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Oak Meadow has offered innovative, creative, and independent learning materials for homeschooling families around the world for 35 years. Oak Meadow offers both a complete, creative, and well-rounded curriculum designed for homeschooling families and a distance learning school with teacher support and full academic credit.

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  1. Oak Meadow Review by Kimberly
    Pros: Creative, Engaging, Enlightening, Artsy
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: K, 1st, 4th

    Re: Randy’s review:

    “My main complaint is that for 4th grade, math and Indian Legends is not included in the syllabus.”

    References to Indian Legends are actually included in the 4th grade syllabus (pg.74, 81, 89) and while the math book for this year is indeed a separate book, it is referred to in the syllabus as well (beginning on pg.31).

    Wonderful program for my artsy daughter. We have absolutely no complaints.

  2. Oak Meadow Review by Randi
    Pros: Easy to use, and open and go curriculum, fun and artsy
    Cons: As grades go up, you need to buy extra materials to use the syllabus.

    Grades Used: 3rd and 4th

    Love using Oak Meadow for my kiddos! It provides good lesson for kids, and easy to use for moms. My main complaint is that for 4th grade, math and Indian Legends is not included in the syllabus. I would also like to see some more exciting projects/lessons for science in 4th. Other than that, I will continue to use Oak meadow for our homeschooling experience!

  3. Oak Meadow Review by Kate
    Pros: East to use, interesting and non-repetative. Beautiful
    Cons: Needs to be added to for advanced students

    Grades Used: grade 1

    I chose to use the online version as the postage to Australia was expensive and I wanted to try it before buying a whole lot. I found the material easy to add to. My son is really into science and maths and I was able to intergrate this in easily. I also wanted my kids to learn about Australian hero’s, historical fiqures and art as well as the indigenous culture. I have decided not to replace the OM material that deals with many American people from history as the stories are really wonderful and add to the richness of my son’s learning.

  4. Oak Meadow Review by Aimee
    Pros: creative, loosely structured, helpful staff
    Cons: very art focused, planning required, slow moving in younger grades

    Grades Used: 1st-2nd (will use K and 3rd in fall)

    I really like that Oak Meadow has a variety of activities planned for each week so that I can pick and choose which ones we cover. The lessons are short, but focused and include art in every lesson. In the younger grades, the flow is very easy and very slow, so I would not recommend this for a highly advanced student. I find this is a very well rounded and well balanced curriculum that is easy to add to if needed, but stands on its own very well.

  5. Oak Meadow Review by Erica Halstead
    Pros: Very creative, arts and nature integrated
    Cons: Not open and go, planning required

    Grades Used: K-4th grades

    We love Oak meadow here, and have been using it since K. We have beautiful main lesson books filled with my daughters work, like keepsakes. I like the creative expression interwoven throughout all subjects, and the attention to nature and art. we have not used them exclusively but use it as a sort of spine, to which we add lots of living books. We use the Charlitte Mason approach and find these two styles blend very well together.
    I also like that it is project based and gets kids using their hands as much as possible, right now for 4th grade ee are stufying ones own state, and my dd is making a topography project of the area we live in. Shes learne how to knit, crochet, and so much more!
    We still love and sing the songs several years later from the 1st grade curriculum.
    We will continue to use OM in the coming years!

  6. Oak Meadow Review by Katie
    Grades Used: Pre-1 (so far)

    I love Oak Meadow homeschooling curriculum. I was curious if they were marking up their art supplies (only because I have noticed other companies doing this) but I was pleasantly surprised to find out (via a quick internet search) that they offered the lowest prices on block/stick crayons, watercolor ink, and other tools. In my eyes, it is a good indication that their goal is to provide an excellent service to homeschooling families rather than making a quick buck.

  7. Oak Meadow Review by Sam Brown
    Grades Used: 3-4

    I purchased 4th & 6th grade curriculums for my 2 eldest children. The 6th grade material was well below that child’s actual level. The 4th grade was good for that child but that was because he had been really struggling with reading. The history materials that came with this for the 4th grader caught his full attention and in the course of about 7 weeks, he read the entire year’s material, and had not stopped reading since! As younger children have hit between 2nd and 3rd grade, they too have started to devour the Oak Meadows 4th grade materials.

    One vital bit of info here though – I bought this back in about 1986. They might have made changes since then. :P

  8. Oak Meadow Review by Molly Lemen
    Pros: waldorf inspired, semi structured, art based
    Cons: bad for non art / creative focused kids

    Grades Used: pre-k, kindergarten, & 6th grade

    Very good program. It provides me with the structure I need but is loose and goes with the flow a little for my kids. Very arts based so can at times require a bit of prep from the parent but I take that as learning tools for myself as well so i can better help my children.

    Can be difficult to transition too if your child has spent a few years in a traditional school or using a academic based homeschool program. Possible but difficult as it is waldorf inspired (although not strictly waldorf) so the focus is different and that can be hard for some children.

    If you are in search of a well rounded education surrounded with art and beauty this is the curriculum for you!

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