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Technology and Learning

by Living Education Contributor

By Lawrence Williams, PhD, Oak Meadow Cofounder and PresidentWhen the modern homeschooling movement first began a few decades ago, the personal computer didn’t even exist, but now the majority of homeschooling families use a computer as part of their educational program. This not only reflects … Continue reading »

10 Ideas for Making the End of the Year Special

by Living Education Contributor

By Amanda Witman, Oak Meadow Social Media CoordinatorIs yours one of the many families whose "school year" has a beginning, an end, and then a break before the next year begins? Schooling at home is something to celebrate, and when the end of the year arrives, it presents an opportunity for … Continue reading »

Arranging a Strong Week: Your Homeschool Schedule

by Jeanne Faulconer

As a homeschool evaluator in Virginia, I've worked with hundreds of kids in families who have used all kinds of weekly homeschool schedules. I'm also in my 19th year of homeschooling, and since we've moved around a lot, I've been in a ton of different homeschooling communities and groups with so … Continue reading »

Finding Community as a Homeschooler

by Living Education Contributor

by Amanda Witman, Oak Meadow(first published in Oak Meadow’s blog, In the Meadow/March 2016)At first, particularly if you are new to homeschooling, it may seem like there are no homeschoolers around at all. But chances are very good that they are just hidden in plain sight!Families in … Continue reading »