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TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Developing a Pet Unit Study

Pet Unit Study Ideas

by Jeanne Faulconer

Your dog, cat, bird, fish, ferret, hamster, or lizard may be a pet unit study waiting to happen. Many children are fascinated by domestic animals, and … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Learning when it's "just right"

Goldilocks Effect: Learning When It’s “Just Right”

by Laura Grace Weldon

Young children seem to recognize that knowledge is an essential shared resource, like air or water. They demand a fair share. They actively espouse … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: What is the best curriculum for homeschooling boys that are active and outdoorsy?

Ask Jeanne: What Curriculum for Homeschooling Active & Outdoorsy Boys?

by Jeanne Faulconer

We just started homeschooling about a month ago. Our son is in first grade. We purchased the curriculum (here she named a specific well-known … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: 20 Topics for a Nutrition Unit Study for Homeschoolers

20 Topics for a Nutrition Unit Study

by Jeanne Faulconer

Nutrition is an ideal homeschooling topic for the 10 - 14 year olds in your family or homeschool co-op. These middle years are an excellent time to go … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: The Solution to Too Much Stuff at Christmas

An Answer For Our Constant Christmas Quandary

by Rebecca Capuano

We have always struggled, like many homeschoolers, with the gift-giving part of Christmas.My husband comes from a huge gift-giving family. I come … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Sensory Math with Tangrams

Homeschool with Tangrams

by Jeanne Faulconer

Tangrams, of Chinese origin, are simple seven-piece puzzles that build visual-spatial skills. Kids and adults alike enjoy manipulating the … [Continue reading...]