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Technology in the Homeschool

How to Shop for Online Curriculum at a Homeschool Convention

How to Shop for Online Curriculum at Homeschool Conventions

If you’re shopping for a homeschool curriculum program (and even if you’re not!), a great place to see the products in action is at a homeschool convention. Think about it, you have all the vendors in one place and they’ve been preparing to showcase their products for weeks — all for you and your fellow homeschoolers. You don’t get this type of attention when you’re visiting a website or talking to a person on the phone. Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom Blog: Technology & Learning

Technology and Learning

When the modern homeschooling movement first began a few decades ago, the personal computer didn’t even exist, but now the majority of homeschooling families use a computer as part of their educational program. This not only reflects the growth of computers throughout our culture, but it also indicates that many homeschooling parents have assumed that computers can help children learn more effectively. But if we think that plugging every kid into a computer will transform education, we’re fooling ourselves – and potentially harming our children. Continue reading »

My Incredible Body

My Incredible Body App

Free for iOS and Google devices as of July 1, 2014 (it is $4.99 for Windows devices and is only free on the other devices for a limited time), “My Incredible Body lets kids investigate, experience, and learn human anatomy in a fun, dynamic new way. Explore visually stunning, medically accurate 3D anatomy models. Learn amazing facts about how the body works. Fly through the different body systems, pausing to take a look around.” The app does have sound effects and narration, so be sure the sound is on. While the app does have in app purchases for things like quizzes, in my exploration of the digestive system, I did not encounter any in app purchase opportunities. Continue reading »

Free Alternative to MS Office: LibreOffice

Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office but don’t like Open Office? Give LibreOffice a try. Like Office, LibreOffice offers alternatives to Word (Writer), Excel (Calc), PowerPoint (Impress), Access (Base), and even Adobe Illustrator (Draw). Formula is an advanced math application. Continue reading »

Crash Course

Crash Courses is a YouTube channel that features crash courses in six subjects: US History, World History, Literature, Chemistry, Ecology, and Biology. Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom's Resource of the Week: Watch Know Learn

Online Educational Videos

WatchKnowLearn is a wonderfully useful wiki for educational videos. The site has indexed approximately 50,000 free online educational videos in over 5,000 categories, making browsing and searching for the topics you want quick and easy. Continue reading »

TheHomeSchoolMom's Resource of the Week: Evernote

Organizing Homeschool Records

Evernote is your new best friend. Really. With apps/software for almost all platforms, Evernote is free and works with nearly every computer, phone, and mobile device out there. Continue reading »