exhibiting, interpreting, providing exhibition text and publications on visual arts from around the world. Permanent collection and temporary exhibitions with interpretative labels and frequently gallery guides and Blanden catalog publications, expert speakers, adult workshops, children's classes,outreach programs to mentally and physically challenged individuals are the major vehicles for providing visual learning opportunities at the Blanden Art Museum.

Fort MuseumFort Dodge

The Fort Museum and Fort Trading Post is the first and finest attraction in highlighting the past and present history of Northwest Iowa. The Fort Museum is truly one of the finest locations to document the development of the Des Moines River basin, and the Fort Dodge, Iowa area. The Fort Museum is also the home of the Original "Cardiff Giant". The Gypsum material to carve the statue was quarried in the Fort Dodge area quarries.

Union Grove State ParkGladbrook

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Iowa Aviation MuseumGreenfield

The Iowa Aviation Museum celebrates Iowa's remarkable aviation heritage... from the state's first recorded flight in 1910 to its native sons and daughters exploring the universe.

Springbrook State ParkGuthrie Center

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Cabins, Trails, Bicycling, Hunting and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Waubonsie State ParkHamburg

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails.

Beed's Lake State ParkHampton

Beed's Lake State Park is a beautiful place for a family picnic or cookout. Its grassy shaded picnic areas provide many opportunities for relaxation. Facilities and Activities: Camping, Trails, Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Prairie Rose State ParkHarlan

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming,fishing, boating).

Effigy Mounds National MonumentHarpers Ferry

Before Europeans arrived, a unique American Indian "Effigy Mound" culture developed in the upper Midwest building thousands of earthen mounds in the shape of animals across the landscape. Today, over two-hundred mounds are preserved intact here; thirty-one are effigies in the shape of bears and birds found along hiking trails. Ranger Programs 11:00 & 1:00 Daily

Yellow River State ForestHarpers Ferry

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Cabins, Trails, River Activities,

Cedar RockIndependence

The Walter Residence: Cedar Rock designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Walter house was one of Wright's most complete designs. Nearly everything at Cedar Rock bears the architect's imprint. Wright designed the furniture, selected the carpets, chose the draperies and even picked out the accessories. Cedar Rock was begun in 1948 and completed in 1950. It's roof and floors are concrete; the walls are brick, glass and walnut. Cedar Rock is one of nine Wright designed residences in Iowa. There is also a bank and hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the state. Of all the Wrights designs in Iowa, Cedar Rock is the only home chosen by Wright to bear his coveted signature tile.

Banner Lakes at SummersetIndianola

Banner Lakes at Summerset State Park, Iowa's newest state park, is nestled in the rolling landscape between Des Moines and Indianola on Highway 65/69, within minutes of the state's largest metro area. Picnicking, bicycling, Mountain Biking, Boating and Fishing, nearby Shooting Range and Public Hunting.

Lake Ahquabi State ParkIndianola

Facilities and Activities: Shelters and Enclosed Lodge, Camping, Trails, and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Arts Iowa CityIowa City

The mission of Arts Iowa City is to make the visual arts flourish through visual arts exhibitions and promotion, artist mentoring and networking, and community visual arts education.

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Medical MuseumIowa City

The mission: To stimulate, inform, and educate patients, visitors and the citizens of Iowa and surrounding regions about institutional health care and health-related issues. The presentation of exhibits will provide the public with an understanding of the University Hospitals and Clinics' past, present and future role in contributing to medical and patient-care advances in Iowa. Exhibits will consist of artifacts, photographs, medical equipment and instruments, records and other memorabilia.

University of Iowa Museum of Natural HistoryIowa City

The mission: To inspire in visitors of all ages understanding and a sense of wonder, discovery, respect and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds through exhibits, programs and collections, as well as through links with UI research and activities.

Kalona Historical VillageKalona

The Kalona Historical Village Visitors Center is the home of the nationally known Quilt and Textile Museum. We have two galleries one "English" and one "Amish" reminding visitors that the Amish call anyone "English" that is not Amish). The Visitors Center also houses 100 pieces of Iowa City and Keota glass made in the area in the 1800's, the Reif Gem and Mineral Museum, the largest collection of spool cabinets, and many family showcases featuring collectibles from families in the area.

