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Colonial Williamsburg Homeschool Days

Archives for January 2012

The Miracle Cure for Bad Homeschooling Attitudes

by Rebecca Capuano

When children balk at their academics, it can twist homeschooling from a lively adventure into a grinding battle. And, unfortunately, in this war, there are no winners. Kids turn sour, parents turn angry, work doesn’t get completed, and learning is stalled. If the battle continues long enough, it can significantly alter family life and damage relationships. For some, bad attitudes can lead to giving up on homeschooling all together. So what’s a parent to do? Continue reading »

Here’s to the New Year: Why I Homeschool Part 3

by Rebecca Capuano

There are enough pressure, stress, and opposing opinions inherent in the homeschooling journey to give even the most stalwart home educator cause to question his or her choice at some point. So, instead of New Year’s Resolutions, this year I’m reviewing why I homeschool. I’m getting my foundation set right at the get-go, so I’m better prepared for handling the challenges that will inevitably arise throughout this upcoming year. Because when the foundation is secure, you can build something beautiful. Continue reading »

Promote Map Use by Kids the Subversive Way

by Laura Grace Weldon

Hoping to spare my kids my own geography impairment, I hung a large world map in the kitchen a few years ago. But how to make that map a go-to place? I know the ho-hum status educational products achieve around here. I don’t really believe anyone sits on the toilet studying the expensive shower curtain I bought featuring SAT vocabulary words on it. I know our stack of handy reference place mats haven’t been out of the drawer in years. Yet that map is in use every day. Let me share the secret with you… Continue reading »

Here’s to the New Year: Why I Homeschool, Part 2

by Rebecca Capuano

2012 is on its way, and my determination to make this a great homeschooling year is getting revved up right along with it. It’s just so easy to get lost throughout the year, in the continuous bustling flow of everyday life, and to lose focus on why I’m going through all of this effort to teach my children. That’s why at the dawning of this new year, I’m starting back at the beginning. At the foundation for why I’m doing all of this. Continue reading »

Here’s to the New Year: Why I Homeschool, Part 1

by Rebecca Capuano

The new year. A new start. Yes, yes, I know it’s the time we’re all supposed to make resolutions and determinations about what we’re going to accomplish in the coming 12 months. And sure, I’ve made my share of optimistic beginning-of-the-year commitments. But this year I think I’m going to change it up a bit. Because when you perpetually put all of your effort into something over and over again, like parenting or homeschooling, sometimes you need to revisit your starting point to help you keep perspective on why you’re doing what you’re doing. Continue reading »