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SpellingCity offers a fun and easy way to practice spelling words and vocabulary.

Teachers and parents can create their own spelling lists, save lists, share lists or use those already provided. Students enjoy the benefit of hearing the 43,000+ words and sentences spoken by a “real” human voice.

Users have a variety of options available, such as the ability to see spelling words in flashcard format, hear them spoken by a real human voice, play games with the words, and even take practice spelling tests.

With each created list, a student has the option to: Teach Me, Test Me, or Play A Game.

  • The “Teach Me” option allows students to reflect on each word of their spelling list while the list and coordinating sentence are being read aloud.
  • The “Test Me” option allows students to take a test from any spelling list at any time.  This test option gives the students the ability to hear just the word or have a sentence read.
  • The “Play A Game” option allows students to play a variety of learning games with any spelling list.  SpellingCity offers learning games such as HangMouse, Word Search, Unscramble, and many more.

Visit SpellingCity for more information.

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  1. Spelling City Review by Nika
    Pros: Affordable, costs $35
    Cons: Hard to navigate, outdated interface, not structured.

    Grades Used: Grade3

    Spelling City was my first option for my older kids, but I always struggled to see their progress in building vocabulary. I appreciated the opportunity to add my lists, but I needed something that will not consume my time at all.
    I realized a huge difference when switching to SpellQuiz. Maybe it is just my choice, but it worked better for my kids and me.

  2. Spelling City Review by D Lewis
    Pros: allows for independent study
    Cons: time to learn how to use the website (I'm tech-not-logical

    Grades Used: 4th-5th

    Spelling City does not seem to be free any longer. I used it a few years ago as a free resource, but switched to the paid because I wanted to use the additional features. I do find it is worth the extra $$. My now 10 year old daughter uses it independently and as much as I would like to sit with her and teach/review spelling words with her, I do not. Spelling City has relieved a little of the guilt.

  3. Spelling City Review by Shannon N
    Pros: Great games, engaging and editable lists.
    Cons: Costs $35-$70

    Grades Used: 2-4

    When I checked it out, Spelling City is not free. A family subscription is $35 and a teacher subscription is $70 for 25 students. I can’t figure out how to get it free yet I see multiple reviews here that say it is. Any help appreciated. Need free spelling resources. Thanks! Shannon N

  4. Spelling City Review by Gabriela
    Pros: kids enjoy it.
    Grades Used: kinder;2nd;3rd;4th

    I discovered it a couple of years ago and we really enjoy the site. My older child can practice spelling in a variety of ways which makes it easier,I think,to recall the spelling of a word. Now my younger one uses it to do kinder spelling/wall words. I also enjoy the fact they are linked to other sites that are very helpful for other subjects, though we haven’t taken good advantage of them yet. I recommend it to anyone,adult ESL or child that wants to give variety to their spelling / vocab drills.

  5. Spelling City Review by Sheryl
    Pros: Flexible, free, different games to choose from
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 1, 2

    What a find this was! One day a week my son used Spelling City to practice his list. It was a nice break from writing for him. I liked that it was something he could do independently. I would type in his list to practice and then walk away to help another child or do dishes. 🙂

  6. Spelling City Review by Brose
    Pros: FREE, easy to use
    Grades Used: 5th, 6th

    I have used Spelling City for a couple of years now. I place the words for the particular grade my child is in in a list format weekly. Then I test in about 1-2 weeks depending on how they are doing on it daily.
    I’m very pleased with Spelling City!

  7. Spelling City Review by Kim
    Pros: LOVE IT!
    Cons: when a word link is missing

    Grades Used: 5

    We’ve been using spelling city and LOVE it!!! It has been wonderful since it’s FREE (YIPPEE)!!! I find spelling words for my daughters grade and put them in a binder – she is responsible for inputting the words into Spelling City each week, doing games and reviews with them and then having Spelling City give her a test by verbally saying the words and using the word in a sentence and then she types in the word…it’s GREAT!!! LOVE IT!

