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Christopher Columbus

by Mary Ann Kelley
TheHomeSchoolMom: Christopher Columbus Resources

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is known for "discovering" America in 1492. An Italian explorer, Columbus was commissioned by Spain to find a trade passage to Asia. In 1492 he landed in the Bahamas and claimed the territory for Spain. Columbus was not the first to discover the Americas, but is credited with opening up the North American continent for European colonization.

Born - October 31, 1451

Died - May 20, 1506

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Coming to America: Who Was First?  (M,O,T)
An Article featured on NPR

Children's: History 1 - Christopher Columbus  (Y, M)
A You Tube educational video tutorial on Columbus created by

Columbus Day  (Y)
From Brain Pop Jr. This website also contains quizzes, games, and activities for the younger student.

Columbus Day Facts  (Y, M)
From, this webpage contains links to related games, activities, and quizzes on Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day.

The Four Explorations of Christopher Columbus  (M)

Columbus Controversy  (O, T)
From, an exploration of the real life and controversy of Christopher Columbus

The Truth About Columbus  (T)
The Oatmeal details the truth about Columbus (and why Bartolome Day might be a more appropriate federal holiday) in this graphic.

Columbus Day Activities  (Y,M)

Columbus Day Activities  (Y)
DLTK's Crafts for Kids

Columbus Day Crafts and Activities  (Y)
Crafts projects for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children. The crafts use materials found around the house. From

Christopher Columbus  (Y)

Columbus Day Holiday Recommended Reading -  (Y,M)
Kids' books that teach about Christopher Columbus.

Columbus Day  (Y,M)

Columbus Day from a Native American Perspective  (Y,M)
Students learn how Columbus' discoveries effected the Native Americans. Students are asked to write a story about Columbus' first step on American ground from the Native American point of view.

Columbus' letter to the King and Queen of Spain  (M,O)
Transcript of a letter probably dated 1494. The text of this letter details suggestions for colonizing any islands, "both those already discovered and those that may be discovered hereafter."

Columbus' Voyage:  (Y,M,O,T)
From Enchanted Learning. Students learn geography and history by mapping Columbus' voyage and building small replicas of his three ships.

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