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My Favorite Homeschooling and Parenting Podcasts

Are you a podcast junkie like me? I cannot get enough of them, especially the best parenting and homeschooling podcasts! I slip my earbuds on and off I go. In fact, I am listening to one right now as I write this. It’s true.

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If you’re a busy homeschooling mom (and I know you are), podcasts are a perfect way to learn, laugh and, let’s be honest, block out the 237 questions about food choices and screen time.

Overhead view of an iphone with ear plugs and text Homeschooling & Parenting Podcasts I'm Loving Right Now

I’ve curated a list of my current favorite homeschooling and parenting podcasts. These are my go-to podcasts for encouragement, ideas, and connection.

Grab your earbuds and let’s get listening!

Best Homeschooling Podcasts

You’ll notice that my list is eclectic—just like me and my homeschooling! I love learning from homeschoolers of all walks of life in all seasons of life. It’s so inspiring! Don’t be afraid to branch out and explore a homeschool podcast that shares a different perspective from yours.  I hope you’ll find my suggestions helpful.

  • Homeschool Unrefined: This dynamic duo (Maren and Angela) are all about taking things off your homeschool plate and bringing joy and balance into your days. These real-life friends are not afraid to tackle topics and keep it real and really fun in each and every episode. Their “Loving This Week” segment is fantastic and they always share their favorite products, books, tv shows, and more. It’s like you’re sitting and having tea with your best homeschooling friends.
  • The Homeschool Sisters: This is one of the first homeschooling podcasts I ever listened to. I clearly remember sitting in my hallway and folding laundry and just laughing and nodding my head. Kara and Cait are absolutely hilarious and down-to-earth. They cover a wide variety of homeschooling topics that are relevant and helpful. I highly recommend their Poolside Professional Development episodes.
  • Raising Lifelong LearnersAre you homeschooling a differently wired or twice-exceptional (2e) child? Do you feel alone or overwhelmed and wonder if homeschooling is the right choice? Go find Colleen’s podcast and start listening. She is a former teacher and gifted intervention specialist and author. She is in the trenches and homeschooling kiddos just like yours. Colleen shares her insight, her real-life stories and her tips for navigating the ups and downs of homeschooling quirky, intense, and 2e kids.
  • Off-Trail LearningIf you’re interested in exploring self-directed learning, alternative schooling methods, and trail-blazing kids, then check out this podcast from Blake Boles. Blake is an advocate for self-directing learning and is also an author and owner of the company Unschool Adventures.  If you want a fresh perspective, definitely give Off-Trail Learning a listen.
  • Exploring UnschoolingWell-known unschooling advocate, Pam Laricchia, has a long-running podcast that explores all avenues and aspects of unschooling. She interviews unschooling families–both parents and children/teens. I personally enjoy the variety of topics, especially the episodes that showcase the teens. Definitely worth checking out!
  • The Homeschool Solutions Show with Pam BarnhillPam Barnhill’s podcast is a great resource for any homeschooler.  Whether you’re homeschooling a large family, a special needs child, or looking for ideas for morning time or planning–Pam’s got you covered! I love her interviews with other homeschooling parents. Be sure to check out her audio blogs too! These are unique episodes where homeschool bloggers read one of their popular blog posts. It’s very cool!
  • Live Without Training Wheels: I had the pleasure of meeting Lynna in person a few years ago. She is a down-to-earth mama of eight! Her new podcast covers both homeschooling and parenting topics and she interviews other parents as well. I enjoy her chats and her honesty and she has great guests too!

Best Parenting Podcasts

No matter where you are on your parenting journey, you always could use some encouragement.  My list contains podcasts that cover a variety of topics, from parenting differently wired children, to homemaking, to balancing working and motherhood and more.

