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Making Father’s Day Special

Dads: We love ‘em, we need ‘em, and it would be a whole lot harder to homeschool without ‘em!

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June 19, 2011 gives us the chance to tell our dads just how important they are to us! Whether it’s simple or involved, kids can do something special for Father’s Day, and learn at the same time. Start with the history of the holiday, which can be found at, and then have some fun putting together a special surprise for Dad! Check out these Father’s Day ideas:

  • Dad’s shirt cake – Kids will love making this sheet cake that looks just like Dad’s collared shirt! Includes instructions as well as a video. This is a perfect way to teach measuring, and develop children’s skills in baking and decorating, while giving Dad a little something sweet for his special day!
  • Father’s Day wind chimes – These wind chimes not only sound pretty, but they are made with items Dad uses! The craft includes washers, but you may substitute or include screws, nuts, and bolts as well in this project.
  • Desktop picture holder – 2×4’s, paper, mod podge and photos make a wonderful photo holder for Dad’s office.  This craft is a great way to help kids learn how to work with wood and a drill, while adding in some artistic flair!
  • Fill-in-the-blank letters: Instead of the typical card, give Dad a fill-in-the-blank letter. This works especially well with young children, if it is done over successive years, so answers can be compared. Create a letter such as “My Daddy is ______years old and ______feet tall. He likes to spend time doing ______.  Daddy does not like ______. It is really funny when he ______. The thing I like best about my Daddy is ______.” Have the child fill in the blanks.
  • Masculine soap – Who says moms are the only ones who like special bath products? Check out these recipes for masculine soaps, including gardener’s soap, cold process shaving soap, soap on a rope, and more – it’s a science lesson and a gift all at the same time!
  • Goody bag – Leave a special goody bag for Dad in his car each morning when he goes to work. Put small items into the bag that Dad would like, such as gum, snacks, golf balls, a Starbucks gift certificate, etc. The bags can be simple plastic bags from the store, or ambitious children can sew their own drawstring bag, to make it even more special!
  • Origami money – Dads can always use a little extra cash for something special they want, but why not make it a little more creative? Kids can learn origami and spice up the “cash in the card” gift at the same time with this creative craft!
  • Father’s Day trophy – Let Dad know he has won the title of “Best Dad” with this cute trophy project. Uses coffee cups, duct tape, gold paint, and other simple household items.
  • Homemade BBQ sauce – If Dad loves barbeque, make your own sauce for him, complete with a personalized bottle and label! This fun craft includes a bottle template, and will make Dad the king of the grill!
  • Shrink art key chain – This simple key chain is made from Styrofoam meat trays. Kids can decorate however they like, and give Dad a gift he will use every time he gets out his keys.
  • Special lunches – If Dad takes his lunch to work, why not make him some special lunches the week of Father’s Day? Let the kids prepare the lunch menu, make the food, assemble everything into a lunch box, and include a special note along with the lunch. For some recipe ideas, consider sandwich wraps or grilled sandwiches, and some homemade cookies.
  • Personalized luggage tags – If Dad travels a lot, these luggage tags are the perfect Father’s Day gift. Kids use felt, cardstock, ribbon and other craft items to create identification tags that will remind Dad of the family while he is away. Includes downloadable tag templates.
Rebecca Capuano

Rebecca Capuano is the stay-at-home mom of three children (one of whom is in heaven) who also makes attempts at being a homeschooler, writer, photographer, scrapbooker, and truth-seeker. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from East Carolina University, and has worked in a variety of capacities (including group homes, day treatment centers, and public schools) with at-risk children and staff, including developing a therapeutic and educational day treatment center for delinquent youth in Wilmington, North Carolina. She currently resides in Virginia, and has written on a variety of topics for both and Home Educators Association of Virginia. Rebecca believes that family is created by God as the most fundamental institution in society, and she is dedicated to helping families nurture their children to become responsible persons of character and integrity.

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  1. Lidia

    thanks so much for your website. It really helped me make Father’s day special for my hubby. In the middle of tending to three little ones it is easy to come up with my own creative ideas to make it a special days. Your website help me to pick a couple of neat ideas to make my hubby feel loved. Thanks once again. Keep doing what you are doing!

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