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Creating a Calendar with Children

A great project for the New Year is making a calendar with your little ones. I’m talking about making a calendar the old fashioned way, using fresh heavy art paper and your favorite combination of markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, or other media. I first got this idea from the Oak Meadow first grade curriculum, a Waldorf-inspired curriculum which I loosely followed from time to time and adapted for other ages as my family grew. Continue reading »

4th of July in the Homeschool

The day for fireworks, cookouts, and patriotism is almost here! While there is no doubt that barbecues and family get-togethers make the 4th of July exciting and memorable, Independence Day is about so much more than that. A 2001 poll by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation from 2001 found that 14% of U.S. teens believed that the 4th of July celebrates the day that America declared independence from France. Homeschoolers have a wonderful opportunity to ensure that their children understand the meaning behind the holiday that is the foundation of our nation’s existence. Continue reading »

Making Father’s Day Special

Dads: We love ‘em, we need ‘em, and it would be a whole lot harder to homeschool without ‘em! June 19, 2011 gives us the chance to tell our dads just how important they are to us! Whether it’s simple or involved, kids can do something special for Father’s Day, and learn at the same time. Continue reading »

Ways to make the most of Veterans Day in your homeschool

Veterans Day is coming up on November 11, and it is a great time for homeschoolers to teach children about the sacrifice of those who have fought or currently fight for America and who serve out of the love for their country. Not to be confused with Memorial Day, which honors American soldiers who died in their service to the nation, Veterans Day is intended to honor all veterans, with a particular focus on those who are still living.

Continue reading »

How to Plan a Treasure Hunt

Keep your kids guessing and moving all summer long with a Treasure Hunt, a trail of clues spread out over the summer weeks leading your children on hunts for prizes and goodies week after week. It requires a little creativity and planning on a parent’s part, but is guaranteed to offer weeks of summer fun and lifelong memories. Continue reading »

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