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Geography resources

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Text over illustration of sky and clouds - Time4Learning and Fun for everyone: Online education for PreK-12th
Looking for a curriculum that makes learning fun? You'll find it in Time4Learning's PreK-12 grade online homeschool curriculum.
Text Time4Learning and rotating graphics for math, science, social studies, and language arts

Interactive Lewis and Clark Trail  (M, O)
"This interactive allows students to follow in the footsteps of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on one of the most important expeditions in American history—a voyage of danger and discovery from St. Louis to the headwaters of the Missouri River, over the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean. This interactive combines a compelling graphic interface with facts, lessons and video clips from the film."

Continent Fact Files  (Y, M)
23 page download with blackline maps and a form to record size/area, number of countries, population, highest point, place with the most people, climate, top landmarks, natural resources, and nearby oceans

The Truth about The First Thanksgiving by James W. Loewen  (O, T)
Reproduced from Loewen's book "Lies My Teacher Told Me," this excerpt describes the original non-native settlers of what is now the United States and the impact they had on the natives.

Arizona Geographic Alliance Resources  (T)
The Arizona Geographic Alliance website features a wide selection of classroom-ready maps free for download, as well as over 300 lessons and hundreds of map masters to assist in teaching geography. The Alliance is funded by the National Geographic Education Foundation (NGEF) and Arizona State University School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning.

Free Online Geography Games  (Y,M,O)
Large selection of map games for countries, states, capitals, continents, and more

U.S. Geography: The West  (Y)
A geography lesson plan from Discovery for grades K-5. Accessed through Wayback Archives

The World's Biomes  (Y,M,O,T)
Biomes are defined as "the world's major communities, classified according to the predominant vegetation and characterized by adaptations of organisms to that particular environment"

Read the USA: Passport to Regions  (Y)
Students create a passport to the United States. They earn passport stamps by connecting the geographic themes (location, place, human environment interaction, movement, and regions) to literature. Grades 4-5

Google Earth  (Y,M,O,T)
Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

Life on the Great Plains  (O)
In this four-part lesson, students examine the concept of geographic region by exploring the history of the Great Plains.

Tour of Park Geology - Oldest Rocks  (Y,M,O,T)
National Park Service Explore Nature Series

Blank map of United States  (Y,M,O,T)

USA Blank map  (Y,M,O,T)

National Geographic Kids  (Y,M,O,T)
This large sub-site of National Geographic online is a wonderful destination for kids. The site features appealing video, photos and profiles about animals in the Creature Features area. Additionally, there are People & Places profiles of countries, interactive adventures and brain teasers to sharpen students' skills in a fun, engaging way.

Global Bros  (Y,M,O,T)
Chronicles the adventures of two real-life kids, Stefan and Tyler, as they update readers about their year-long family trip around the world with their Mom and Dad. Kids can get to know them through the intro and follow them as they chat about their adventures through a blog. Talk about the ultimate homeschooling adventure!

Sheppard Software  (Y,M,O,T)
Free and fun to play geography games. There are various levels of play so that your beginners and advanced students alike can find something to hold their interest. You do need to have Flash Player 6 or higher on your computer to be able to play these games, but no other downloading is necessary.

Owl & Mouse Educational Software  (Y,M,O,T)
Free maps and map puzzles to learn United States and World geography with Maps that Teach. Free interactive maps and map puzzles to learn continents, countries, states, capitals, borders, physical features and cultural monuments. Maps are vital to our understanding geography and the world we live in. Interactive and fun, Maps that Teach help students learn basic geography.

Lizard Point Geoquiz  (Y,M,O,T)
Test your Geography Knowledge Click on an area of the map to select a quiz

I Like To Learn - Geography  (Y,M,O,T)
Allows you to not only learn about the countries and capitals of the world, but also the mountains and bodies of water.

Action Quiz Geography  (Y,M,O,T)
Do this free geography quiz and let's see how much you know about geography. Can you tell a country or city by a marking on a map of Africa, Asia, America, Oceania, Europe, the USA or the World? And how well do you know country shapes? Or capital cities? Other geography themes include license plates, flags, left driving countries, airlines and currencies. Each of these fun and free geo quizzes contain plenty of questions, so you can play this geography game again and again. Besides, your play against other computer opponents every time, so each geo quiz you take is a new challenge. Will you make it to the geography quiz final and win?

Atlapedia Online  (Y,M,O,T)
Contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world

CountryReports.Org  (Y,M,O,T)
Cultural, historical and statistical country information. - free geography worksheets  (Y)
Free geography worksheets for preschool through 5th grade.

Helping Your Child Learn Geography  (Y,T)
Ideas for free or inexpensive materials to teach your child geography.

LessonPlans for Australian Animals and Biomes  (M,O)
Grades 4-12

World Atlas  (Y,M,O,T)
World atlas has flags of all countries, states and territories as well as a list of continents, countries, dependencies, islands, territories, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, and the highest, lowest, biggest, smallest, tallest, deepest, oldest, youngest, richest, poorest places on the planet. Free maps test are available for teachers and if you are looking for an outline map that isn't listed, you can email them and they will send it to you by email. They offer a daily geography quiz (with a cash prize) which starts with one question and additional clues are added each day until someone wins. Once there is a winner a new quiz is posted the next day.

