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TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: When It's Time to Quit Homeschooling

Good Reasons To Quit Homeschooling

by Jeanne Faulconer

There are some times when some homeschooling parents should decide to quit homeschooling.We're used to cheerleading for homeschooling and … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: When you are homeschooling only one child

Homeschooling One Child

by Jeanne Faulconer

A common mental picture of a homeschooling family includes Mom, Dad, and multiple kids -- if not a whole bunch of kids. That picture may not be … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: From School to Homeschool Co-op

From School To Co-op

by Jeanne Faulconer

Many children come to homeschooling directly from attending school, or the kids have been homeschooled their whole lives, but their parents' only … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Joining a Homeschool Co-op

Joining a Co-op

by Jeanne Faulconer

How can I join a homeschool co-op?If you're looking for a homeschool co-op, keep in mind that co-ops have different approaches to new families. … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: The #1 Tip for Organizing Homeschool Activities

#1 Tip for Organizing Homeschool Activities

by Jeanne Faulconer

You float an idea on a homeschool email list or a Facebook group:"I'm planning a field trip to Smith Historical Farm on the morning of April 10. I … [Continue reading...]

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: 3 ways old homeschoolers can help new homeschoolers

New Homeschoolers Need Old Homeschoolers

by Jeanne Faulconer

What do new homeschoolers need from "old" homeschoolers?In a previous post in my "Homeschoolers Helping Homeschoolers" series, I suggested that … [Continue reading...]