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Top Ten Budget Busters

Many people make sincere attempts to set up a household budget and get themselves together financially, but too often these attempts fail. And for those with the most difficult financial circumstances, it may take several attempts to finally create a plan that works. Continue reading »

Subdue Guilt About Art Instruction In Your Homeschool

There are a number of things a homeschool family can do to subdue the guilt monster when he sneaks out from among the curriculum guides. The first thing we did was create a craft box. (Now, our crayons, colored pencils, markers, pencils, blank paper, scissors and glue sticks are such a part of our everyday school and afterschool life that I don’t include them as special art supplies.) I filled the box with all of the supplies that had previously been floating around the house. This included finger paints, water colors, pipe cleaners, felt and fabric swatches, buttons and brayers, the hot-glue gun, elmer’s brand glue, goggly eyes, stickers and old magazines. There is a surplus of craft-based idea books and websites to choose from so that you can best utilize these supplies. However, this only worked to squash the guilt for a short time. I was concerned about real art skills, not opportunities to make crafts. Continue reading »

Starting a Teen Book Study Group

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your teenage daughter this summer, consider starting a girl’s book study group with your daughter and her friends. You may think that teens would not respond well to this idea, but think again. you just might be surprised. Continue reading »

So Many Books – So Little Time

Reading aloud to our children is the number one recommendation for helping our young children become reading-ready as well as helping our older children develop a true love of great words. But for most of us there’s so little time in the homeschool day!  One great solution is to use audio books. Our family has listened to many classics, biographies, plays and non-fiction – both together and individually. Continue reading »

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