GeoNet  (Y,M,O,T)
A complete Social Studies and Geography game for both the United States and the World. Includes questions related to the World and US in Spatial Terms, Places and Regions, Physical Systems, Human Systems, Environment and Society, and the Uses of Geography

Homework Helper  (Y,M,O,T)
Homework Helper From National Geographic. Research for pictures, articles, maps, and more on our top subjects: Animals, History/Culture, Maps/Geography, Places, Science/Nature, and Art/Photo's.

National Geographic Lesson Plans  (Y,M,O,T)
The lesson plans on this site were written by educators and have been tested in the classroom. Together, they address all of the U.S. National Geography Standards, the five geography skills, and the main geographic perspectives. Serving a variety of needs, the plans include a wide range of teaching strategies. The assessment component of each lesson focuses on the knowledge and skills that students will use to answer a guiding geographic question as they address real-world issues. K-12th Grade

Xpeditions Activities  (Y,M,O,T)
From National Geographic. Xpeditions activities offer younger and older Xpeditioners the opportunity to use geography to complete a variety of missions. Parents, teachers, and friends can lend a hand. Xpeditioners are encouraged to use the "X-tras"--maps, games, stories, Web sites, and interactive features--to complete the tasks and to visit related annexes in Xpedition Hall once their mission is through. All activities are based on the U.S. National Geography Standards, and complementary lesson plans are available for educators.

All About the United States  (Y,M,O,T)
Games to make learning more fun. Games for states, capitals and landscapes.

All About World Geography  (M)
Sheppard Software's geography games

CopyCat Continents Game  (Y,M)
National Geographic Society

National Geographic Bee  (M)
"Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography. Schools with students in grades four through eight are eligible for this entertaining and challenging test of geographic knowledge... Bee registration is open to schools and homeschool associations with students in grades four through eight who are not over the age of 15 by the time of the national level. A student must be enrolled in a school or homeschool association that is registered with the Bee. Also, students of the eligible grade levels must be following a school schedule and academic course load comparable to the majority of the student's grade-mates and age-mates. A student may not be enrolled in more than two academic courses at the high school and/or college level during each school year of the competition." Registrations must be received by October 15, 2007.

Enchanted Learning Geography  (Y)
Dozens of map and geography resources for elementary students.

Online maps  (Y,M,O,T)
Several online geography resources are available at

Free US Geography Games For Teachers  (Y,M,O,T)
Whether you're learning for school, studying for college or working to improve yourself on your own, our learning tools will help you learn and grow. From our online games to our software packages, we make learning fun!

Globalmania eBook  (Y,M,O,T)
From Knowledge Quest, this eBook promises to teach world geography in just 7 months. I have used other KQ products and they are high quality. Globalmania makes use of an organized plan and online resources to help students master world geography. It also includes several quality world maps. The eBook is a PDF download that will require going through the checkout process but does not require any payment information. Checkout will show a $0 due and will process the order without payment.

Human Migration: The Story of the Cultural Landscape  (M)
This lesson will help students understand key concepts of human migration through the examination of maps and census data. They will then research and document the impact of migration on a region's cultural landscape. Students will examine migration patterns on a global and national scale as a class and then apply that understanding to telling a migration story about their own community. Grades 6-8 from Xpeditions, National Geographic Society.

Creative Geography Cards  (Y)
Add some creativity to geography class! Make decorated country flash cards that will familiarize your students with the culture of the country. Add important geography facts to the back and use for quizzing! Ages 8 and up.

Fantastic Journeys:Yellowstone  (Y,M)
Explore Yellowstone National Park, a place unlike any other on earth. See strange marvels. Go underground to find out what causes them. And trigger an eruption of the world famous geyser Old Faithful!

Learn NPS  (Y,M,O,T)
From the National Park Service, Learn NPS is an online resource for educators wishing to utilize all that the NPS has to offer, even if they can't visit the parks in person. "Here you'll find curriculum, fun and games, a guide to park Junior Ranger programs and a host of other fun and educational media created by the National Park Service and our partners.

Mission Geography: Continents  (Y)
National Geographic unit about continents

Atlapedia  (Y,M,O,T)
Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

The Great Globe Gallery  (O)
Hundreds of photos, maps, and reference resources of earth.

National Geographic Maps Online  (Y,M,O,T)
Dynamic maps, atlas maps, and flags and facts.

Quick Maps of the World  (Y,M,O,T)
Small GIF maps of the countries of the world are added to this site, one at a time, in order of demand.

Color Landform Atlas of the US  (Y,M,O,T)
Each state link brings up a menu of links to maps and other online information about the state.

Italy's Geography  (Y,M,O,T)

Continents and Oceans Online Quiz  (Y,M,O,T)
Test your geography knowledge of continents and oceans

Antarctica - the frozen continent  (Y)
From Zoom

Canada's Geography  (Y)
Activities and information on Canada's geography. Links to explorers, artists, fossils, and crafts.

Geography 4 kids  (Y,M,O,T)
Website that teaches the basics of geography and earth sciences to all ages. It has sections on earth energy, earth structure, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere, climates, and BGC cycles (biogeochemical).

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