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Times Tales is a story-based mnemonic for memorizing multiplication tables. The system includes a large flip book and small flip book to help students learn the multiplication tables from 3x through 9x.

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  1. Times Tales Review by cassius
    Pros: it works it awesome!!! yay!
    Cons: he thought the it was a little goofy at first. but then I said well then lets drill

    Grades Used: 3rd 4th

    My son 10 worked on his times tables all year drilling, starting with ones, then twos so on. it sucks and it doesn’t promote remembering for life. the times tales taught him the first half of the hardest tables in 30min and then we watched it again and he filled out the work sheets like a breeze. If your in need of something I say why not try. my son learns in story form better then drilling i guess. Im super stoked and will use thes for my little one when he get older.

  2. Times Tales Review by Brenda Gabert
    Pros: Easy and fast to learn
    Grades Used: 1st, 3rd

    Learning multiplication tables for my 3rd grader was difficult and such a chore that just the thought of it brought tears and feelings of inadequacy.
    So I downloaded the trial version to see how it would work. I was so so pleased with the quick success that I bought the full version right away. Both my kids picked up the stories easily and were doing multiplication and division in just a few days. My 1st grader needs more review to keep the information in memory but once my 3rd grader learned the stories no more review was needed. I am so glad I found this resource.

  3. Times Tales Review by Windy
    Pros: Great idea to help learn multiplication!
    Cons: Not really all that exciting but very helpful!

    Grades Used: 2nd, 3rd

    I love these! My sweet son of 9 has been struggling with multiplicaton and with these sweet stories he has learned them in less then a week! Well worth the money!!!

  4. Times Tales Review by wendy records
    Pros: stories are engaging
    Cons: doesn't teach meaning behind why we multiply

    Grades Used: bought for 3rd grader but little sister learned too

    Both of my younger kids…including my 5y/o learned the stories and subsequently their times tables. But, my 9y/o has difficulty understanding why 6×8=48, for example. I had to go back and teach him number grouping. This is a great way to break into multiplication but you still have to explain concepts behind multiplying.

  5. Times Tales Review by Pam
    Pros: great memory tool
    Grades Used: 3

    My third grader was doing ok learning his multiplication fact, but as soon as he wasn’t using one, he would forget it and have to relearn. These word-stories make it all come so easily now. Even the first grader now knows his multiplication facts for 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

  6. Times Tales Review by Kim
    Pros: Great
    Cons: None

    Grades Used: 4-5

    I happened upon this last year when we were working on our times tables and my dd was struggling. We had some hip hop songs but she tends to be a more visual learner so I thought her photographic memory might do better with mnemonics…it worked – she’s done great with them and I’m slipping them in this year as a review.

  7. Times Tales Review by Marie
    Pros: Great for those who are having issues memorizing multiplication facts
    Cons: none, except if you're like me & have trouble with mnemonics

    Grades Used: 4

    We were at the tears phase of learning times tables when I saw this and bought it. Yes, desparate act on my part…but this is an awesome and simple program.

    It would not have worked for me as a kid, since I tend to learn & memorize by repetition. My grandson didn’t learn well just by doing repetition. He is a visual learner & this helped him tremendously!

  8. Times Tales Review by Susan Washabaugh
    Pros: Great technique for remembering
    Cons: Doesn't teach math concepts

    Grades Used: 3rd and up

    This is an interesting way to teach multiplication. It provides stories that are easy to remember. You don’t relate it to math right away. You just continue to teach it until they can recall the stories. For example, Mr and Mrs. Snowman eat 6 snowcones 4 times a day. Mr and Mrs. Snowman represent the #8. Eventually they figure out that 8×8=64. It’s not math related but can be a great device for remembering the times tables. Not much review is necessary either.

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