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Ask Jeanne: Work Full Time and Homeschool Five?

by Jeanne Faulconer

I work full time, and so does my husband. There is no way I could stay home and be a full time mom. We have 4 high schoolers and the youngest is in intermediate. The youngest we have the most trouble with, and I am at wit's end trying to get her at grade level of her peers without medication. I have … Read More...

I’m Not Homeschooling At You

by Jeanne Faulconer

It's not a good practice, but I admit it.Sometimes I read the comments.The ones that follow online articles about homeschooling.Among the occasions I have read the comments was when my op ed, "Faulconer: Homeschoolers are In: Reaction to Governor's Veto of Sports Access Bill" appeared … Read More...

Transitioning From School To Homeschool

by Living Education Contributor

by Amanda Witman, social media coordinator for Oak MeadowSending your child off to school is a big transition. Making the shift to homeschooling when your child has been in school is another big transition. It may take some time to feel settled on the homeschooling path. Here are some things to … Read More...

Ask Jeanne: Do Homeschoolers Get a Diploma?

by Jeanne Faulconer

Dear Jeanne, Do homeschoolers get a diploma? Half of my family is pro-homeschooling and half is anti-homeschooling. How do I convince my family that homeschooling would be a better and more positive solution than public school?S.H. in Colorado You have a couple of overt questions and a couple … Read More...