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Single Parent Homeschooling

Homeschooling at Night: How Nightschooling Can Help You

Homeschooling at Night: How Nightschooling Can Work for You

Everybody knows that your kids should be up early hitting the books, right? Homeschooling goes better if Mom is organized and has lessons prepared for first thing in the morning. Homeschooling works well when kids focus on academics when they’re fresh, and they get to play when they’ve completed their school work.

Homeschooling at any other time of day is risking disaster.

That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway.

However, sometimes homeschooling at night makes more sense than the conventional wisdom. That can even include “nightschooling” – focusing all or part of your homeschooling efforts during the evening hours. Continue reading »

Balancing Work & Homeschooling

Balancing Work Outside the Home and Homeschooling

“Can I work full or part time and homeschool my kids? What has worked for people?” Many Oak Meadow families responded with their own stories and helpful tips about what has worked for them.

They recognize that finding balance is a work in progress, requiring flexibility and patience, determination, and a sense of humor! Here are some tips to help you move forward with your decision to homeschool while working outside the home. Continue reading »

Homeschooling as a Single Parent

Within the widespread growth of homeschooling families across the United States there is a small but growing community of parents who have dedicated themselves to giving their children a home education. These parents, at all costs, are striving for academic excellence in their children’s lives. What makes this small community stand out from other homeschooling Continue reading »