Rock Creek State ParkKellogg

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Lacey Keosauqua State ParkKeosauqua

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Cabins, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing). Indian Mounds: A series of 19 mounds overlook the Des Moines River in the northwest section of the park. These were built by an ancient group of Woodland Culture Indians in order to bury their dead. Such mounds are usually found on hilltops overlooking river valleys. These are sacred locations to living Native American peoples - please pay your respects but avoid walking on or otherwise disturbing the mounds.

Elk Rock State ParkKnoxville

Facilities and Activities: Osprey WebCam - Elk Rock, Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails, Equestrian Campground and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and MuseumKnoxville

When you are in or near Knoxville it is an absolute must that you stop by and see the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum and of course a visit next door to the famed Knoxville Raceway, you will never forget them. Everyone needs to go there at least once.

Trapper's Bay State ParkLake Park

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Black Hawk State ParkLake View

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing) and Trails.

Buffalo Bill MuseumLe Claire

Birthplace and Boyhood Home

Brushy Creek State Recreation AreaLehigh

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Equestrian Camping, Camping, Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing) Hunting, Shooting Range and Trails.

Dolliver Memorial State ParkLehigh

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails, Boating, Fishing, Copperas Beds and the "Boneyard Hollow".

John L. Lewis Memorial Museum of Mining and LaborLucas

John L. Lewis was born February 12, 1880, to Welsh immigrant parents, in the coal mining camp of Cleveland, Iowa -- a mile east of Lucas. "John L." began work in the "BIG HILL" Mine in Lucas as a teenager, joining UMWA Local #799 in 1900. Myrta Bell, a daughter of a local physician, married John L. Lewis in 1907. The following year they moved to the coal fields of Illinois, where he began his rise to power in the United mine Workers of America. He served as their president for forty years and was a founder of the Congress of Industrial Organizations. Lewis died in June of 1969 and is buried in Springfield, Illinois, in the same cemetery as Abraham Lincoln. Both men were born on February 12 and were destined to make great changes in our American Way of Life.

Ledges State ParkMadrid

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Group Camp, Cabins, Bicycling, Trails and River Activities (boating, fishing).

Clay Castle MuseumMadrid

Houses one of the largest collections of dolls in the country. Many were made by Margaret Keigley, who donated her collection to the Madrid Historical Society. Included in the collection are doll houses, sewing machines and a variety of other toys

Maquoketa Caves State ParkMaquoketa

Maquoketa Caves is probably Iowa's most unique state park. Its caves, limestone formations and rugged bluffs provide visitors a chance to "step back" into geological time thousands of years. Caves vary from the 1,100' Dancehall Cave with walkways and lighting system to Dugout Cave. The remaining caves are all different sizes and shapes. Some can be explored by walking while others can best be seen by crawling. In any case, a flashlight and old clothes and shoes are most helpful. The park contains more caves than any other state park in Iowa. A beautiful trail system links the caves, formations, and overlooks while providing an exciting hiking experience. Many areas on these trails have seen new construction, making the journey to the caves safer and easier. Trail highlights include the dramatic "Natural Bridge" which stands nearly 50 feet above Raccoon Creek, and the 17-ton "Balanced Rock". The unique beauty of Maquoketa Caves State Park provides a lovely setting for picnicking. A children's play structure is located between the campground and picnic area.

Hurstville Interpretive CenterMaquoketa

The Jackson County Conservation environmental education staff are here to help you and your students, group, business, or organization learn more about Iowa's natural resources. Whether it be a program about a specific topic or a trip to a park, we are here to help you experience the outdoors and learn more about our natural world! Groups of all ages are welcome to explore on their own or work with a naturalist to develop a personalized learning experience that align with Iowa Core Standards. Free admission, open year round.

Granger House MuseumMarion

The Granger House Museum is a restored middle-class family home representing the American Victorian era. The house, built in the 1840s and occupied by a single family for nearly 100 years, showcases an extensive collection that includes many original furnishings. The 1879 brick carriage house, next to the family home, is a virtually untouched treasure and the only one of its design in the Midwest. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Granger House represents the lifestyle of a middle-class family living in late 19th century Marion. The museum's guided tours, demonstrations, and seasonal activities bring our town's history to life.

Marshall County Historical Society MuseumMarshalltown

The Historical Society was formed in 1908 to provide a public link to Marshall County's past. It exists to collect, store, and preserve artifacts and documents that were used or manufactured in Marshall County. The Historical Society Museum displays the Society's collections that illustrate and interpret Marshall County's natural and human history. Several other sites are also associated with the Historical Society. Visit our animated "Virtual Museum".

