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Tips to Review Your Homeschool Progress

by Online Education Contributor

For many homeschoolers, November marks the midyear. For year-round homeschoolers it may mark the year end. Either way, during this busy season, make certain you set some time aside to review your progress to see if a change in your schedule or curriculum should be on your radar. Continue reading »

Tips to Review Your Homeschool Progress />

December Writing Prompt Calendar

by Mary Ann Kelley

The December writing prompt calendar is full of winter and holiday-themed writing prompts. Each month we are offering writing prompts (you will be able to find them all on the main Homeschool Writing Prompts page), and you can download our December-themed prompts below. Continue reading »

December Writing Prompts />

Coping with Stress: Simple Strategies for Homeschool Moms

by Karen Doll

Homeschool moms are busy women who take multitasking to a new level. Even those with a more laid-back personality or approach to homeschooling can still feel stressed. As someone who’s struggled with anxiety for years, I know the effects of stress intimately. Stress can be defeated. Don’t give up! Gather the tools and the knowledge to both prevent and remedy the symptoms of stress with these simple strategies. Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom: Simple Strategies for Coping with Stress />

Where’s Your Motivation Gone?

by Online Education Contributor

So, you’ve been homeschooling a while now… Whether you’re a pro or just starting, a new year of homeschooling always seems to start out like the beginning of a marathon. Yet, after a while it’s easy to lose steam and find your enthusiasm has hit an all time low. Continue reading »

Three Ways to Rediscover Your Enthusiasm for Homeschooling />