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Monthly Homeschool Writing Prompts

by Mary Ann Kelley

Homeschoolers tend to like to encourage their kids to write regularly, but it is not always a pain-free endeavor. Freewriting is an excellent practice, but many kids freeze when staring at a blank page.

TheHomeSchoolMom is offering a set of printable prompts for each month with ideas to start kids off if they need it. Each month will be added as it is completed.

Monthly Writing Prompts for Homeschoolers

Feel free to let your students illustrate their work if they want to – often creativity that expands to coloring, drawing borders, or adding fancy lettering to start a paragraph can get kids more interested in the activity.

You may even find that your child benefits from having a scribe, someone who will record his words, to free up his focus on the creative process.

In order to encourage children to develop their writing voices, it’s a good idea to separate this exercise from any criticism over spelling, grammar, or sentence structure. Instead, this is the time for the child to be creative, exploring and recording. Later, when she is confident in her own voice, work on structure and proofreading can be added in with separate work (such as a “Bring Me Bad Writing” activity) to develop those habits.

This, however, is not that time. This is about finding one’s voice and expressing it with confidence. Enjoy these prompts or let your kids create their own topics. Downloads will be added for each new month.

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