Stockman House by Frank Lloyd WrightMason City

The Stockman House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1908 for Dr. George and Eleanor Stockman as their family home, is now a museum. Restored to its 1908 presentation and furnished with period pieces and reproductions of furnishings Wright designed for other houses, the Stockman House provides visitors with Wright's vision of a modest home of the time. The house is located within easy walking distance of other significant Prairie School buildings.

MacNider Art MuseumMason City

The Museum exhibits and interprets a permanent collection of American art; temporary exhibitions of art; provides art classes for all ages; offers enriching arts programs; and maintains an art library.

Pikes Peak State ParkMcGregor

Facilities and Activities:Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails, and Bicycling.

Elinor Bedell State ParkMilford

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails, and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Emerson Bay State Recreation AreaMilford

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails, and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Mini-Wakan State ParkMilford

Facilities and Activities:Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Wilson Island State ParkMissouri Valley

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Cabins, Trails, River Activities, Hunting and the Desoto Wildlife Refuge.

Honey Creek State ParkMoravia

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Palisades-Kepler State ParkMount Vernon

Facilities and Activities:Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Cabins, Trails and River Activities (boating, fishing).

Midwest Old ThreshersMt. Pleasant

The Mission of the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association is to preserve and celebrate our agricultural heritage through education and entertainment.

Fairport Recreation AreaMuscatine

The Fairport Recreation Area provides excellent access and viewing of the Mississippi River. The large towboats, recreational boaters, river wildlife especially birds) and the majesty of the river all parade in front of the campground.

Wildcat Den State ParkMuscatine

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping and Trails.

Muscatine History and Industry CenterMuscatine

The Muscatine History and Industry Center examines products made locally -- from buttons to file cabinets and retread for tires to animal feed. The companies producing these goods have more in common than the location of Muscatine. Their histories are made of humble beginnings, risk-taking entrepreneurs, innovative technologies, strenuous days, and moments when driven individuals pushed on in spite of possible failure. "Made in Muscatine" means taking a chance, turning a vision into prosperity, and evolving to meet new demands.

Mormon Pioneer National Historic TrailNauvoo, IL to Salt Lake City, UT

70,000 Mormons, led by Brigham Young, traveled from Nauvoo, Illinois, to Salt Lake City, Utah between 1846 to 1869 in order to escape religious persecution.

Carnegie Cultural CenterNew Hampton

The mission of the Carnegie Cultural Center is to establish a vital presence of the arts, history, and the cultural awareness for the benefit, enlightenment, and enjoyment of all Chickasaw County residents and visitors.

Nishna Heritage MuseumOakland

This museum is the largest Little Town Museum in Iowa. We are very proud of our"little" Museum. We started the Historical Society in the mid 1900's. We purchased our first "Store" and opened the Museum in "that store" in the mid 1970's. We later purchased two more stores and linked them together. Our museum is about 150' by 150' in overall size. Our displays are mostly of the local area but not confined to this. We have displays from around the world, brought in by local people.

Oelwein Historical Society MuseumOelwein

There is plenty of free off-street parking with room for a few tour busses (to the right of the above photo). So come on down and spend a few hours in air-conditioned comfort reminiscing in yesteryear.

Lakes Art CenterOkoboji

The Pearson Lakes Art Center delivers educational programming to students of all ages through instructional classes, lectures and exhibitions; exposes community members to the numerous forms of art including, visual, music, drama, writing and film; serves as an advocate for the arts with partners in the schools and other neighboring organizations; and provides an important outlet for local and regional artists to exhibit and market their work. The Pearson Lakes Art Center is also fortunate to display the Pearson Art Collection.

Old Fort MadisonOld Fort Madison

Old Fort Madison is the Midwest's oldest American military garrison on the upper Mississippi River.

Lewis and Clark State ParkOnawa

Facilities and Activities: Keelboat Display, Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing). Lewis & Clark Festival: Join in the annual June festival celebration which will feature movies about the Lewis and Clark 1804 expedition, an appearance of buckskinners in frontier dress, bluegrass music and historic presentations.

Preparation Canyon State ParkOnawa

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Hike-in Camping and Trails.

Lake Keomah State ParkOskaloosa

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Group Camping, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Wapello County Historical MuseumOttumwa

So many ancestors! So little time!

Pleasant Creek State Recreation AreaPalo

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Cabins, Hunting, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming,fishing, boating).

