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Homeschool Record-Keeping and Organizing

1 – BE PREPARED AND ORGANIZED – in how your home operates and in presentation of lesson work on a daily basis. You’re on top of it, not it on top of you! Helps you prepare for the academics you want to teach; have materials on hand for creative projects that you OR the kids initiate.

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2 – DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE “Something to Show” …that “education” is taking place. Who would want or have good reason to know this? College? Grandparents? School officials? Legal/Court? Applying for a scholarship? … I testified in a court case that made me feel very thankful I had kept good records, but not everyone will need this

3 – SHOW ‘N’ TELL – Show other homeschoolers what worked (or didn’t work) for you and your kids. Newer homeschoolers like (and are wise) to learn from the experience and mistakes of those who have done and are doing it.

4 – NOSTALGIC VALUE – Records of this nature enable you to hold onto memories, parents’ or kids,’ giving you something to reminisce with in years to come. Appealing to those of us who are “historians” at heart!

5 – BRAIN UNLOADER – I need to get my accumulating ideas, thoughts, and goals OUT of my brain and ONTO paper, or I carry around the annoying weight of having to TRY to remember them which I seldom ever CAN! This is a great burden-lifter for me; unboggles my mind, freeing it up to move onto other things!

6 – DISCERN & EVALUATE PROGRESS – This type of tool helps you see where you’ve been and what has been accomplished and mastered so you can re-evaluate where you’re going and what to do next, what to emphasize, and what to eliminate.

7 – DIRECTION and VISION – See and know the overall picture of where you’re headed; what you want your child to walk out your front door equipped with and prepared for. Of course, this must align with God’s plan for your child’s future, how He wants to use him and his unique giftings.

8 – PRIVILEGE-REGULATOR – A way to balance privilege with responsibility, to have “gentle accountability.” Especially helpful if you have more than one child and it’s hard to “keep track.”

9 – GLEAN MORE FROM REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS – The “Learning Guides” I have designed are to help you direct your student to get more out of real-life learning experiences, lessons, or activities. They can be wonderful records of real-life-related work done by your child. (See The Booklet Building Book and Section IV of Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la” and Section IV of Lab Science: The How, Why, What, Who, ‘n’ Where Book”)

10 – PORTFOLIO MATERIAL – These are items that can be part of or included in a creative, well-presented, well-rounded portfolio. You want it to represent your student’s progress, accumulated knowledge, and/or expertise in a particular area.


Copyright by Barbara Edtl Shelton.
Used by permission from the author.

The Sheltons operate a home-based ministry to homeschoolers from their home in Longview, WA, primarily through the books that Barb has written. All of Barb’s speaking and writing is on topics of vital interest to burning-out as well as brand new and wanna-be homeschoolers. Barb’s resources reflect her “lite” approach to homeschooling that is based on the verse in Matt. 28:11 in which Jesus says “My yoke is easy, my burden light.” With vulnerability, humor, God’s Word, Barb’s heart is to inspire parents to pursue God’s unique plan for the education of their children, and she offers much practical help in doing so. You’ll be challenged, irritated, and moved to laugh, cry, think and re-think your views about education, and best of all, get set free (or freer) in Jesus! They may be contacted via their website:

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