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All About Spelling ReviewsThe program is multi-sensory and is mastery-based rather than grade-level based, so when students master a specific concept, they move on. If a child needs more practice in a certain area, the program allows for that so the child can really master each concept. There’s no sense building on a shaky foundation, because that will cause spelling difficulties down the road when the spelling words get harder.

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  1. All About Spelling Review by Tina H.
    Pros: methodical, fun, multi-sensory
    Cons: high parental input

    Grades Used: 1-4

    My son loves this program! We tried several programs before this with no progress and no interest, but now he asks to do spelling every day. The multi-sensory approach makes sure the learning “sticks” and working with me makes it more fun for him. It does take more parental involvement, but the book tells you exactly what to do. I look at it as a good way to spend some individual time!

  2. All About Spelling Review by Krystal Ulrich

    We started using All About Spelling about three weeks ago and it has made a huge difference in my daughter. My daughter has been struggling with spelling and reading. She knew her phonograms when we reviewed them, but could not remember them. She also struggled with trying to sound out her words when spelling or reading. I started her with All About Spelling level 1 about two weeks ago, and she will finish level one this week. She is reading and spelling much better. I noticed the difference almost instantly. Once she learned the techniques taught in All About Spelling she applies them to everything she sees. I will continue to use All About Spelling and Reading with my other child because the results were amazing.

  3. All About Spelling Review by Heather S.

    We just started using All About Spelling this year. I wouldn’t trade it for any other. It not only helped my childs spelling abilities but also his reading (which he always struggled with). He loves to read now and it has built his confidence up so much. That within itself made it irriplaceable to us. It gave him the tools he needed to not only spell words without memorization but to be able to apply them in reading as well. The parent or teachers guide makes it not a challenage to teach. Trying to teach a child can be hard and trying to figure out how to get them to understand even harder. There is no figuring out how to do it with this it’s simple, all laid out for you all you do is read. I would definately recommend giving it a try.

  4. All About Spelling Review by Kim Studham
    Pros: Great for visual/hands-on kids; review structured as needed
    Cons: Takes parental involvement

    Grades Used: 5-6grades levels 4-7

    Spelling has been a real challenge for my daughter. All About Spelling has provided a good structure to learn the rules and the rule-breakers. We used the tiles in the beginning but moved to just writing the words to make it faster. If we’d started earlier she would have loved the tiles. This was the first program we tried that really stuck and made sense to her. Review cards as needed(noted in curriculum).

  5. All About Spelling Review by Beth Jones
    Pros: It works for kinetic thinkers rather than visual thinkers
    Cons: It is only about learning the rules and doesn't include a way to study the words after *which is easily remedied)

    Grades Used: 1st-3rd

    My non-visual daughter was finding no success in a well known Spelling curriculum. We used Spelling power and it’s helped tremendously. She doesn’t always like using the letter tiles, but sometimes she does and it helps wtih her “moving around”. Many times she forgets the rules and still needs to study the words afterwards (which isn’t necessarily part of the curriculum), but we just have her study it afterward and it works just fine. We prefer this for her learning style.

  6. All About Spelling Review by Jan
    Pros: Visual, kinetic, AND auditory
    Cons: Time consuming for parent at the beginning

    Grades Used: 1-4

    This program has helped two of my sons. This was the third program I had tried with the older one and it is the first one that is keeping the rules in his head. For the younger, he is only half way through level 1, but he “thinks” spelling is easy. He does not mind the lessons as he feels like he succeeding. If he were in school, he would be considered behind by two grade levels. He is becoming confident in his learning.

  7. All About Spelling Review by Anne Burris

    Grades Used: 1-4

    I have used All About Spelling for four years now and still think it’s great. It has helped me to understand the rules behind spelling and it helps kids to break down words and spell with ease. This is a program that requires the parent to teach the child, so if you are looking for a curriculum where your student can work independently this may not be it, but this is a great program and I will keep using it throughout elementary years.

  8. All About Spelling Review by Shannon C.
    Pros: Lessons laid out step-by-step
    Cons: Haven't found any yet

    Grades Used: Level 1 so far

    I have a K and 2nd Grader, homeschooled since preK. While my 2GR reads exceptionally well and above grade level, his spelling was terrible and no amount of drilling or testing was helping. I couldn’t figure out the disconnect. When I came across AAS I thought it was worth a try. We started with Level 1, and included my K with it just for good measure. They are both flying through the lessons AND IT’S STICKING. I’m sure it’s the multi-sensory approach that is making the difference. I’ve already purchased levels 2 and 3, expecting that they will both be through them all within this calendar year. I’m very pleased and feel it’s been well worth the cost (which I didn’t think was too bad to begin with compared to a lot of other options out there.)