Badger Creek State Recreation AreaPanora

The lake at Badger Creek is by far the most popular natural resource, and thus fishing is the most popular form of recreation. The lake comprises of 276 acres. Largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and catfish are the main sought after species. There are no motor restrictions, but all boats must operate at a "no wake" speed.

Guthrie County Historical VillagePanora

The Guthrie County Historical Village features twelve buildings, numerous exhibits, and thousands of artifacts that explore the history of Guthrie County from 1850 to the early-20th Century. The museum is a county-wide project that started in 1968 with the acquisition of the Panora Depot. The majority of our collection has been donated by families and friends in the surrounding communities.

Pella Historical VillagePella

Pella Historical Village is a collage of more than twenty buildings, some more than 150 years old. Others were built later or moved and restored in keeping with our Dutch heritage. These structures are nestled in a courtyard laced with brick walkways. Volunteers play an integral role in the Historical Society. They assist in many areas of the Village and Windmill.

Big Creek State ParkPolk City

Big Creek State Lake was created as part of the Saylorville project to protect Polk City from floods. A diversion dam which forms the 866-acre Big Creek Lake was primarily developed as a flood control project but also offers a wide variety of recreation. Big Creek State Park and the adjoining public hunting areas provide recreation for visitors of all ages and interests. The focal point of the 3,550- acre complex is the lake.

National Mississippi River Museum & AquariumPort of Dubuque

The Dubuque County Historical Society (DCHS) has its roots in the Richard Herrmann Museum of Natural History, established in the 1870s. The DCHS was formed in 1950 as a private, non-profit organization with a focus on oral and archival history; and it opened its first museum, the Mathias Ham House, in 1964. Over the past 25 years the DCHS has successfully raised $54 million to organize and expand its Mississippi River Museum into the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. The Museum & Aquarium is accredited by the American Association of Museums -- a distinction held by only 9 percent of American museums -- and was named an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution in August 2002. The new river campus houses the William Woodward Discovery Center, the National Rivers Hall of Fame, the Fred W. Woodward Riverboat Museum, the Pfohl Boatyard, a wetland, and a refurbished train depot.

Buffalo Bill Cody HomesteadScott County

The boyhood home of Buffalo Bill Cody, government Scout and Wild West Showman, is located in the broad valley of the Wapsipinicon River. The 1847 farmhouse, entered in the National Registry of Historic Places, was built by Isaac Cody, Buffalo Bill's father, of native limestone and contains walnut floors and trim. The Homestead has been restored and furnished with items typical of the mid-19th century. Cody Homestead is nestled in scenic hillside overlooking the rich Iowa prairie where buffalo and long horn cattle graze on the land surrounding the house.

Greater Shenandoah Historical Society Museum Shendoah

The Greater Shenandoah Historical Society is a non-profit, educational institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, presentation and interpretation of significant historical information and artifacts from the western half of Page County and eastern third of Fremont County, Iowa. The museum contains thousands of artifacts significant to Shenandoah's interesting and rich historical-past. Displays include tributes to the two Shenandoah radio stations which were among the first the nation and the history of the seed and nursery companies that earned Shenandoah the title "The Nursery Capital of the World".

Stone State ParkSioux City

Facilities and Activities: Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Camping Cabins and Trails.

Sioux City Art CenterSioux City

The Sioux City Art Center presents exhibitions of local, national and international artists, as well as occasional touring Blockbuster shows.

Lake Macbride State ParkSolon

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Parker Historical MuseumSpencer

"To collect, preserve, and interpret Clay County history for the education and enjoyment of the public."

Bily Clocks MuseumSpillville

Marvel at the unique clocks that two brothers, Frank and Joseph Bily (bee-lee) hand-carved. The clocks depict history, art, religion and culture and are covered with hundreds of expertly carved figures. Some stand over nine feet tall.

Marble Beach State Recreation AreaSpirit Lake

Facilities and Activities:Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Pikes Point State ParkSpirit Lake

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Templar State Recreation AreaSpirit Lake

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Viking Lake State ParkStanton

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

Buena Vista County Historical SocietyStorm Lake

The historical society was founded in 1960 to preserve and display items significant to our county's history. It has three display sites in Storm Lake: a downtown museum, a log house and a country school.

