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Outside evidence for college admissions when homeschooling high school

Homeschool to College: Outside Evidence

Homeschooling parents whose kids will likely seek admission to college usually realize their homeschool graduates will need parent-made homeschool transcripts. They will probably also need “outside evidence.” That’s because a homeschool transcript full of parent-graded courses and independent learning done at home may not by itself convince university admissions counselors of a teen’s preparation for college-level work. Continue reading »

Homeschooling and College Admission Requirements

College Admission Requirements: Homeschooling High School

Homeschooling is not public schooling, and homeschooling parents have wide latitude in what their children should study, how they should learn, and what qualifies a teen for graduation or a diploma. Homeschooling is governed by state laws, which vary from state-to-state, and you should check with a homeschooling organization in your state to see if there are course or “subject” requirements, and how homeschoolers show they have met those requirements in that state. If there are no course requirements, as with homeschoolers in most states, what should your child study and learn during high school, if college is on the horizon? Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Talking to Your Teen About College Debt

Talking To Your Teen About College Debt

I’m a fan of natural consequences, but sometimes the lessons are too big – with consequences that last a lifetime – for the maturity level of the child. One such example is when a child wants to take on significant debt in the form of college loans. Most 17 year old high school students do not have the life experience to be able to understand the impact that taking on tens of thousands of dollars in debt will have on their lives.

While I encourage young adults to have freedom in making their own decisions, wise and carefully presented parental input is imperative in this issue. Most people would never consider advising a 17-18 year old to purchase a $80K house with payments deferred for 4 years (and a home loan has collateral — if you go into default, they foreclose and the debt is gone), yet are comfortable with student loans that have even more of a financial impact. Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Homeschooling and the College Admissions Process

Successfully Navigating the College Admissions Process

Despite all of the benefits of homeschooling, many students (and parents!) can feel apprehension when it comes time to apply for college. The college admissions process is not easy for anyone, but homeschooled students can put their best foot forward and know what to expect by following these tips. Continue reading »

College Prep: Worldview and Confirmation Bias

College Prep Homeschooling: Worldview and Confirmation Bias

A big emphasis of homeschooling at our house is thinking critically about the resources we use for information. I have always wanted my kids to understand that books, websites, presentations, magazines, television, and newspapers have a point of view, and that in order to be well-educated, we need to challenge ourselves with information that comes from a variety of editorial viewpoints. As part of my commitment to inquiry-based learning, I have frequently played “devil’s advocate” with my kids, especially by the later elementary years, and certainly throughout the middle school years, high school years, and beyond. Sketching out the corresponding point of view for the sake of argument, I’ll ask… Continue reading »

Homeschool Plan: Obtaining a 4 Year College Degree Without Debt

Being the parent of 3 teens (and a 10 year old), I’ve been looking at the options I can give my kids for college. A priority for me was to be able to pay for college without having any of us take on debt. I really wasn’t sure if I was being reasonable. Then I stumbled upon the book “Debt Free U” by Zac Bissonnette. He put me on the road to charting a path through college that will meet my kids needs AND my financial goals. Continue reading »

Transcripts and Delight-Directed Learning

Transcripts and Delight-Directed Learning

Some people just aren’t textbook people! What do you do if your homeschooler learns by living, instead of studying textbooks? What if your child soaks up knowledge like a sponge, without being directed in any way? Can you still create a serious-looking high school transcript? Continue reading »

What’s Next? 8 Options After High School, Part 2

Last month, we explored four of the traditional college options for what comes after homeschooling high school.  This month, we will continue our discussion by looking at four less-traditional options – options that are growing in popularity and should be explored with your teen.  I say four options, but really one of them is a path I would not recommend.  Read on to discover some of the roads less traveled for homeschool high school graduates.  You may discover a path that fits your family perfectly. Continue reading »

What’s Next? 8 Options After High School

Graduation is not an end, it’s a beginning. A starting point. A fork in the road. Which way will your children go? There are many options available! While in the midst of homeschooling high school, it’s a good idea to take a step back once in a while. Consider what is more important than the four years of high school. Consider what’s next. There are decisions to be made, and many options available. Discuss these options as a family, and talk about what will be best for your teen and your family. Continue reading »

High School Graduation Checklist for Homeschoolers

High School Graduation Checklist

Parents can provide a college preparation during high school for every student, which can benefit every child. If they ultimately don’t go to college, then your homeschool education will be the only education they get. Make it great! They’ll be well prepared for life and their civic responsibilities. Plus, if they ever change their mind and decide to go to college, they will have a much easier time getting in. On the other hand, some parents know early on that their children are college bound. For them, a college prep education can influence the quality of the colleges they get admitted to. College preparation can benefit everyone! Continue reading »

The Big Transition: Homeschool to College

This is the time of year when homeschooling parents traditionally begin contemplating next year. (Sometimes with that daunting 2nd semester ahead, it is more appealing to consider next year than to finish this year.) Parents of 8th graders may be terrified as they consider what they are going to do next year for high school.  They might wonder whether they measure up academically; if they’re capable of leading their children through high school and preparing them for college. Even as their high schoolers pursue college dreams, parents often speculate whether their kids will be able to adjust to the rigors and social climate of college after being at home for high school.  Understanding the latest research on this topic could be reassuring for both parents and students! Continue reading »

Preparing for College

If you child will be going to college, there is a tremendous financial benefit for high SAT test scores.  Students with very high scores receive the most scholarship offers.  You can easily achieve this by using a high quality SAT workbook as an additional textbook in your homeschool.  Begin in eighth or ninth grade and your student will know the material very well by the end of twelfth.  She won’t be worried about taking the test because it will be so familiar.  And she will encounter exactly the same types of questions she studied for five years.  She will get a great verbal and math education too!  Below are brief descriptions of the SAT and other popular exams. Continue reading »

Helping Colleges Choose You

I realize that many of you reading this letter may not have high school age children or maybe even college bound students. My hope is that the information that is included in these college information articles will be helpful to all our students. The ideas included could apply to most jobs as well. After all, Continue reading »

7 Key Questions to Ask a College Admissions Officer – And what NOT to ask!

You’ve heard, endlessly, about the high level of competition for plum spots at state universities and big name colleges alike. Increasingly, being selected for admission is about standing out. How can you “shine” at those upcoming college fairs, college nights, and college interviews? Continue reading »

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