  • Joyful CourageCasey is a positive-discipline expert who brings real-life solutions to real-life parenting. She is honest, funny, and non-judgemental.  I personally love that she offers advice to parents with older kids and teens because positive parenting isn’t just for little ones.
  • TiLT Parenting: I listed Debbie Reber’s book in my top homeschooling book list. Her podcast is an absolute must if you’re raising a differently wired child. I found the Tilt Parenting podcast from another homeschooling mom.  I cried through the first seven episodes I selected.  I stopped feeling alone and that I had somehow failed my child. Debbie interviews doctors, parents, teachers, practitioners, clinicians and other experts who are making a difference in the world families on the differently wired path.
  • Everyday MotherhoodI was privileged to be one of the first people that Christy, the podcast host, mentioned an idea of a podcast to when she was brainstorming. Christy, the founder of Play4Life Moms, is committed to coming alongside mothers in this crazy parenthood journey. Her episodes are short and sweet and leave you with ways to connect with your kids and reminders to fill up your own bucket. Self-care delivered!
  • Over at Alicia’sDo you need some encouraging and practical homemaking, parenting and mom-ing (yes, it’s a word) advice? Alicia delivers! She is a homeschooling mama of four and founder of the Learning Well Community. Her podcast topics cover a variety of topics from easy tips to keeping your house tidy, connecting with your kids, goal-setting, morning and evening routines, and more. I look forward to hearing from her each week.
  • Refreshed MomsDeanna and Kelly are all about work-life integration for busy moms. They discuss self-care, emotional wellness, healthy relationships, and how all of it impacts all of us #bossmoms. These two best friends bring the laughs, the advice and the encouragement to all mamas who are building businesses, cultivating their dreams all while raising and loving on their kids.
  • Dear Anxiety by GoZenWe came across this podcast when we starting working through the GoZen online program. This podcast addresses topics such as anxiety, procrastination, over-scheduling, overwhelm, and more. I love the role-playing, the humor and the helpful tips that Ed and Renee share. If your child is old enough and/or willing, have them listen along too.
  • Healthy Family ConnectionsI first heard Dr. Neil on the TiLT parenting podcast and I immediately ordered his book. I read it in one night! I enjoy Dr. Neil’s podcast because they are concise and he offers doable advice that doesn’t feel overwhelming. He is direct and to the point. If you’re in a challenging season of parenting, I recommend his podcast and his book.
  • Celebrate CalmI absolutely love Kirk Martin and his company, Celebrate Calm. I have worked with him personally, have met him several times, and love his straight-shooter approach to parenting and working WITH our kids and not against them. His podcasts are short and sweet–no fluff! He will make you laugh and he will make you think.

I hope you find some new podcasts to add to your listening repertoire. Treat yourself to a yummy beverage, a quiet space (yes, this includes the bathroom), and a treat from your hidden stash (I know you have one).  Let me know what you think by commenting below.  What are your favorite homeschooling and parenting podcasts?

Vanessa Wright

Vanessa is a homeschooling mama to three inquisitive, creative and often loud kids ages 13, 11, and 11. She is married to Jason and they live in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Vanessa is a self-professed eco-beauty junkie, avid reader, yogi-wannabe, tea drinker and chocolate snob. You can find her on Instagram at @Wrightathomeschool and on Facebook at Wright at Homeschool where she’s keeping the REAL in homeschool reality.

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  1. Davis Carman

    I invite you to listen to the “Let’s Talk Homeschool” podcast. Rachael and I are husband/wife and the hosts of the show, which we started in March of this year. We publish a new episode twice each month. And the shows are 25 +/- minutes long, so they are easy for a busy homeschool mom or dad to take it all in.

    • Vanessa Wright

      I will give it a listen. Thank you for letting me know!

  2. Garritt Hampton

    Thanks for the great lists. I’d like to suggest another podcast for your next roundup. The Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast brings weekly encouragement and resources to build up homeschooling families. Some of the hosts of the shows on your list have been guests on The Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast, as well.

    • Jeanne Faulconer

      Thanks for your suggestion!

    • Vanessa Wright

      Great! Thank you!

  3. Brittney Holmes

    Thanks for sharing these podcasts. I have listened to some of them and even have a few in line for the listening. Hands down my favorite mom/homeschool podcast so far is The Purpose Show. Another one I have come to enjoy is The 5 minute Mom podcast. Some others I don’t listen to as often but enjoy are Sure, babe Podcast and Go and Tell Gals.

    • Vanessa Wright

      You’re welcome! I will have to check you the podcasts you mentioned. Those are new to me!

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