Wilder Memorial MuseumStrawberry Point

Step back in time and view: Over 800 Heirloom Dolls, 40 Lighted Victorian Lamps, Priceless European Figurines, Princess Di Porcelain Doll, Rare Farm Tools/Toy Tractors, and the lamp used in the movie "Gone with the Wind".

Living History FarmsUrbandale

Travel Through 300 Years of Iowa's Agricultural Heritage. At Living History Farms, visitors experience first-hand what it was like to live on an Ioway Indian farm, on a pioneer farmstead, in an early Iowa town, on a farm from 100 years ago and what farming is like today! Discover America's agricultural heritage as you walk through three working farms, each with authentic crops and livestock. Learn how Native Americans grew crops in Iowa at the 1700 Farm. See how early farmers opened the prairie with oxen at the 1850 Farm. Find out how horse-power and cast-iron machines revolutionized agriculture at the 1900 Farm. Then, reconnect with today's agriculture in the Wallace Exhibit Center where you can see the many ways two-percent of the people in the United States (farmers) feed, clothe - and even fuel - the other 98 percent.

Bob Feller MuseumVan Meter

The Bob Feller Museum is located in his hometown of Van Meter, Iowa. On display is baseball memorabilia from Mr. Feller's Hall of Fame career.

McIntosh Woods State ParkVentura

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Yurts, Trails and Lake Activities (swimming, boating, fishing).

George Wyth State ParkWaterloo

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters/Lodge, Camping, Trails and Lake Activities (boating, fishing).

Bluedorn Science ImaginariumWaterloo

This hands-on science center makes learning scientific principles fun through interactive exhibits and formal demonstrations. Exhibits focus on light and electricity, momentum, liquids, gases and sound.

Grout Museum of History & ScienceWaterloo

Pretend you're a pioneer. Reach for the stars. Explore your ancestry. Your curiosity will take you far. The Grout Museum of History and Science features permanent and continually changing exhibitions of area history, regional flora and fauna, and the only public planetarium in Northeast Iowa. It's also home to the Hans J. Chryst Library/Archives, northeast Iowa's largest genealogical reference library. The library also contains an archival collection numbering 21,617 maps, photographs, oral histories, audio/video tapes, clippings and documents relating to the Cedar Valley.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame and MuseumWaterloo

The mission of the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum (DGIWIM) is to preserve, maintain and promote the long and illustrious heritage of mankind's oldest sport in a manner which will benefit the sport, educate and entertain the public, and to inspire youth to dream big and work hard. Today the museum boasts over 600 displays as it takes visitors through the history of wrestling, from ancient Greece through the present day Olympics. The Professional Wing of the museum has a half-size wrestling ring, a wall devoted to the legendary Frank Gotch, the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, and many other exciting displays.

Waterloo Center for the ArtsWaterloo

The Waterloo Center for the Arts is a municipal non-profit institution dedicated to fostering community awareness and appreciation of the arts by acquiring, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting significant works of art. Operates under the auspices of the Waterloo Cultural and Arts Commission, the Center and its programs reflect the City's commitment to and support of arts and culture.

Herbert Hoover National Historic SiteWest Branch

Herbert Hoover exemplified the ideal of individualism and the self-made man. His expertise as a mining engineer made him a millionaire by age 40. Having been raised in the Quaker traditions of humanity and generosity, Hoover then embarked on a course of public service for the rest of his life.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and MuseumWest Branch

Enables visitors to experience for themselves the many sides of Iowa's only president: The permanent galleries begin with Hoover's boyhood in Iowa and continue on to the Waldorf Towers in New York where he spent the final years of his life. The Quarton Gallery offers exciting temporary exhibits relating to American history. In the Hoover Library people of all ages can learn about President Hoover's life and career. Using manuscripts, photographs and oral histories, one can learn the stories of our history.

Walnut Woods State ParkWest Des Moines

Facilities and Activities: Picnicking/Shelters, Camping, Trails and River Activities ( boating, fishing).

John Wayne BirthplaceWinterset

Step back in time and picture the life of a young midwestern boy and his family near the turn of the century. This modest four-room home has been restored to reflect its appearance in 1907, the year of Duke's birth. An impressive collection of John Wayne memorabilia includes unique items such as the eyepatch worn in the movie True Grit, a hat worn in Rio Lobo, and a prop suitcase used in the film Stagecoach. Hundreds of rare photographs of Duke are on display as well as letters from Lucille Ball, Gene Autry, Maureen O'Hara, Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Douglas, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan and George Burns.

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