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ABCmouse ReviewsABCmouse is an online preschool-kindergarten curriculum that teaches letters, letter sounds, counting, math, art, science, music and phonics. The child starts out at the level that you choose and progresses through various areas by working virtual puzzles, singing songs, visiting the zoo and farm, reading books, virtual coloring, etc. A fun bonus is that the child gets tickets when they complete each simple lesson that they can use to “purchase” things for their virtual room. Cost is under $10 a month but you can try a month for free. Up to 4 children can use this at one time.

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  1. ABCmouse Review by Noel
    Pros: Fun for kids
    Cons: Terrible customer service

    Grades Used: Pre-K


    If you purchase an annual subscription it will be set to automatically renew. does not send you a notification ahead of time to let you know that your subscription is about to be renewed. I have a lot on my mind and a lot of things happen over the course of a year, so having the date I began my subscription at the top of my list is a ridiculous notion. Also, refuses to give any sort of refund even if you cancel the very next day after your subscription is renewed. So, now I am paying for a full year of something my daughter no longer uses. This company could at least have the common courtesy of notifying its customers BEFORE the subscription is renewed instead of letting the customer find out when it appears on their credit card bill.

  2. ABCmouse Review by Susan
    Cons: Terms and conditions are unacceptable.

    A sentence in the terms and conditions of ABCmouse subscription:

    “We may change any fee or charge at any time in our sole discretion.”

    Are you kidding me? Who in the world would ever sign up for a subscription like this? By purchasing a subscription you allow the people running ABCmouse to charge you any amount at any time. Only the sleaziest internet companies do this, No one has flagged this? It’s funny that parents that buy this for their kids to learn to read can’t do so themselves… There is no place for such a term in any agreement that is fair and reasonable. Shame on ABCmouse!

  3. ABCmouse Review by Theresa Johnson
    Pros: Engaging, easy, and fun.
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: preschool

    My son loved playing ABC Mouse! He is very stubborn and independent, so it was nice to allow him to learn without feeling like he was “in school”. However, he eventually just started to play with the hampsters and began to lose interest in the activities. I was sad, because I really did like the program!

  4. ABCmouse Review by Sheri Vincent
    Pros: Inexpensive, easy to use, fun!
    Cons: The printables are good but could be better.

    Grades Used: Pre-K to Grade 1

    We LOVE this program! My daughter was to start Kindergarten this year, but unlike her older brothers she was not interested (to say the least!). Out of desperation I searched and found ABC Mouse. She loves it so much that she doesn’t even realize she is learning, and now that she has started to learn key concepts she is more open to other forms of instruction as well. ABC Mouse is VERY worth the cost. I will be using it for my younger children in the future as well!

  5. ABCmouse Review by Mary Bowen
    Pros: Fun, colorful, simple navigation
    Cons: That the learning ends at level K

    Grades Used: Pre-K, 1st grader

    I give this program 5 stars for sure! I joined because my children saw it advertized on PBS. They begged me to join. It was very simple to join. It was very simple to set the different student accounts up as well.
    I love that my account allows more then one child for the same price. Many paid school programs require a few per student. The price is WELL within my budget.
    Their customer service responds to emails so quickly! No waiting days for a response.
    I use this for a Pre-K and she loves it! I also use ABCmouse for my 1st Grader. It has level up to only K, but they both love their room to decorate and of course their hamster and aquarium. I can’t wait for them to add 1st grade to their site.
    I love this program and plan on using it for years to come!!

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