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Classical Kids CDs introduce children to classical music. A dramatic story, small bits of history, and classical music, set the scene for each musical adventure. The curriculum presents the great composers – Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Handel – as characters in their individual stories.

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  1. Classical Kids Review by Julie Scott
    Pros: Engaging stories, great music!
    Grades Used: up to 4th so far

    These are little gems. We’ve been able to get most (if not all?) of these from our library. The stories are engaging, the composer’s music acts as the background music and it’s a great way to learn about the composers (altho the stories are history-based fiction) as well as to familiarize yourself with their music.

  2. Classical Kids Review by Julia James
    Pros: engaging and fun
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 1st

    We love the Bach cd from this set. I plan to purchase the entire set for next year. My 1st grade daughter listens to this repeatedly in her room at quiet time, and can recognize Bach pieces when they play on the radio! That is impressive to me. She likes books on tape a lot, and classical music, so this is a superb combination.

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