  9. All About Spelling Review by Tiffany Burgess
    Pros: Easy to use.
    Cons: There are many componets you have to buy to use the program correctly

    Grades Used: Level 1

    I am so glad I found this product. This is our first year homeschooling and having this tool to use makes it that much easier. It is easy to use. The only thing I find frustrating is that all the tools you need for the program are sold separately. We are on a tight budget and buying the books was all I could afford. To buy the add on, would have put me over budget. I will continue to use this program and will purchase the add on as money allows.

  10. All About Spelling Review by Cala

    I am so happy I found AAS! My son is in 4th grade now and has struggled since kindergarten, I think he has a mild form of dyslexia but we’ve never had him tested. We just tried everything we could find. We started with level 1 and I am finally seeing his confidence boost and a vast improvement in his spelling skills. He is learning the rules and applying them outside of school work! Thank you AAS! We will complete all the levels as we can afford to get them.

  11. All About Spelling Review by Natalie
    Pros: quick, easy
    Cons: none I can think of.

    Grades Used: 1-4

    I love AAS and I’m so happy I found it! It’s easy to use and I love that I can just open it and do the lesson without having to prepare ahead of time. You can adjust the way you use it for each child or what mood your kid’s are in that day. Some days my dd likes to spell with the tiles, others she just wants to use a dry erase board, etc. The program is very thorough and I’m confident my kids will be great spellers when they complete it.

  12. All About Spelling Review by Chris
    Pros: Good program for a beginner
    Cons: Can be expensive to start in the middle

    Grades Used: 2nd

    Overall, I would recommend this program especially for an early 1st grade student. We started with level one at the start of 2nd grade because the program states that it builds on each level and is not based on grade levels. Level 1 was really fast for us as a result. We completed all the steps in 7 combined step lessons over a 3 week period. We did learn 2 rules that we didn’t know so it was valuable for that but I felt the cost was high for a level we probably didn’t need. I am going to continue with the other levels as I like the program layout, the hands on use of the tiles, and the ease of teaching.

  13. All About Spelling Review by Julie Krukemeyer
    Pros: Easy to use
    Cons: Lots of pieces to the curriculum

    Grades Used: Levels 1 & 2

    Finally, a phonics approach to spelling that is easy to use. I liked the idea of The Writing Road to Reading but could never figure out how to implement it. This take the guesswork out of presenting the phonograms and the spelling rules. The use of the flash cards for phonogram sounds, writing the phonograms and the rules make it easy to use and personalize it to each student. I like how the above mentioned categories are organized under needs review, mastered and new to be introduced. Makes an easy way to keep track of what each child knows and doesn’t know.

  14. All About Spelling Review by Edda Cox
    Pros: Easy to teach, complete lessons plan.

    My 5 year old loves AAS. He wants to have a lesson every day. I have no trouble teaching any lesson even with minimal planning. Both my children have been able to learn spelling rules with out difficulty, and the price is very affordable.

  15. All About Spelling Review by Justy
    Pros: Well-laid out, comprehensive, good hands on
    Cons: Time-consuming set up to begin

    Grades Used: K-3

    All About Spelling is the 4th spelling program I have tried with my elementary-age children. It requires lots of set-up in the beginning, but is well-laid out and organized. The children enjoy spelling and are actually learning the spelling rules. It is good for children who are not good at traditional memorization of spelling words but need the spelling rules to guide them.

  16. All About Spelling Review by Sue S
    Pros: good for hands on learner
    Cons: cost

    Grades Used: 2nd, 4th

    This program allows us to have a hands on approach to spelling.

  17. All About Spelling Review by Tori swedler
    Pros: Easy to use
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 1st and 2nd

    My daughter was having a lot of difficulty with spelling, and it did not help that I too am an awful speller. After doing a lot of research I found All About Spelling. I went to there website and downloaded a sample lesson on how to know when to use “ck” and when to use “k” at the end of words. I was sold! Not only is my daughter learning to spell, but so am I.

    So far we have successfully completed level 1 and will finish level II in a few weeks. The program is so easy to follow and teaches all the spelling rules, syllabication, and much more. Finally spelling makes sense. I also love the dictations, which brings in review and practical use of spelling. Life is not a series of spelling tests.

  18. All About Spelling Review by E. Renicks
    Pros: easy to use, comprehensive, and affordable
    Grades Used: K - 1

    We have loved this product. My son enjoys spelling because it has a hands-on component, I enjoy how easy it is to incorporate review and teach new materia using the very well-written teaching manual. I have never once had to puzzle over what I should be doing, as I have with other products.

    The simple sticker award system for completing each “lesson” is motivating to my son, and I like that we can pace ourselves according to the needs of the day.

    We decided to replace our phonics curriculum with AAS this year, and we have not regretted it for one instant. In two months my son has gone from not being able to spell anything but his name to sounding out and correctly spelling a range of words and basic sentences. Highly reccomended!!

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