  8. Spelling City Review by Bonnie
    Pros: Free ,Fun & it works!

    Yes!!! We are HUGE Spelling City Fans!
    I mean as a SAHM who home-schools 3 kids on a tight budget , anything that I can find that is not only Free but works for my kids is a Blessing…

    Go see for yourself 😉

  9. Spelling City Review by JulieCC
    Pros: free; use other teacher lists
    Cons: can be hard to navigate

    Grades Used: upper elementary

    SpellingCity is a great option for spelling practice and it’s free! You can use other teachers’ lists (although sometimes they’re hard to find) or make your own. There are several game options. However, my son bored of them quickly, so SpellingCity wasn’t our only resource used. I also found the site hard to navigate at times, but the site owner is very open to comments and suggestions.

  10. Spelling City Review by Amanda Stroh
    Pros: Can input your own spelling list, fun games, and test of knowledge with immediate feedback, Paid for version keeps track of students activities and test scores.
    Grades Used: 2nd, 3rd, 10th

    I have the paid version. I use wordly wise 3000 and input the words as their spelling list. It gives definitions for the words or I can write in my own definitions. I like that the program allows each student to enter under their own user name and password and keeps track of the amount of time each student spends on which activities. It also keeps test scores. Parent/Teacher has own log in and password.

  11. Spelling City Review by Marcy Carmack
    Pros: Free, easy to use, fun
    Cons: time consuming to enter words

    Grades Used: 2nd

    I’ve been using this FREE online spelling program for my 2nd grader this year. I haven’t started a formal spelling curriculum with her yet, so Spelling City allows me to do some spelling instruction with her and gives her a FUN and independent way to study her words. It is a bit tedious to enter the words, but after that, she is able to test herself with correction from the “computer” not from me 🙂 She also loves playing the fun games like Hang Mouse and Unscramble, which serve to further enforce the spelling words. I only use the free program so cannot comment on the premium membership. This has served our needs well for a fun, yet informal, spelling curriculum.

  12. Spelling City Review by Cheri Burt
    Pros: Free, easy & fun
    Grades Used: 2nd grade

    My 2nd grader loves using Spelling City. He completes his very simple spelling lesson on Day 1 & 2 in his workbook and then on Day 3 & 4 he plays games with the words I import for him. Then on Day 5 he takes a test.

    I like the concept and some of the games are very good at getting the kids to think about the spelling such as Unscramble, Word Search and Cat & Mouse but others just pronounce the word and I don’t feel like they really help with the spelling of the words.

  13. Spelling City Review by Andrea Halstead
    Pros: my kids love the games
    Cons: we haven't found anything yet.

    Grades Used: 2-4

    My kids have just started using this website this year and they love it. They love practicing their spelling words on this site. It makes it fun for them.

  14. Spelling City Review by Alma Torres
    Pros: Free, EASY and FUN
    Cons: none

    Grades Used: 3rd, 4th and 5th

    I cannot believe something this educational and fun could be FREE. 🙂

  15. Spelling City Review by Nicole Hale
    Pros: easy to use; free
    Cons: none

    This is a great way to not only load your own spelling lists, but also to have your kids learn their words independently or with your supervision. I used the printing options to have them print their words (handwriting practice as well as spelling practice) on handwriting paper. The best thing of all – IT’S FREE!!! You can’t beat that!! 🙂

  16. Spelling City Review by Clarissa
    Pros: Easy, free

    This is a wonderful site. I use it with my 8th grade twins. I am able to submit the word lists all in advance and they can independently go to the site, view the words, practice with the words and at the end of the week, take a test and provide me with the certificate. The online word games are fun to use. You can tailor your word lists to whatever tasks you are doing in your homeschool. If you are studying science, make a science word list; reading a particular classic book, make a word list that corresponds with the book. Great site!!

  17. Spelling City Review by Karen
    Pros: Free, fun, easy to use
    Grades Used: K-8

    We have used this free resource for years. We can input our own spelling lists or borrow lists that others on the site have used. After I type in the list, my children can navigate the rest on their own.

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