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Put homeschooling in the bag with a homeschooling activity bag swap

Swapping Homeschooling Activity Bags

by Jeanne Faulconer

Put Homeschooling in the Bag Your homeschool group or co-op might enjoy working together to create homeschooling activity bags for a swap. This was a … Read More...

Read Chapter 2 of "Radical Runaway" by Amy Hollingsworth & Jonathan Hollingsworth

Homeschooled “Runaway Radical”

by Mary Ann Kelley

When Idealism, Reality, and Abuse Collide Chapter 2 of Runaway Radical is available below. The giveaway is now closed - congratulations to Lori M. … Read More...

Roadschooling: My list of "extras" to keep in the car

Roadschooling: What To Keep In The Car

by Jeanne Faulconer

Many of us homeschoolers are automobile-dependent. Living in rural or suburban areas and in some small and medium size towns and cities, we find that … Read More...

Poetry, Walt Whitman, Abraham Lincoln, & the Civil War

“O Captain! My Captain!”

by Mary Ann Kelley

Poetry, Walt Whitman, Abraham Lincoln, & the Civil War As a student, I hated poetry. In high school, the words "poetry unit" filled me with dread … Read More...